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Johnny Depp's Ex Reportedly Thinks Amber Heard Is A GOOOLD DIGGER, Basically

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No way!! Amber Heard is a total sexpot angel!

She'd never do such a thing!

Besides, how could anyone not be genuinely in love with Johnny Depp, LOL??

Welp! Try and tell that to Vanessa Paradis. Johnny's ex and baby-mama is very concerned about Amber's intentions as it affects the life of her children.

A source has revealed:

"Vanessa doesn’t care for Amber at all. She’s convinced that Amber's trying to get her hooks into Johnny and his money by getting him to propose. But Vanessa doesn’t believe it’s going to last, and that’s why she’s against Johnny marrying Amber. She thinks their kids will be crushed when the relationship goes south. Vanessa thinks he’s smitten because Amber's so exotic and says he’ll grow tired of her. But before he does, he just might pop the question – and that’s the last thing Vanessa wants."

Hmm… if this is true, is someone feeling a little bitter here??

Johnny and Amber seem to be doing juuust fine now that they've let their guard down and are freely enjoying their dating in public. Also, Ambz may not be as rich as him, but it's not exactly like she's suffering!


[Image via WENN.]

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392 comments to “Johnny Depp's Ex Reportedly Thinks Amber Heard Is A GOOOLD DIGGER, Basically”

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  1. auj says – reply to this


    I think Amber and Johnny look fine.
    I just read that Rolling Stones cover story and it seems like Johnny needs love and peace of mind.

  2. Maria says – reply to this


    I read the Rolling Stone article and the man needs a hug. I will happily give him all the hugs he needs. :)

  3. M says – reply to this


    All the people talking about Rolling Stone referring to him as "single" I see this a lot with people. "Single" "Single moms" "Single dads" has apparently come to mean "someone who is no longer with the person they had children with" Look at Jennifer Lopez, just recently she talked about her being a "single mom" but her children are photographed with her boyfriend Casper all the time.

  4. Sophie says – reply to this


    Re: Oliver – But they wouldn't need describe him as a single

  5. Chrisan says – reply to this


    Re: Maria – Me too

  6. Chrisan says – reply to this


    Re: tega – Johnny is a sincere guy, for me he didn't fall hard for Amber.It seems that at the moment he is just following his life mindlessly or without fight and Amber is just beside him.
    I think the journalist put this line talking about Amber in the magazine and then the PR of Johnny read, they should having contested, so the magazine tweeted that he is a single

  7. tega says – reply to this


    My opinion is that unless someone (partner/spouse) is living with you and sharing your responsibilities in every way as a parent you can consider yourself "a single parent." Johnny has lots of help, so does Vanessa but they can still consider themselves "single parents" whether they are in a relationship or not. This goes for everyone, not just them. I am a single parent with a young teen and I know how hard it is no matter how much "help" you have.

  8. 108

    amber always looks like shes just guzzled a mouth ful of johnnys cum …vanessa looks like a female johnny in that photo vanessa gave away the milk for free and now doesnt want amber doing the same i suppose

  9. L says – reply to this


    TRe: tega – They don't refer to him as a single dad. The headline reads "single ,sober and still wandering what it's all about".
    Later on comes in brackets "he has been dating 27 year old AH"
    Don't know what to make out of it, but i guess it's some sort of making it official with her.
    Where are our insiders now?

  10. RooRoo_0820 says – reply to this


    Re: L – It didnt say they were together if they were he would have told them , why would he comfirm them being together if it said SINGLE on the cover it would have said in relationship with new gf. JMO I read it on the other site. I liked it as I know everyone on here will. I think Venessa has the right to say that. Just because it said something about her doesn't mean he is confirming it they may have just thrown that in.JMO Have a good night all and I respect all post and think everyone is great.

  11. 111

    Re: Finish girl – What the hell are you trying to say?

  12. RooRoo_0820 says – reply to this


    Re: RooRoo_0820 – Btw I am not attacking anyone I just was asking. We are all here for Johnny.

  13. RooRoo_0820 says – reply to this


    I wasnt attacking anyone just asking, we are all here for johnny and I dont seem amber and him lasting I think its a rebound. JMO

  14. RooRoo_0820 says – reply to this


    Re: it-is-what-it-is – what I am trying to say is why would it say single on the front of the cover if it says gf in the mag? I was wondering because I'm not sure if he said they were together or what?

  15. RooRoo_0820 says – reply to this


    Re: it-is-what-it-is – what i am talking about is the cover of the mag it said single on it but in the mag it said dating 27 year old amber i was asking does that mean he told them and confirmed he is dating her or did they just put it in there, just asking?

