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Has Kim Kardashian Really Not Had Any "Work" Done?

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Plastic surgery, yay or nay?

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106 comments to “Has Kim Kardashian Really Not Had Any "Work" Done?”

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  1. Lisa says – reply to this


    Kim definitely had work done!! It is so obvious. Her cheekbones and her nose give it away …she should try harder next time if she wants to keep it a secret!

  2. 2

    yes and she is still ugly in face and heart.

  3. Amanda says – reply to this


    I don't think she necessarily got plastic surgery while she was pregnant. All those "after" pictures are when she is pregnant. I think that when you're pregnant your face changes and your body does and it just a little normal weight gain. She'll be back to normal in no time.

  4. Jbo says – reply to this


    I think she just "filled out" when she got older. I would laugh if she kept on filling out after the baby.

    I would love this kid to WRECK her physically cuz that's all she's good for. She needs to be humbled in life.

  5. 5

    Kim has definitely had work done. I mean the proof is in pictures. And it's not just because she is older or uses different makeup techniques, but her face has definitely changed. If you watch older episodes of the show like from season 1 or 2, her nose was bigger, her eyes were not as squinty, her cheek bones were not as high. Back then she looked way more exotic. Her face doesn't even move when she smiles. I don't know who they think they are fooling.

  6. Kerri says – reply to this


    I think shes had cheek implants done and we all know she has fillers and botox all the time. Which she dont need at all.

  7. Tanya says – reply to this


    Kim looks like a completely different girl from when she used to be seen partying with Paris Hilton back in the day. I think she's gotten her nose refined, cheek and lip fillers, probably liposuction, definitely booty injections. She did what she felt would probably make her feel good about herself.

  8. 8

    Idk if she had any surgeries, but she did gain a lot more weight since her Paris Hilton days and she looks older. I think all those injections with God knows what kind of chemicals could have changed her face as well.

  9. Maggie says – reply to this


    What you did with the side by side photos is the proof - yes she has had work done. WHy lie? I believe she has also had various other implants as well or the rumored fat transfer surgery. Plastic surgery is sooo common in LA - the biggest question is why lie? It's like when Nicole Kidman denied having work or botox. Photo proof is the evidence.

  10. sants says – reply to this


    what is this?…kris didn't deny that kim had work done. she said she didn't have work done while pregnant…what is the point of this. this is just bullying.

  11. simone says – reply to this


    OFCOURSE she has had work done, dont you see her nose has less of an armenian look to it now than before? if you cant see it you are blind

  12. 12

    Multiple nose jobs, brow lift, breast implants, fillers and botox. She is definitely starting to exhibit that "Escape From LA" plastic surgery freak look. Too bad because she was amazingly beautiful to begin with.

  13. Mr Pete says – reply to this


    She's had nothing done if you don't count
    chin reduction, nose job, cheek implants ,boob work, tummy tuck, and a new vagina, the old one was worn out

  14. Jasmine says – reply to this


    She is soooo gorgeous it s so normal that all the girls are so jealous !

  15. 15


  16. Tmamacita says – reply to this


    WOW! Of course she has had plastic surgery! She squeak's when she moves from all that plastic she is covered with! She is still ugly in the inside!

  17. Resilient Bo says – reply to this


    Clearly Kim has had some kind of work done but thats nothing new, when she first came on the scene she had a more natural Armanian beauty. Kim looks different now because she is pregnant.

  18. WillowWynde says – reply to this


    I don’t think she’s had work done since being pregnant. You can show all the before and after pictures you want, but the difference in her ‘after’ pictures are due to her pregnancy. The second trimester and on can cause puffiness (due to fluid retention and slowed blood circulation). And sometimes women’s facial features widen.

  19. Sarah says – reply to this


    Multiple nose jobs, breast augmentation, cheek implants, fat injections (into her behind), some alternative to botox (since she is allergic), liposuction, chin reduction, maybe lip fillers, and lots of laser procedures to remove body hair

  20. duran says – reply to this


    I think Kim has got a bunch of work done. Her butt look like its fake, see before and after pictures. Her lips, nose, cheekbone, boobs, and she looks like she has had a bunch of botox injections.

  21. 21

    She's had two nose jobs, fat implanted in her butt, and she is botoxed to the hilt around they eyes and forehead. Lately, she has gone crazy with lip injections. Her top lip looks insane now and it used to be smaller than her bottom lip before she started all that.

