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11 comments to “facebook-awful-china-has-dog-meat-festivalhttpperezly13yolsc”

  1. fid says – reply to this


    I've never eaten dog meat and never will but what's the difference between having a rib fest, or lobster fest, or a chicken hoe-down. They all involve the slaughtering of animals. Sure dogs are pets in many parts of the world, but in some parts they're just another animal that is used for meat. Why are there levels of what is humane and what isn't? Is the life of a pig, cow, chicken or deer lower than that of a dog? There are people who have chickens and pigs as pets yet no one gets upset that we love our wings and bacon.

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    You know some countries eat dog. Sure it's weird to people in the US because we have them as pets and never have the need to eat them. But I know someone who went abroad for a year and when she did it was a country that eats dog. And one of the main reasons they did was because parts of the year regular eaten food was scarce so they ate dog meat.
    You think it's awful, but you will eat other types of meat and judge. Even though you live a luxurious life in America where your food sources can come from anywhere.

  3. 3

    For people comparing cows and pigs to dogs… they are not the same. Dogs evolved with man. I watched a documentary on dogs and their intelligence. They evolved to be a companion to humans. They can learn over 100 human words, can follow simple eye movement of humans in order to find certain things and can perceive that humans use our eyes to view certain things the way we do. A cow or pig didn't evolve to help humans in the same way a dog did, so when people consume dogs, no matter the culture it is a little disturbing. Not so much that they are animals, but that they thrive by humans. Think of the training we have for dogs to help people who can't get around properly. Pigs are very intelligent, but they would never be able to get a remote or open a door or even press a button to call 911 for a person because unlike dogs, pigs can't use our facial expressions to act. Dogs actually mimic humans to some degree. Watch their eye movement. The will look up, follow our eye movement and if you have ever seen a dog beg you'll notice similarities. That is why eating dogs is so taboo, because they evolved with us and for us, unlike other animals.

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    Re: misscheriamor – thank you!

  5. cat says – reply to this


    Re: misscheriamor – Pigs are actually more intelligent than dogs, and if you think dogs evolved *for* anything then you obviously do not understand how evolution works

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    hey dog eaters you suck! I love puppies

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    Re: cat – I watched a show today that explained all of this. Scientist explained it. I know pigs are more intelligent, but they aren't companions of humans. When the wolf became companion animals of humans they had litters of pups, eventually their brain did change. They became less aggressive and eventually morphed into different breeds that were bred for different lines of work. So yes, I do understand evolution. I watched the show less than 24 hours ago. Dogs evolved to what they are now by the side of man. They didn't stay the same or we'd be having wolves as pets. They evolve at a different rate than humans due to the fact that their lives are shorter. Look up Russia breeding foxes in the 80s and you'll see the same thing. A few generations in and the foxes changed. Pigs may be more intelligent, but they don't have the bond that humans and dogs have because we didn't mould the pig to be our companion. Dogs have, over time, developed to understand us more. Look up the documentary if you want. It was called Dog Genius.

  8. 8

    Re: cat – They did evolve to do things. I've been studying dogs since I could read. So if you want facts, I have them. Why do you think we have dogs for hearding, sporting, hunting, companions and working? We bred them for that. That is why a Puli has the coat it has, because it was what worked for the job they did for humans. Why do breeds in the mountains have thick, double coats and breeds that started in Egypt have short hair? We bred dogs to be different breeds. Have you ever read a book on dogs before or watched Westminster? They kind of explain this all for you.

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  11. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: misscheriamor – I once had a dog that I figured had a far larger vocabulary than that. He knew the names of over 100 toys, many more commonly used household objects, and would bring the requested one at command without error, along with dozens of other action phrases. He would go to any room suggested and bring back any item asked for. He literallly laughed at physical comedy on t.v. He knew the names of everyone in our circle and would go to them when asked. He knew his food names the best, hehe. He opened cupboards and doors at will to get what he wanted. I could go on. He was a 75 pound tri-colored Shepard-short haired Collie cross.