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14 comments to “Kelly Osbourne BLASTS Kim Kardashian Pregnancy Haters!”

  1. 1

    Any why is Kelly Osborne or anythings she says relevant? Like, who the hell is she and what does she do that makes a difference in the world?

  2. Anne says – reply to this


    Lol.. because she hasnt said anything worse and bullied other people right?

  3. 3

    Ok so why am I not surprised that one fame whoring daughter has jumped to the defense of another. Kim Kardashian made her bed by making only her looks important and basically paying people to follow her. She got her fame and now she's a 4 foot 400 lb pregnant woman. Life's tough. Give me a break. Kelly O should keep her pie hole shut considering no one cares what she actually thinks. It's a joke that she's a fashion expert. A fashion expert doesn't need a stylist to turn them into one. She's a moon faced hack to. Have several seats KO.

  4. 4

    Kim Kardashian is owed as many insults as she's taken false bows. She's got about 7 more years to go.

  5. 5

    So happy 1 nobody is sticking up for another nobody and being posted by the true nobody.

  6. meryl streep says – reply to this


    why did you put a picture of jabba the hutt next to kelly?

  7. 7

    She is not serious…. She,Miss Potato that talks tons of crap. Please. That is deplorable.

  8. Can't stand it says – reply to this


    I know Kelly Osborne is a dumba$$ but who are these imaginary people calling her fat…..It is the question all celebs are getting asked…..What do you think of poor talentless whore bag Kim and "people" calling her fat….NO ONE EVer says WHO R THESE "PEOPLE" ARE. WOW people are stupid. Her sister wrote a letter and "claimed" people..were….WHere when???

  9. Catie Menzie says – reply to this


    I used to like Kelly, not now, she's just sold out her own integrity for the "E" paycheck.

  10. boston61 says – reply to this


    Two useless parasites.

  11. sue says – reply to this


    Well said. Two useless parasites. if it wasnt for photoshop neither one would end up on any magazine. it certainly wasnt looks that got them there.

  12. cindycindylouwho says – reply to this


    You are my hero Ms. Osborne. You are always your own woman and quick to protect those who are unable to protect themselves. Trust me, Kim K knows exactly what she is doing AND HAS PROBABLY WRITTEN AT LEAST ONE PREGNANCY BOOK ALREADY. She is publicity hog and all hogs love to eat trash and wallow in their own droppings. Kelly, I love you for your bravery and realism. Do not taint your breath with that beastly girl!!!!

  13. naoma says – reply to this


    Fat is not a word that describes her. She is HUGE!!!!!! No wonder her "boyfriend" has another gal on the string. GET THE WEDDING BEFORE THE BABY. (free advice.)

  14. The truth says – reply to this


    Kanye your Boyfriend is calling from France, HE SAID GET YOUR ASS HOME !!!