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Why Is Amanda Bynes' Family Remaining Silent?

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Seems odd, no?

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34 comments to “Why Is Amanda Bynes' Family Remaining Silent?”

  1. 1

    You don't know what her family is doing, as with most people, maybe they want to keep things PRIVATE, not everyone is a media whore like you, and wants their business in the media. Just like you kept your baby a private matter until you started using him to get comments, to boast your site up, mama jenner taught and paid you well. Maybe just leave Amanda alone, since you are not helping in anyway.

  2. 2

    The only thing odd about their silence is that it's refreshingly unusual for a family nowadays to remain dignified & private about private matters. Everyone's clamoring for their 5min in the limelight so it only seems odd that this family chooses privacy over a private matter. They obviously have no interest in whoring themselves out or getting on camera at the expense of their daughter. I applaud them for handling a hard & painful situation with grace and dignity.

  3. jt885 says – reply to this


    i wish you stop posting these videos about how you "genuinely care for amanda bynes". Some things are better kept private. If you care for her so much give her some money for her to get her nose job. making videos about her odd behavior is not how you show you care about her. Rather it's capitalizing on the publicity

  4. 4

    Re: onefinnRe: Kittens With Mittens – Agreed and agreed! Staying away from social media is the best thing to do - they have absolutely no obligation to tell the public anything. Britney Spears dad stepped in and took charge of Britney's life, but as far as I know, he has NEVER spoken publicly about it.

  5. 5

    Yeah! Because Michael Lohan, who runs to any media outlet who will have him so he can talk about his daughter's latest problems, has been such a big help for her!
    Like it's been said: You don't know what they're trying to do, let them keep it private.

  6. Diana says – reply to this


    That was really sweet of Perez! He's reacting and he obviously cares.. It really warms my heart that Perez has a big heart and feels strongly about the subject.. It really made me fall in love with him and people shouldn't be mean to Perez, at least he have feelings and a big heart! Dont talk down in a good person…

  7. tasha says – reply to this


    I have more respect for them that they are NOT talking to the media. She has cut them out of her life and we have no idea what they are doing to try and help. It's refreshing. As far as Britney's family stepping in to help. She was placed on a 51/50 hold in the psych ward because she locked herself in the bathroom with one of her children. Once she did that it was determined she could be a danger to herself and her kids so her family were able to step in and help. Amanda has done nothing to make a court think she is a danger to herself or anyone else so there is nothing her family or friends can do.

  8. 8

    Amanda Bynes seems to be in a very distrusting place at the moment. Bringing delicate issues like opinions on her mental state (an issue she takes very personally) to the general public will only further her distrust and resentment in her parents. I'm certain the family's only concern at the moment is for Amanda's well-being, not appeasing inquiring public minds. We don't know what steps they are taking behind closed doors, nor do we need to. Regardless of Amanda's public behavior, the heart of the situation is a delicate and private family matter. As much as I love juicy gossip like the rest of us, I have to admit that at this point if media outlets were genuinely concerned for her…they would lay to rest any further reporting of her behavior. She is a very media-savvy individual who clearly reads what is spoken about her and I think the incessant attention only further increases any feelings of distrust or paranoia that seem to be manifesting.

  9. 9

    Why do you care Perez seriously , it's none of your business , if you cared about Amanda you would stop posting about her on your blog because its all the media attention that is fuelling her erratic behaviour , butt out please and work on your own family .

  10. 10

    Because there's ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG with Amanda; this is all a MEDIA INDUCED HYSTERIA and Amanda is playing the game very well!

  11. Adam says – reply to this


    Perez. this is obviously a really serious issue. is time for to take a step back. your only fueling the fire. do not reply to any of her comment. do not post post about her comments. its help she needs. not abuse. just don't mention her name. if she does something. either harms herself or anything like that, your name will be attached to every news report. if her family are not commenting its none of your business. you are not a trained psychologist. just don't mention her name. this issue bigger than your blog. just forget about her. just because her family have spoke out publicly does not mean they are not doing anything.

  12. 12

    gain some weight. OR buy some clothes that fit. No, just gain weight. You are swimming in that jacket!

  13. cha says – reply to this


    So sad to see her change.

