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Miley Cyrus Thinks Her Old Music Is 'Irritating'; Wants Her New Record To Be The 'Biggest In The World'!!

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There has been a lotttt of hype surrounding Miley Cyrus’s new music, and so far the music has lived up to the hype!

We adore her current single, We Can’t Stop, and it sounds like there will be a lot more to look forward to!!

Miley opened up about her musical journey in this month’s issue of Billboard Magazine, and she revealed some surprising things!

For instance, the singer said:

"I want to start as a new artist. I consider my upcoming album my first, really. Right now, when people go to iTunes and listen to my old music, it's so irritating to me because I can't just erase that stuff and start over. My last record [2009's EDM-inflected Can't Be Tamed] I feel so disconnected from-I was 16 or 17 when I made it. When you're in your 20s, you just don't really know that person anymore."

While her old stuff was fun, her new sound has definitely matured!! We understand what she means!

She also has high hopes for her upcoming record:

"I want my record to be the biggest record in the world, and I've given everything to get here, even down to friends and family and relationships-I've just put this music first. That's been kind of a trip: It's not like I'm losing who I am-I actually found out more about who I am by making this music. I'm going on a journey, and that's more than a lot of 20-year-olds can say. And I'm still going to change so much. Because I'm not the same person I was six months ago-I'm not even the same person I was two weeks ago."

Ok wellll that explains a whole lot of stuff that’s been going on!

For instance, this could easily explain her on-again, off-again engagement with Liam Hemsworth, and it also explains the twerking!!

Actually it only explains the engagement. LOLz!

We’re just glad that Miley’s journey means more confidence for her, and more AH-mazing music for us!!

Definitely a win-win!

[Image via C.M. Wiggins/WENN.]

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16 comments to “Miley Cyrus Thinks Her Old Music Is 'Irritating'; Wants Her New Record To Be The 'Biggest In The World'!!”

  1. Lis says – reply to this


    So tired of seeing her face. Ugh.

  2. Wendy says – reply to this


    You have to respect the girl as a hard worker. However, I do have to say that she shouldn't be so flippantly shrugging off her older albums and calling it "irritating". If it weren't for her Hannah Montana days, how much longer would she have had to struggle for the popularity it took for her to be given the backing to make her own music separate of Hannah Montana? It was THAT music that gave her the further celebrity and freedom to go ahead and make more music which, in turn, has allowed her to now make this new music. I'm just saying… You need to respect where you came from and honor the journey that got you there.

  3. lol says – reply to this


    Re: Lis – same thought its painful

  4. g says – reply to this


    She wants to topple Thriller? Good luck lol. I agree she shouldn't diss her older music because that's where she got her start, you never saw MJ diss the Jackson 5 before his ground-breaking album.

  5. 5

    Re: Wendy – I totally agree. I think it is a sign of maturity to accept who you are - past, present, and future - Miley still has some growing up to do.

  6. 6

    She thinks she is so cool now after working with hip hop artists. She needs a good punch in the face.

  7. texasannie says – reply to this


    she's a typical 20 year old, thinks she's so cool and grown up, pushing all the limits with sexy photos and what she considers great music. those of us that are older have all been there. she'll look back at now at some point and cringe too at how much of a tool she sounds even now. every person, famous or not, especially those kid stars that mature in the public think they have to 'shed their teen image' and get raunchy and sexy and what they consider grown up. She's 20 and is as old as she's ever been, but trust me, she'll keep maturing and realize she doesn't know everything. Quit trying so hard Miley, it's actually pretty pathetic now. Older folks just laugh at her and her antics.

  8. Samantha says – reply to this


    Miley- your old music is not and will never be irritating! Ask you fans! That was who you were back then, it's the same Miley today except you've moved on to a different genre/vibe. And it's obviously great! You fans accept you for who YOU are. But don't tag your old music under the word "irritating". Without THAT music, you wouldn't be where you are today. We love you Miley, I love you. I've been a huge fan of you since day one of Hannah Montana, and I am still a HUGE fan of you, today! I will forever be a smiler. FOREVER! And to commenters below, or above, I don't know where this comment will be placed- just because you're older, doesn't mean that you're more wiser and smarter. And just because its hip hop music, doesn't mean it's not good music. This is coming from a person who like old school rock n roll, and also New Age music. Posting comments like that just makes us laugh at YOU for saying stupid comments like that. A smart person will not say those things. People needs to RESPECT and ACCEPT today's music and celebrities. The world is changing. Stop staying stuck in the past. Ever heard the saying "If you don't have anything nice to say then don't say nothing at all."? I love you, Miley! Forever & Always!

  9. 9

    It's true, we all grow up and change, especially in that short period of our teen years. However, most of us don't have such dramatic personality changes. It's like her old jumped off a freakin cliff and landed on the sharp rocks below.

  10. says – reply to this


    She is irritating. Trying too hard.

  11. @v@ says – reply to this


    If she'd said she wanted her record to be the best music she's ever made, I might be impressed. Wanting it to be the 'biggest in the world' sounds more about mo' fame.

  12. @v@ says – reply to this


    Blind ambition can cause people to do things that you thought you'd NEVER see them do.

  13. fatal says – reply to this


    well her old music is irritating but her new stuff is bland generic boring and downright nauseating-she didn't make the new album for herself-she made it to make money-if she was living for herself she would just go hide on her Disney cash until she can figure out all the serious mental damage she has from her parents pimping her out to Disney and ruining her childhood for the cash-and realize one huge thing-she has NO talent all her acting and singing were direct results of Disney marketing-The Smelly Circus was their flesh puppet and they created the fake image which they sold as a commodity-with out them -Smelly is just another low class white trash Hillbilly with no taste-she should consider herself lucky and go back to school maybe do something to better herself as a human being -not stage crash low rent rap shows act like a stripper and have some nasty rapper "make it rain" gaggg-she is desperately grasping at her fleeting fame and has fallen to lowest way of doing it -porrnn skannk and stripper-like that other hag MeMe does-she only makes herself into a bigger clown with every tweet-if Smelly isn't smart enough to save herself and quit chasing the fraud that was never there-why should anyone feel sorry for her-she has the means to change her life-but apparently doesn't have the brains or the common sense or any decency-so live with the ridicule and quit with "people are haters" because they see an idiot out of control and say so

  14. Natalio says – reply to this


    Miley is just wrong. Her new music sucks. Her new look sucks. Her attitude sucks. It's not attractive to be a dumb slut.

  15. WTFGUY says – reply to this


    WTF! Its her first album to her, because her daddy wrote all her songs..psh..spoiled brat!

  16. tia says – reply to this


    i do like her old music her new ones are a bit u know but its her life live it and rock it its all urs i like both styles everyone should accept wat u r now