  16. Oliver says – reply to this


    To be honest, actually it's strange that Depp let the rolling stones magazine tell he's single because it's not appropriate and it could be offensive for Amber to read that I guess, so I really don't know what to think know…. the magazine even talk about Amber as she is his past because it says: "he has been dating" and not "he IS dating" do that's really suspicious… maybe they split just a few of days ago? Well, whatever it is since he let magazines call him "single" I guess it's because he's not serious at all with her and that's almost a confirmation. I think he sees her just like his f*ck-buddy, nothing more while some people are still hoping of seeing them on the red carpet together…. men, the guy doesn't even want to mention her as his girlfriend in interviews and do you really think he's really taking her there with him? Come on, everything by now is proving that they're not serious at all and that he's not gonna formalize anything with her for long or maybe forever…

  17. 117

    WAIT-A-FUCKIN-MINUTE. Didn't Amber Heard 'Come Out' as full-on GAY Lesbian (as in Not Bi), at the GLAAD Red Carpet Anniversary party a couple of years ago? So now she is dating Johnny Depp? She either is a gold digger or was a "gay tourist" exploiting a GLAAD publicity stunt to a shameful and pathetic degree. Either way, the actions of another fame whore. Stupid Poseur.

  18. Oliver says – reply to this


    Re: Scotch Love – I heard she came out at that event just for getting publicity since she wasn't famous at all yet and after that she got a lot of attention indeed and she was an unknown actress anymore like she was before. Then, after a while she explained she's bisexual. She stated that she was disappointed of being labelled as lesbian since she never labelled herself in any way because she dates men and women but Tasya Van Ree has been her only serious girlfriend. I truly think that the lesbian thing was just for getting attention also because if you are bisexual or lesbian, you can tell it in an interview and that's it, as Angelina Jolie or Ricky Martin did for example, but when you're an unknown actress and come out in such a importan public event, it's evident you're doing it to get as much publicity as possible and actually the lesbian coming out can get far more attention than the bisexual one because bisexuality doesn't surprise almost anymore and not like homosexuality anyway.

  19. tega says – reply to this


    Re: Oliver – "has been dating" "he is dating" what's the difference? They didn't say "he dated" meaning in the past. Johnny's reps review these big magazine articles and they probably aren't ready to announce a relationship at the same time he is discussing his breakup. They were holding hands at Rolling Stones concert they went to dinner as a couple with Keith Richards and they were seen together at the gas station in New Mexico recently. They are obviously "dating." I think his PR team is slowly bringing out Amber so that when she shows up with him at premiere events people won't go bolistic. I believe she will be there with him. Maybe not walk the red carpet but I do believe she will be there. I guess we will see on June 22..

  20. ohlala says – reply to this


    Where are our insiders?
    Conan the barbar, Lupus in fabula and Veritas with the he, she, it friend Manie.
    We definetely need your expert opinion on this one and now you are letting us down.

  21. Oliver says – reply to this


    Re: tega – "has been dating" doesn't refer to past??? I really don't know but anyway, even if Amber will be at the premiere but she won't walk with him on the red carpet, how would we see her? I mean, cameras don't show who is in the crowd, they only show people on the red carpet, so we won't see in any case if she will be there among the crowd and at this point if cameras won't show her it's pointless to tell that she will be there. You won't have any chance to prove it. And it's irrelevant that she will be among the crowd since nobody will be able to see her. Then if he doesn't ask her to walk with him I still think he's ashamed of her.

  22. RooRoo_0820 says – reply to this


    Re: Oliver – I agree with you totaly. good point.

  23. me says – reply to this


    she's not a gold digger, shes just trying to get knocked up so when he DOES get tired of her, at least she'll have a reason for him to HAVE to stay involved in her life…im totally team vanessa and hope that her and johnny can reconcile after he's done messing around with amber

  24. Conan The Barbar says – reply to this


    Ohlala, here I am, what do you need to know?

  25. Reese says – reply to this


    All of Amber's relationships have been opportunistic! (Since she became an actress that is; I don't know about before). The soap actor, Tasya ( provided her with a place to live when she was truly a struggling actress), and now she really hit the jackpot with JD! What she'll be able to get out of him who knows, but she already contributed to he dissolution of his family! The lesbian or bisexual debate needs to end! She's not anything, she's an opportunist! Her idol is Ayn Rand, which shows at her very core she's a selfish person!

  26. Pookie says – reply to this


    I swear I just read an article talking about Amber saying she was a lesbian.

  27. Truth Hurts says – reply to this


    Vanessa is like the majority of people from France that think they are better than anyone else in the world … stuck up, enlightened, and higher class than the rest. they hate all Americans, and American culture and think of Americans as a low class form of dumb scum, and all Americans are George Bush clones. and they are some super wonderful elite. She looks like nothing more than a silly swat (replace the "s" in swat with a "T"

  28. 128

    I don't believe one word of this story but what troubles me is that you, ape face, have zero problem with the fact that the lesbian Amber Heard suddenly decided she loves the cock when it came to a very wealthy movie star who has the ability to see to it she gets offered plum parts. Is she a gold-digging whore who is using her vagina to score? Very likely.

