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50 Shades Of Grey: The Movie Found A Fresh Female Director! Get All The Dirty Deets HERE!

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50 shades of grey director Sam Taylor-Johnson twitter el james

Whoa!!! This development is 50 shades of grrrrrrrreat!

According to author E.L. James, her characters Christian Grey and Ana Steele finally found a director for their porn film!

The Queen of Soccer-Mom Erotica broke the fabulous 50 Shades of Grey news on Twitter earlier today.

She revealed:

Sam Taylor-Johnson!!!! An inspired choice!!!

We haven't seen her work before, but we're confident she's amazeballz!!

Besides, 70 million people purchased a copy of the super sultry & totally seXXXY novel!

Uwe Boll and M. Night Shyamalan could co-direct and box office returns would still be bigger than Christian Grey's, uhh, checking account.

Sam will certainly have some interesting casting decisions to make!

Ian or Alex? Alex or Ian?

Ugh!! That's a toughie!!

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[Image via Facebook.]

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60 comments to “50 Shades Of Grey: The Movie Found A Fresh Female Director! Get All The Dirty Deets HERE!”

  1. Lauren says – reply to this


    Awesome!! Now they just need to cast Henry Cavill and Emilia Clarke and get on with it! :)

  2. Melissa says – reply to this


    EL James, Kelly Marcel and Sam Taylor Johnson are all British. Lets keep the trend and cast Henry Cavill as Christian and Felicity Jones or Emilia Clarke as Ana! Ian and Alex are no Christian Grey.

  3. Lisa K says – reply to this


    Finally!!! It's about time. No to Ian Somerhalder or Alex Skarsgard. Both are too old for the roles, and Ian lacks physically based on Christian's description.

  4. Sara says – reply to this


    I hope she's good. I'm glad they chose a female!

  5. Tresa says – reply to this


    About time!!! My pick has always been and still is Skarsgard!!

  6. Annie White says – reply to this


    Henry Cavill. Ian and Alex are too old for it.

  7. Katie says – reply to this


    Re: Melissa – Same here! And I'd be thrilled if Emilia or Felicity got the part. I can't imagine any other actresses taking the role.

  8. Christine says – reply to this


    Progress has been made! I'm excited to see how it's all going to turn out with her directing. I'm sure it'll be great :)

  9. sarah says – reply to this


    ian somerhalder and ashley benson!

  10. sarah says – reply to this


    Ian somerhalder and Ashley benson

  11. Greta says – reply to this


    Ian somerhalder demostrate 27 years! Perfect! With Lucy hale!

  12. Serena says – reply to this


    Ian somerhalder and Lucy hale,perfect!

  13. Nicholas says – reply to this


    Ian somerhalder and Nina dobrev so cute! Perfect!

  14. teeter totter says – reply to this



  15. kayla says – reply to this


    Ian somerhalder demostrates 27 years! Ian is HOT! Beautiful!Gorgeous!perfect!

  16. Alison says – reply to this


    Somerhalder and Hale! Perfect!

  17. Marco says – reply to this


    Beh..they fuck up for all books! But it's a great love story! I see well Ian somerhalder and Lyndsy fonseca

  18. Mattia says – reply to this


    If we choose Somerhalder and Benson great choice for christian and ana! Ashley so beautiful. And somerhalder have the face of damned

  19. d says – reply to this


    Re: Melissa – Gross, god hope they can find someone who can actually act with out aid of massive CGI. Her husband will most likely get the job anyways.

  20. d says – reply to this


    Re: Katie – And Cavill cannot act without special effects. He has all the charisma of a brick.

  21. Josh says – reply to this


    This books are a different story of love,never narrated! But i see very well Somerhalder and Bledel

  22. Rebechak says – reply to this


    Somerhalder and Ashley benson!

  23. d says – reply to this


    Ian could not act his way out of a wet paper bag that was set on fire, he IS that bad. Besides being way tooo short and rather fem for the role, he only has two, count them two facial expressions. Cavil is a terribly stiff actor and only looks good when aided by CGI, sorry none here pal. Matt is completely on the wrong side of the rainbow with this one, sorry Matt only if it going to be done in drag. Going with Alex S here, and don't go off on the age thing, Henry looks older than all of them. And Alex is but two years older than Ian or Matt. Oh and he can actually act, not just stand there glaring or staring or just trying to coast by on his looks. Alex for CG

  24. Samantha says – reply to this


    Henry Cavill and Emilia Clarke, HANDS DOWN!

