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Did Miley Cyrus Go Too Far???

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That's crossing the line!

Don't U agree???

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29 comments to “Did Miley Cyrus Go Too Far???”

  1. Buck says – reply to this


    Get a haircut, you look ridiculous.

  2. paula says – reply to this


    you are right perez

  3. Stepy67 says – reply to this


    If you're going to insist on doing 500 videos everyday, can you at least provide a transcript or a write up underneath? Some of us read this at work or in places we cannot(or do not want to) watch videos. Starting to get ridiculous.

  4. 4

    Aren't you about a week late on this????

  5. -_- says – reply to this


    stfu perez you always have to comment about everything mind your business thats between miley and her dad

  6. 6

    I totally agree with you. BUT - why is it that you expect Amanda Bynes parents to go public? Apply this Miley commentary to Amanda Bynes please.

  7. 7

    And thus begins the trashing stage of Miley. You're so predictable lol

  8. Chris says – reply to this


    Seriously…. I think you have gone too far. You've gone back to bullying…calling people out…being rude….. I've had enough of your gossip and enough of your website. Learn some self respect and rather than constantly talking about people who are having serious problems in their lives (and don't need all the extra bullshit from someone who doesn't even know them…) go play with your son and teach him about love.

  9. 9

    BATHE. It's bad enough you're so fucking ugly, must you look like you stink, too? Your hair is almost as gross as your hideous ape face. And what's wrong, homo, did Cyrus stop paying you?

  10. Maria says – reply to this


    True Perez. Miley should shut her mouth about her family business. She should call him, she got to have his phone number. He could shut her down bet he know some embarrassing garbage on her mom and Miley but I'm sure he will never go there. Liam did the best thing by getting away from all that drama.

  11. 11

    You are such a hypocrite, telling her to keep it private, but blasting Amandas family for not talking to the media, do you even remember what you say?

  12. @v@ says – reply to this


    Calling him out publicly instead of regular avenues (phone, personal visit) to properly seek him out wasn't much of a Father's Day gift. The tweet is disrespectful and just a bit too puffed up.

  13. Damien says – reply to this


    Stick to the writtten word, no one want to hear your irritating voice. People don't chnage. Quick talking your smack or some celebrity is going to go after you again.

  14. 14

    Perez, you cross the line all the time. This is just you trying to generate buzz for… you. Sorry, didn't work.

  15. 15

    Hashtag Shut the F**k up Perez. Her father is obviously not replying to her through normal means and that was her way of trying to see if she can get his attention. Perez is such a twat. He's probably annoyed that she completely ignored him the other night at some event they were both at.

  16. 16

    Yes & no. I get your point, but we don't know the background & why she felt she needed to go to such a length. And I guess when it comes to sides, I'm on hers. I don't like him taking credit or trying to milk her for his own success. He's out there portraying himself as "Superdad", girl should be able to reach him, ya know?

  17. Stupid says – reply to this


    You are one hideous pig. Wash your hair! Wash everything on you, Perez! You're disgusting! You hypocrite! How the HELL can you go and tell Amanda Bynes to go public and go and BASH Miley for having the nerve to go public?! I guess that is how trash like you work.

  18. bytchface says – reply to this


    I am only commenting on this to say that I refuse to give his video any hits because they are ALL lame…if he has a real story he will always post it on the website, these opinion pieces are baited to look like breaking news but we all know its NOT!

  19. lala says – reply to this


    Re: Stupid – But Amanda Bynes don't talk about her family on public. Would you ever put your business on public.

  20. rain says – reply to this


    Please go back to typing blogs. I don't enjoy these videos. They are not appropriate to play at home when other little ones can hear. I am sure as a new dad you would appreciate that. Also, stop picking on people. You wouldn't like it much if someone was so nosy about your son and everything he did wrong. Stop trying to use other peoples private issues to benefit yourself. You should be ashamed. I don't think I will be on your site anymore. I'd rather wait till it comes out in tabloids then watch/read you hating on others.

  21. Kim says – reply to this



  22. Brandon says – reply to this


    It's Miley's business how she chooses to talk to her father. It's not exactly your right to tell her that she's wrong for tweeting him. For all you know, she could have just done that and then when he answered, spoken to him a different way. She wasn't airing any dirty laundry by just tweeting that. Get the fuck off and stop bullying people, Perez. When did illiteracy, immaturity and being rude become grounds for being famous?

  23. CanadianGirl says – reply to this


    Wait a minute - You, a celebrity blogger, think that a celebrity should use privacy when it comes to her family? Don't you people go out of your fucking way to invade their personal lives? That makes absolutely no sense. And maybe her father needed a public slap in the face to wise up and stop ignoring her? Who gives a fuck? They have the right to choose how they want to handle their business. Come down off of your high horse Perez…

  24. irvinegirl says – reply to this


    Dear Perez. STOP STOP STOP posting pictures of Miley Cyrus. I am so sick of looking at her desperate bid for attention. Enough is enough.

  25. Jack says – reply to this


    Perez Hilton, You're like a turd that won't flush. You never fail to find something to fault Miley Cyrus on. She can't make a move without you reporting on it and judging her for what you perceive as an indiscretion. You hound her and Liam, re-reporting any sensational breaking news whether there's facts to base the story on or not. You're a creep of the worst possible kind. I compare you to the Robert Duvall character in the Natural. He could be your dad! Leave Miley alone. Clean up your act.

  26. YO says – reply to this


    I came here to read the article/gossip not watch Perez!!!!
    Please start writing and not make videos Perez!!!!

  27. Stefan K. says – reply to this


    Mario, you're so moralistic and even uncool as of late! It really takes the fun out of reading gossip/looking at celeb pics when one has to endure your preachy, holier-than-thou commentary coupled with your self-aggrandizement and even what comes off as your exploitation of your baby — well we have decided that will be not be viewing your page any longer nor will we be buying ad space nor patronizing those who do. You're just a little embarrassing and immature for me/my client's tastes I am sorry to say. It's yoo bad because you used to sparingly dole out some witty commentary but not anymore. It just makes us feel … well… a little depressed after reading your content. Sorry, Mario and GOOD BYE!

  28. 28

    OMG! PEREZ U R TRULY DISGUSTING TO LOOK AT. AND WORSE TO LISTEN TO. You got the worst of the "ugly-annoying" combo…
    A hideous face made for radio AND a creepy, affected voice that wouldn't work on radio.
    Perez is seriously getting uglier by the day. PLEASE stop making videos. Really creepy.

  29. 29

    Re: Buck – It won't help - he is disgusting inside and out. remarkably hideous looking "man."