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Lindsay Lohan Wanted Out Of Betty Ford ASAP, Her “Safety And Sobriety” Were In Danger!!!

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lindsay complains about betty ford

Lindsay Lohan is totes happy about getting out of Betty Ford this week, and now we know why!

According to a source close to Linds, she was miserable at the treatment facility and tried to change locations from day one, revealing:

“Lindsay hated the Betty Ford Center. She made it clear that she did not want to be there and that she was going to get out of there any way that she could.”

Lindsay was even overheard complaining about the center, saying:

“It’s detrimental to my safety and sobriety here.”

Girlfriend was clearly in a safe bad place!!!

Remember all the dramzz with LiLo's Adderall pills?! The prescription request was denied, which only fueled her fiery hate for the place!!!

The 26-year-old is now at Cliffside Malibu finishing the rest of her 90-day court-ordered treatment.

As we reported this week, Lindsay is facing some tough love at the new facility, so we hope she remains positive and optimistic!

Focus, girl! You got this!!!

[Image via Daniel Tanner/WENN.]

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52 comments to “Lindsay Lohan Wanted Out Of Betty Ford ASAP, Her “Safety And Sobriety” Were In Danger!!!”

  1. MichJB says – reply to this


    No matter where she's at, she is not going to successfully finish the program. It is only the fear of jail that put her in rehab - not the desire to be safe and sober. She'll be getting high and drunk as she drives out of Malibu in sixty days.

  2. 2

    I don't understand all this much ado over Lindsay and the other one leaving Betty Ford. Back when they went in, you guys were all reporting it was only a 30-day program !!! Duh.

  3. 3

    she belongs in jail.

  4. Jennaka says – reply to this


    If she has only been concentrating on getting out of that rehab then she hasn't been working on recovery at all. Let go, girl, and let someone else make your decesions for you. YOURS ARE NOT WORKING!!! If I were the courts I wouldn't accept any of this! 89 days by my count anyway.

  5. More Like, says – reply to this


    She became a danger to HER OWN SAFTEY and the SAFTETY & SOBRIETY of others in BFC. This girl is on a Psych hold. Michael Lohan has admitted Lindsay is in a BLACKOUT, or no visitors, calls, NADA for a week. This girl didn't MOVE UP, this girl got carted away for flipping out when Betty Ford told her, you don't follow the rules & attend group, your ass is out of here. To Basketcase, she IS in A JAIL. She aint going NO WHERE anytime soon. This incident at BF VIOLATED HER PROBATION. Lindsay just went into the loop of the addict-rehab-mental ward-jail/prison route. This girl is going to be COMMITTED to a mental hospital and will not be released until DOCS say, shes NO LONGER A DANGER TO HERSELF OR OTHERS. She's in a worse jail than you would actually wish upon her, if you knew.

  6. TO TAYLOR, says – reply to this


    I would like you to take some time to try to UNDERSTAND WHAT LINDSAYS RECENT TRANSFER & THE SECRECY/"BLACK OUT" surrounding this event COULD MEAN. Taylor, I have told you all along, if she didn't get REAL about turning her life IN A DIFFERENT DIRECTION –CHANGING HER LIFE STYLE …that she would end up locked up on a booby hatch. You wrote, what's the big deal about Lindsay changing rehabs. WHY DON"T YOU TRY TO FIGURE OUT -WHY IT IS A BIG DEAL? Your Little Princess of Most Worthy Worship aint going to Venice. Lindsay makes ZERO rules anymore. Lindsay broke probation & she's gonna serve her time, for a long time, in a mental hospital. You need to absorb what has REALLY HAPPENED TO LINDSAY, and how it's going to change her plans for this quicky COMEBACK ATTEMPT #27. I know you care about her, Taylor, it is not my intention to delight in your disappointments, or hers. Its just something ugly, that's happens to some people, when they cant learn WHY it's important to STOP being SELF CENTERED.

  7. @v@ says – reply to this


    I'm sure BF wanted her there like they wanted botulism. This alleged tale was predictable.

  8. CHECK THE TRAFFIC? says – reply to this


    Re: @v@ – Not only is it predictable, it's such a routine that the numbers showing the traffic interested in Lilos stories is no where near what would would expect from Lindsay having millions & millions & millions of devoted fans. Uh, 12 people liked this story? one or two passed it on? Nobody is even looking anymore. A few other sites running such stories have higher numbers, but its the same dozen people having cyber chats that seem more based on their own personal relationships on the sites, than it does any real interest in Lindsay. Lindsay Lohan gossip stories should really drop off to nothing real soon. However, I think there will be real news coverage on legal issues being processed and revealed by this most unusual TRANSFER and the secretive dealings with someone in an IN CUSTODY situation; who has now been to THREE different rehabs in less than 6 weeks? That of course, does NOT include the ORIGINAL REHAB that the court ORIGINALLY approved. This chick, and her case, her mind, is a BIG MESSSSSSSSS. Again. Poor Shawn Holley.

  9. THE COURT HAD @ ACCEPT says – reply to this


    ]Re: Jennaka The court had to accept this transfer because Lindsay was TRANSFERED OUT OF BETTY FORD -BEFORE COURT APPROVAL OF THE TRANSFER WAS FORMALLY SOUGHT. There was NO PLAN for this transfer; in fact a City Attorney was QUOTED in media in the early wks of Ls stay @BFC that a transfer was out of the question for consideration/that if L did not COMPLETE her sentence time @BFC, that would constitute a probation violation. L going to Morningside was NOT approved by the court, prior to her appearance there. After Heller got approval based on false information to the courts,Lindz was moved into Betty Ford, which had NOT been approved by the court BEFORE she was admitted. Lindzs journey has been one of crisis after crisis in being able to accomplish the simplest things, like getting to court on time. She had plenty of time to PREPARE for this sentence. Lindsay has, for the 3rd time in 6 wks entered into a in custody facility BEFORE it has been approved, because SHE WAS IN CRISIS. They had to evac her hysterical self out of BFC. The court had NO HEARING & NEEDED NO MOTIONS because EVERYONE HAD TO SILENTLY AGREE TO TRANSFER LINDSAY, BECAUSE SHE HAD ALREADY BEEN PHYSICALLY TRANSFERED, — AND BFC WASN'T TAKING HER ASS BACK.