    Some of the changes are shown in photos here:

  22. DB says – reply to this


    Her face looks very different from when she first came on the scene. Whoever her surgeon was did an amazing job. I think she looks 100 times better!

  23. Kelly says – reply to this


    It is hard to tell when people are pregnant because lots of thing change. A nose can widen, faces change…just look at pictures of a pregnant Bethany frankel. She looked like a cartoon while pregnant.

  24. 24

    Plastic surgery, no. Injections, fillers, treatments…DUH!!

  25. 25

    Sure. Hers nose, lips (only retouched), in order to face and body, is an understatement? NO. Because when you are pregnant your body change, and it's obvious that her buttocks and hip implants diform. I AM NOT her fan, BUT IS UNFAIR the TREATMENT THAT she HAS RECEIVED BY THE MEDIA AND PEOPLE, FOR her "weight gain". God, SHE IS PREGNANT, what PEOPLE want? an ANOREXIC BODY SUFFERED WHILE PREGNANT? OMG, GET A LIFE, LET THE WOMAN rejoice on her PREGNANCY, that doe not change that she is A BITCH inside out, because of her EGO.

  26. 26

    For sure her and her sister had the boobs and the ugly nose made to look like a little cute nose. Kim had tons of lipo and butt implant, cheekbones etc……..

  27. YR says – reply to this


    SHES PREGNANT YOU MORONS!! Those pics you showed perez she looks exactly the same just PREGNANT! When you're pregnant your face changes look at Bethenny Frankel when she was pregnant her face looked so different and she didnt even get fat! And who fucking cares anyway it aint you is it? I hope all you get pregnant and get fat and ugly then youll understand.

  28. yr says – reply to this


    Plus all the people on her about her ass KHLOE HAS A HUGE ASS TOO AND IT LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE KIMS!!!! You guys are idiots.

  29. Jbuttaluv1 says – reply to this


    cheek filers, nose,slight brow lift

  30. ashtent says – reply to this


    yep, nose and lips

  31. 31

    Update: I just hope she learn to BE a real mother, not like drug addict Brooke Mueller, while Denisse look up for her twins attending them crying at the park, she only cared about paps nd her pics (look for the pic here on Tags)they were at the park with the twins) OMGGG

  32. kitti says – reply to this


    She and Minka kelly must share doctors

  33. danielle says – reply to this


    Re: sants – agreed! of course she had work done but kris didn't deny it…

  34. lola says – reply to this


    There's definitely a difference between her "paris hilton" years'face and her 2012's face. As for her "pregant face", she gained weight and obiously stopped having botox injections. Her face is now more expressive and she is now able to frown (has anyone noticed that?). Anyway, I think that her surgeries have done wonders to her but she should stop injecting botox in her face, it actually ruins the work she has had done.

  35. Ana Marins says – reply to this


    Hey Perez,

    Even people who live in the other side of the world, like me, noticed kim kardashian had work done!


    Her lips, eyes, nose…. they've all been retouched!
    Plastic runs in the family.

    Love your website,

    Sending all the Love from Portugal directly to YOU and your beautiful baby!




  36. 36

    She doesn't care about her looks, she just wants to have a baby. And a happy little family. With no husband. Maybe a baby daddy. Not even a baby daddy. She just wants to have a baby. And then move back in with her mom. (If she's so rich, why doesn't she get her own place? Bruce gets his own place, but not Kim? I guess Kris has ordered Kim back to the house so the cameras can film. There's whoring to be done!)

  37. Nicole says – reply to this


    I think she did lipo sculpting. Sucked the fat out of tummy and injected it in her butt.

  38. @v@ says – reply to this


    Nose bridges don't shrink over time.

  39. just saying says – reply to this


    Kim looks like she's had her nose done, her teeth fixed(she admitted she wore braces). She's allergic to botox but she had some fillers in her frown lines. I would do the same if I had her money too.

  40. 40

    Of course she's had work done . Her looks are her money maker and it would be crazy for her not to go under the knife .

  41. just saying says – reply to this


    Re: lola – She's allergic to botox.

  42. laleelakes says – reply to this


    She looks like the rest of the older women in California who start getting these procedures, they all have that odd look. She really looks a lot more like her mom. Too bad, she was so beautiful.