  25. Candice D says – reply to this


    Henry Cavill! I choose him! He is an amazing actor and would be PERFECT for the role of Christian.

  26. Andrew says – reply to this


    Somerhalder and Hale damn better choice

  27. Erin says – reply to this


    Re: d – You're just bitter. Henry is a young, hot, sexy, talented stud!!!

  28. Katie says – reply to this


    Re: d – You're gross. Dana Brunetti already tweeted against rumors of her husband being Christian. Not gonna happen. They have kids together too, he's very young and that's just weird.

  29. Carrie says – reply to this


    Glad to hear this! But Ian is so not Christian Grey material. He's too old, scrawny, and short. And a little feminine. Ana describes Christian as a Greek God, and thats so not Ian.

  30. d says – reply to this


    Re: Andrew – Cavill blows, and he demonstrated just how bad in the superman film. Without CGI he is nothing but a stiff coasting along on his looks, no charisma at all, nothing. It is going to take more than some pretty boy just standing there humping someone. This calls for a real actor, who know, someone who can actually ACT. Henry is not that person, not at all. A lovely Mannequin, now that is Henry.

  31. Deb says – reply to this


    Finally a director!!!!

  32. lynn says – reply to this


    Re: d – you're an idiot. You are so alway putting Henry down and everyone else praises him. You have problems. You obsess over him so much always taking the time to make sure you've said the same thing you do on all articles about him. GIVE IT UP.

  33. Cassandra says – reply to this


    So happy to hear that there's finally a director. I hope that means they'll get to casting asap because I know we're all tired of waiting, it's been so long!

  34. Linda says – reply to this



  35. ed says – reply to this


    LOL… iam glad they have come to the realization that folks like Cooper or Gossling wont touch this script with a 10inch stick… probably some B list actor will get the role…

  36. Sara says – reply to this


    Re: ed – Uh they're too old for the film anyway, so they wouldn't have even been approached.

  37. carol says – reply to this


    Alexis Bledel and Matt Bomer…
    He has the perfect look described in the book.
    So does she. She has that innocent look to her and still can play off a 21/22 year old. She has that young looking face. And he can definitely play a successful late 20's man. I think they would match perfectly to the books description of the two. Besides I think for a real 21 year to play that role with an almost 30 year old will not feel right. *maybe

  38. Tay says – reply to this


    Henry Cavill as Christian and Felicity Jones as Anastasia !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Sandy says – reply to this


    Ian Somerhalder is Christian Grey. Embodies the character perfectly. Perfect fit of actor and role. I love that he's actually read the books and has expressed interest. Unlike some of the other actors who seem scared off by some of the material.

  40. Seriously says – reply to this


    Any actor worth their salt (and desirous of a future career) would be an idiot to take a role in a film that is essentially fanfiction porn! Actors who have credibility wouldn't touch it with a barge pole. The books are a pile of dung and the fact that Sam Taylor-Johnson has consented to be a part of bringing that to the screen is screaming "I don't need a future because I already have enough money in the bank!"

  41. Stephanie says – reply to this


    Henry Cavill and Emilia Clarke or Felicity Jones as Ana.

  42. Sara says – reply to this


    Re: Seriously – Did you even read the books? Or are you relying on other peoples opinions to form yours? There are definitely sex scenes, but there is more story and the story has a lot of depth and emotion. It is unique and has millions of fans. So, clearly you're in the minority. These books and film wouldn't be getting the attention it does if no one cared.

  43. Seriously says – reply to this


    Re: Sara – Yes, I had the misfortune of reading them and there's about 6 hours of my life I am never going to get back. Love story? Really? If that's how you qualify love then I actually feel pretty sorry for you. As a graduate of English Literature I feel that I am in a position to say "badly written…" they make the Twilight books actually look good…just remembering who the latter are aimed at I feel sure that I can say authors like Austen and Bronte have nothing to fear when it comes to being remembered in the next century!

