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Can we just wrap our arms around him and make it all better? We're not sure that's what Johnny Depp wants, but it would certainly make us feel all better… Read more…

33 comments to “Johnny Depp Makes Us Want To Hold Him As He Reveals Hardship Of Vanessa Paradis Split”

  1. shelly says – reply to this


    Deep thoughts in the vein of that other genius Brad Pitt Take a bath dude. Life's hard when you're worth trillions and dating women who could be your daughter. What an idiot. Winona, Kate and Vanessa were goddesses. What the fuck is an Amber Herd? Standards are slipping, mate.

  2. 2

    Re: shelly – Love you for saying that!

  3. 3

    Re: shelly – doesn't he look pretty clean and shaven to you in the picture? and how is life hard when you are a billionsire and have some gorgeous young chick in your arm? amber heard is much better looking than vanessa and winona and kate

  4. Maria says – reply to this


    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder right? I personally think Winona is the most beautiful of all JD's girls. Amber is pretty but I think she is average without the makeup. Winona is beautiful regardless. I also think Amber tries too hard with the whole sex kitten movie star look. She is trying to be the next Angelina Jolie and Scarlett Johansson minus the talent, I havent seen any of her work where I felt she has real acting skills.

  5. 5

    Winona forever!!

  6. RooRoo_0820 says – reply to this


    Very much agreed, It is so sad how things ended between them.

  7. kat says – reply to this


    Oh c'mon Amber beauty is breathtaking. Many people comments about her are just because the jealousy.
    But, anyway, it doesn't matter what Amber is. It seems that Vanessa and Johnny's relationship was in problems far before her. When Vanessa said in a interview that the secret of their relationship was "spend time apart" we all should have known in that moment that they were in big troubles. That the things get rocky and hard whe they were infact together…What relationship work in that way? no relationship can work in that way. Means you're happier when you are separated from each other.

  8. Linda says – reply to this


    Re: Maria – who is Angelina Jolie or Scarlett Johansson?

  9. Chrisan says – reply to this


    Re: kat – Amber is beautiful and everything Johnny hates. She is showy, loves the paparazzi, superficial, she isn't a sensitive person. All the time, she exposed that they were having fling. If I felt that Johnny is happy, then okay, but he is not.
    and I'm not jealous, I'm too old for that.

  10. creil says – reply to this


    All i have to say is that i LOVE him.He is special and amazingly intelligent,beautiful,talented…I don't care what the f****in haters say.He is incredible.

  11. kat says – reply to this


    Re: Chrisan – If you are too old for jealousy, you sure seems very inmature.
    What about judging a person that you don't know only for her pictures or the stupids comments in tabloids? what about judging a person by her beauty? isn't that even MORE SUPERFICIAL on your part? (yes! the same thing you're accusing Amber for) Isn't Johnny also a victim of some people like you, that love to judge him as a bad boy, drunken, asshole, sold, etc, etc only for what they reads in tabloids? Why Depp's fans (me one of them) can see deep on him, but they judge a woman only for her "skin"?
    And do you really believe he "hates" beautiful women? Did you see him dating any ugly woman? NOOOO!! only because Vanessa doesn't look at her best now without make up, doesn't mean that when Johnny meet her on 1998 she wasn't strikingly BEAUTIFUL (just look at "Girl on the bridge")
    And if he were as repelled by people like Amber, then why did he choose her for the Rum Diary even over his own friend Keira Knightley? And why he become friend with her since then (2009)? And Why he has been dating her since 2011? Do you really believe he wakes up repelled by her every morning?
    If you're inmature or jealous or only delusional, it's your problem, but at least respect the intelligence of the people reading here! (or at least respect my intelligence doesn't answering me with these nonsense!)

  12. Maria says – reply to this


    Re: Linda – Actresses that actually have talent and are not using their boyfriend's name to get a head. Seriously no one knew who she was until she came out as a bisexual and started banging JD.

  13. Maria says – reply to this


    Re: kat – You have the right to think that Amber is the most beautiful woman ever. Again that is your opinion. You can not judge other people for stating if she isn't to them. I think she is pretty. I just don't think her beauty is anything exotic or breath taking. We all define beauty differently.

  14. kat says – reply to this


    Re: Maria – I don't think she is the most beautiful woman ever! what the hell? I just say she is beautiful, I saw her at the "Rum Diary" premiere in France and that's a fact (i think every person who saw her in the red carpet was with her jaw dropping) and I'm not blind and I can be objective enough to recognize when a woman has beauty, and I don't have any chance with Johnny LOL! so I'm happy if he he has a beautiful woman on his side, accompanying him…life it's too short to waste time alone and unhappy!