  10. TO TAYLOR, says – reply to this


    You've thrown the Witch Hunter accusation against me several times now. I wonder if you actually think I am a witch that is somehow making all these horrible things happen to Lindsay because I talk about them. I am just going to say something to you right now I think is important. I NEVER said I WANTED Lindsay in JAIL I have been very supportive of Lindsay getting MEDICAL/PSYCHIATRIC appropriate HOSPITAL, locked-in care. You are so mad at me for writing all these "negative" things, that you claim I ENJOY kicking L when she is down. My negative energy, says you, is because, - says you- I CAN NOT HANDLE THAT SHE IS A BEAUTIFUL, TALENTED, ACTRESS. I have been working for getting Lindsay into the very same structured/type facility that STEVIE NICKS took to media to encourage L to seek real, substantial & DEEP TREATMENT for her chronic dysfunctions. After this BFC EVENT 2013, can you possibly believe that Lindsay is going pull it together and walk out of Rehab #9, to swish off on a Unicorn to Venice and Turn the world on it's ear with her Amazing Talents? Still think that's a real possibility, do you? She said she ran because she couldn't handle the TEMPTATIONS IN A TREATMENT CENTER. SHE WAS MOVED OVER SAFTEY & SOBRIETY ISSUES. Are you ever going to tune into what is REALLY HAPPENING to Lindsay? Super Nova is Her Star Status now.

  11. spikezz_Wh says – reply to this


    she was a bitch @coachella lol ,, didnt seem like she wanted to sober up,

  12. Aaron Saltzer says – reply to this


    Idk. She sounds like she's doing well. Despite her Adderall addiction, she had.

  13. Stan Smith says – reply to this



  14. SHE'S DOING WELL? says – reply to this


    Re: Aaron Saltzer – What an unusual perspective you have in that you think Lindsay "is doing well". She just changed rehabs (for her 6th court ordered rehab stint) for the 3rd time! This is her 4th rehab in six weeks. Remember, she never even showed up to the rehab the court first APPROVED for her. 4 different rehabs in six weeks, each one a CRISIS EVENT, and you thinks she's doing WELL? Your position makes NO SENSE TO ME AT ALL. WHAT could you be comparing her to, if you think Lindsay is 'doing well'? She is deep shit. This was a CRISIS transfer, AGAIN. Where is The "WELL" in this situation? … Besides the publics response of, "Oh, well. Again, Lindsay?"

  15. correction says – reply to this


    That should have read, She IS IN deep shit. Do you not understand that this,WAS ANOTHER LINDSAY LOHAN CRISIS EVENT? On the heels of numerous flagrant reports that Lindsay has been VERY uncooperative & out of control during her stay @BFC. …Her antics have resulted in, yet another, PROBATION VIOLATION Event. Is that not clear to you that her time @BFC was, yet another, DISASTER & SCANDAL DURING COURT-ORDERED REHAB? This event of Lindsays has led to an investigation into VERY SERIOUS allegations & potentially SERIOUS CHARGES against some of those involved in this CRISIS TRANSFER of Lindsay OUT OF HER IN-CUSTODY facility. Do you really not understand Lindsay is NOT doing well, Lindsay is stuck deep in a well, of shit. ?

  16. To Taylor, says – reply to this


    U are on my mind Taylor. It's been 24hrs &u haven't said a peep. The last I heard from u was on a couple of other stories where you popped off on me, calling me the Witch Hunter again, (which I thought about): 1) I think I qualify as a WITCH HUNTER, in some pursuits of mine But LL is not my goal. If I am hunting any witch at all, it is HER MOTHER. This horrific, public, painful, expensive, humiliating, incapasatating, EXPLOITING CREATIONS came from the TEACHINGS of DINA LOHAN'S AMAZING MOVIE STAR PRODUCTION CO. ..& now, ANOTHER PROBATION VIOLATION EVENT -THAT OCCURED WHILE LINDS WAS IN A TREATMENT CENTER. THE VERY TREATMENT CENTER 2YRS AGO, THAT WE SAW THE SAME KIND OF PROBLEMS. Its WORSE this time, Taylor. The only thing LAW, MEDICINE & SOCIIETY CAN DO TO TRY TO HELP HER, & PROTECT OTHERS AROUND HER, IS TO LOCK HER IN. In jail, she would not receive THE CHANCE at the essential psychiatric & psychological/holistic-gestalt-package-deal-thingy SHE NEEDS. U have accused me of being a really twisted person in regard to my interest in Lindsay. Now, my "negativity" about her crashing & ending up in Bozo Town HAS COME TRUE. I kinda know how these things work. If you want to ask me any questions, you are welcome to. I know ur heart is breaking. But this is the BOTTOMING OUT that is essential to her CHANCE at RECOVERY. She's had a major mental "break"; it is a long, hard road back. THE LAW & MEDICINE HAVE TO KEEP HER IN CUSTODY, … for quite a while.