  29. Truth Hurts says – reply to this


    Amber is a gorgeous woman, and comes off as a very elegant "Lady" with class. Not too many women in the last couple decades that I could say that about. NONE of you know her, so it is not very nice to make assumptions like that. It is actually very ignorant. besides, I did not know you had to have a set income, and net worth to date, and/or get to know someone.

  30. 130

    Re: Reese – Ayn Rand wasn't about selfishness, you ignorant asshole. In making that statement you have exposed yourself for the uninformed maggot that you are. She preached EARNING one's way, enjoying what one earns as one sees fit, and defining one's own priorities according to one's abilities. You're probably one of those useless fucking leeches who thinks life OWES you everything. Guess what? No one owes you a single fucking thing. Get off your fat ass and get a fucking job.

  31. Reese says – reply to this


    Re: Pansy Hunter – Fuck off you idiot! I studied Ayn Rand for my literary degree! I know what I'm talking about! Literature is open for interpretation, and no one who isn't living in a cave somewhere or in the wilderness is self sufficient! It's funny you call me a leeche when those "at the top" do the most leeching in society, and then preach about earning your own keep! Enjoy your dead end 9-5 you sheep! You're just where they want you in life….

  32. ohlala says – reply to this


    Re: Conan The Barbar – What are our thoughts on: "SINGLE, sober and still ……" as part of the RS headline and later in the text: "Johnny (who's been dating 27 year old Amber Heard), ….." ?

  33. Conan The Barbar says – reply to this


    Re: ohlala – And what I'm supposed to think about it? it's just a PR's strategy. They wanna him to tell things gradually. Most of what has been told in that interview was prepared and often untrue and made up. But if you wanna know if he's still dating Amber, the answer is yes, of course but you won't see her with him on the red carpet I repeat. It's too early. Even if it's ridicolous to say, he's not ready yet to expose himself completely with her. I know that people know since more than a year they're dating, but this is Hollywood: false and hypocritical and took its time to let public know things and to formalize them. He has to do things step by step. His first step was giving his first interview after his split with Vanessa, next one will be formalizing his relationship with Amber, but only if it lasts of course and after they will be sure that the bad publicity does it course and people will get tired of talking about them. Now the fire is still on and dangerous, that's why they won't go together at any public event but if their relationship goes on, they will formalize it around next autumn. I know for sure it will take several other months in any case.

  34. manie says – reply to this


    ok, conan is right, Johnny is still dating (seeing) Amber. I wouldn't bet on this relationship, because all that Johnny yearns more is living the simple life and she can't offer it to him

  35. tega says – reply to this


    Re: Conan The Barbar – Conan. I agree. This is what I have been trying to explain. The situation here needs "baby steps" b/c a lot of people have a hard time accepting Johnny with anyone else. Everything needs to happen in time. Reports are that he didn't admit the separation at the Dark Shadows premiere b/c he didn't want to take away from the film, which I think is why he may not walk the red carpet with her for TLR premiere but if they are still together they will probably be seen together at some of the after parties.

  36. kim says – reply to this


    Re: tega – Sorry, not with anyone else but with Amber

  37. tega says – reply to this


    Re: kim – Just curious why? What makes Amber any different now than what Vanessa did except for getting pregnant but we know that Johnny was longing for a family so we really can't bring that into the picture here. That aside, what makes Amber's interests in Johnny any different than Vanessa's at the time???

  38. tega says – reply to this


    Re: tega – What I meant to say was that Johnny was a good catch for Vanessa and she knew that she did what she could to keep him just like anyone else would including Amber. Besides is fame and wealth, Johnny is a one of a kind individual and any woman would be nuts not to want to hold onto anyone as special as him.

  39. ohlala says – reply to this


    Re: Conan The Barbar – You totally changed your mind about this relationship.
    First you told us that he doesn't even want to be with her,that he is seeing other people too and that he doesn't love her. Now you tell us they will make things official in a couple of month.
    You adjusted your story to what the tabloids have been telling us all the time. Can you make up your mind?

