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16 comments to “Amanda Bynes Continues To Go On & On About Going Under The Knife AGAIN To Fix 'Birth Defect'!”

  1. 1

    The birth defect is that she's a jew.

  2. 2

    wtf is a webbing between your eyes?

  3. 3

    Apparently only she and her plastic surgeon getting PAID see this mysterious "webbing" between her eyes. She has NO idea what it is like to live with a REAL birth defect!!!! SHE IS NO HERO, she iis not brave - she IS delusional! Maybe she should meet people with REAL birth defects ! Meet someone with only part of an arm or leg, or someone with a cleft mouth and see what REAL birth defects are like!!!! I have a friend who has a cleft mouth and had may surgries as a kid but never finished off with them, so he has a permanent defect.

  4. Sheila says – reply to this


    This is so heartbreaking, I remember watching this once beautiful young woman in many movies and really thought she had a real talent to her acting and a classic original beauty. I am not sure what happened to her over the past few years but obviously she is extremely unhappy and sadly desperate for some attention. I am just not sure why she is doing it this way, to begin with, when she does grow up and eventually has children she will never be able to compare them to her as so much of her has changed. And she was drop dead gorgeous once upon a time. I think she must be bored and needs to get out of her head, off the internet and out of a the doctors office and do something really important with her life like Jolie does with her charities and stuff. What a shame to once have had classic Hollywood beauty, amazing acting talent but only be remembered for being a flake, rude and attention seeking botox mutt. So sad, she really could of had it all, now no director will use her as she is the latest joke in a long long of Hollywood has beens.

  5. 5

    Re: The Eric – lol!

  6. wallis says – reply to this


    a HERO?!!! wtf. I'd like to put my fist between her eyes, fucking moron.

  7. 7

    I wish she would go away.

  8. Christina says – reply to this


    Not only is she crazy but she is also ignorant. I am outraged that she dares to compare her "birth defect" to that of a child with a cleft lip. I hope someone speaks out about how offensive and stupid her belief system is.

  9. Michael Jackson's Nos says – reply to this


    The surgeon is very reputable for being very understanding of the needs of wealthy schizophrenic clients. Removing webbing can get expensive though, around 8 million per surgery or so (Amanda's estimated net worth). Hope those residual checks have some heft to them.

  10. SC says – reply to this


    This is the most offensive thing she has said, Shes a hero? There are children living with real birth defects. Did hers stop her from landing Tv shows, Movies, Covers of magazines, On Maxim, FHM, etc. Who is she kidding? I dont think she would have been up for sexiest woman etc with a FACIAL birth defect. This girl needs help and NOW. It isnt helping that her tween army is egging this on, calling her queen and telling her good luck. No one wants to say anything or they will get attacked by her legion of fans, who are NOT helping her. Her family needs to print all this out, gather up up all her legal issues, get copies of her wondering around New York in front of cars, almost getting hit, and have her Baker Acted. I thought she was punking America, if that was the case she has the sense to know not to offend Jewish people, Gay people, make Racial slurs and at the very least compare herself to people with birth defects. She will NEVER come back from this. At this point you can only feel extremely sad for this once beautiful, charming, sweet girl, who had an awesome career at her feet. If anyone truly cares for her they will STOP the worshipping of her and MAYBE then she will get much needed help.

  11. Michael Jacksons Nose says – reply to this


    If any reporters know where she is living now, they should follow her on Saturday, find out who the surgeon is and try to stop her (and the doctor especially) from doing this. She's not right in the head and shouldn't be allowed to permanently mess with her looks at this point. I'm sure there are plenty Conrad Murrays of plastic surgery out there, but they need to be called out on the carpet.

  12. 12

    A hero? A birth defect? Honey, no…..

  13. Incognito says – reply to this


    I don't think she has actually had any surgery. She is delusional and imagining all of this.

  14. mspitstop says – reply to this


    Exactly, @Incognito ! I'm surprised with the millions of people following her sad saga - and especially "press" folk like you, Perez, haven't been paying enough attention. Because she already claimed to have had this so-called webbing removed about a month back. She has also recently claimed to have JUST had some type of nose surgery on several occasions, most recently about a week ago! But look at the photos from Atlantic City - where are the "bruises" she also claimed to have had after said "surgery?" The point is - she has had is having is going to have surgery to fix whatever ugliness she's obsessed with - past, present and future. They're all blurred together in a big smokey dysmorphic delusional haze.

  15. 15

    Allright.. ENOUGH. This tweets are absolutely OFFENSIVE to people with REAL BIRTH DEFECTS. Me I have an angioma on the right side of my face since I was born and I've been strugling my whole life because of it, so I'm NOT HAVING ANY OF IT.
    She needs to apologize NOW. DESPICABLE.

  16. Megan says – reply to this


    Coming from someone with an actual cleft lip/palate, I find this extremely rude and insulting. I've had to have surgeries my entire life to make it so that I can eat, speak and live life properly. Yes also so that I can look normal. People who have surgeries and blame it on a deformity when they look perfectly normal just so that they can have an excuse disgusts me. Your face is not collapsed. Your lip doesn't look like it's been split in two. You look. Normal. And saying that there's a surgery to fix everything that's wrong with you is seriously discouraging and insulting for people who need them to fix an actual deformity. I used to look up to Amanda but now I'm just appalled.