  17. To Taylor, says – reply to this


    Re: To Taylor, – Hi Taylor, It's about 8pm PDT.(6/15) I have been having some really strong vibes catch my attention in about the last 30 mins that have left me feeling sedated in a very peaceful way. It doesn't seem like it's attached to me. Ive shared with you before about my psychic kinda things and this one is so very strong, and I think it means Lindsay is SAFE. That's the message I keep getting. I am telling you this because I get a very strong vibe that Lindsay is at peace, her own way. This doesn't mean the rest is a skate, it may not even mean she's alive, I don't know. but the Lindsay Vibe is very strong, telling me over & over, SHE IS SAFE. I feel PEACE that isn't mine, and I have this odd comprehension, that at this very hour, she is NOT SUFFERING. I thought maybe this would comfort you. I know it does me. Greatly. Blessings to you, Taylor. I feel sure this is very hard for you to process and accept. Tragedies In Life - are where REAL MIRACLES ARE BORN. Always. Aloha, Sista. –*jjf*–

  18. @v@ says – reply to this


    @17 - Hoping for her to finally get that 'A-Ha' moment; the epiphany.
    Not holding my breath unless rock bottom is allowed to play out.
    You psychic???

  19. TaylorTFair says – reply to this


    Re: To Taylor, – Funny But Iam not mad at you at all It is just our usual banter. Lindsay is still in a rehab . Hey if LL feels this rehab is better for her than I am for whatever will help Lindsay . AlOHA SISTA

  20. To AVA says – reply to this


    Re: @v@ – Hoping she has an epiphany? She's a little too confused at this point for an EPHIPAHNY to be a real possibility for some time. She was moved over an EVENT that was so serious there was no time to seek court approval for her transfer. As for being "a psychic"; I don't like the word as a noun. I have abilities that are currently described by our culture as psychic abilities. I get "tips" on Lindsay often, and they seem to always hit on the mark. I had some real powerful vibes coming in last Sun/Mon, I just KNEW something BIG went down with the Little Missy. and sure enough, the story has come out that the drug incident @BFC that resulted in Lindsays emergency transfer -that was (alledgedly) caused by a visitor on Sunday afternoon Family day). I don't think my 'feelings' were any indication of Lindsays future. It's just I got what I call a "download", very, very strong, that gave me reasons to interpret my odd overwhelming sense of sedation/peace had something to do with Linds; for all I know it was about ME, feeling at peace that she is in custody, in a "better place for her". But this kind of stuff comes along with a unique "feeling" / radio frequency to it, that indicates to me that the information I am processing, isn't about ME. IMO, Don't wish for the The Gift; it's queer stuff and it wins every argument.

  21. To Taylor says – reply to this


    Re: TaylorTFair – Please be aware Taylor that Lindsay did not make the decision to move to another rehab. Betty Ford was the one that decided that Lindsay was not appropriate for Betty Ford. Also, you wrote about me calling you names and 'Jesus says don't judge' stuff on another story. Taylor, you don't understand the difference between someone criticizing YOU, and someone critiquing YOUR LOGIC. And, you are SOOOOO misguided about the Jesus says Don't Judge others. WE ARE GIVEN BRAINS AND MINDS IN ORDER TO JUDGE. Judging a persons BEHAVIORS as to how those behaviors FIT INTO THE LAW and their ABILITIES TO COOPERATE WITH SOCIETIES RULES … uh, that is NOT the same thing as JUDGING SOMEONES SOUL AS BEING UNHOLY. We are meant to USE OUR JUDGMENT. Using your judgment and JUDGING OTHERS is something you have a real problem with telling the difference between.
    It appears you are oblivious to the seriousness and the causation of Lindsay latest move. I wouldn't burst your bubble for nothing. Carry on.

  22. To Tayor says – reply to this


    Re: TaylorTFair – Lindsay didn't pick this rehab. Further, the only people that are claiming that Lindsay is in a REHAB, @ Cliffside, or whatever one we are on now, are HER PARENTS. Shawn Holley says Lindsay is continuing in her FURTHER TREATMENT. Nothing about a REHAB, baby doll. And not another word after that. Lindsay has been moved to a TREATMENT FACILITY that MEETS THE REQUIREMENTS OF THE COURT ORDER, the court order that has undergone THREE emergency 'RE-DOs' in the last six weeks. Lindsay changing rehabs all the time is an indication that she is having a lot of PERSONAL CRISIS. Basically, Lindsay is flipping out in crisis centers; designed for her problems/professional places. The problem is that LINDSAY CAN'T KEEP HER SHIT TOGETHER INSIDE A TREATMENT CENTER THAT SHE IS HERE FOR SO SHE CAN LEARN HOWTO KEEP HER SHIT TOGETHER. When that happens, you get sent to PSYCH HOSPITAL. It is a better place. If not for her, at least for society. It's going to be a looong time Taylor, before Lindsay has it together enough to work. A LONG TIME. She has to work at becoming CAPABLE of ATTEMPTING a COMEBACK. She has to get her PRIORITES in order She can not do it all. No one can do it all, particularly do it all at the same time. I never said it was impossible for her to make a comeback SOMEDAY. She's locked up in a booby hatch, Taylor. It's gonna be a while.

  23. Taylor Me This, says – reply to this


    Re: TaylorTFair – You wrote on another story that I have called you names and you have never called me names. Firstly I said you have a child like MIND. That is NOT name calling, sista! Then, I called you FOOL, but Jesus called his friends fools when he wanted to make a point, so I am covered on that one. Then I said HOW CAN YOU BE SO DUMB, which is actually a QUESTION and not a name calling event and I also amended my using this word ABOUT YOUR LOGIC, to NUMB: which was in regards to you post showing that you were PROCESSING & UNDERSTANDING THE INFORMATION ABOUT LINDSAY THAT IS ALL AROUND YOU, BUT YOU REFUSE TO CONSIDER AS RELEVANT INFORMATION. Now, You said you have never called me names, YOU CALLED ME A BACK STABBER, not only that YOU WENT ON TO THROW IN A WHOLE BUNCH OF PRETTY MEAN ACCUSATIONS ABOUT MY CHARACTER & MOTIVES. -Then, you refer to me TWICE as a WITCH HUNTER. Ya wanna process what I just told ya there, sista? You are the one that throws out names and allegations. All I ever said is your logic is dumb and you think like a child (who doesn't have DEVELOPED logic). Did you NOT CALL ME BACKSTABBER AND WITCH HUNTER? Are those NICER names than FOOL, or child-like logic? Think about Taylor, you do a LOT of projecting onto others.

