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Lindsay Lohan's New Rehab Boss Gets Tough!

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lindsay lohan rehab

Lindsay Lohan has moved on from Betty Ford to the Cliffside Malibu treatment facility. But this next step in treatment might be tougher than it sounds!

The facility's head has really been laying the smack down! OK, poor choice of words.

But srsly, CEO Richard Taite is all about the tough love for Lindz. He says:

"Given her numerous arrests and convictions, any sober person would be motivated to stop their destructive behavior. But addicts don’t think that way. She is walking a slippery slope, and if she doesn’t get help soon, she will, in all probability, seriously hurt herself or someone else… There are only so many bullets you can dodge before you get hit. The train is about to come off the track and a train wreck isn’t that far off."

But Richard plans on pulling a Denzel Washington in and keeping this Unstoppable train from crashing!

How? Step one seems to be keeping the Mean Girls star away from her beloved Adderall, no matter how much she wants it!

We hope he knows what he's doing!

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31 comments to “Lindsay Lohan's New Rehab Boss Gets Tough!”

  1. alaimo says – reply to this


    Lindsanity continues !!!

  2. 2

    good luck to him hell need it

  3. TaylorTFair says – reply to this


    Lindsay what ever is going to help you Girl . Prove then all wrong ! In your corner and supports you 100%

  4. luis says – reply to this


    hermosa lindsay bien mamacita no nesecitas de drogas para ser quien eres i love echale ganas la gente habla siempre sige siempre hacia adelante,,hermosa

  5. @v@ says – reply to this


    I hope this quote is fake or from long before she went in there. Not okay to discuss patients!

  6. 6

    Re: @v@ – it's all very public knowledge so what does it matter?

  7. 7

    ANY rehab will fail if the patient doesn't want to be there. AUTO FAIL.

  8. 8

    If that quote is real (which I doubt), the guy should be sued. You DO NOT discuss a patient's case with the media.

  9. 9

    Re: TaylorTFair – I want to witness her failure because she's such a phony and thinks she gets over on everybody.

  10. michJB says – reply to this


    It doesn't matter what they do at the rehab. When Lindsay gets out, the first thing she is going to do is go to her stash of Adderall and wash a few down with vodka. This rehab is just a place to sit and avoid jail, she has never shown any desire to clean up her act.

  11. 11


  12. Brooksie says – reply to this


    What doctor diagnosed her and prescribed adderall for her? How come there's never a mention of it. Was she being treated or buying it off the streets? I don't understand why this has never been brought up. She uses it to not eat and stay thin. Period!

  13. QUOTE DOESNT FIT says – reply to this


    This CEOs (ceo of what?) quote says NOTHING that Lindsay is there and infers this quote was not being stated about Lindsay as a CLIENT, but was some general statement about Lindsay public problems. Notice the dude says "IF SHE DOESN"T GET HELP SOON…" that doesn't FIT with the fact that she was just "getting help" at BFC and now she has allegedly transfer to a new place where she would be "getting help" and this guys quotes are saying she's going to go off the rails soon? quotes, that never mention Lindsay name, or even suggest that Lindsay IS IN TREATMENT?? This quote is OLD and was a vague opinion of someone who was NOT involved in Lindsay treatment. No way a CEO, or even a nurses aide would COMMENT about a patient that EXIST in their facility. Let alone use the words "if she doesn't get help soon" about a patient who has BEEN IN TREATMENT for over a month, and now ALLEGEDLY resides in her 8th or 9th rehab facility in 6 yrs?

  14. NEW EXCUSE says – reply to this


    Oh, new excuse today is that no, it wasn't the 30 day program problem like Team Lohan was peddling yesterday, Now it's out that Betty Ford confirms that they DO have 90 days programs. NOW the excuse is Lindsay wanted to move because someone brought drugs in and "shared them with the girls", oh, and Lindsay DID NOT PARTAKE, mind you, she just decided she really needed to GET OUT OF BETTY FORD TO AVOID TEMPTATIONS. Oh, she's going to awol on Betty Ford for someone slipping in drugs, that she did NOT try, but she HAS TO LEAVE because of temptation? And, then she going to go straight out of rehab to the Venice Film Festival, because everyone KNOWS Italy is totally safe environment and Film Festivals run everyone through search & seizures before they're allowed to attend the Festival. Drug rehabs get people sneaking in drugs. Its what happens. To strip search each visitor would be inappropriate. One dumb, but ever changing EXCUSE to try to blame SOMEONE ELSE for Lindsays FAILURE to cooperate with a structured court-ordered program. And slander Betty Ford on your way out the door again Lindsay. She moved out of IN HOUSE REHAB to avoid TEMPTATIONS? If that's her genuine priority, she will move into a sober 1/2 way house for a couple of YEARS when she "GRADUATES" this 9th rehab. Totally stupid. PR BULLSHIT SPIN. And the DA/Holley are REFUSING to comment on this issue.