  40. Conan The Barbar says – reply to this


    Re: ohlala – You're wrong. When I used to say that he wouldn't have ever formalized his relationship with her I was just expressing my opinion about it. I know that he's not in love with her and I know he was seeing also other people while seeing her and I still confirm that he just likes her and that what tabloids wrote about the fact that he's crazy for her is untrue. He just don't wanna be alone, he enjoys Amber's company most of time but love is another thing. And since they're not serious at all I used to think that they were not going to formalize it, but lately I've been told that they are going to do it most likely around next autumn, but ONLY if they last and I have my doubts about it. I mean, I would never bet on it because they aren't meant to be together. They aren't soulmates as tabloids tell because they're very different. She's highly manipulative and he's easy to manipulate and she likes the public attention, he doesn't at all and he avoids it as much as he can. She insisted a lot for walking with him on the red carpet but she didn't succeed. He said "no" also because his PR told him it wouldn't be good to it now that the fire is still on and dangerous and it would be a bad publicity for his movie, so people don't hope you'll see her walking with him there at the premiere. It's not gonna happen.

  41. Conan The Barbar says – reply to this


    But I've also been told that maybe he could decide to walk with her on the red carpet during the premiere of one of her movies (not necessarily "Paranoia" but the next after it) because this way he won't have to fear bad publicity for his movie and she could get good publicity for her movie instead and that's a PR strategy (not their decision) but nothing is sure yet. PR are just waiting for the right moment to make them appearing together in a public event, that's what I've been told and now time is not right yet of course. It's his PR who is handling their formalization BUT just in case their relationship goes on because she knows that if it happens sooner or later a statement is needed. This is how it works for all hollywoodian couples. Why they could formalize it around next autumn? Because it's probable that the will attend with Amber "Machete kills" premiere.

  42. Conan The Barbar says – reply to this


    Of course nothing is sure yet because I've been told that it's all up to their PR and if they reach an agreement about when and where make them appear together (if they last).

  43. ohlala says – reply to this


    Re: Conan The Barbar
    To me it looks like they are living together in a low key, commited relationship with each other for a year and a half already.
    PR is making damage control by taking things step by step for the public.Which, i believe, is normal for Hollywood. If the tabloids turn out to be right again, they may come up with the message in fall that they tie the knot together.
    If they already make plans for attending premieres together and formalizing things, they must be very convinced that their relationship is made to last, Don't you think?

  44. ohlala says – reply to this


    Re: Conan The Barbar – Who would want to formalize a "not at all serious" relationship some time later?
    Plans like that only make sense if they are serious already. Or do they think they will be serious by then?
    PR makes the plans, but only if they are told by their clients to do so. Right? Why else would they need a plan?
    Can you explain this to me?

  45. Conan The Barbar says – reply to this


    Re: ohlala – If they already make plans for attending premieres together and formalizing things, it's because at one point in Hollywood if you're dating since more than a year someone, you can't hide it forever or you could get the liar reputation so you HAVE to formalize it sooner or later, but this doesn't necessarily mean they have something serious together. It's not about love I repeat. He likes Amber but last year he would have preferred to reconcile with Vanessa if it was up to him, that's the truth. Now since he doesn't wanna be alone he's dating Amber because she's surely not indifferent to him. Believe it or not, they're (occasional) lovers since 2009. Vanessa found out that he had cheated on her with Amber only in 2010 and she split with him for a period but didn't want to announce for their children and because that's Hollywood. When couples split, their PR often tell them to formalize the news long time later and not soon. Then, back in 2010 Vanessa and Johnny after having a very bad period reconciled again but in autumn of 2011 everybody knows what happened again.

  46. Finish girl says – reply to this


    Conan Barbarian. Please tell because you know everything. Amber Is it a gold digger? Plan for this couple to get married? Vanessa to be concerned about? I ask because you're an insider. As you've been told in the past there.

  47. Conan The Barbar says – reply to this


    So yes his thing with Amber is lasting since long but it's not about love I repeat, she's his rebound since he knows he doesn't have any chance with Vanessa anymore. She forgave him many times because he often messed up with other women, he's not monogamous but at the same time he wanted to keep his family together and now that he can't anymore he's dating Amber rather than being alone. But you know, it's not that you need to be in love to formalize your relationship. Don't be naive, Hollywood is full of couples who are not in love or serious and formalizing thei relationships is only a part of the game. The Hollywoodian circus game I mean.

  48. Conan The Barbar says – reply to this


    Re: Finish girl – More than a gold-digger (I don't think she is, even though she surely likes money and fame like evrybody else in that world of course) she's his fan since her adolescence. She always hoped to meet him someday and it's not really a case that she got in contact with Nicholas Cage and Marilyn Manson. No, they're not planning to get married, that's an absolute bul***hit and yes, Vanessa doesn't like Amber of course but I really don't know if she's worried because I can't know everything of course. I just can tell you thing that I've been told but if you wanna know what I think about it, Vanessa doesn't give a sh*t anymore about what Depp does. She only cares about her children and moving on with her life.

  49. ohlala says – reply to this


    Re: Conan The Barbar – Thank you for explaining and sharing your thoughts.