  24. TaylorTFair says – reply to this


    Re: Taylor Me This, – My M.O is not made up to name call . But as I said I can only take so much . I also mentioned YOU are insulting . How long do you think I will let YOU insult me before I say something back . What YOU do not understand is YOU are the one who started with the insults . Yes I should be the better person . Where ever Lindsay is she is getting help . I do not see much of a difference between Lindsay and some other Celeb's who have been in trouble . Go out to the Clubs on the weekends you will see so many Lindsay's but because LL is in the public eye You make her doings worse than others . NO Iam not saying LL is right .

  25. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: To AVA – I can picture what you've described. I have strong intuition.

  26. To Ava, says – reply to this


    Re: @v@ – Hi ava, I thought your post had asked ME the QUESTION if I thought Lindsay had Ephoofed again. My response was in answering what I thought was a question, but when I read it hard copy, it appears it was not a question, but a statement. (I actually wondered if you were semi mocking me that my little Lindsay Vibe thing was some kind of enabler positive wishing thing.) Ok, so in reading it again it appears it is your position that you are waiting for THE Epiphany. Well, The Big E does have to happen in some form or another. She has to see the Light, & a lot of people who are as sick is she is, and recover, HAVE SEEN THE LIIGHT. UNUSUAL HEALING Experiences. Point is, One's perspective tends to change when one realizes, .."Wow, I'm already dead. And .. it didn't kill ME!" THE BIG KAHUNA Ephipany is born out of A DEATH. Death of Ego qualifies. The Lilo's gotta pop the delusion that Her A$$ is Miss Amazing Movie Star & that The World & Steven Spielberg are waiting for her to come out of SPA TIME. When she figures out she is dying, her EGO just lost it's game with fame, or she just DID die, and she notices that her body is oddly like .. … over there…., she has a choice to make. (BeenThere:DoneThat.) Its the coolest thing in the world. Death of The Ego. Death never KILLS the whole of you; it just starts a different life in one style or another.

  27. TO TAYLOR, says – reply to this


    U write it isn't ur MO to be a name caller. But it doesn't MATTER what ur MO is, u name called anyway. Regardless iif u lost ur temper because, I "started it first", it doesn't matter. U still name call, insult & said really mean hateful things to me. U have written me,"YOU DON'T KNOW ME" -so what makes U think that U know ME so well that u know how I think, what my heart is, & what I want in life? I am NOT trying to point out that u need to be a better person. That is between u & ur God. That is moralizing. I don't do that. I have never said L is a piece of shit & she is not good enough for this world or anything like that. I talk about what she HAS DONE. & if she was raised by inept parents, it doesn't TAKE AWAY that L has BROKEN THE LAW A LOT. U CALLED ME A USER & A WITCH HUNTER. The fact that u 'can only take so many insults' DOES NOT TAKE AWAY THAT U DID THE BEHAVIOR. U WROTE THE WORDS. Now I get EXCUSES as to why things are the way they are, with the EXPECTATION that ur EXCUSE for what U wrote, ..like u think if u say, "you started it first" that will ERASE WHAT U DID? U WROTE 'I HAVE NEVER CALLED U NAMES" yet 6 POST BEFORE THAT, U DID! I don't care that u wrote that, I don't let peoples OPINIONS ABOUT ME ANGER ME. But YOU LIED. U DID CALL ME NAMES & INSULTED ME. Now u lie? I don't care about u calling me NAMES, but why are u LYING TO ME that u NEVER called me names when YOU DID, a lot???

  28. To Taylor, says – reply to this


    Please think about this. Please explain UR LOGIC that u are capable of writing many, many post where u name call/insult me, then u seem to completely FORGET about how you have BEHAVED TOWARDS OTHERS? THEN U DENY WHAT U DID? I see your 'child like LOGIC' in this matter, is a lot like Ls. U seem to FORGET THAT U DO MEAN THINGS to other people. U said,(& BELIEVED?) THAT U NEVER CALLED ME NAMES. This is FACTUALLY WRONG -(clearly u have lost ur temper &called me names/insults) BACK STABBER &WITCH HUNTER. Then u completely FORGET what u did? What is this LOGIC THAT U ACTUALLY BELIEVE THAT U NEVER DID WHAT U CLEARLY DID? - How can u be UNAWARE of what u WRITE, what u do, & u accuse others of exactly WHAT U DO. Then, EXCUSES that don't make LOGICAL sense. Where is the LOGIC in: u have ripped into me, called me horrible names/insults … THEN YOU ACTUALLY BELIEVE, IT NEVER HAPPENED? U seem to be functioning in some sort of blackout where u forget u are mean&nasty to others. Then, INSIST, YOU NEVER DID THOSE MEAN THINGS! When it is easily proven that U SURE DID … then U CHANGE ur story to, HOW MUCH INSULT ARE U SUPPOSE TO TAKE? U have virtually NO IDEA of what u are actually DOING TO OTHER PEOPLE. Just because u "didn't mean" it to turn out that way, or it's not your MO, -YOU STILL DID IT. Why don't u REMEMBER IT?