  15. Maria says – reply to this


    Re: kat – Point taken. I just think you should be able to make an opinion regardless without stating you are being jealous for it. I am sure there are people that make comments out of jealousy and I suppose that is normal. But I also think people are just being honest and if you don't agree then there really is no point in making it into a big debate. Everyone is not going to agree.

  16. Chrisan says – reply to this


    Re: kat – I also was in TRD premiere in NY and I thought she was beautiful, but also very showy so different than Johnny, Angelina or Charlize.
    Beauty doesn't impress me, I work every day with beautiful people, much more beautiful than her and despite being old I don't think I'm ugly.
    And I love Johnny, he is sincere, anyone is like him, he is simply amazing.
    Amber always said it, that was Johnny who made the final decision and chose her as Chenault, but actually Robinson (director) was the one who chose her, because she physically resembles the character, but she didn't do well the role, she is not a good actress, even taking Johnny and Robinson beside her.
    They aren't friends since 2009. I never heard about Amber
    I don't believe he loves her, she had bad attitudes, she dropped hints that Johnny was dating her at a moment quite delicate in his life. He did not want to expose himself. Clearly she forced him to go public when he still unwilling and clearly she used Tasya and Marie.
    Johnny is totally different than Amber. He is a sweetheart

  17. kat says – reply to this


    Re: Maria – Sorry, but most of these kind of comments (not only yours, here and in other places) sounds jealous. That's why I pointed out several time that "word" and not only because you don't find her beauty anything special (you've the right, but also my comment was in general), but because almost every person pointing out that she isn't beautiful also adds some other mean comment about being talentless, famewhore, golddiger, so it's not only that you don't find Amber (or any other woman) beautiful, but also she has all the defects…that's what it makes it sounds as a jealousy. But maybe I'm using the wrong term. Maybe it's only hate!

  18. Chrisan says – reply to this


    Re: kat – or maybe they are smart people

  19. Maria says – reply to this


    Re: kat – I never said I didn't find Amber attractive. Just because I don't think she is a good actress doesn't mean I hate her nor am jealous of her. I do not know her and i'm sure she is a nice person. But it doesn't mean I am jealous that she is dating JD. I adore JD and only want the best for him. That's just my opinion. Just because he is dating her doesn't mean I have to become her fan.

  20. Melman says – reply to this


    Re: Chrisan – ahahaha! you wish. your comments doesn't seem smart and i don't find her even that attractive either, but you sounds like a delusional fangirl having a meltdown because she's sleeping with him

  21. Jajeone says – reply to this


    Re: kat – Man, you need to get a life and stop fighting with people on this stupid thread. Somebody needs a nap.

  22. Chrisan says – reply to this


    Re: Melman – Oh boy, you are very clever with this comment: " you sounds like a delusional fangirl having a meltdown because she's sleeping with him"
    and ridiculous.

  23. tega says – reply to this


    Amber said in interviews for The Rum Diary that she had to do a few auditions for the part, that Johnny was at every one of them and he was the one to make the final decision of who would be his leading lady. He said in interviews when he saw her she reminded him of a young Lauren Bacall (sp?) and I can't say I disagree with him. Her beauty is natural and stunning. The interview basically says to me that the time him and Vanessa spent apart on their own work took a toll on the relationship and they eventually grew apart. The fact that all her work and family is in France probably didn't help. Excuse me for saying this but it seems to me that she wanted it all and she wanted it in France (mother, model, actress, singer etc.). There were headlines that France wanted him to become a citizen but he said no b/c he didn't want to pay HUGE taxes in two countries and that could have caused major issues with her. I don't know…just saying a possibility here.

  24. tega says – reply to this


    Also, Vanessa did say in an interview that the reason for the break up was their family business but "nobody has done a proper journalism job on that" or something to that effect, What I found strange was a You Tube video of a person meeting him while was filming Public Enemies and the woman said to him that he seemed like he was a good father and husband and nice person and was happy to meet him and replied "Aww, thanks. I really just want to be a good dad..ya know?" and I thought that was a little strange and I wondered if they were still in a relationship at the time the video was taken. I think it was taken in Wisconson and was labeled "I met Johnny Depp…"but he was on his way to film and a bunch of fans were waiting for him along the way and they pulled over and he got out to greet them and take pictures.