  50. Finish girl says – reply to this


    Thanks Conan

  51. tega says – reply to this


    Re: Conan The Barbar – So you're saying that Johnny pursuing her with gifts, flowers and poems (if the tabloids are correct) was because he "liked" her? Sorry. Not buying it. Past history shows Johnny falls fast and hard and he has obviously fallen for Amber. The fact they have been together for almost two years now (maybe more) tells more than just "like."

  52. Conan The Barbar says – reply to this


    Re: tega – What flowers? What poems? You're really naive. Tabloids are making up sill stories and I'd also explain why but I can't. Anyway, he only gave her a horse and some jewelry but that's because he's rich enough and he's generous with people he likes. But you don't have to be in love with a woman to give her present. He often gives present also to his male friends… is he in love with them too? Please!!! You're very naive because you believe in everything that you read on magazines, ah? The fact that he falls hard for his women is a PR strategy to make him looking like the perfect guy that every woman would dream of meeting. I'm not saying he's not a gentleman, but there's so much you don't know about him. You should know that the public image given by magazines on hollywoodian superstars is fake for most cases. If you just got to know how these superstars really live their lives and what they really do, don't think you would still admire them as human beings. Most of Hollywood is fake, terrible fake. Get a reason and don't believe in everything you read. Even official interviews of these superstars are often prepared, studied and managed by PR who try to make them look as better as possible. It's their PR who tell them what to say and what is not good to say during interviews. But if you wanna keep believing that hollywood superstars are true people because you don't wanna hurt yourself I'm sorry and I can't do anything for you.

  53. MK says – reply to this


    Johnny only has been seen publicly holding hands with his official girlfriends; Kate Moss, Winona and Vanessa Paradis…and now with Amber. That fact speaks VOLUMES to me about Johnny's feelings for her. even more than any BS who somebody who said is an insider (c'mon any troll can come here to claim to know all the true!! so naive people here)
    I don't like her, but Johnny has been dating her for almost two years, he broke up his marriage, has been three weeks with her in New Mexico and took her by the hand in a public event where he knew it was full of paparazzis, so It's pretty clear to me that he's serious about her.

  54. tega says – reply to this


    Re: Conan The Barbar – I'm not niave and I don't believe everything I read but let's face it. A lot of the stories in the "big" tabloids do turn out to be true so I do think people should take them all with a grain of salt. Nobody wanted to believe the tabloid stories in January about the problems in their relationship but it turned out to be true. I realize Johnny is not God and there is a lot to him that must be difficult to deal with but on the other and there are many good things also. As far as him falling fast and hard - How many times has he been engaged? He was married once very young and I believe the was engaged at least three times to women he was with not even two years. My math could be a little off but I think I make my point here.

  55. Conan The Barbar says – reply to this


    I don't need anyone to believe me, but someone asked me things and I answered telling what I know but maybe I did wrong. I shouldn't have given any answer and that's it. At the end I see that people keep believing what they want to believe, so words are pointless.

  56. jamina says – reply to this


    To find out the real reasons of their separation is necessary to listen to this song, written by the producer for Vanessa Paradis. It's called "Plus d 'amour" and speaks of this: "when there is love, there are hair on the jacket, incessant insults, tears and blood. There's the wine that makes it less loving and there is the fear of lover ….. The lyrics you can find it on youtube. in French and translate it. Bye

  57. jamina says – reply to this


    To find out the real reasons of their separation is necessary to listen to this song, written by the producer for Vanessa Paradis. It's called "Plus d 'amour" and speaks of this: "when there isn't love, there are hairs on the jacket, incessant insults, tears and blood. There's the wine that makes it less loving and there is the fear of lover ….. The lyrics you can find it on youtube. in French and translate it. It's all here. Bye

  58. smiling says – reply to this


    Re: Conan The Barbar – Are you sure that they are still together, because I have found some signs on the web that they are no longer dating

  59. Finish girl says – reply to this


    All the stuff is useless from here People will wait and see what happens.

  60. Conan The Barbar says – reply to this


    Re: smiling – What signs? Some quotes of the interview of Rolling Stones??

  61. smiling says – reply to this


    Re: Conan The Barbar – No.Have you heard anything about this?

  62. tega says – reply to this


    Re: jamina – The only issue I have with this song is that it was not written by Vanessa. As a matter of fact, I don't think a lot of the songs on the album were written by her. They may relate to what she was going through but a lot of the songs are not her words and whatever she did write was many years in the making. She used a song that her, Johnny and Lily Rose did 8 years ago, which she referred to in an interview as a song done by mother, daughter and "Johnny". I'm sure she had her reasons for not referring to Johnny as "father" but this does sound a little bitter to me. She wouldn't speak of the breakup b/c she said she had her kids to protect but I think she was holding out for people to buy her album. Of course, that's just my opinion and people may not agree.