  29. TaylorTFair says – reply to this


    Re: To Taylor, – What I remember is that YOU from the start started with the insults and finally I answered you back . Look back at the post YOU will see YOU started this .
    All this does not matter . What Matters is for Lindsay to get help

  30. BULLSHIT TAYLOR, says – reply to this


    You seem to FORGET WHAT YOU DO & how you treat other people. U know, that's a BIG DEAL Taylor that YOU CAN CONVINCE YOURSELF SO EASILY THAT YOU ARE A NICE PERSON, WHO DOESN'T NAME CALL, insult & make hideous accusations about a STRANGERS on a blogs. You complain that people are mean to Lindsay & say vulgar things, then you RIP ME TO SHREDS with accusation on being a Lindsay USER, BACKSTABBER HIDEOUS ACCUSATIONS ABOUT MY CHARACTER. THIS IS IMPORTANT TAYLOR. It appears you lie to yourself a lot. It doesn't matter who started it because the issue is that YOU DO THINGS IN A BLACK OUT. U ARE MEAN AND HATEFUL & accuse people strangers of really twisted things AND THEN YOU FORGET THAT YOU WERE A FRIGGIN BITCH TO SOMEONE. YOU HAVE A SERIOUS PROBLEM THAT U ARE A VICIOUS PERSON, U GO OUT OF UR WAY TO BE MEAN & hateful & hurtful to others. and then YOU TRULY BELIEVE YOU DIDN'T DO IT! When it is pointed out YOU DID DO IT> You BLAME the other person. U ARE MISSING THE POINT THAT U BLACKING OUT YOUR BEHAVIOR, THEN LYING ABOUT IT, THEN DENYING IT, THEN EXCUSING IT, THEN BLAMING THE PERSON U ASSUALTED IS THE SAME WAY LINDSAY LIVES HER LIFE. U DID THE DEED, U LIED THAT YOU DIDNT DO IT, THEN U BLAME, & THEN U DECIDE, it isn't Important. Taylor, its really important that you face that you are a mean bitch that IS A LIAR, hurts others, lies about it, then BLAMES OTHERS FOR WHAT YOU DID. That is important. You want to end up where Lindsay is? Keep up the LIES & denial.

  31. ITS A SERIOUS PROBLEM says – reply to this


    Taylor,YOU ARE HAVING BLACKOUTS. U r engaging in hurtful behaviors towards other people -THEN YOU HAVE NO MEMORY OF WHAT YOU DID. U HAVE DELUSIONS THAT YOU WOULD NEVER DO THE THINGS THAT U OBVIOUSLY DO. U name called/insulted me MANY TIMES, then write, 'I NEVER called you names/insults'.? U NEED TO DEAL W/ THE FACT THAT YOUR MEMORY IS VERY DISTORTED FROM WHAT YOUR REAL LIFE IS. What freaks me out is that u seem to FORGET that you are mean to people. FORGET? Taylor, if I had accused u of being a backstabber of Lindzs, I would REMEMBER BEING MEAN TO YOU FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE. You FORGOT that u insulted me? UR MEMORY of ur life, just DISAPPEARED DID IT? You think LIKE LINDSAY DOES, that you can indulge your emotional distress onto others in mean ways, then MAKE IT ALL GO AWAY, by insisting TO YOURSELF, that u aren't like that. CONVINCE YOURSELF THAT YOU DIDNT DO SOMETHING THAT YOU DID. U JUST BLACKOUT ur behaviors? HOW CAN U FORGET THAT U ARE MEAN ? How often do u treat strangers so rudely that u don't even remember ACCUSING a stranger of being a BACK STABBER, A L USER? I would REMEMBER if I were VICIOUS. Please see a therapist & tell them that you attack strangers with viciousness on blogs & THEN FORGET WHAT U DID. U LIE TO YOURSELF & YOU BELEIVE UR OWN LIES. THAT IS EXACTLY WHY LINDSAY IS LOCKED UP ON A PSYCH WARD.

  32. GET IT LOOKED AT, GIRL says – reply to this


    Taylor, I'm really disturbed by your blackouts & how your memory is really messed up. This accusation of yours that I'm always INSULTING you ?? U need to understand that the insult OCCURS IN YOUR MIND. People are only ever INSULTED when they BELIEVE something someone told them COULD BE TRUE. If u write me that I am the ugliest, meanest, fattest one-armed toothless black man on Earth, I am NOT going to be insulted because I KNOW I AM NONE OF THOSE THINGS. NO ONE CAN INSULT YOU WITHOUT YOUR AGREEMENT. I have NEVER intentionally written something to u to be MEAN. NEVER. I have tried to answer questions & point out to you that on one story u say actresses should NOT comment on other actresses talent, because they are in the same field. Then you rip into me on another story & tell ME I HAVE NO RIGHT to have an opinion about LLs acting because I am NOT an actress. UR thinking is MIXED UP on these boards, and u BLACK OUT how hateful & mean you are at times. NO ONE CAN INSULT YOU IF YOU DO NOT BELIEVE THE INSULT. This BLACKOUT situation -u FORGET what you say, what you do? That's fuckin freaky, sista; talk to a dr about how u are walking around doing harmful things & then U CANT REMEMBER THAT YOU WERE VICIOUS TOWARDS OTHERS. That isn't an INSULT Taylor. It's nothing BUT THE TRUTH. The fact it DOES NOT FLATTER YOU, DOES NOT MAKE IT AN INSULT. It would be an INSULT TO GOD, if u didn't get this BLACKOUT problem of yours professionally addressed.