  14. anonymous says – reply to this


    What a dumb question. Maybe because it's nobody's business. The media doesn't have to know everything about a person's private affairs.

  15. Mon says – reply to this


    Re: onefinn – was just about to say the same thing. Thank you!!

  16. Chris says – reply to this


    You disgust me, Perez! You are a bully! I hope this trait doesnt rub off on your Son.

  17. Jason says – reply to this


    Re: Diana – How fucking thick are you?? Perez is the bully, he doesn't give a flying fuck about Amanda.

  18. 18

    They shouldn't Lohan things up. Keeping quiet for now is the best thing they could do for her. Do you really want her to know their plans through the media?

  19. Sharon says – reply to this


    Fake Concern ..think she just pissed you off. Tragedy is how you make your living, people aren't buying your fake concern.

  20. 20

    because decent, rational people don't play out their family issues in magazines or on shit websites like this one.

  21. marythemerfairy says – reply to this


    Your a good person Perez. Its hard being a person period. Let alone a celebrity and then going through stuff. I Hope Amanda will have a kiki with you, send her flowers and an invite to get together for din.Maybe that will work. She must know you truly care by now.

  22. Sergio says – reply to this


    Maybe they don't want to talk to the media you fucking idiot. Maybe because its none of any ones business.

  23. Teresa says – reply to this


    What happened to my comment???? All I said was "Her family can recognize a publicity stunt when they see one, unlike many idiots who believe everything that they see on social media sites".

  24. Rosey says – reply to this


    Good on them not to talk for publicity.

  25. Dave says – reply to this


    The Bynes are extremely private people. They are in no way show business types; her mother a stay-at-home-mom and her father a suburban dentist. They have been struggling with Amanda's sanity for years, ever since she threatened to sue for emancipation at 16 so she could live with her then boyfriend. They are working behind the scenes to see what their legal options are, but there are few to none since Amanda, unlike Britney Spears, doesn't have children, and hasn't done anything yet to cause the police to believe she's a danger to herself or to the public. (Remember they have no physical evidence that she chucked a bong out an NYC window.) No parent should be giving interviews to the press about their child's mental health. It's classless and only fans the flames underneath their child. But this is an unsurprising yet still disappointing suggestion coming from someone who makes a living off the lives of others. It's gross that you, Perez, choose to insert yourself into this and make Amanda's nastiness to you personally the first think you list when you complain about her behavior. This is not about you. A family is suffering here. You would all do her the most good if you stopped paying photogs for pics of her, and stopped talking about her. A little silence from the chattering crowd would help her family a great deal. Consider it.

  26. 26

    LOL because this whole thing is just a big act so she can gain popularity! Before this no one cared to talk about her.

  27. bowsie22 says – reply to this


    Why should the family say anything? This is a private, family matter. Frankly, going to the press and speaking out would only make things worse. It's nobodies business but their own

  28. jOnastiet says – reply to this


    Where is Ur stylist weatherman? And btw: congrats on buying your first kid ;)

  29. Bryan says – reply to this


    Does Perez not realise that by him continually banging on about Amanda on his site and elsewhere that he may be adding fuel to her fire! Its none of your business what the family may or may not be doing. If you really care Perez then don't give Amanda fuel by posting about her, do it privately between you and her only. You are coming across as very nosey and needy and quite frankly desperate. The girl needs help but it doesn't need promotion from you in the public domain. Let those in her family or friend network deal with her appropriately as you are merely adding a situation to a situation!

  30. Bryan says – reply to this


    Re: Poddy10 – I agree whole heartedly with this comment!

  31. trent says – reply to this


    but when mileys dad doesnt respond to her and she sends one tweet you go off about how she shouldnt do that… you dont know whats going in either situation, but could you ATLEAST be consistent?

  32. Jay says – reply to this


    What is the song playing in the background?

  33. Kaley says – reply to this


    Re: onefinn – onefinn if you don't like this media whore why the hell are you reading his blog her family does not care about her because if they would have cared she wouldn't be hitting this low so fast with no one around her….

  34. Sam says – reply to this


    Re: Jay – yeah, someone please tell me what the name of this song is! it would be so appreciated, i tried googling some of the lyrics and i can't find it anywhere :(