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Busy night, Biebsy?? It's just another day in the life of Justin Bieber when you get into a minor car accident, are accused of hit-and-run, and then have… Read more…

14 comments to “Justin Bieber Accused Of & Cleared In Hit-And-Run Accident All In ONE Night!”

  1. nationalenqurer says – reply to this


    check out the comment secton in "qeerity" web site of hs recent photo shoot
    oh the hilarity

  2. 2

    Oh please!!! I am sick of this Justin low-ended, bitchy behavior!!! I am not a hater, actually I used to love him… But in recent time he acts like crap. I think sth will actually happen if he continue to do stuff like these.

  3. 3

    To be honest I used to love him now I only actually like his music he needs to grow up a bit and stop taking advantage of the fact that he's famous because soon that's not going to keep him out of trouble

  4. Wayne says – reply to this


    Re: RavenQ – Check your facts before you speak out idiot. I've watched the video of this and the paparazzi thew himself on the car and pretended he is hurt, the worst acting I've ever seen. LAPD ALREADY cleared him and said he didn't know he hit anyone. No charges. Whether he really did see him or not, the stupid idiot just faked the worse performance I've ever seen. Bieber haters please at least check your facts before speaking out the worst bullshit about the kid. His behavior isn't that bad at all, don't make me count you the worst ones who get pass with how they act.

  5. fid says – reply to this


    I don't like Bieber but really the paparazzi are generally to blame. If I were walking down the street and some a-hole had his flash on and was taking multiple photos of me and being in my face and saying horrible things to me, I may want to punch them out too. Also, they should be charged for impeding traffic, they want to sell their photo for $400 and they're putting lives at risk, even their own. A-holes.

  6. 6

    The paparazzi guy is entirely to blame, HE WAS BLOCKING JUSTIN'S CAR AND THREW HIMSELF IN FRONT OF IT.

  7. ivan says – reply to this


    Re: iloveonedirection99 – How is trying to get out while people are surrounding your car and flashing pics in your face ignoring calls for them to move out bitchy behavior on his part. He is constantly harassed by these morons.

  8. 8

    hardto have any sympathy when he invites all these incidents by going to clubs and courting the paps out and about. God forbid the likes of him and Kim K actually stay indoors and stop fishing for attention when they not working :/

  9. ok_then says – reply to this


    I realize a picture of Justin Bieber is worth money and that he is the most chased after celebrity by the paparazzi. But that should not mean that it should be a case of doing whatever it takes to get a photo. Even if that means putting yourself in harms way. I blame the media who is desperate for photos of Justin that these paparazzi literally put their lives on the line to get a exclusive photo that they can sell to the highest bidder.

  10. ok_then says – reply to this


    Don't blame Justin for these paparazzi getting themselves into trouble chasing after him. I can sympathize in a way with these people who are just trying to make a living and that getting an exclusive picture of Justin Bieber can pay the rent. The blame should be on the media outlets who are throwing money in the faces of these paparazzi to get a exclusive picture of Justin in any means possible. Justin is a big money maker for these paparazzi and media outlets.

  11. brianna rocha says – reply to this


    I think this is stupid. Really not fair to blame justin for stuff like this. if the guy didnt want to get hit he should have moved. its picture it pays the bills but u cant rake any pics if ur in a hospital bed. they need to chill out. i blame them for justins shitty behavior lately he cant catch a break and its not like other stars havent had run ins with the papz. We all saw the video of how they acted with him in britain. they were insulting anybody wouldwant to fight back. Just not fair hes still has feeling and emotions. hes only 19.

  12. David Algire says – reply to this


    I am a busy corporate exec but still have time for a little Beiber.

  13. hello kitty15 says – reply to this


    Wow why do people hate him I think you are jeloues but not really I really do like him and his alwsome music some may not know me but it is ok just keep tryin your bestto just love him just once .what did he do to you

  14. juanalaloca says – reply to this


    the question is why was she driving? isn't she like 15?!