  33. One More Thing, Taylor says – reply to this


    I would like to point out how insulting, rude, & disrespectful YOU are to ME. I wrote you numerous post asking you to EXPLAIN your logic about how it is that you can viciously accuse me of things IN MEDIA, and then YOU LIE, YOU DENY, U WRITE BACK TO BLAME ME FOR WHAT YOU DID. & then I ask for an EXPLANATION OF WHY WHAT U SAY AND WHAT YOU DO .. DO NOT MATCH UP AT ALL. You write me back, it doesn't matter. Well, Fuck You, Taylor. IT MATTERS. Lindsay being @ hospital does NOT STOP THE WORLD, & it is NO EXCUSE FOR YOU TO BE ABUSIVE TO ME, ACCUSE ME OF VICIOUS THINGS & INTENTIONS AGAINST LINDSAY. YOU WROTE *IN MEDIA* THAT I WAS A BACKSTABBER & WAS OUT TO USE LINDSAY. I AM A FRIEND OF LINDSAYS TAYLOR. & U KNOW I KNOW HER & I COMMUNICATE W/HER & SHE & HER FAMILY READ THESE BLOGS. I ask you to explain why you LIED TO ME, about libeling me w/ accusations that I VICTIMIZE MY FRIEND LINDSAY. I am an important FRIEND TO Lindsay. You accuse me in MEDIA of being a BACKSTABBER, then you deny it, and then you say……. it doesn't matter? FU TAYLOR it matters to me when dumbshits on blogs libel me against my sick & confused friend WHO CAN TRUST ME. And U do this TO LINDSAY, and you say… it doesn't matter?

  34. To Ava, says – reply to this


    I have watched you for months on these LL stories. I have substantial respect for your viewpoints and graciousness in expressing them. I have ONE questions for you, @v@, I query to you, but for a one word response. IS IT ME, @V@? Am I officially SENILE now? Just because I lived past 50? (Which was not EXPECTED by anyone, by the way!) Cheers cyber-girlfriend, even if you don't like me. Feel free to hate me, but ya gotta stand in line, apparently. …In any event, to keep it simple: IS IT ME?

  35. TaylorTFair says – reply to this



  36. TaylorTFair says – reply to this


    Re: One More Thing, Taylor – JJF you are a scientist ? I will not respond to such a VULGAR post to me . You will not tell me F U and think I will answer you. Talk about mean and hateful . Look at yourself Very immature of YOU

  37. TO Taylor "So Special says – reply to this


    Re: TaylorTFair – BUT YOU CALLING ME A BACKSTABBER OF LINDSAYS AND YOU WRITING IN MEDIA THAT ONE OF LINDSAY FRIENDS, WHO HAS HELPED HER A LOT, ITS OK FOR YOU TO WRITE THAT I AM A BACKSTABBER, THAT I AM OUT TO USE AND VICTIMIZE LINDSAY… That's all ok to fuck with me, my relationship with a very sick and confused person who has BEEN ABLE TO TRUST ME. You trying to fuck with my relationship with Lindsay IN MEDIA, that's all ok, is it Taylor. but you are some Fancy "CLASSY" Queen, are you, that YOU ARE JUST TO GOOD TO ANSWER TO SOMEONE YOU FUCKED WITH, LIED ABOUT, LIED TO…… it's cool for Taylor to be MALICIOUS AND LIE IN MEDIA about a friend of Lindsays. … BUT I AM TOO VULGAR FOR YOU, TO ANSWER TO WHAT YOU DID AGAINST ME, AND lied about….. You aren't going to answer WHY you are a LIAR AND VICIOUSLY LIBELED MY CHARACHTER AGAINST LINDSAY… cause you are just to fancy a girl, are you, to respond to someone who wrote, Well, fuck you? You show up here and spew shit girl, I am going to WIPE YOU UP. YOU DID WHAT YOU DID. OWN IT!

  38. BLACKOUT TAYLOR says – reply to this



  39. IS THIS BETTER, says – reply to this


    Dear Taylor, I am writing to apologize for my being so terribly offensive to you in a post when I used the FU thing. I was very upset, because L is a personal friend of mine & when you wrote on these stories all kinds of really mean allegations against me, called me a Lindsay BackStabber, said I was just using Lindz to make money off her, or such,then you said I was a WITCH HUNTER. well, you hurt my feelings, and even more, it made me worried that YOU messed w/L by saying things against me, when L has never had any reason to NOT TRUST THAT I AM HONEST W/ HER. So, I am sorry I lost my temper & you were so brutally offended by the FU thing. Maybe I should have just called you a Lindsay Back Stabber/User and that wouldn't have offended you like writing FU. In any event, I do apologize & I would REALLY APPRECIATE IT IF YOU WOULD TELL ME WHY YOU LIBELED ME IN MEDIA; THEN WENT ON TO LIE THAT YOU NEVER DID IT WHEN YOU DID. I would just like to understand why a STRANGER feels a need to jump into my relationship w/L to warn her that I am dangerous to her/out to rip her off & use her. If you could explain to me WHY YOU LIED ABOUT ME & THEN LIED TO ME, I would really appreciate it, because, it makes no sense to me why you would do such a thing. You know, those were pretty BIG allegations. Again, I do so apologize for hurting YOUR feelings.