  15. STUPID EXCUSE says – reply to this


    Oh yeah, I believe Lindsay moved to a new rehab that has LESS SECURITY and more open doors for her to keep her TEMPTATIONS under control. That makes TONS of sense doesn't it? Holley and the DAs office are SILENT because there is some kind of CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION going on that is related to Lindsay's hush-hush, sudden & unexpected move, A move that happened WITHOUT MOTIONS being filed with the court, and without HEARINGS? …from a judge & DA that made it clear, NO MORE TRANSFERS. SHE WILL DO HER 90 days AT BFC. anyone remember that? This cover up story is the worst one yet. How stupid. I HAVE TO LEAVE BETTY FORD because of the TEMPTATIONS so I'm going to MALIBU where there are LESS RESTRICTIONS & MORE PERSONAL FREEDOMS allowed. Just wait, it will all eventually come out because there are sure to be some kind of criminal charges/ probation violation issues involved. When the judge signs TRANSFER PAPERS WITHOUT A PETITION TO THE COURT FOR SUCH AN ORDER, AND WITHOUT A HEARING ON THE MATTER, THIS INDICATES THAT LINDSAY WAS IN A LOT OF DISTRESS & IT WAS MEDICALLY NECESSARY TO MOVE HER. FAST. SHE IS NO MORE IN A MALIBU RITZY REHAB than I am laying in bed, smoking after-glow ciggies, with Leonardo di …VINCI! HOG WASH PR. Yesterday it was all about BFC didn't have 30 days and Lindsay wanted a change from doing the same thing over again. Uh, huh. That stories has now been proven to be a PR crock of Dina Shit-Spin.

  16. To Brooksie says – reply to this


    Re: Brooksie – Because medical patient rights would not allow an "open" investigation into who wrote Lindsay scripts and why. You are talking about PSYCHIATRIC MEDICAL records there. Big time protected by privacy rights. Its an issue, but there isn't a lot of PUBLIC information available on the topic. We wont know who wrote the scripts unless CRIMINAL CHARGES are filed against the BASTARD/BASTARDETTE. Clearly if Lindsay was getting Rx for her drugs, malpractice is evident.

  17. 17

    Re: TaylorTFair – I support her too. it is sad too see so many people wanting her to crash. If people wanted that for me in my destructive time, that is cruel.

  18. 18

    In an article from 2010, it stated Lindsay had been at 5 rehab facilities to date. I have to imagine she is up to at least a dozen by now. When does it stop?

  19. REALITY CHECK PLEASE says – reply to this


    Re: Michmasterflex[/re] I read your comment, then read the thread again. There is exactly ONE poster who qualifies as "seeing SO MANY people who want her to crash". Some people don't come on to these boards to write ridiculous things like, 'Lindsay is such an Amazing Movie Star & other people JUST CAN'T HANDLE Lindsays TALENTS.' .. that's stupid. She has starred in 2 movies in like 9 yrs & those movies were PANNED. This bizarre belief that some people have that the world is being cruel to Lindsay because, according to T, I "can't HANDLE" Lindz's talents & Amazingness. If I can handle Meryl Streeps Amazingness, Ls 2 movies in the last 9 yrs are not inclined to make my head explode due to Lindzs overwhelming talents & abilities as an actress. PEOPLE WANT LINDSAY'S CRIMES TO STOP. PEOPLE ARE SICK TO DEATH OF HER STUPIDITY & SELFISHNESS COSTING TAX DOLLARS & COURT TIME FOR STUPID, ILLEGAL, CHOICES SHE MAKES OVER&OVER AGAIN. Some have given up that she CAN change in any meaningful way. Death wishes for her are cause some people can imagine NO OTHER WAY for Ls crazy, crime filled & junkie lifestyle TO CHANGE, besides it ENDING in death. Its been 6 YEARS OF CRIMES against others. NOT MISTAKES. Not a 6 day bender where she stayed home & the worst thing that happened was she called some old boyfriends & puked all over her white couch. Lindsay is a HABITUAL CRIMINAL. This "transfer" is yet another BIG FUCK UP, OF HERS, in motion.