  25. Yami says – reply to this


    Re: shelly – Oh stop with the "take a bath" thing. He meets with a lot of fans and no one has ever talked about him stinking. All those really busy actors probably skip a bath or two and you know what, it isn't a big deal. A lot of these hearthrob types fake the whole 'unbathed' look that the tabloids love to write about only because people like you obsess over it.
    And he's talking about the break-up being hard not his whole fucking life. What else you want him to say?
    Johnny Depp doesn't have to worry about your "standards" and this is not a movie but his personal life, so he probably gives two fucks about whether the woman is a fame "goddess" or not, only thing that matters is he's with someone that makes him happy.
    Seriously, what sort of idiots can bring themselves to write like this?

  26. jamina says – reply to this


    Do you think HE HAS REVEALED THE REAL REASONS FOR THE SEPARATION? The distance and work? Please!!!! As well as being honest with her children should also be supported with himself and with all the people who had followed him for years, he is simply ridiculous. He's just setting the stage for Amber. And it does so at the expense of the privacy of his family. Exemplary husband and father? This is really shameful!!Embrace him? Maybe, but only to strangle him. LOL ( sorry for my english)

  27. Finish girl says – reply to this


    I do not think that the real reason for the breakup was / when you never see. Maybe something to do with it, but in the end for any other reason. Otherwise, if the amber and Johnny still another when they are not displayed with any? Do you get clear in my English writing.?

  28. jess says – reply to this


    R u serious? He cheated mercilesly on his poor wife.Even aftrr their daughter nearly died at one stage a few years b4 Lilly got blood poisening it was reported.Didnt he run off with some fame hungry predatory bimbo half his age.I dont want to hug him,I want to kick him in the nuts.He was so cool in cry baby.Now he's just another middle aged man who betrayed a wonderful wife.From Australia

  29. jess says – reply to this


    Re: shelly – jess says:good on u .I agree..He split with basically a wanna be starlett & all that stuff about her 'bixexuality'.Its an insult2real bi,gay people etc & an obvious publicity ploy.As I said in my comment he was so cool in cry baby.now he's gone the stereotypical hollywood aging leading man route & ran off with some bit of fluff using him to further her non existant career.Vanessa deserved way better than him & I bet he cheated b4.

  30. jess says – reply to this


    Re: Yami – leave her alone she's right about depp pissing off with some bimbo.I bet vanessa put up with more than just 1 affair.I dont give a rats about standards but uv publicly attacked another women in a vicious (I childishly love johnny) kinda way.lets keep it civil 'yami'.ur frenzied attack on shelley was nuts.U need a cold shower!

  31. jess says – reply to this


    Re: tega – tega.Excuse me? A women must meekly follow her husbands career & have none of her own.Then ud be caling her a user!Why shoulld she go to trashy L.A. He loved being the 'eccentric ftenchman'.To say vanessa deserved this cause only his work meant anuthing is sexist drivel.HE chased HER.& Amber dosnt touch lauren bacall.Im laughing hard at this desperate fan trying to make excuses 4 her fav actor.I hope u get married & your partner runs off with a girl half your age! Im not a moralising person usually but some of u women seem to hate vanessa.hmm wonder why..stop attacking other womem ok.

  32. jess says – reply to this


    Re: yousef – Amber is beautiful.not desputing that.but to say she beats kate & winona & vanessa combinded.Please dude.1 day u too will have a 'hot chick on ur arm' in ur dreams.Is everything about looks mate?in that case ur in yrouble.Im blonde & am told im pretty-doesnt mean I think I am & Im more concerned with finnishing my degree at uni.Ur intetests appear to be judging a women on her looks!Ots loyalty the others are cross about.Vanessa endured alot from the looks of things.Look into their daughter almost dying etc.A loyal wife means nothing.just looks?Grow up

  33. Please says – reply to this


    Amber heard is a no talent , fame seeking, hooker! She couldn't act her way out of a paper bag! She is using Depp for the money and the fame full stop. He has shown his true colors as well. He is sick . What a cliche` Depp has become. Depp left his beautiful, talented wife and 2 children to be with this nothing girl who could be his daughter. He is not the great boho, artist he trys so hard to make us all believe. He is a liar and a cheater and it is only a matter of time before he cheats on Amber and dumps her for another 20 year old. So they kinda deserve each other! Just so you know I am not saying this out of jealousy. I am not jealous in the least! I am young , I am a model and I have the sexiest boyfriend in the world who loves me. He thinks they are both sick as well. We used to admire Depp but no more. No one here in Hollywood does. We know the real deal. So I am just telling it like it really is. I live part time in Hollywood and know all the dirt. Just sharing with you all. Peace1