  63. liz says – reply to this


    Re: Conan The Barbar

    what about his new tattoo a hand written, Come with me …. Slim? is it Amber related??

  64. lilib says – reply to this


    Johnny has a new tattoo writing - come with me - and signed as Slim. Do you think it has anything to do with Amber

  65. Conan The Barbar says – reply to this


    Re: smiling – Of course not. I didn't heard they split, I've been told they're still dating and people just speculated about quotes on the rolling stones article. So now please enlight us and tell what are these signs you're talking about and what you "heard" about…… =.=

  66. MK says – reply to this


    Re: smiling – I don't think it's true that they have split. The only thing I found on the press is from Mediamass and that's a "parody" site over very invented news.
    And by the way, his fans just found interesting things about one of his new tattoos the handwriting phrase "Come with me…" and then signed by "Slim". "Slim" happens to be Lauren Bacall's role in "to Have and Have Not" the movie where she meet her husband Humphrey Bogart (with a huge age gap and he was married also).
    We all know that Johnny said to meet Amber was like to meet Lauren Bacall and his fans also found that Amber's handwriting looks totally like the handwriting on his new tattoo…
    So I think we know now her intimate nickname…"Slim"

  67. liz says – reply to this


    Re: Conan The Barbar

    do you know about his new tattoo, hand written Come with me …. Slim, is it Amber related????

  68. "Slim" says – reply to this


    Hey, you the one asking about Slim: Go to Johnny Depp Zone, then to the Pit and then to thread " Pic Discussion: Lone Ranger Santa Fe press junket" in the pages 3 and 4 they all have all the information and even pictures of Amber's handwriting. It seems that Slim is her new nickname
    Also Bogart and Bacall have a lot in common with Depp and Heard. They meet in a movie (in the movie where Bacall had the nickname of "Slim"). She has 19 years old and Bogart 45. He was married, they fall in love but they didn't start their romance until a couple of years after that, because he was struggling between his marriage and his love for Bacall, but the destiny re-reunited them again a couple of years after…just like Depp/Heard meet in 2009, but the destiny (and the promotion of the movie) re-reunited them again on 2011

  69. Conan The Barbar says – reply to this


    Re: liz – Yes, but it its meaning has got a double sense…. I mean it has two different sense. can't say what they are sorry.

  70. Meh says – reply to this


    The new tattoo it doesn't like a tattoo either. to me it seems like a her handwriting with a pen.
    And if that's true, then it means she was with him before the Lone Ranger press conference yesterday (well, it said she has been with him the three weeks he has been in New Mexico working) and she wrote the message on his arm "Come with me…"
    A sort of sultry reminder of she is waiting for him at home? maybe

  71. liz says – reply to this


    Re: Conan The Barbar

    whats the double sense?? please tell.

  72. Conan The Barbar says – reply to this


    Re: Meh – It's not a reminder at all.

  73. Conan The Barbar says – reply to this


    Re: liz – Well I just can say that someone got close to the first sense and the second one is not so difficult to understand. When a woman writes and tells to his man "come with me" and then we realize that he started to lose some weight since he was over with the lone ranger shooting there's a strong connection with the word "slim"….. now who gets it just get it…….

  74. Meh says – reply to this


    Re: Conan The Barbar – yeah, sure. Because maybe you were into their bedroom? to know about the meaning of everything! Oh gosh, you're the insider with more information I've ever known. You'd should be working for People! ahaha!

  75. T says – reply to this


    Now someone on the Zone says it might be a line from the movie 'To Have or Have Not' but her character didn't say Come with me:

    Your attention everyone.
    All this is regrettable. But there is no cause for alarm. We're
    only interested in those persons who have broken the rules laid
    down for their behavior. We shall pick out certain individuals.
    Those we do not designate will leave immediately. This place will
    then remain closed for tonight. This man. You. You and

    Was you ever bit by a dead bee?

    Come with me, please

    Or it could be a quote from 'Of Mice and Men':

    "Of Mice And Men": ….Slim says to George, “You had to do it. You had to. It was the only way. Come with me.” Slim and George walk away sadly…..

    Who knows? This whole 'relationship' is getting more and more confusing the longer it continues.

  76. MK says – reply to this


    Re: T – I can't see what is so confusing for you? he call her by a nickname over a Lauren Bacall's character (maybe because if he called her "Lauren" and wrote something on his arm would be too obvious) but that's doesn't mean he is linking her to that movie or to that character nor even quoting that movie- He is just using the nickname from the movie were Bacall and Bogart did meet, as a naughty nickname for his lover.