  44. Erin says – reply to this


    Re: Seriously – She wrote the story as fan fiction, she didn't originally write it to have it published. And as she's said many times, she wrote it for herself and it just so happened that millions of people fell in love with it. Most people looks passed the amateur writing and focus on the LOVE story. Yes, it is a LOVE story. I have my undergrad in English and am currently working on my masters, this story was so unique and good to me that I didn't even care about her syntax or any repetitiveness. Who cares about it! It's not like the movie is going to capture the writing style.

  45. Sara says – reply to this


    Re: Seriously – I feel sorry for you for the way you interpreted these books. This is not an abusive relationship. From what they do explore in that "lifestyle" it was consensual and pretty mild compared to what BDSM is really all about. If you read the books you'd know that the love they have for each other is very strong, they don't want to hurt one another and together find a life for them that caters to both of their needs. It's a journey for them, a love story, and I don't give two craps if you feel sorry for me and the TONS of fans who feel the same way.

  46. Renee says – reply to this


    FINALLY! Now onto casting! Let's hope it's good.

  47. Tracy says – reply to this


    I hope she's good! I like that they picked a female for this film though.

  48. Rachel says – reply to this


    Her husband is hot

  49. Alexandra says – reply to this



  50. Yasmeen says – reply to this


    HENRY CAVILL NEEDS TO BE CHRISTIAN GREY!!! there is no1 better and when you see him in Man Of Steel you cant say no to a body like that!

  51. Wendy says – reply to this


    Re: Yasmeen – Christian Grey is more than a body. I'm sorry but Henry's acting is very one note, not a lot of depth. And please lets' get an actor who already isn't tied to a major movie franchise like Superman. There are better choices than Cavill. I don't think he's all that interested either given what he's said recently. He apparently didn't care much for the little bit he says he read of the first book according to what he says in a recent Details magazine interview.. Thinks it was too ”explicit” and comes off ”tacky.”

  52. 52

    is anybody here still sane in their minds, its a bad P0rno nothing else, worst book I've read , ever. and since when are so many people into kinky sex…..

  53. Seriously says – reply to this


    Re: lala44 – Apparently we are to be felt sorry for as we didn't understand the pile of poo and see it as a shining example of love and brilliance! Personally I can't help but worry for the future readers of anywhere if this is what rates as a best selling novel. I do wonder (truthfully) how many people bought the books out of curiosity and then threw them after the first book. I read and wish I could forget the appalling tripe that somehow managed to make it onto the printed page.

  54. 54


  55. lala44 says – reply to this


    Re: Seriously – the saddest fact is , these people never read another book or will ever pick another up, pathetic really

  56. alison says – reply to this


    alex pettyfer people. skarsgard is too old looking, cavill and bomer and somerhalder do not resemble cg's description at all. i wonder what books all of you were reading.nowhere is cg described as a darkhaired, balding, facial pube sporting, out of shape old dude. every pic i see of somerhalder he has the same skeevey expression on his face. pettyfer! please!

  57. 57

    Henry Cavill or the guy from Modern Family, there is just no other option.

  58. English says – reply to this


    50 Shades of Grey is a horrible book and here's why

  59. Lezty says – reply to this


    First, I'm happy that some of you are finally agreeing that Alexander Skarsgard should play Christian. Who gives a fuck if he's too "old" to play Grey. Out of all the bunch that are candidates to play Grey he's the best actor. Hands. Down. And he's handsome as well. 2 birds, 1 stone. Second, for those of you who say this is a shitty book, my question for you is, Really? You think you can do a better job in writing a book and selling million of copies worldwide? I fucking dare you to try. E.L.James has said that she's not a great writer. Why bash on something that some of you wont even get close to doing? I'm a writer and a journalist. And let me tell you, doing both those things is not easy. And what if it came from a fan-fic? It developed into something completely different and better. So shut it. Third, for some of you ladies that think that some of these actors like Ian, Matt, Henry, Pettyfer, are "perfect" to play Grey, obviously didn't read the book right and/or are going with what other people are saying. Grey is neither short, thin, or has dark hair. And they're all stoic actors. Just no. And James said she hopes the actors who play Grey and Ana have good chemistry and are good actors, it doesn't matter if they're old… So that leaves Alexander Skarsgard. And if you don't agree, watch True Blood. You'll jump on the Skarsgard bandwagon so fast your head will spin. Thanks for your time, fuckers.

  60. Lezty says – reply to this


    Re: Sara
    She is. You should watch Nowhere Boy. Beautifully made film.