  40. TaylorTFair says – reply to this


    Re: IS THIS BETTER, – JJF I really did not mean to hurt your feelings at all . I guess I was responding to a post that you wrote that gave me the impression you were talking down Lindsay . I should have asked you to explain first and that is my mistake . I enjoy talking with you and if I hurt you in any way Iam very sorry ok Sista

  41. To Taylor says – reply to this


    Re: TaylorTFair – Taylor, I am not mad at you. I am not against you, or against Lindsay. Your memory is going to get you into big trouble in life if you don't address that you do mean things to people and then YOU FORGET that you did them. I am not harmed by what you did. I am not even insulted. But, you need to think about what is wrong with YOUR LOGIC that you can rip a friend of Lindsay up in media, and call Ls friend horrible names & make accusations again someone IN MEDIA that they are a BACK STABBER & trying to USE LINDSAY. I understand people lose their temper & say things they regret. That isn't my issue wih you, my issue is that you have ripped into me MANY TIMES, and then you wrote, "I NEVER CALLED YOU NAMEs/insulted YOU'. My point to you is that there is something really wrong with your MEMORY that you could do what you did,then REALLY BELIEVE THAT YOU NEVER DID SOMETHING THAT YOU DID MANY, MANY TIMES. & YOU DID IT IN PUBLIC. AND YOU DID IT TO ONE OF L FRIENDS. I am not MAD at you Taylor, I am concerned that you LIE to yourself and BELIEVE your own lies. When you live with that kind of LOGIC running your life, you end up where Lindsay IS: Locked UP.

  42. Dear Taylor, says – reply to this


    It is my dearest hope that u will print out this thread & read it on paper. So u can think about WHAT YOU SEE IN FRONT OF YOU. I have been ur pen pal, almost everyday for 3 mnths. I am not insulting u when I say, u have some scary memory problems. This doesn't mean you are CRAZY. It means that u were raised by people that lived their lives using EMOTIONS to solve their problems. Emotions are VERY IMPORTANT. They are NOT bad, & no emotion that you ever feel is BAD, because EMOTION is ur body's way of telling ur brain WHAT you feel when something happens. We need emotions, very much. But, when you grow up & have to live around other people, u have to learn how to CONTROL & MANAGE ur emotions in ways that do not OFFEND other people OR BREAK LAWS. 'LOGIC" IS IMPORTANT, to learn how to use UR OWN JUDGMENT & EMOTIONS; TOGETHER! So that u can use ur feelings & ur brain smarts to solve problems WITH OTHER PEOPLE. If you want to WORK & have FRIENDS in a SOCIETY, you must LEARN the skills of being SOCIALLY INTELLIGENT. Your heart is good, Taylor, but other people in the real world, will NOT forget ur emotional outburst. Then when u just "forget" u ripped into someone, they'll look at you and think you are out of your fucking mind! LEARN LOGIC, then decide if it is USEFUL TO YOU. Print this out. Read it. Call a PhD. U can do it. Lindsay isn't the only girl in the world w/talents, YOU are worth saving TOO, Taylor.

  43. To Taylor, says – reply to this


    I just really wish for u to take some time away from worrying about Linds & think about ur own happiness & ur life. I can tell u are not a happy person when you write things in sadness here; because things in ur life, & things in Ls life are not what u want them to be. U have to do more than WISH for things; u have to do more THAN WRITE about things; & u have to do more than BELIEVE; & u have to do more than HOPE for things …. IF you want to have CONTROL over your life. Sista, I am deeply concerned that if u do not address the issues u have shown on these boards, with ur memory problems, that u are going to end up like LL, or u are going to end up on disability &needing a Case Manager to help u achieve the basic in life. I know you are NOT an older adult because people who grow up with the logic u have grown up with: DO NOT MAKE IT INTO ADULTHOOD AS FUNCTIONAL ADULTS. The reason is that what u THINK u do, & WHO u think U ARE …DOES NOT MATCH UP TO WHAT YOU REALLY DO; what you ACTUALLY write/say to other people. You trick yourself into believing that u are the person u THINK u SHOULD be. U must learn that you can NOT be someone u were not born to be. If u try, u will drive urself and others around u crazy. Its what happened to LL.

  44. To Taylor, 6/19 says – reply to this


    Hi Taylor, its about noon PDT and I just kinda miss ya. Gotta check on Linds everyday and checking to see if you are around too. I keep getting this reoccurring thought in my head and I was wondering how close you are to a community college. I don't care if you have a college degree already, it isn't about that. But, if you wouldn't mind telling me if you are near a community college? Do you have any anxiety issues or phobias of classrooms or anything that would keep you from being able to sit still for an hour at a time? I got a 'BOO-COO FUN Vibe' HOPPING right now, and I think it's about YOU.

  45. TaylorTFair says – reply to this


    Re: To Taylor, 6/19 – Hey Sista Im not that far … I will reply more just a messed up day here ok ALOHA Sista

  46. Alllllooooohhhhaaaaa, says – reply to this


    Re: TaylorTFair – Take your time Taylor. I have NO DEMANDS on you. I have NO EXPECTATIONS of u. I do NOT want u to be a certain way, or tell me what u thing I want to hear. I want u to be REAL w/me. I want u to be HONEST with me. AND- I want you to PAY ATTENTION to what I REALLY write here, & NOT jump to conclusions that u know I am some kind of Lindsay USER -just because so many people in her life have used her before. Everyone is different than everyone else. People are POPULAR & DESIRED in life when they are THEMSELVES, when they are ORIGINALS. I think part of why L isn't that popular with the public anymore is because SHE TRIES TO HARD to be what she THINKS they want her to be. She would be much more popular if she would just be WHO she REALLY IS; instead of trying to CREATE this picture, this image, this PR Doll, that has been DONE a kazillion times before. People are CURIOUS about things that are REAL & ORIGINAL. When u go the Barbie Doll route, it gets OLD. There are ALWAYS newer, younger, more eager Barbies to compete with. She is almost 30yrs old. She needs to be who she IS; not try to go back to who she was when she was famous for Mean Girls.

