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Ed Sheeran And Selena Gomez's Rumored Duet Not Happening!!

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selena ed no duet

A Seleeran duet would have been a match made in heaven!!!

We reported earlier that Ed Sheeran was caught leaving Selena Gomez's house last week with guitar in hand!

Sheeran WAS hanging at Selly's L.A. pad, but it wasn't for work. The 22-year-old singer confirms:

“I literally went to a house party at her house and I had my guitar because I had come from the airport."

Ugh. Our hearts are breaking!!!

Ed's lovely lyrics and Selena's pop magic would be EVERYTHING!!!

Watch the full interview…AFTER THE JUMP!!!

[Image via WENN/Dominic Chan/HRC.]

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27 comments to “Ed Sheeran And Selena Gomez's Rumored Duet Not Happening!!”

  1. daisy says – reply to this


    yh because she cant sing…*flock of selena fans scurry over to this post* ah shit

  2. dan says – reply to this


    stop with this girl. i was gonna give her a chance but shes just so annoying now. i just found out that the mobie getaway is directed by the WORST of the WORST who directed and produced dungeons and dragons among other horrible horrible movies. its gonna be baddd.

  3. 3

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  4. janetxox says – reply to this


    genuine question: does anyone know exactly where selenas career may end up? do u guys think she will get an oscar one day or not, will she end up being another washed up disney star or on drugs, and do u think she can deliver in her upcoming movies. like dan, i read about the director of the getaway which really put me off but i need to watch it to see if she has improved enough to gain success.

  5. Christy says – reply to this


    Re: janetxox
    I've given Selena many chances. She's a likable girl, but she is not Oscar material. If anyone from the Disney camp can do it, I'd put money on Vanessa Hudgens (who also starred in Spring Breakers). Critics have noticed her and she's getting better every year. Selena's career benefitted from Justin Bieber and that's the only reason her name keeps getting tossed around. The Getaway looks like a terrible film. She isn't very convincing and she's riding on the coattails of this Bieber fame. It won't last long.

  6. janetxox says – reply to this


    Re: Christy – completely agree. i have noticed such a great improvement in vanessas acting from hsm to spring breakers to frozen ground. she also puts on a very convincing accent for FG. however a lot of selenas fans think otherwise but they arent thinking of the publics response and critics view to selenas acting. that is more important than what teens or kids think.
    what i like about vanessa is that she is not afraid to improve and has been seen going to take lessons still. she also said that she would rather audition for the role and get it than it handed to her because it shows that she worked for it. selenas team on the other hand bought the rights to 13 reasons why so she could get the part.

  7. tanya says – reply to this


    Re: Christy – vanessa can quite easily transition into an old hollywood beauty because of her exotic looks. although selena looks exotic, she lacks something that makes her unique. and thats not just in her looks, its her acting and singing. i think she is adorable in every possible way but the only thing i liked her in was WOWP. since then, nothing she has been in has impressed me or even seemed to be improvement. she chose a tame spring breakers role which is fine but she still needs to push herself. i think that vanessa could get a lot of critic attention from starring in frozen ground and gimme shelter because she really does push herself. im just waiting on selena to do the same if she ever does.

  8. kimmy says – reply to this


    Re: janetxox – i dont see selena winning an oscar or even a nomination because frankly i dont think she has that urge. shes gorgeous but she seems quite limited and confusing. sometimes she wants to push herself, then the next she wants to keep her young fans. selena, u cant juggle both it is merely impossible to do so. i havent seen any of the disney actresses her agegroup do what she is attempting to do because it could end up with selena losing more fans than she thinks.

  9. laura says – reply to this


    Re: janetxox – her career could last really long or gone in 60 seconds (like that reference? ;) ) because she looks so young she has a long time to improve but that will cost her the dear fans she is holding onto. selena may even have a breakdown because she is trying to keep everyone happy; her parents, fans, public, critics and its just getting worse and worse

  10. rose says – reply to this


    Re: Christy – nah vanessa is only slightly better than selena. zac efron will probably go the furthest at this point if we are referring to all disney stars this age group. females? probably vanessa.