  43. alazne says – reply to this


    she has definetly reshaped her nose

  44. mihet says – reply to this


    I can't believe how blind and stupid some people can be. Okay, lets see, over the years she filled out right? Oh her nose got way way smaller, she lost her long chin, her cheeks became and are now highter, her breasts and butt got a lot bigger but her waist got a lot smaller and she lost her tummy. What a farce and remember when she and her first husband went through another crazy divorce she wanted to fleece him, he supplied the court with receipts for a breast implants and liposuction that he paid for while they were married. The reason why he divorce his? She did not work back then but she was spending his money on plastic surgery and clothes and one day he picks up some tabloid and bam, there was a picture of kim with Jennifer Lopez ex-husband (I think his name was Chris Judge), the dancer dude with the bald head before Ben Affleck. Her ex- husband couldn't believe the audacity of this slut, using his money to attract other men. He won because he had the evidence but she tried to accuse him of abuse which was a lie and she lost. This woman used to be beautiful and exotic looking but she is looking more like the cat lady.

  45. mihet says – reply to this


    Hi Perez: I haven't done any posting until today that is in maybe a year, its been a while. I just want to congratulate you on your beautiful baby. Enjoy this time with your baby because believe me time does fly and before you know it they are 18 and you wonder where did all the years go. Your little one is lucky to have a great guy like you for a father. Blessings.

  46. @v@ says – reply to this


    She was pregnant when she had that vampire needles thing done to her face. Her lips also ballooned a couple of weeks ago. I've witnessed a lot of pregnancies, and 'pregnancy lips'
    would be a first.

  47. Raja says – reply to this


    She has probably had smart lipo a laser wavelength procedure on her stomach and neck as well as backside of her thighs, rhinoplasty, as well as nonsurgical procedures such as facial rejuvenation with Ulthera, Juvederm and Radiesse. Of course probably back in 2009 or earlier

  48. StarLady Mo says – reply to this


    Hahahhahaha i just love u Perez :-) )I am mailing u from Macedonia and i am addicted to your column and web site…I think that our beautiful Kim K have a lot of WORK done on her…Starting from her nose,lips,cheeks all of her face and dont forget that ass Perez….

    Love ya!!! StarLady from Macedonia

  49. 49

    Wouldn't the better question be "is anything original?"

  50. Amanda says – reply to this


    I think she has definitely had her nose and lips done. Probably not anything while pregnant. I think this was all done awhile ago.

  51. cy says – reply to this


    definitely her lips…. errrr whole face!

  52. michele says – reply to this


    She had work done on her cheeks, nose, and jaw. Her jaw is completely different now than it was in season 1 of their reality show. Nose and eyes forsure - cheeks and lip fillers most likely, and I still question something about that chin! Not to mention laser hair removal on her hairline. She wore a crap load of makeup in season 1 and her eyes look totally different now even with the same makeup and lashes = surgery.

  53. lilJeylyn says – reply to this


    of course this dumb Armenian had work done. DUH

  54. 54

    Cheeks, mini face lift and liposuction to sculpt her signature curves (she gets fat, then sucks out the belly so she has more of an hourglass shape)

  55. Kim's had work done says – reply to this


    Kim's such a liar! Anyone that has an eye for.detail can see that her bridge isn't as broad and bulbous,it's much more narrow. Some pics she takes now,her nose looks kind like Michael J Fake nose. It doesn't look natural in some shots. Her cheekbones are more pronounced. And her eye's aren't as bug eyed,they're more almond shaped. Her lips look overfilled with injections. She starting to look like a drag queen.

  56. baruch hakaliah says – reply to this


    yea i think i saw and episode where she was like "i have to do my eyes" and I waslike what? your makeup? looking at the pics she def has changed her natural eyes shape.

  57. 57

    Does a bear shit in the woods? Is this really a question. Get real. lol

  58. Sweet Pea says – reply to this


    TOTALLY! Nose, breasts, cheeks, STACKS of Botox. She would be better just to admit it.

  59. seman says – reply to this


    let her be pls…

  60. seman says – reply to this


    your body changes for stage to stage when you are pregnant…am a mother and i know this for sure….so let her be pls

  61. 61

    who cares u are trying to drum up sympathy for this fatass while downing her bf father of the illegetimate child so easy to forget all the things shes done to other people in her hr of need with this truman child … find ur morals please perez money cant buy ur values… or can they…

  62. 62

    She had lots of work done. She sits preg and alone with no daddy for her child, what did she expect? A rapper don't care about mamma or child. Oh well, Kim can find more rap singers to pump her up and dump her till she gets old then they won't care for her any longer, so sad Kimmy.
    Swollen legs and feet aren't helping much. Future rappers see that and say "oh yuk, awful".