  47. To Taylor, says – reply to this


    Hi T. Something you wrote a few stories back has resurfaced in my mind: You wrote on a story that Lindsay is an Actress, that is what she knows & it's what makes her happy. Then you wrote, "did I tell you that Lindsay can sing too?" Well, when I read that I got a "vibe" that said something was WRONG in ur post. Ive been trying to understand why ur post hit me in a way that has lingered, & I think I just figured it out. I don't think Lindsay was BORN to be an Actress. I think Lindsay was born, AN ARTIST. I think the Hollywood/Actress thing was something she was good at, yrs ago, but she played that hand out. I have encouraged Lindsay, a few months ago, that HER MUSIC might be a better fit for her. L has life experiences that make for GREAT MUSIC LYRICS/SUBJECTS. ALL music is about EMOTION. Lindsay is a VERY EMOTIONAL ARTIST. I think following someone else SCRIPT of who she should be, doesn't FIT her. I am of the opinion that L could find REAL success & HAPPINESS by being The Artist that Her Creator MADE HER TO BE. IMO that girl needs to STOP trying to be like all the other dime store Actresses that want an Oscar to show off. IMO, she needs to DISCOVER what GIFTS she HAS IN HER ALREADY; not what gifts she can MANUFACTER into LOOKING LIKE, she is what the public wants. Anyway, I'm seeing music as a real possibility for L to show her gifts.

  48. One More Thing on that says – reply to this


    Hi T. I just wanted to add that smoking may have hurt her voice. I've heard posters complain that her smoker voice drives them crazy. In any event, I am not seeing her as a sensation as a performing artist in music. What I am getting in a "download" type situation is that Lindsay has TALENTS & GIFTS FOR WRITING MUSIC. She doesn't need to be cute or wear funky gaga outfits. It's really a more comfortable life, I have found, to be famous is SILENT ways. If I were Lindsays Occupational Therapist, Id be steering that girl into writing music. I bet she can hear melodies in her head too. I think she had talents to write, arrange & be involved in the production of MUSIC: if she gets REAL about her life, -and can find the COURAGE to express her disappointments, failures & challenges in life, IN SONG. Music is popular because it is a medium that DOES NOT JUDGE that HURTING IS WRONG. Quite the opposite; the glory of music is that it allows one to suffer along, yet, feel POSITIVE ENERGY flowing along with the pain. I think I'm on to something here, T.

  49. An Unusual Support says – reply to this


    Ok, girlfriend, I'm getting ready to go to bed. But, it's been an unusual day for me, for many different reasons,& I am just feeling GREAT gratitude for what I have in life. T, I have been in situation like L is in now. Even tho' the only movie I ever starred in was a Fake Miss American contest -that me & my sibs made on an old 8mm 'movie' camera. We had such a ball. As youngin; I was 14; my brother -the camera man was 11. My sister, who was 11 months older than me, was one of the finalist w/me in this fake Miss America movie us kids made. My best friend, who WAS a real beauty,was also one of the finalist. So we make this movie about Miss America,which opens to look like a serious completion;,a serious documentary of sorts. Then, when 1st runner up is announced, us silly girls, dresses up in our mothers society dresses, start FIGHTING like psychos, to show how silly the whole thing is. I remember we did the Miss America Intelligent Question Portion & my spoof was my brother asked,(off camera-since he was holding the camera) WHAT DO YOU BELIEVE IS IMPORTANT IN LIFE. and my goofy answer, in my mamas sequin gown was, "I think we all need to FIGHT for PEACE." I had my glory moments of being a movie star already, T. I aint JEALOUS OF L being a movie star. So, lets put that allegation to rest, can we?

  50. Reality Check says – reply to this


    Re: TaylorTFair – We have to DEAL WITH what we have left. .. um, T, I kinda got big vibe on who u r. No need to make an issue of it; but we have to work together; if we are going to be able to HELP her FIND HER WAY.

  51. To Ava, says – reply to this


    You are a little too quiet for someone who is SMART. You blew off answering a question I asked of you on another thread. That could be fine judgement, but I want to address that you are SMART & KNOWLEGEABLE about many things. Interacting with other is a choice and I respect your right to make choices that lead to your personal comfort. But you are INVOLVED. You been on these stories for months, and you have a STRONG perspective. I never understand why it is that when I ask SANE poster questions, that they continue to write on these stories, and pretend they were never addressed with questions from a sincere poster. Step up or question your motives for being here. I have perceived you as a STRENGHTH, but, PLEASE correct if I am wrong in thinking that you are someone who "cares" about LL's RECOVERY from her insanity, and make it clear to me, if you are just a casual blogger, who some how adds to blogs great wisdom, but doesn't have the any genuine interest in seeing how your addition to life PLAY OUT. I am not against you AVA, I am trying to understand why you come across as Elite Intelligece, & yet, you did not answer a very sincere post that was addressed to you.

  52. To Taylor, says – reply to this


    Hi Taylor, its' 6/21 -1pm PDT. Havent seen u around & the last post u sent me said u would get back to me later. Well, no pressure sista. Im guessing some really important things are sinking in with u -about how the belief u have, that it is the media & strangers on blogs that are the ones harming L … is it becoming clear to u that since Linds has been in treatment, it is HER PARENTS who are doing all these stories into media? Then their stories make people angry &they write comments that do not flatter L. T, I hope u can learn to QUESTION what you ACTUALLY SEE HAPPENING in life. It seems to me, u already have ur mind made up about who ALL people are & that they are ALL mean-spirited people who want to use Lindz. U ACCUSE STRANGERS of EVIL - people you have NEVER ever met; & assume it about just about everyone in the world. It appears u believe that u already have everything in the past figured out. Also, u believe u KNOW WHY STRANGERS do things in the present. Then, u also write ur hopes as SOLID PSYCHIC PREDICTIONS -instead of understanding that NO ONE KNOWS THE FUTURE FOR SURE. Anyway, since things are getting personal, if you want to chat privately, I can set up an email address 4 u, & we can continue our pen pal pondering sessions out of media. Let me know. jjf xox