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Lindsay Lohan Already Planning Post-Rehab Party Work!

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lindsay lohan post rehab venice film festival the canyons


Lindsay Lohan is still completing her court-mandated rehab stint, but that isn't stopping her from planning a fun-filled trip to Italy for the Venice Film Festival.

It has been confirmed that the troubled starlet will be making a (hopefully sober) appearance at The Canyons premiere at the flick fest, kicking off August 28.

Considering the low budget movie has already been slammed with negative press and a number a BIG festival rejections, we can understand why they need to pull out the big redheaded guns for the premiere!

LiLo is said to be "doing well" at the Betty Ford Center, but we have to wonder what her counselors think about a trek across the globe so soon.

Shouldn't she be taking it easy while she readjusts to life outside of the center's sheltered doors??!

While we CANNOT wait to see her on the red carpet, we're hoping Linds doesn't cave to boozy cravings at the temptation-filled event!

Let's keep our fingers crossed!!!

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18 comments to “Lindsay Lohan Already Planning Post-Rehab Party Work!”

  1. 1

    this girl isn't changing. shes hopeless….she peaked with the parent trap and that was it….

  2. 2

    she's a pathetic loser. she insists to be in the gossip pages. it's much more important than health. expect a world-wide shortage of adderall and rolexes and mink coats the day she gets out. NOW I'm rooting for her demise. just so she and her disgusting family will go away.

  3. MichJB says – reply to this


    Betty Ford is just delaying the inevitable. She will be right back to her old ways before the limo passes through the front gates of the rehab center.

  4. Fail says – reply to this


    Her probation includes drug test. She'll test dirty her first test.

  5. 5

    The law should not prohibit people from knowingly polluting their bodies. Freedom to choose is freedom. If she chooses to be a druggie, so be it. If she chooses to be clean, so be it (and good for her)

  6. The law says – reply to this


    regardless of what the law should do, the law states Lohan isn't allowed to pollute her body with drugs while she's on probation. For two yrs it is against the law for her to use drugs that arent allowed by the courts. If she test dirty, she's going to jail.

  7. Shirley Ujest says – reply to this


    Re: Ms. B Nice – What about the people who are free to choose life over being killed by an intoxicated driver?

  8. If Shes Serious says – reply to this


    If Lindsay is serious about sobriety she will avoid such temptations and & move from Betty Ford into a sober living home with supervision. She has been through rehab many times before & can't stay clean. She needs to learn a new way. Apparently her priority is the glam-game. Until she puts sobriety first she will be a probation violation-jail loop. its not enough to change your mind, you have to LEARN HOW TO change your lifestyle.

  9. TaylorTFair says – reply to this


    If Lindsay needs to go to the Premiere so hat is the big deal . LL can go there sober . It is part of her work to be at Premieres . Perez you are making this out to be LL throwing a big party for getting out of BFC that is NOT what this is

  10. Sooo Naive says – reply to this


    Re: TaylorTFair – Taylor, do you ever think things through, or are you just extrodinarily naive about how challenging & difficult it is for someone coming out of rehab to go right back into the enviornment that ate them alive? Staying sober, particularly when one is newly out of rehab;and then Lindsay has YET to make any claims that she finds rehab beneficial to her. She said, going in, after 5 previous rehabs, she thought rehab was a waste of time for her. I cant begin to comprehend your ignorance in not understanding what a dangerous situation this is for her. She has not been able to stay SOBER on previous probations. If she blows it, or snorts it, on this trip,… They will test her upon her return. What magic do you believe in, that she COULD STAY SOBER in such an enviorment, that is unlikely to be predominatley kind to her?

  11. TAX DOLLARS, TOOTS, says – reply to this


    Re: Ms. B Nice – What kind of world do you think OTHER PEOPLE live in that people destroying themselves & others by polluting their bodies with toxins & intoxicants is OK, and …should be law…under Freedom of Choice? The choices that are offered (by a society) are NOT infinite. The Freedom Of Choice thing doesnt mean you are Free to harm others in your selfish-piggy indulgences. When an alcoholic lets his life get out of control to where he can not work, he owes the government/business people about a million dollars & he plow into cars&pedestrains in his intoxications&fantasies that he is invisible.? Lindsay is a PUBLIC THREAT when she 'freedom to chooses coking up & vodkaing down. Stay home & be drunk, tax payers pay for their failures & hospital bills. Go out for your parties, can cost anyone their life, or a black eye. Only people with SELF CONTROL have any REAL CHOICES. Others NEED to BE TOLD WHAT TO DO. ..because, they can NOT control themselves FROM HARMING OTHERS.

