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14 comments to “LeAnn Rimes Swears She's "Talked Truth" Amidst Brandi Glanville DRAMA! Watch Her Wendy Williams Show Interview HERE!”

  1. nik says – reply to this


    too bad that didn't work for Leanne record sales. I'd say false on your suggestion of using the media to boost Brandi's career because it obviously didn't work well for your album. HA! Album should have been called BACKFIRE!!!! LOL!!!

  2. 2

    Could you show the part where she sings, please? Pretty good interview, I am glad Wendy addressed the issue of responding to negative stuff, but I disagree with LeAnn - it will go away if you ignore it long enough. People will not take her seriously as an artist if she keeps wading in the mud with Brandi. It's kinda like Tom Cruise - now he is a wackadoodle scientologist first, and an actor second. Gotta keep your private life private.

  3. Ally says – reply to this


    "I wish it was more private" but I'm gonna tweet about it all the time and write an album about it and then go on talk shows and talk about it….delusional!

  4. magangi says – reply to this


    is this all she is ever going to talk about? her affair? Lets gets passed this and move on please

  5. Jonathon says – reply to this


    you are sooo far up Leanns ass its unreal! she is a has been, home wrecker and a failure!! the fact that you feel sorry for her shows what your character is like!!

  6. LA says – reply to this


    LeAnn thinks that Brandi is "making a career out of this"?!? Seriously???? I think LEANN is only relevant BECAUSE OF THIS AFFAIR! What a has-been! She is ALWAYS talking about it!! Get over yourself Leann, you are NOT TAKING any higher road than Brandi….

  7. Sierra says – reply to this


    Why does LeAnn feel any need to make Brandi look bad in public? Do you know how devastating it is to miss out on half of your childrens' lives? Because of BOTH leann and eddie's actions of course, but leann contributed. And she has the audacity to keep talking trash about Brandi?

    Why won't interviewers bring up how ridic it is that Leann plays Borrowed for her stepsons and tweets about how they love the line "I dont want to give you back" —-she is DERANGED

  8. 8

    She JUST said in another appearnace or interview she was not into the drama anymore! That she di dnot want to keep talking about all of this. GUess she can't stop talking about it since her cd is not booming like she thoght it would. She needs to stay in the spotlight. Pathetic.

  9. 9

    Re: nik – lol I like backfire

  10. 10

    The problem with this woman saying anything on this subject is this: She engaged in an affair that broke up a marriage. Due to her actions, she is required, by rule, to suffer all the hate that comes her way from the ex. However, I find it interesting that Brandi seems to direct her rage at LeAnn more than Eddie. He was equally guilty.

  11. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: dreamboat – She did all that, but she wants to 'change Brandi.' Lol.

  12. Julia says – reply to this


    I hate when people say "honestly" and "trust me" it makes it seem like you always lie and we should never trust you. She is despicable. This is what you get and deserve!

  13. isjeh says – reply to this


    i think leeann still feels as the "other woman" not the " wife"

  14. Michael says – reply to this


    Unusual talent barely describes this woman………who knows why she acknowledges trash like her husbands ex-wife (it gave this creature oxygen) However, as Wendy points out so presciently, as time goes by only LeAnn's remarkable artistic legacy will be remembered….