  11. LC says – reply to this


    Re: Christy – I completely agree too and I always wondered why they give shine to Selena Gomez and not Vanessa Hudgens. It's because Vanessa is a serious actress and not an attention whore. She doesn't want the media's attention, and she's only focused on her personal life and acting. Selena on the other hand is an annoying attention seeker who uses famous people around her and charity work to brainwash and stupid little fans and make them believe she has talent. There are wayyy better actors then her, could never touch a Jennifer Lawrence for example, and her singing…. let's not talk about that. I don't wanna be hating but I'm being real and this girl is a fraud who's craving for money and she'll do anything for it.

  12. Timothee says – reply to this


    Re: janetxox – OSCAR? LOL

  13. Hu says – reply to this


    Selena sure has alot of house party's at her place. Something doesn't seem right

  14. kate says – reply to this


    @janetxox, by looking at her upcoming movies on IMDb, its clear that they arent as "dark and edgy" as people are hoping. i was pretty hyped for getaway and the trailer just made me frown a lot. makeup has a LOT to do with making u look the part so that people can feel the movie, not just watch it. she still looked all pretty and made-up with neat hair just with a hoodie. if she was wearing no makeup then they shouldve put make up on so she looked tired and more believeable as some kid causing a bit of trouble. a day later the trailer for frozen ground came out and what do ya know? i actually want to watch it. vanessa, the LAST person i would want to watch in a movie was convincing to the point where i didnt recognize her.

  15. riley says – reply to this


    Re: LC – thank goodness someone else thinks the same. u never really see vanessa unless shes going to the gym which is quite annoying but u dont hear news about who she was seen with or whatever because shes only had two stable relationships whilst in hollywood. zac and austin. no back and forth news just consistent relationships. it gets so frustrating that selena gets so much coverage even though SELENA AND VANESSA HAVE THE SAME PR AND AGENT.

  16. candyluv says – reply to this


    Re: Hu – i thought that too. she sure likes to party. only a matter of time before her 21. brace yourselves

  17. danielle says – reply to this


    of course ed doesnt want a duet with selena. she's an untalented artist. dont write, dont play instruments and cant sing live

  18. pon says – reply to this


    thank god. Ed need to work with other amazing artists, not a kid

  19. marti says – reply to this


    Re: LC – i think that only overexposed celebs have the amount of attention selena gets. she has a clothing line, some crazy young fans, perfume, album etc. and u guys cant even say that its just for the little fans because rihanna has done the same as well as nicki minaj and are those for "little fans"? nope. even beyonce is on the overexposed side.

  20. leo says – reply to this


    I don't know her act work but I heard some of her songs and she sucks. I love the songs she sings, they are catchy but she cant sing at all

  21. daniela says – reply to this



  22. marti says – reply to this


    Re: daniela – im not comparing them as people/talent, im comparing them as products of the media attention. beyonce is great and all but she DID go through a phase of her literally being everywhere remember? tour, perfumes (dog on heat or something),superbowl, h&m, "bow-down" song, blue ivy mystery, pepsi etc it goes on ppl will always love her but that doesnt stop her from being overexposed

  23. daniela says – reply to this


    marti - I know you're comparing them as products of the media attention but beyonce is overexposed but she is really talented so people always talk about her work too. the same doesnt happen for selena. Like, spring break, media only btalked about her body and her disney image change

  24. selenagomezfan says – reply to this


    That blog was weird. And so stupid!

  25. marti says – reply to this


    Re: daniela – i get what ur saying. beyonce does have a lot more talent than selena, but that doesnt necessarily justify her increased amount of attention. she is great, but beyonce did get annoying at one point. its better to keep a balance. mind u, selena will probably never get that balance because she didnt have any promising talent to begin with.

  26. taketwo says – reply to this


    Re: daniela – If she can't sing then why are her songs going gold,platinum and hitting the Billboard Top 10? Every singer has their own sound. Selena has a lower voice range but her voice go with her music. Just because you want her to a higher voice ranger doesn't mean she can't sing. I heard her sing at Unicef Charity concert which is all acoustic and she sounded great.

  27. taketwo says – reply to this


    Re: janetxox – I say give her a chance to get use to acting on more serious roles. She just started making Holywood movies a little over a year ago. She's used to doing TV shows for kids and Hollywood is a totally different story. That's why she 's willing to take just about any serious role that is offered to her. Of course having a baby face is going to make it harder on her to find a real grown up role.