  63. Ali says – reply to this


    The make up and hair has changed, her features still look the same. Everyone looks different when they age, and ofcourse she has work done, she has never kept it a secret or denies doing anything. She did botox on her show??

  64. Ali says – reply to this


    Re: @v@ – Actually pregnancy lips exists. Mine swelled and went purple 2 weeks before I gave birth, its normal and common for lips to swell when your in 3rd trimester.

  65. Maureenredw says – reply to this


    Re: alazne – This is a young woman. She may have had work done, but she was already very beautiful!!! By the way not a fan. You cannot deny her beauty,

  66. 66

    Pre pregnancy I say FILLERS FILLERS FILLERS!!!! They last a nice long time through pregnancy too.

  67. 67

    totally natural, just like her mom.

  68. keepnitreal says – reply to this


    Nose, Cheecks, Eyes, Lips, Breast Augmentation, Brazilian Butt Lift, Fillers Galore, then maybe some lippo in different spots all over her body. Oh and fake hair, eyelashes, nails, and a couple fake Tv Shows. I wouldn't be surprised if the porn that made her famous wasn't fake. Such a sad girl.

  69. genita says – reply to this


    yes nose,boobs,cheeks ,lips ,behind .you can see the difference if you watch the fist season of keeping up with the kardashians .

  70. nat says – reply to this


    of course kim has gotten work done! is this even a question? those pictures were all pretty recent within the last 5 years….have a look of pictures of her circa 2003 or watch the first season of keeping up with the Kardashians. She has not only gotten a nose job, she's got cheek implants, and a chin job. Her chin and cheekbones are completely different….its written all over her face. She has also gotten lip injections and botox and fillers. Its hard to believe this woman was just in a her twenties a few years ago. She looks ridiculous. As for her booty…it has become unusually large, which leads to me to believe she's had a Brazilian butt job…no wonder it wouldn't show in an x-ray. But surprising she never had an x-ray of her breasts….because she has obvious implants. She has probably spent more on plastic surgery than Demi!

  71. Hamzy says – reply to this


    Erm HELLOO she's always getting Botox and got her eye area lifted .. It don't take a genius to see that.! Her nose is so much thinner( shaped to look more attractive) her eyes Are more squinted(chinky). Finally her hair line is much neater than before so she imacs it off LOL

  72. Hamzy says – reply to this


    Re: michaelz – LOOOOOOOOOOOOL

  73. 73

    pictures you are using are a before pregnant kim.k and your after/now is a PREGNANT Kim.k. Nobody looks quiete the same while they are pregnant. idiot

  74. 74

    pictures you are using are a before pregnant kim.k and your after/now is a PREGNANT Kim.k Nobody looks quiete the same while they are pregnant. idiot

  75. 75

    Well, she definitely got a boob job and got the tip taken off of her nose and it looks like she put some fillers or something in her cheek/nose area-because that is the area that changes the most. I think her lips are hers-Perez,THAT is def makeup-you can make your lips look bigger with liner and plumpers. Her lips look normal-not like Lindsay Lohan's!

  76. 76

    Kind of maybe just the nose and maybe the boobs just that

  77. 77

    she is beautiful , and perez shut the f¨* like really you are ugly i mean look at your face , get a mirror your voice is girly

  78. 78

    she looks the same. cheek bones and all…

  79. Tomy says – reply to this


    KIm looks like she had the following:

    Too many fillers
    She looked crossed eyed before

  80. Bitter says – reply to this


    To Perez: Congrats on loosing so much weight, but is time to STOP!! you are looking anorexic, and please BRUSH YOU NAPPY HAIR PRONTO<BIATCH!!!!!!