  20. TO: Miss Trudy says – reply to this


    You write that it's all public knowledge so what does it matter? It matters because the person identified is identified as "CEO"; it is NOT clear just WHAT he is CEO of. It looks as though this article has been fabricated w/an old quote from a CEO that we are being led to believe is the CEO of the treatment facility that L is CURRENTLY ALLEGEDLY IN. THERE IS NO SUCH CLAIM. Time will tell, can't cover this shit up forever. Lindsay court cases are to be public record and a SEAL on them talks LOUDER than any LA TIMES HEADLINE. So, anyway, Ms Trudy, this issue is that IF this guy WAS the CEO of the REHAB L IS CURRENTLY RESIDING IN, this would be a violation of her privacy rights. In addition, there are several mentions that 'IF LINDSAY DOESN"T GET TREATMENT SOON." A CEO of a rehab is not going call GOSSIP MEDIA to GET A STORY about him bashing Lindsay about being near hopeless; & insinuate that her 30+ day stay @BFC somehow DOESN'T QUALIFY AS TREATMENT. This is all Team Lohan PR, to confuse & proliferate MISINFORMATION & DIVERSIONS to keep the real story from coming out. This guy would not be ALLOWED TO SAY ANYTHING, much less "bash" Lindsay WHILE IN TREATMENT & CLAIM BETTY FORD AINT REAL TREATMENT. ITS HIS POSITION IN THIS. If he was some dude in a park, that T*Z questioned as to how he, ordinary Joe in the park guy, FEELS about it, totally cool. CEO; can't say such things.

  21. HERE WE GO AGAIN! says – reply to this


    Swell, Michael Lohan went out of his way to call a gutter media blog to get a story out of slandering/libeling Betty Ford, for having an "infestation" of drugs, apparently flowing through the halls like a Flea Market gone MAD. Its not enough that Lindsay was "transferred" without incident, without objections, motions, hearings, preliminary INVESTIGATIONS into the suitability of a new rehab. Now Team Lohan is making great efforts to get it out in media that The Real Reason Lindsay transferred is being updated again. Now, Lindsay called Michael, scarred for her safety, reporting drugs were all over the place. So, Lindsay NOW, TODAYS STORY BY MICHAEL LOHANS WORDS, HE CALLED INTO MEDIA TO ANNOUNCE….. Lindsay HAD TO LEAVE for her SAFTEY ..AANNDDD… He also made point to mention that he won't be able to talk to Lindsay for a week, I think he said NO ONE CAN VISIT OR TALK TO LINDSAY FOR A WEEK, BECAUSE, SAYS MICHAEL, SHE IS IN A "BLACKOUT". I Bet that is more true than he imagines. Nevertheless, SOMETHING BAD happened at @BFC when Lindsay was evicted like a rancid canon ball. Shes on psych hold people. And Micheal is busting his ass, as the Lohananites CHANGE THE REASON FOR LINDSAY TRANSFER about 2-3times a day. There was NO NEED to SLANDER/MAKE SUCH HIDEOUS ALLEGATIONS AGAINST BF. BLAME BETTY FORD AGAIN. Something BIG going blow soon.

  22. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: QUOTE DOESNT FIT – Agree.
    Re: ms trudy – It's a professional no no, but this truly looks to be from before. What does it matter? Hillary?

  23. THINK ABOUT IT says – reply to this


    As ML promotes BFC was not only inadequate, but was criminally negligent & put sweet pea Lindsay in DANGER by not PROTECTING HER FROM ANY TEMPTATIONS - OR UNHAPPY PEOPLE WHO WANT TO DO DRUGS.. This latest explanation more than suggest that Lindsay was PARANOID; perhaps under the belief that diabetic medications, cholesterol meds, etc, needed for HEALTH ISSUES that were being properly administers were somehow in LLs mind, people just doing drugs all around her. She told Pierc M. - she wasn't a junkie, that she doesn't do much drugs, or drink that much. K. If she aint a junkie, why is she so OVERWHELMED, feeling like her SAFTEY IS THREATENED IF SOME visitor brought in some dope? If she doesn't have an addiction, where is the temptation? She has to RUN AWAY FROM A Tx CENTER, because SHE SAW SOMEONE RELAPSE? That"s crazy shit. If she doesn't have the wits to report such an incident to staff, in order to MANAGE the situation that DRUGGIES BREAK LAWS SO THEY CAN DO DRUGS.? Does she expect to walk out of her next rehab & call the cops if she seems someone smoking a joint in a parking lot 50yrs away? The cops will whisk her off to A Penthouse Floor @ The Trump Tower & provide her w/a tx team to help her get over her TRAUMA & FEARS THAT HER HEALTH IS IN DANGER,- because she saw something in life that she didn't WANT to deal with? Oh, yeah, that's a good plan. Just f*ck BF for scarring & scaring Lindsay.