  77. Conan The Barbar says – reply to this


    Re: Meh – Come on Meh, I was just joking because that writing has one sense (at least the official one I mean). This is what someone mentioned but the double sense I personally mentioned was just my speculation I admit without any problem ;) I'm honest, it was just for laughing. Of course I can't know anything, I'm not an insider as you think, I'm just one of his fans (disappointed lately by the fact that I found out that he's not the true person I used to think he was) who happened to know and having some talking sometimes with someone who knows things and that's it. The reason why I made that joke about the tattoo is because I heard (I swear it!) that they like each others mostly because they have an incredible chemistry (in a sexual way of course) so I thought that "come with me" could have a double meaning because I also heard other things regarding that I can't really tell. Anyway what has been written on the zone was really close to the truth, that's sure.

  78. tega says – reply to this


    Johnny has some new tattoos which are seen from pictures of the press junket in Santa Fe on June 19. These can be seen in the forums section of a website "The Johnny Depp Zone" One is on his left arm and says "man is a giddy thing" and someone posted that it's a line from the song "sigh no more" of Mumford and Sons and that person thinks it has something to do with the break up and "new love" but says it is depressing. The other is on the inside of his right arm and it is handwriting that says "Come With Me" and continues up the arm with the word "Slim." People in the site say Lauren Bacall starred in a movie where her name was Slim and that fact that Johnny said in a live interview that when he saw her she reminded him of a young LB people there agree it might be a nickname for Amber and they compared her handwriting and they agree it is same as hers. Coincidence? I don't think so.

  79. Nicky says – reply to this


    Re: T – Still seems as her handwriting, how do you explain that? because it doesn't look as a professional tattoo at all

  80. lilib says – reply to this


    If Amber wrote this, so she really seduced him

  81. tega says – reply to this


    Re: MK – Exactly. "A naughty nickname for his lover." Clearly a nickname for Amber. I know people who have tattoos and they all get them b/c it represents something personal in their lives. Obviously this one is personal for Johnny. He said in a live interview that his tattoos were "like a journal, a way" so he isn't quoting from a movie just to put that there.

  82. I like letters says – reply to this


    Re: tega – Yeah! it looks as her handwriting. I know a thing or two about it and "w", "e", "m", etc, looks the same, also especially the way she tends to round the capital letter in her autographs (you could see it in the "C" and "S" in Slim), etc.
    Some person said that "TH" doesn't look the same, but if you see one of her autographs you could see that she also does a different "t", etc. And you also have to consider that write over skin isn't the same than over the paper, so it's a little more difficult

  83. tega says – reply to this


    Re: tega – Here are the lyrics from the Mumford & Sons "sigh no more"
    song which is the tatoo on Johnny's left arm.

    Serve God, love me and mend
    This is not the end
    Lived unbruised, we are friends
    And I'm sorry
    I'm sorry

    Sigh no more, no more
    One foot in sea and one on shore
    My heart was never pure
    And you know me
    You know me

    But man is a giddy thing
    Oh man is a giddy thing
    Oh man is a giddy thing
    Oh man is a giddy thing

    Love it will not betray you
    Dismay or enslave you, it will set you free
    Be more like the man you were made to be
    There is a design, an alignment, a cry
    Of my heart to see,
    The beauty of love as it was made to be

  84. Mandy says – reply to this


    I agree with anyone is saying that it's impossible that their relationship is not serious. If it wasn't, he wouldn't have agreed to come out with her in public at the Rolling Stones concert. He looked unconfortable just because he feels guilty for some reasons with Vanessa and their children, so he was embarassed about the idea of getting cozy in public with another woman but I bet that in their private life Amber and Johnny are happy because if they weren't, they would split. I truly believe Amber has always been his fan and that she really likes him. I perceived it in the moment that I saw their kissing scene in the movie. They kissed like they were hungry about each others. He kisses her slowly and calmly, with passion and intensity and she kisses him like she wanna explore him. I think they're fine together and if they're going to formalize their relationship well then nobody can doubt they're serious. Amber follows him everywhere, she also missed the Q&A of her movie to stay with hin in New Mexico and that's love. No matter what haters and trolls tell, they are in love but many people can't get a reason yet so they start to invent things and to write nasty thing about them. Jealousy is a very bad thing.

  85. tega says – reply to this


    Re: tega – Correction: the tattoo is "man is a giddy thing" not "sigh no more"

  86. Mandy says – reply to this


    Re: tega – Is this related to Vanessa or to Amber? I don't understand!

  87. lilib says – reply to this


    one else has found a new meaning to the tattoo that, for me, matches with Johnny. This line is an excerpt from the book "Of Mice and Men" by John Steinbeck: Slim says to George, "You had to do it. You had to. It was the only way. Come with me. "Slim and George walk away sadly ….

