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Kanye West Is Awesome!

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Yes, he really did say that!

And, no THAT didn't happen!

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28 comments to “Kanye West Is Awesome!”

  1. TA says – reply to this


    When I see Kanye West, the last word that comes to mind is "awesome." All I see is a narcissistic ass-hat, who is truly clueless.

  2. Ruty says – reply to this


    no i'm not a fan

  3. Clay says – reply to this


    Fishsticks Kayne, get it?

  4. 4

    Let me get this straight… it's ok to be a douche as long as you're talented? Doesn't matter how you treat someone as long as you're talented. He will be remembered as an amazing talent????? I certainly hope not. I will remember him as a douche.

  5. 5

    No sorry , not a fan . I do love Kim K

  6. paddle says – reply to this


    I'm not a fan. Here's why: I'm willing to excuse bad behavior from the artist if it doesn't PUBLICLY overwhelm their art. He is such a douche on a grand scale that I can no longer separate the art from the artist. When I hear his music, I can't focus on it because his persona gets in the way. He needs to never stick his head out in public because he is so unlikable. It's like eating a wonderful meal and finding out the main ingredient was shit. I don't care how good it tastes, I can't get past the fact that it was produced from shit. Kudos to the chef/artist for pulling it off, but you should have kept that shit to yourself, Kanye. Paddle has spoken.

  7. let's-keep-real says – reply to this


    Who, Cwnt west?

  8. diane says – reply to this


    not a fan… but that trashy model is a lying…

  9. JAMES says – reply to this


    I AM NOT A FAN! I have not bee. a fan for a long time, since the level of his fame was equalled only by the level of his being an egomaniacal asshole.

    Talent? yeah, sorry but I don't see it. He's an excellent producer but just an adequate rapper and God knows his singing is the very definition of atrocious.
    He's a very insecure man which is obvious in his attitude not mention glaring homophobia. He is a very diminutive man who suffers not only from a Napoleonic complex but a Messianic complex….. In short, HE IS THE DOUCHIEST OF DOUCHES!

  10. 10

    West always reminds me of some knuckle-dragging gorilla. He has a ridiculously over-inflated view of his "talent" (marginal at best, but the darkies who are his audience aren't very bright) and of his importance. He's a trained monkey who's forgotten that some rich jew pulls his strings and who made him what he is. West is a moron who shouldn't be taken seriously. He's about as tough and as ghetto as David Spade is. Bet he'd shit himself if real thugs gave him the beat down he so badly needs.

  11. 11

    Why do you make these videos if you cannot focus? You are looking all over the place and losing your train of thought. Stay behind the computer. You are not attractive, cannot string a sentence together and have horrible ADD. Or, hire a trained actor.

  12. mimo says – reply to this


    This dude is a fugly and a douchebag. Kim K what was this dumb chick thinking?

  13. livpretty1210 says – reply to this


    What is the song playing in the background?

  14. 14

    Re: Pansy Hunter – Fuck You u racist MOTHERFUCKER. The are white people who listen to Kanye!
    Black people are intelligent YOU IGNORANT PIECE OF SHIT. Your skin colour doesn't entitel you to say such shit nor does it make you better than anyone.
    Hope those THUGS you talking about find your Pathetic fucked up son-of-a-bitch-rat's ass!

  15. 15

    I disagree with @paddle. I listen to Kanye's music. Can't say his persona has ever stopped me from listening to The music.

    Anyway, we are diffrent.

  16. sonny says – reply to this


    He's awesome at making me vomit.

  17. liquid kitty says – reply to this


    Kanyuck speaks so loudly that you can't hear what he's saying.

  18. sue says – reply to this


    At the end of the day you are dealing with two disgustingly vile idiots. wait till that album is released. Its already getting bad feedback. when it starts to slide down you will hear that self centered pig squeel. Two pathetic idiots on the spiral down. no publicity can repair thst filth.

  19. Becky says – reply to this


    NO I am NOT a fan of Kanye I NEVER have & I NEVER will be. He is a jackass & arrogant & he needs anger manegement counseling.

  20. 20

    I think his days are gone…….. Asta la vista

  21. Kathryn says – reply to this


    Kanye says he is anti-celebrity. Hates fame, paparazzi, promotion. But then he projects New Slaves on random buildings to build hype, and says things like I am a God which will obviously be covered by the media. You know who is actually anti-celebrity? Actors like Robert DeNiro. He is very rarely photographed, never gives interviews, etc. If Kanye was as opposed as he claims, he would do the same. Doth protest too much. Like people who constantly state how much they hate drama, are the ones who love it the most. If you strongly feel about something, you practice instead of preach.

  22. 22

    there are plenty of talented people they dont go walking around like complete fuc wits spouting bs im a fan of the sign he crashed into ..

  23. @v@ says – reply to this


    Imma gonna call him a name after his latest remarks about grabbing the mic.
    Oxygen thief.

  24. 24

    Re: cornholio…. – Your mother just had to didn't she.
    And i can say whatever i want to anyone.
    A black person is most probably going to Kill you. That's enough revenge for me.

  25. shelly says – reply to this


    not a fan ..never been

  26. me says – reply to this


    Kanye West is a joke and he IS NOT THAT TALENTED. I can not think of any song that I like. He is far from a genius and I can not stand him. I think he is an awful person.

  27. me says – reply to this



  28. Jodi says – reply to this


    No offense Perez, but you need a haircut. YOu're starting to look like a crazy bag lady!