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Jodi Arias Prosecutors Seek Death Penalty For Brutal Murder Of Ex-Lover, AGAIN!

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jodi arias second sentencing trial new jury july 18 death penalty execution

Bust out the schadenfreude flavored popcorn, because round two of the Jodi Arias sentencing is about to begin!!

Convicted in May of brutally slaying her former lover, Jodi's previous jury couldn't return a unanimous decision whether or not her life should be spared.

Maricopa County prosecutor Bill Montgomery will now be asking a new jury of her peers to dole out justice by, you know, lining the convicted murderer up in front of a firing squad.

Well, not a firing squad, per se — Arizona's only sanctioned form of capital punishment is lethal injection.

Attorney Bill spoke sparsely about his prosecutorial decision. He said:

“At this point, we are still preparing to move forward to retry the penalty phase.”

The new jury will convene on July 18th.

If they deadlock, Judge Sherry Stephens would then be forced to sentence Jodi to either "life in prison, or 25 years with the eligibility of parole."

[Image via AP Images.]

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9 comments to “Jodi Arias Prosecutors Seek Death Penalty For Brutal Murder Of Ex-Lover, AGAIN!”

  1. 1

    This Psycho Bitch should get life!! She should never be released from prison.
    The family of Travis Alexander have been through enough.

    Show her the mercy she did not show her victim!


  2. gwen says – reply to this


    This lady needs the death penalty she wassent thinking about
    Him nor his life or family when she shot and stabbed him smh
    I'm still trying to understand why this decision is so hard she
    Needs no sympathy

  3. Melly Mel says – reply to this


    She deserves the death penalty! Premditation! she planned the whole thing starting with her "home break in" in which they only stole 1 gun, which was the one she used on travis. To bad Arizona doesn't have the electric chair!

  4. Kathy says – reply to this


    I pray to God to take her away. She is disturbing so many people here with her evil plans.

  5. Lorelei says – reply to this


    Jodi Arias was framed by LDS and Illuminati people. Travis was murdered via ritual killing by several people. There is evidence proving this, but Mesa, AZ is corrupt. It's all about the CA$H…

  6. MaryDtn9 says – reply to this


    Dear Travis Alexander, may you rest in peace and always be fondly remembered.
    Alexander Family files “Wrongful Death Law Suit”. To seize all JA profits from crimes.
    Arizona State to retry Jodi Arias, “Penalty Phase”; Start date is July 18, 2013.
    MCSO Statement: JA confined to her cell 23 hours a day. No more media interviews.
    Defense "Hail Mary": JA is “Mentally Ill” and should not be subject to the death penalty.
    This complex crime, JA was convicted of, exposed JA for the macabre sane killer JA is.
    Petition: “Give JA Life in Prison with no chance of Parole” if re-trial is “Deadlocked”.
    JUST DO IT: No more delays. No more postponements. No more excuses, period.
    Accept the outcome of this re-trial. Take a deep breath, it's over; “Done, No More JA”.
    JA is pure evil. She only lives to convince others to believe her endless lies.
    One or two people believe JA is innocent. You will remain in perpetual denial.
    JA stated "No Jury will ever convict me". JA could not have been more wrong".
    JA was convicted of "Premeditated First-Degree Murder’ and “Extreme Cruelty”.
    Defense request to quit denied. JA tells jury "Your Verdicts are wrong. I am a Survivor”.
    Of the 12 Jurors, eight imposed the Death penalty. Four Jurors incapable of doing so!
    JA ridicules defense, verdicts, jurors, everyone and gets a Deadlocked Jury, Outrageous!

  7. John Doe says – reply to this


    In the interest of justice Jodi Arias must recive the death penalty. The state proved without doubt this murder was not only premeditated but it was especially cruel, with absolutely no remorse shown by the defendant who has spun so many untruths throughout this case, the worst of which were the vile lies about peophilia and abuse which were spewed out with such ease by her disturbingly this was allowed without the need to produce any real tangeble evidence to support her claims other than her word, that was an extreamly wicked thing to do. Juan Martinez has proved why he is one of the best if not the best proscecutors in the US. The reality is it is very unlikely that she will ever face execution on death row, and that really doesn't matter, what does matter is the fact that she will have to endure a much tougher regime than a life sentence living within the general population, and if anyone deserves those conditions it is truly her. In my opinion the mindset of the four jurors who could not deliver a death penalty verdict were never going to from the get go the " Save the Damsel in Distress " is just part of their D.N.A

  8. amadeus says – reply to this


    Re: John Doe
    Because she was convicted she cannot profit from her crime directly but of course if you can get people to donate to your prison account of their own free will. Or other parties sell on under their name for her and give to her…
    IF this time there is another deadlock the judge will have to give her life with chance of parole in 25 years.

  9. r. hertz says – reply to this


    This bitch has everyone with a ring through their nose. She is leading herself right out of the tiny cell to a nut ward where she can manipulate the staff there just like she is doing now. I need more room so I will play nutz and will get in a general population in a coo coo nest. She can teach them how to decapitate in group.