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Justin Bieber Finally Off The Hook! Video PROVES He Wasn't Behind The Speedy Wheel!

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At least, he's off the hook for this debacle!

Law enforcement went to Justin Bieber's cozy Calabasas home to check out security footage from Memorial Day — the same day Keyshawn Johnson and other neighbors were infuriated by the speeding done with Biebs' car throughout the neighborhood.

But just like Tyler, The Creator said, the video footage proves it was Tyler behind the ferocious Ferrari wheel and NOT the little prince!

Justin simply follows behind on his motorcycle, with Keyshawn showing up about 30 seconds later. And therein lies the confusion!!

Guess the eyewitness who said it was Biebs driving was lying, huh?

Though the case will still be sent over to the D.A. for review, a source finds it highly unlikely that criminal charges will be filed against anyone.

Congratz, Biebs!! Now, as for that spitting mess, that one might be a leetle harder to get out of! Keep your legal team on point!!

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19 comments to “Justin Bieber Finally Off The Hook! Video PROVES He Wasn't Behind The Speedy Wheel!”

  1. ivan says – reply to this


    Two false charges against him bite the dust after he was trashed everywhere, the spitting incident will probably end up the same. It's a he said, he said situation except that guy trespassed on his property in an angry way so that Bieber had the right to get angry at him. But did he spit on him? I doubt it. His alleged witness was not there, he was in another house working whereas Justin's witness or witnesses were there

  2. Lola22 says – reply to this


    Doesn't anyone know not to trust what "eyewitnesses" say? They just want jb to look like a bad guy. Stop spreading lies

  3. rb says – reply to this


    It appears that all of the eye witness and Keyshawn Johnson are liars, and owes Justin an apology!! Now it's questionable that Justin neighbor said he spit at him?? It appears that the neighborhood is out to get Justin for reasons unknown!! Justin needs to buy a new home with no neighbors around for miles, and add a race track. I of you haters that posted your hateful comments; please look at yourself in the mirror, and try to have a positive for yourself!!!

  4. TruthSpeaker says – reply to this


    he made that shit on the computer, at home!

  5. ivan says – reply to this


    Re: TruthSpeaker – you are an absolute moron typical of haters who believe everything negative thing about him in gossip sites. The police would know if the video is fake, they accepted it as valid evidence. Eyewitness testimony is not as reliable as you think.Google for information on that.

  6. Lady_Says says – reply to this


    He's most likely paying his minions off to get away with if not all then some of these things. Im sure Tyler got a nice bonus, wouldnt be hard to stage new video footage for a little speeding charge. Especially since this is he first Ive heard of a bike being involved, wasn't he apparently a passenger at first!?!

  7. Wayne says – reply to this


    Re: Lady_Says – You obviously know nothing about this case, police don't just accept something that is staged without checking it out, everything that is said now that was on the tape was said weeks ago you just a dumb person who doesn't check their facts before speaking out, obviously you just mad Bieber is actually innocent and you can't handle it so you talk bullshit, stay mad tho :D

  8. Lady_Says says – reply to this


    Re: Wayne – Chill out! Dont start hurling abuse at me because I spoke negatively about your favourite pop star! Whats wrong with you! Thats pathetic, grow up!

  9. Brandi says – reply to this


    Re: Lady_Says – No what is pathetic are losers like you who think you are cool and different for hating on Justin. No bitch you are just a nobody.

  10. Lady_Says says – reply to this


    Re: Brandi – Ha ha! Wow, Ill be nice because your probably a kid. If I want to come on here and say negative things about a celebrity thats put him self in a position for such comments, on a site made for such, thats one thing. But there is something so low and rude about someone who throws names at random strangers. Your love of a pop star who you wont care about in a few years is more imprortant than respect and manners to others. Its amusing if anything.

  11. bF SAA says – reply to this


    Aparantly he is speedingly on his way to do a "Sex on Fire" cover?!

  12. Amber Preisner says – reply to this


    I am not a fan of Justin Bieber. I just want to point that out first. I have been saying for months that they need to lay off this kid. He is a teenager. He was posting videos on youtube and got discovered. His singing career was not handed to him like some of these other young celebs that started out as actors and actresses and became "singers." He is going to make mistakes because he is YOUNG. While I don't agree with him spitting in someone's face, I also don't believe it really happened. I think this is just a case of someone trying to get some money out of this kid which is sad. Look back to when that woman SWORE she was pregnant with his child. She was all over the place and then the next day it was like it never happened. When is the law going to catch up to the media? Why is it ok for people to make up stories about these people whether it be Justin Bieber or anyone else? If I were to go to the police and make a false statement, I would go to jail. But these ignorant people making up stories to the police about being spit on or celebs hitting there cars and driving off for a quick pay day get nothing because they know that most celebs would rather just pay them off instead of dealing with a lengthy trial. Its sad.

  13. ok_then says – reply to this


    If it's not been said a million times already: Keyshawn Johnson is color blind, and can't tell the difference between black and white. Even though he claims to know the difference because he has biracial kids and a white wife, I suspect he knows the difference because someone pointed it out to him. For those who don't know what I'm talking about here, let me enlighten you, Justin is white & Tyler The Creator is black.

  14. ok_then says – reply to this


    It is truly bordering on Evil the amount of hate Justin Bieber is getting. It is now escalating to the point where high profile people like Keyshawn Johnson are now making up stories to law enforcement officials and to the media in order to tarnish his reputation. Justin Bieber may not be an perfect angel, how many 19 year old males are for that matter? I hope for his sake and as a fan that Justin takes legal steps to sue those responsible for dragging his name in the mud. This is nothing more than slander.

  15. ok_then says – reply to this


    Re: Lady_Says – You haters of Justin Bieber have now gone off the rails and officially become conspiracy theorists! What's next from you clowns? Maybe you will try to pin Roswell on him too? Time for Justin Bieber to kick ass and start suing those twits that have gone public with their lies and accused him of terrible crimes.

  16. ok_then says – reply to this


    Re: Lady_Says – You hate for Justin Bieber is obviously affecting your views on reality if you think he deserves the amount of hate he is getting from adults who should know better than to bully a teenager. Nobody and that includes Justin Bieber deserves to be publicly slandered and to have false allegations made against them to the media and to the police. That is just wrong on so many levels.

  17. no says – reply to this


    can u not do this please

  18. Maia says – reply to this


    People need to stop spreading lies! This kid is doing an exceptional job for his age and the pressure that's put on him. So what if he smoked marijuana once? The majority of teenagers experiment with that stuff. My own mother did it a few times and she is the most responsible person I know. Is there any REAL proof that he ever did it again? No! Just articles that say "Sources say…" WHO are the sources? People like to falsely accuse young celebs just because they have money and fame. Another thing: People need to STOP saying he's the next Lindsey lohan/Amanda bynes! There's so many things wrong with that statement. Lindsey and Amanda have both been arrested and been caught a number of times with drugs/alcohol. Justin hasn't! He's doing fine and people need to give him a break and stop believing every rumour they hear.

  19. Cara says – reply to this


    Just. Let. Him. Be. SIMPLE. He's a good person with the right intentions, he does silly things every now and then but so does every other teenage boy. I mean really he's only a human being. He's growing up, ease up.