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British Cop Cracks Cannabis Case By Cutting The Cheese! Get Stinky Deets HERE!

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british cop frats smells weed weird

Well, this is a toot!

A British policeman who rudely subjected his partners to constant waves of gawd-awful butt-gas might actually wind up getting a commendation for his fine display of flatulence!!!

The Leicester cop, who experienced digestive issues after eating a slew of weight-gaining supplements, accidentally broke open a huge drug case by breaking wind in front of all his collegaues!

The farting in his police car was so consistently stinky that his partners were forced to roll down their windows to, literally, clear the air.

That's when they sniffed out a scent much, much sweeter than the wanna-be muscle man's gassy glory!!

It. Was. WEED!

The official report stated:

"They asked their colleague in the back what he had been eating, and after fits of giggles and denials, they realised the cannabis smell was in the air in the street outside."

The cops then left the car to investigate the smell, and stumbled across a nearby cannabis factory.

First, we think it's great the police in England are secure enough in their manhood to giggle like little school girls while on the job.

Second, we aren't sure a high-protein diet combined with riding around all day in a police car helps muscle mass, but we're glad the cop made his health a priority!


Are the workers unionized? Do they drug test the employees? Are they hiring?? Ha, JK!

Either way, kudos to the Leicester PD for making the world safe, once more, from marijuana.

[Image via WENN.]

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8 comments to “British Cop Cracks Cannabis Case By Cutting The Cheese! Get Stinky Deets HERE!”

  1. 1

    Clearly a hero…

  2. alan says – reply to this


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  3. amanduh says – reply to this


    I sincerely hope this is dripping with sarcasm…"Making the world safe from marijuana" made me laugh. Since stoners are usually the instigators of violence and malice towards fellow man, I think it's great this factory was found. So many of the world's problems come from marijuana. When I see someone smoke a blunt, I automatically think, "Oh gosh…I better not say anything to anger this person. I should also lock up all my valuables."

  4. karen says – reply to this


    If the drug dealer had to ride to the station in the farting cop's car, he should automatically get a suspended sentence.

  5. mike says – reply to this


    school girls? SEXIST narcissistic ass. My wife can kick your ass and she could have easily kicked it when she was a little school girl. STOP WITH THE SEXIST TALK. You are gay!! Maybe we should start writing stuff like fairy ass.

  6. cannamiss says – reply to this


    actually mary jane is better then alcohol that is making more negative thing to your body and health and mind. Cannabiss is a medicine for a lot a lot of sicknesses, i hate bieber but the only plus he has in my eyes is that he smokes, i stoped to drink alcohol, smoke cigaretts for 8 months now just thanks to mary jane. educate yopurself first before you thing you know everythig about drugs, cause mj is actually not a drug, alcohol, chocolate, coffe is bigger drug, and it addicts you quicker then mary jane.

  7. @v@ says – reply to this


    No foot patrol around there anymore? It's pretty easy to sniff out.

  8. Elena says – reply to this


    Errr as someone English I'd like to clarify that yes we obviously still have foot patrols. Amazing story, could only happen here!