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Chris Colfer Takes Us To Downton Abbey, Postcard-Style

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Only Chris Colfer could make the Downton Abbey castle look even more regal than it already is!

The Glee star is touring Europe to promote his novels Struck By Lightning and The New York Times-bestselling series, The Land of Stories.

Yeah, he acts, sings, dances, takes perfect postcard photos, AND writes.

We'd hate him except we LUV him!!!

In between book signings in the U.K. and France, he's squeezed in a bike-by of Buckingham Palace, Stonehenge, Versailles, and the Arc de Triomphe.

The only thing we’re sure he’d change: he’d bring US along next time!!! LOLz!

Ch-ch-check out more photos from his European vacation (below).

[Image via Chris Colfer's Instagram.]

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31 comments to “Chris Colfer Takes Us To Downton Abbey, Postcard-Style”

  1. June says – reply to this


    Chris is so cute. You missed all of his Harry Potter photos, though! They are the best!

  2. justin says – reply to this


    i saw chris walking with his bike along green park yesterday, he was with a mystery man…assuming that it was his boyfriend?

  3. 3

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  4. 4

    Re: June – If you think Phillip`s story is surprising…, 1 weak-ago mother in-law got a cheque for $4536 grafting fifteen hours a week from their apartment and they're friend's sister-in-law`s neighbour has been doing this for 9-months and easily made more than $4536 parttime from a pc. the guidelines on this link, >>>>>>>>>wep6.COM

  5. Alex says – reply to this


    wow perez hilton posting news about chris colfer and didn't involve darren criss into this??
    to be honest I'm surprised you ignored the handcuff pictures completely, but again it was cc not dc.

  6. Jamie says – reply to this


    Re: Alex – The handcuff photo is there. It's in the slideshow.

  7. iWoman says – reply to this


    Re: justin – Yes, that was his boyfriend (a fan posted a photo of them from yesterday), and he's not exactly a mystery because Chris has gone everywhere with him for the past few months. Not sure this website allows links, so Google "Chris Colfer boyfriend" and you'll see him. There was even a paparazzi video of them together last week walking around Paris.

  8. marge says – reply to this


    You know what is weird, now that Darren has a girlfriend and Chris has a Boyfriend, i would have excepted that Darren and Chris interact about the premiere of their movies but nothing and now Darren is a HP fan and a downton Abbey fan as well, weir that he didn't tweet as his buddy about that…weird, weird, weird, what are you hidden, you are BFF now, not a crazy fan shippers dream, isn't it ?

  9. Why? says – reply to this


    Re: marge – Darren Criss has more important things to do: promote his film.
    I'm sure in Glee's cast there are more people fans of Harry Potter and Downton Abbey.
    Why is it that everything Chris Colfer does have to be related to Darren Criss?

  10. PP says – reply to this


    I'm glad that Chris Colfer is having fun

  11. BFF? says – reply to this


    Re: marge – Since when Chris and Darren are BFF? I have the impression that Darren is closest with Chord and Harry than with Chris

  12. justlove says – reply to this


    "now that Darren has a girlfriend and Chris has a Boyfriend" you know what is PR?
    Some fangirls think D is straight. Like they have their minds glued to the fact that he is straight. So straight he is for an entire lifetime. You and I here know that people can change and sexuality is indeed fluid and you fall in love with the person and not gender, but do you think those crazy fangirls care or acknowledge the fact? Honestly, what they want is just a piece of his flesh to call theirs. As crazy as it sounds, that is true facts.

  13. ccsa says – reply to this


    Glad Chris is happy in UK. He looks so cute in those Harry Potter & downton abbey photos.

  14. marge says – reply to this


    Re: BFF?

    it's untrue, for some obscurs reason C&D don't have the right to be together,never on set, barely on a pic but when they are… Battery Park, Skate in NY… the famous Fox upfronts, they were in their bubble, Ausiello tweeted that they were acting more than friends before delete the tweet, weird, a blind person could see the affection and admiration betweenn them.
    If D wasn't closed to C why would he take a tons of pics, him on the floor and Chris posing.
    Patty Duke who is not a 12 fangirl tweeted a lot about them being each other best feature and she wasn't referecing at Klaine, Joaquim too.
    It's weird to see that two guys who are one of the lead characters on the show don't do interviews, BTS, god, the first time episode for exemple, the episode i do, they had great scenes together but still Chris was interviewed alone and Darren with Jenna, really ?

