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EXCLUSIVE! Justin Bieber’s Supposed "Bestie" Is No Friend At All! Spreading Lies For Publicity & Attention!

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As many will attest, being in Justin Bieber’s inner circle is pretty much the swaggiest place to be. (Just ask the pals he took with him to Disneyland this week.)

We’re sure there are plenty of people who just love to say that they can rub elbows with the Biebs on the regular, but there is one that has repeatedly gone to the press to share his “insider” details on Justin’s life, even though we’ve recently learned that he’s never even met Justin!

You may have heard of a guy named King Kevi. In fact, we’ve even crossed paths with him a time or two, hearing him out as one of Justin’s supposed “closest friends.” But it turns, not only are Kevi and the Biebs not friends, but they are actually complete strangers! Justin doesn’t know this guy, he’s never lived with this guy… if he passed him on the street and the kid was screaming his name, Justin would be none the wiser.

So, let’s get the story straight, with details coming to us from someone we actually KNOW to be part of Justin’s inner circle. This guy is a “liar;” they've never even met and he's never been to his house.

So why would he lie about such a thing!? Well, just ask Kanye West — there are plenty of people out there looking to make a buck off celebrity. And it seems that very well may be the case here!

Case closed!

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7 comments to “EXCLUSIVE! Justin Bieber’s Supposed "Bestie" Is No Friend At All! Spreading Lies For Publicity & Attention!”

  1. ivan says – reply to this


    How many lies about Justin bieber are out there to ruin him? Anyone can post anything about you in the internet and people will automatically beleive it[haters].

  2. 2

    Re: Team Amanda – haha

  3. 3

    Bieber gets too much flack, it's not his fault he has the image he has..See why I say so here:

  4. ivan says – reply to this


    Re: Thought Untamed – Now a video shows Bieber was not the driver in that L.A. speeding incident, Tyler the Creator was. Another lie bites the dust.

  5. teeter totter says – reply to this


    Pull up your pants moron, no one wants to know if you wear jockeys or boxers.
    Tuesday I actually saw a store with a sign saying "no sagging pants allowed" and I went in and bought a small purchase from them to thank them for their policy and I let them know why.

  6. Peter Alabama says – reply to this


    Beliebers, let's help bieber get his name into Guinness world records! We need your help, beliebers!

  7. Kb says – reply to this


    Justin can easily lie just like anyone else. Sources at blind gossip.com say they have seen footage that is apparently from KK's romp with Biebs and/or Selena.