  81. LaLisaBonita says – reply to this


    I think she definitely had work. Even in your "before" pictures. Kim had her nose done but I think the rest are just fillers and injections. It´s possible also a brow lift..lots has been done on this lady and it was really unecessary. I find her face looked strange during pregnancy. But in any case, she´s gorge. It must be difficult being photographed everyday. You probably gain a complex. Congrats on the bebe xxx

  82. DeeClub1231 says – reply to this


    First and foremost, i LOOOVE you Perez! I've been a loyal fan for yeeears. I think you could've found better before pictures, from when she was with Ray-J or her first husband Damon Thomas. I actually don't think she's had her lips done. She's always had plump lips Yes, I've seen the recent pic of her with extra plumped lips while she was pregnant but i have also seen friends of mine who ate something, like mango, and gotten a bad reaction to it, resulting in super plumped lips. I do agree, the Jenner/Kardashian family is plastic surgery friendly.
    Kim has even spoken in the past about considering getting rhinoplasty, so it wouldn't surprise me if she went ahead and got one. To me, when comparing old pictures of her from when she first came on the scene with recent pics, i suspect she may have gotten a nose job or maybe some filler. If you can afford it and are in good health, why not (as long as it's not a Heidi Montag-10-surgeries-in-a-day kinda thing). But as someone who has wanted a nose job for a long time, i can tell you makeup really can work wonders when it comes to contouring or making your nose look more narrow, or round, etc.
    Anyway, i'm obviously rambling too much for a comment box that will probably never get looked at but as a young woman in NYC with a 3.5gpa, who is going to be graduating with a degree in Media Studies, i would absolutely love any opportunity PerezHilton could offer! HIRE ME AS AN INTERN PEREZ PLEASE & THANKYOU! ily. k bye.

  83. emily louise says – reply to this


    She proved on Keeping Up with an x ray that there are no implants on her ass. I think she's done cheeck implants and she obviously fills her lips. she does admit to doing botox as well so I don' think they're trying to hide as much as everyone are suggesting. ps I want to know he name of their baby SO BADLY! I think they should name their baby girl Kat. It would be so cute

  84. Natalie says – reply to this


    yes she does, her butt and breast are bigger. and her face. is different too.

  85. Ljunkie says – reply to this


    Re: Amanda – I saw her on a interview,+ when she got pregnant,and it was so obvious then that she got work done.
    Her face got fat in only some places,where as her cheekbones and eye area remained the same.

  86. Cindy Lou says – reply to this


    She is a liar if she is not admitting to going under the knife!
    The before and after are 2 different faces..LMFAO!

  87. 87

    Why is this woman in the news so much? Grossly fat, too tall, no talent, never earned a dollar any any regular job, knocked up with a zebra baby, the list goes on…

  88. Don says – reply to this


    She looks as if she def had rhinoplasty, and a recent slight face lift.

  89. 89

    Its too bad because Kim was so much prettier back in the day when she hung with Paris Hilton. Now she looks plumped up and plastic. Its a shame, she had the prettiest eyes, and her face was more longated then it is now. so YES she's def had work done, she's a big fibber.

  90. 90

    She's as fake as money can buy.
    She made her fame off of a sex tape. Wow, something to really be proud of. And now she has a daughter to make money off of….

  91. Kris says – reply to this


    Common sense she has

  92. dina says – reply to this


    i think she looks better now. who did her work? anyone know?

  93. kay says – reply to this


    she is pregnant in the two now photos so she will clearly look… plumper I guess. And if you're suggesting she had work done during the pregnancy still, then I honestly don't think anyone would or should interfere with the life and health of their own child.
    P.S. is it even legal to get surgery while pregnant!?!?

  94. WILD13 says – reply to this


    They all look like they have Michael Jackson's plastic surgeon.

    My Vote:
    She is so pretty…just botox x 1 million (super weird when she is crying on TV and face doesn't move)

  95. 95

    Of all the rumored work done, she missed the procedure she needs most: a chin implant. Her face is the same shape as the prototypical alien — big at the top with a nearly pointed chin. Take some of the fat from her butt and give that girl a jaw line!

  96. 96

    Re: Dianna3000 – So why do you visit his site? Hypocrite!

  97. 97

    Re: YR – Thanks for correcting the world, you MORON!

  98. 98

    Re: daydriver2010 – Too tall? Are you 5'2"? Short-man's syndrome, perhaps?

  99. Rachel says – reply to this


    I really don't think that she's had any work done… at least not recently. She obviously looks different now because of her pregnancy which made her fill out considerably in different areas of her face– this does alter her look severely, but I think it's asinine to think she had any work done while pregnant.

  100. 100

    nose, lip,s cheeks, botox, boobs, lipo, cellulite treatment, electrolysis, chemical facials blood facials, cosmetic dental. that is like what I know of for sure.

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