  88. tega says – reply to this


    Re: Mandy – The tattoo is on the same arm (his left arm) very close to the tattoo of the three hearts inside the arm representing Vanessa and the two kids, so I would assume it is related to her. He showed the hearts tattoo during an interview for Public Enemies which he had said was "most recent" at that moment. The thing that struck me about that one is that the two hearts representing the kids are joined but the one representing Vanessa is not connected to them. The new tattoo is on the outside of the arm and is located in the middle between the elbow and shoulder. P.S. Johnny is friends with the band who did a song for West Memphis 3 soundtrack and there are pictures of Johnny at one of their concerts.

  89. tega says – reply to this


    Re: Mandy – The first time I saw The Rum Diary was when rumors were flying that Vanessa was jealous of Angeline Jolie b/c Johnny was filming The Tourist and I thought to myself that if Vanessa had anyone to worry about it should be Amber b/c I thought she was beautiful and that was the best kiss and sex scene (almost) I have ever seen Johnny do with real passion and the way he looked at her was different than other movies. There is a You Tube Video "Paul Kemp and Chenault __ Love Me Tonight" and it shows the sex scene from lots of different angles and he really seemed into the part more than I have ever seen before. He didn't look uncomfortable at all doing that scene or the kiss scene.

  90. DOOL says – reply to this


    Amber missing the Q&A means nothing Kellun and Siloh also pulled a no show. I think her Reps probably told her to do something esle when they found out that they weren't going to be there.

  91. Lucilda says – reply to this


    Ahahaha! I'm sure the people saying that the tattoo doesn't look like Amber's writing or it's about a random book (even if it can't explain why the handwriting? just compare this one with the type of fonts of the others! (the another new one or with "No Reason") ) are the same people who said that the woman in Creede wasn't Amber; she wasn't wearing HIS t-shirt; that it wasn't HER pendant the one that Johnny was carrying; they didn't were dating; and the "tall, blonde, drop-dead gorgeous young woman" and the "cute little tiny dog" with him at the gas station weeks ago, it was another "tall, blonde, drop-dead gorgeous young woman" also with a "cute little tiny dog", but no Amber, of course!
    Excuses, excuses, excuses. Just get over it people, they are dating and couples do these kinds of things
    Even more with them. Remember they weren't only secret couple for over a year. They were a forbidden couple, lovers, for some time! (if none of them was in-fact single when they started they affair).
    And it makes sense to keep the secret, by naming each other with nicknames. It's far more inscrutable to have in a cell phone a text message from "Slim" than under the name "Amber Laura Heard"
    I wonder if Amber could call him Bogie? or maybe Harry as his character in the same movie. hmmmm

  92. SilentNight700 says – reply to this


    Re: lilib

    I ain't saying she's a gold digger …But she ain't messin' with no broke, broke…XD

  93. KARIME says – reply to this


    She is a golddigger obviously

  94. PK says – reply to this


    I wouldn't say she's a gold digger neither but sometimes…….. I wonder if she swallows……

  95. Finish girl says – reply to this


    Who cares about any of the tattoo. Allows people to have this couple in peace and live the life they want to, like,. Who here in the forum to ask permission from the other, how to socialize and mingle with whether? Amber very beautiful girl and Johnny hot. I have more to say about this couples.

  96. Manie says – reply to this


    Re: Meh – I don't know what made ​​you disappointed about Johnny, but from what I know, he is a true person. He is not a cheater as someone is saying. Often things get out of our control. But, I can guarantee you that Johnny wasn't in love with Amber because she had difficulty getting his attention.
    Johnny was very depressed, as you can see by the Rolling Stone article and his new tattoos.
    Smiling, I don't know about any sign that they are not seeing each other. But I know that Tasya, as a good Samaritan gave support by phone, to Amber this last weekend, it seems that things are not going well between Johnny and Amber.

  97. Martina says – reply to this


    I compared the handwriting of Johnny's tattoo with the Amber's handwriting, and for me they don't match. Johnny loves to read and for me this is one quote from the book of Steinbeck. These last months Johnny looks very sad as IMO these quotes are from the book and from the song. Perez has reason, Johnny deserves a big hug

  98. tega says – reply to this


    I looked up the words "man is a giddy thing" and besides this line being in a Mumford & Sons, song, this is what I found: "Generally it means we humans are frivolous or impulsive. It's a quote from Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing. Within context of Benedick's speech, he can be translated as saying, "Now that I have decided to marry, I won't take any taunts you may throw at me even though I taunted all of you for getting married. For men are a giddy thing (impulsive) and this is my conclusion."

  99. jamina says – reply to this


    It' true. The song Talks about their break…!!

  100. Sense says – reply to this


    I don't know why the people said he looks sad. I see pictures of him in the promo of Lone Range and he looks fantastic, even smiling and laughing in the interviews

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