  24. To AVA says – reply to this


    Re: @v@ – It has been confirmed this quote is yrs old & is NO WAY related to anything that has happened RECENTLY with The Lilo, with the exception that Team Lohan PR is pushing it into media to promote the illusion that Lindsay is THERE. The story of why Lindsay has left Betty Ford has changed about 5 times in the last day 1/2. It gets worse for Lindsay every time. Now ML is making great efforts to contact media to tell "his side" of alleged distress calls from a distraught Lindsay that she felt her safety was threatened. Whether she was faking it or not, she got an emergency psych relocation & as more of the story unfolds, The Lohan PR team takes to BLAMING Lindsay current TRAUMA & PROBLEMS & INADEQUACIES on the BFC for NOT PROTECTING LINDSAY. LINDSAY IS, ONCE AGAIN, THE VICTIM OF BFC SCREWNG HER OVER. THE DAS OFFICE/HOLLEY. NO COMMENT. BIG EVENT HAPPENED THERE, & NOW BROOKES IN TRANSIT TO HER NEXT REHAB TOO. COINCIDENCE? I think NOT.

  25. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: To AVA – There must have been a pea under the Princess's boxspring.

  26. Or.... says – reply to this


    Re: @v@ – I vote its more like there is a box spring in her pea brain. Pitiful. Honestly, I am surprised she lasted this long. I thought this would happen about day 10. She is very delusional in how real life and the concept of "punishment" works. Boooiiiinggg!

  27. desrtrse says – reply to this


    looks like she is NOT on the right path yet, she is court ordered lock down and she gets to leave and go wherever she wants, and now this one is not to her liking so she moves again,, seems she is still not serious about getting sober and getting her act together, she is still basically doing whatever she wants, going where she can get the meds she wants, how is that fulfilling the court ordered lock down rehab?!! She will come out of this no different

  28. desrtrse says – reply to this


    Re: @v@ – addicts will do and say anything to get what they want

  29. TaylorTFair says – reply to this


    Re: Michmasterflex – THANK YOU SO MUCH !

  30. anonomys says – reply to this


    Good for them. The next step is to get a court order for her to attend counseling at Lukens and stay in jail for an indefinite amount of time. If they don't do this now Lindsay Lohan will be dead by the end of the year.

  31. TO "ANONOMYS" says – reply to this


    Why do u think LUKENS is essential to her recovery? Many life jackets can save ur life when you are sinking. Michael? Lukens isn't essential. What is essential is that L finally opens her mind to the possibility that she doesn't have all the right answers; that maybe some of the professionals around her who STUDY not only her problems, but their PROGNOSIS .. Linds needs to give up the delusion that she has the abilities to control her life in ways that are acceptable to the society & LAWS of the country she lives in. Holley is making the decisions as far as Lindsays tx & is the 'senior officer' in Lindz life now. The Lukens idea is NOT APPROPRIATE at this time. LL is in CUSTODY in the STATE OF CALIF. LINDSAY WAS JUST MOVED TO HER 4TH rehab in 6 wks. Because she couldn't handle being in rehab. I TRUST, WITH ALL MY HEART, THAT MS. HOLLEY HAS LINDSAY LOHANS LIFE/BEST INTEREST AT HEART. You don't go SAVE SOMEONES ASS, who fired you & stiffed you 5 figures, because you want to BE FAMOUS. BLESS YOU SHAWN HOLLEY. YOU ARE HER HOPE OF HER EVER GETTING THE CHANCE TO LEARN HOW TO BE AN ADULT. Poster, why do u think she should be MOVED AGAIN, when she was just evac-ed out of BFC for flipping out? What is ur agenda that you think LUKENS is ESSENTIAL to her recovery, that u take to MEDIA to make issue of LUKENS?