  15. Raven says – reply to this


    Re: Why? – Here's a crazy thought - maybe they call each other! Maybe they interact directly rather than solely through public social media! Because actual friends sometimes do that!

    Jeez, people made a stink about Darren not tweeting Chris birthday greetings this year and Darren pointed out that, yeah, he wished Chris a happy birthday - IN PERSON.

  16. Chris and Lea = I ship says – reply to this


    Re: justlove – So that means that Chris Colfer can date with a girl?
    Would something happened between Chris and Lea, or Dianna and Chris? I like Chris and Lea ship, they have the best queimica between the Glee cast.

  17. Stephanie says – reply to this


    Love Downton Abbey and admire the heck out of Chris Colfer! I'd SO love him to do a guest spot in this terrific period drama :)

  18. Why? says – reply to this


    Re: Raven – I'm not saying that they do not speak with each other.
    I'm just saying that I think Darren has a better relationship with Chord and Harry. You think Chis and Darren are BFF, and I think Darren has a closest relationship with Chord and Harry.

  19. Chris and Lea = I ship says – reply to this


    Re: Chris and Lea = I ship – not queimica, but chemistry

  20. Steph says – reply to this


    And MAYBE they're FRIENDS who are having to watch every step because people go nutcase over a simple Hi from one to the other. FRIENDS. No one would freak about Chord @ Darren's concert, but Gaga help us if Chris had been there - or even hinted at it. People can't just let people have private lives and be buddies without over-analyzing everything.

  21. alex says – reply to this


    Re: Jamie – yeah it was just added there with bunch of others etc not news worthy

  22. Alex says – reply to this


    Re: marge – I don't understand what you want from people who are just work friends

  23. Darren Lover says – reply to this


    Re: marge – OMG, can you guys please just give it up–at least on public forums? It's crazy for there to be more comments about Darren than Chris to a story about Chris. But, since you guys brought him into this . . . . Yes, sexuality can be fluid and all that stuff, but Darren has been crystal clear that his sexuality is fixed–he is STRAIGHT and he has been in love with the same WOMAN for years. And, you guys don't want to acknowledge it, but he also said that people who think he is gay just don't matter because he knows he is straight and so do the people that matter. Ugh. Darren and Chris are nothing but friendly costars who used to be able to have fun together promoting their mutual project, before a bunch of "fans" started rumors about their relationship that have clearly made them uncomfortable–Chris especially. All of the pictures you guys point to as proof they are "soulmates" and "OMGGGGGG soooo in love" are months or years old. They have not interacted in public in months. As far as we know, they didn't even look at one another the entire time they were both in New York the week of the Fox Upfronts, though they were at several of the same events. Please just STOP it. You are embarrassing yourself and the entire Glee fandom.

  24. Liked says – reply to this


    Re: Darren Lover – I Like you post

  25. Darren Lover says – reply to this


    Re: Liked – Thanks, I just get so frustrated that these two sweet boys have to put up with this ridiculous stuff all.the.time.

  26. justlove says – reply to this


    "They have not interacted in public in months" yeap, because PR. know what is PR?

  27. PR? says – reply to this


    Re: justlove – Darren and Lea? Darren and Cory? Darren and Naya? Chris and Chord? Chris and Kevin? These also do not interact in public.
    I do not remember the last time I saw Chris and Chrod together.
    This also is PR?

  28. justlove says – reply to this


    Re: PR? – darren and chris make the couple klaine and they have not interacted in public in almost 2 years.

  29. Magali says – reply to this


    CC = CrissColfer

  30. Astoria says – reply to this


    Darren Criss is a disgusting asshole and I don't want to see him near Chris. He can get married with that trashy girlfriend he has and end up in rehab, and let Chris alone winning Oscars!!!

  31. Lori says – reply to this


    Chris Colfer,

    I am a Glee music lover, a fan of you and your music and a Klaine fan. I hope they will get back together in the next season. But Kurt would believe that Blaine is trying to be a good person, he is human, decent, sensitive, tender, heartfelt and will do anything to get Kurt back into his life. Kindlve like when Harry met Sally, but you get to play Meg Ryan, he says " deal, and asking don't they get together at the end. Sincerely Lori from Minnesota