  12. Marie says – reply to this


    She should just start smoking weed.

  13. TaylorTFair says – reply to this


    Re: Sooo Naive – First Lindsay is not out of rehab yet LL will have 60 days to get it together before LL is out . Lindsay also said rehab was a blessing . Why must you ALWAYS state everything she says as a negative . Second Lindsay is in the movie business this is how she makes her money . If there is a premier of her movie she must be there ! Sure it is hard coming out of rehab

  14. To Taylor says – reply to this

  15. No, she doesnt says – reply to this


    Just because information doesn't FLATTER Lindsay doesn't mean its always NEGATIVE. Information is information, it is YOU that decides the information is NEGATIVE based on how the info fits into YOUR AGENDA. You must be very naïve about the true challenges of a person who has spent the last decade or so of their life being DEPENDANT on chemicals to change the way they feel. Lindsay is NOT required to attend the film festival. Nonsense. If she had a brain tumor, no one would expect her to halt her treatment for a film festival. Why don't you ever take REALITY into consideration? The film has previously been REJECTED from film festivals & the gossip on it was BAD. Why would you want Linds to go to something that could hurt her, could end up with her going to jail for violating probation? You don't THINK of what things MEAN, TAYLOR. Try UNDERSTANDING the big picture for a damn change.

  16. To Taylor says – reply to this


    Re: TaylorTFair – Do you ever look at the top of these stories where it shows the ACTIVITY on these stories. Do take a peek-see at the NUMBERS this site records as far as people who LIKE the story, then the people who find Lindsay latest information so fascinating these people feel a need to TWEET on this info, and the number of SHARES Lindsay Lohans stories rack up. Lindsay HAS NO SUPPORTIVE AUDIENCE. Six million tw**r fans,huh? and only a few people ever LOOK at Lindsays public proclamations of her next BIG COMEBACK IDEA? Care to comment on Lindsay ass getting kicked out of BFC, in regards to her READYNESS FOR BEING A PRIME TIME PLAYER? Pull your head out of your ass and your fantasies of what Lindsay is capable of. She doesn't have 12 real fans in the world, you delusional fool.

  17. TaylorTFair says – reply to this


    Re: To Taylor – You have such Negative energy You seem to admire anything negative about Lindsay . Does it make you feel better to Kick LL when she is down . Look at your own life ! What makes you think you are so much better than Lindsay . So She made Mistakes Big F-ing deal LL can redeem herself Stop putting LL down before she gets up . You claim you want to help LL when all you have to say is negative BS about her . LL will prove you wrong . LL is talent , beautiful actress and You can't handle it . Witch Hunter !

  18. To Sad, disappointed T says – reply to this


    Re: TaylorTFair – You are emotionally losing it because you are finding NO SUPPORT for your delusions. You blame people who SPEAK TRUTHS as having NEGATIVE ENERGY and being WITCH HUNTERS? Do you have any idea of how psychotic/paranoid you sound? The world is FULL of negative things. My grandson had a heart TRANSPLANT at 22 MONTHS. You know where he got his NEW BABY HEART? FROM A DEAD BABY, TAYLOR. Does that fact that I acknowledge the real horrors my family lives with from sickening& mind fu*king situations –uh, when my daughter is freaking out, I am suppose to BE POSTIVE w/nothing but cheers? Tell me, Taylor, how do I be UN NEGATIVE about the fact that the other 5 kids who got new hearts 2 1/2 yrs ago, same time as my grandson, ARE DEAD NOW? Make that pretty for me, Taylor, TEACH ME HOW TO POM-POM my grandbaby through LIFE, on nothing more than "YOU CAN DO IT IF YOU WANT TO!" LIFE IS UGLY, FUCKING LEARN TO UNDERSTAND IT, PROCESS IT, & LEARN HOW TO TALK ABOUT IT WITHOUT DEEMING REAL LIFETHINGS 'NEGATIVE TALK'..& A SIN OR THE MALICIOUS ACTS OF 'WITCH HUNTERS'.