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Disney Channel To Feature Same-Sex Couple On Good Luck Charlie!

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good luck charlie same sex couple

Disney Channel is taking one seriously BIG step forward!

The network will be featuring a same-sex couple for the first time on an episode of their family show, Good Luck Charlie. Set to air next year as part of the final season, the episode will feature two moms and their kids!

A spokesperson for the network said:

"This particular storyline was developed under the consultancy of child development experts and community advisors… Like all Disney Channel programming, it was developed to be relevant to kids and families around the world and to reflect themes of diversity and inclusiveness."

This is such wonderful news! We’re so proud Disney is acknowledging that families don’t have to fit into the cookie-cutter mold!

Good on ya!

[Image via Nikki Nelson/WENN.]

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38 comments to “Disney Channel To Feature Same-Sex Couple On Good Luck Charlie!”

  1. fra says – reply to this


    Brilliant :]

  2. yes says – reply to this


    Re: fra – Yes it is…and there needs to be more exposure. I would like to see a gay woman couple and I pray it is not stereotypical…but then again, it is T.V., so they will show something that is stereotypical and a bit of a joke I suspect…oh well…

  3. vavavoom says – reply to this


    so lame!

  4. jay says – reply to this


    one hundred mums won't be happy (seriously, no one buys that one million bs)

  5. gg says – reply to this


    Re: yes – nah, i see them doing this very subtly. they wont use anybody or do anything too obvious.

  6. GLCfan says – reply to this


    i can´t believe Disney is actually doing this! unbelievable!

  7. Harvey says – reply to this


    Not so good on Perez, however, for stealing this story from TVGuide.com without credit.

  8. Nicole says – reply to this


    I am going to say and this is just my opinion this is a terrible idea kids don't need to know what being gay is until they are old enough to understand shame on you disney

  9. Em says – reply to this


    Re: Nicole – Shame on Disney for showing romantic relationships on television! If I had children I most definitely would not want them to know that people can love each other! Seriously though, the only difference between a same-sex couple and a couple of the opposite sex is that they're the same sex. If a child is old enough to know about a relationship between two people of the opposite sex, then they are old enough to know about a couple of the same sex.

  10. shame says – reply to this


    This is really a shame. I'm have no problem against homosexuals but the thing is Kids tend to do what they see on tv. For example Getiing pregnant at 16 and not married is okay to them which IS NOT! If they grow up and find out they like the same sex then OK but not just because they see it on tv.

  11. 11

    and until people stop freaking out (in a good way or a bad way) it won't become the norm.

  12. Jus Sayin says – reply to this


    Then my children will no longer be watching the show…

  13. lilmissme says – reply to this


    Re: shame – Being gay is really not a choice. Male kids aren't going to be "Hey! I saw two gay moms on Disney, so now I want to suck dick!" And vise versa. Plus, if a child does realize they're gay, what's so shameful about that?

  14. happy2beher says – reply to this


    Re: Jus Sayin – Good. We don't need judgmental people like you or your kids to be watching a show that's too advanced for your brain capacity. Have fun!

  15. tay says – reply to this


    i totally support this.

  16. pwang says – reply to this


    disney is the best!!

  17. kathy says – reply to this


    its finally happening! the 21st century
    im so proud

  18. John says – reply to this


    I'll bet a thousand dollars both women in the couple will be white…

  19. deedee says – reply to this


    Why does Primetime TV force their ideas of Homo's and same sex partners and now
    Disney is teaching our children it is right. What a disgrace!

  20. JUst No says – reply to this


    I know this stuff is going on in the world but really?
    I don't think its fit for children -.-”
    I mean drugs, alcohol, and war is apart of this world
    they ain't showing that! >.>

  21. Kathleen says – reply to this


    Disney, I would suggest that this is not the right thing to do - depicting what you (or your advisers) believe the 'real world' is/will be like, by including this style of living in your TV shows for our children. You are in fact robbing (what is left of) our children's innocence.
    Will you also tell them there is no Santa Clause, Easter Bunny… or fairy tales?
    Well Disney you wouldn't do THAT! No, because those stories sell movie tickets.
    Yet how many ticket paying 'families' are going to rock up to theatres to watch movies depicting the dramas of 'gay parent families'? You make millions in fairy tale/Santa/Tooth Fairy movies…spare us the 'gay parent' dramas please. Keep your TV shows just as innocent as your movies.
    When I was a small child I used to watch Walt Disney (on TV) introduce his movies…he would never condone this.
    Please let our children grow up in their own time; not yours.

  22. kkkk says – reply to this


    I not believe this will be happening because the shows finale is this year..

  23. NishiCroft says – reply to this


    If you don't like the couple, don't watch the damn show. Its simple, really. And if they can't display homosexual relationships, why should they be able to show heterosexual ones? Get your head out of your ass and embrace the fact that people are different and love who they want to love.

  24. Laura says – reply to this


    This is great! It's about dang time! This will make history. Andfor all of the haters on this, havent you ever heard of a little thing called, um, whats it called? OH YEAH, EQUALITY??!?!?!?!?!

  25. Ingrid says – reply to this


    Re: Em
    It's not the same. And kids know it's not the same. The thing is kids don't judge. When kids see each other displaying traits of homosexuality, they think it's weird. The only difference is that kids will still be friends even if they think the other kid is weird. They don't dwell on such things. So why is Disney forcing them to dwell on matters they aren't old enough to comprehend.
    Now a host of questions will be asked about reproduction, etc. Things kids have no business thinking about. Things Disney has no business exposing kids to.

  26. Lauren says – reply to this


    This is EXTREMLY low for Disney Channel!! Homosexuality should play NO part in a CHILDREN'S Tv show!! This just makes me sick to my stomach and if Walt Disney were still alive I'm pretty sure this would make him sick at his stomach also!! This is wrong on SO many levels!!! You not only will be loosing our family's viewing you also will be loosing our respect.

  27. kay says – reply to this


    Re: shame – You are beyond sick.

  28. liz says – reply to this


    Re: Ingrid – Sexual deviants are not a minority. A minority is a race, culture, nationality, etc. Sick sex practices are not a minority enititled to their own specific rights.

  29. laurie says – reply to this


    Re: Laura – It is wrong to promote abnormal sexual problems to children. Simple as that. Just because some adult thinks they are soooo cool to be a freak homo, doesn't mean it is to be shown on a kids tv channel as acceptable.

  30. Niki says – reply to this


    This is wrong. Don't get me wrong people can love who they want, but show it to children? Why not leave it to there parents to expose their children to that in their own time. I get it that it's the 21st century and everybody's like "equality for all!" And there's no shame in being gay. But these are children. They don't think on the same level as an adult, it's pretty sad to see the Disney I grew up with sink so low just to get more viewing. Like there's gays on every tv show, is Disney really going to deprive kids from watching their favorite tv show because there parents don't want them watching that? I hope they change their mind..

  31. StephT says – reply to this


    You people who are against this are such disgusting human beings and a disgrace to the human race. First off- being gay isn't a choice. It is WHO YOU ARE. It is the way you are born. If you talk to openly gay people, every single one will tell you that they knew from the time they were young children.

    Second- you expose children to heterosexual couples all the time and are fine with it. You all are just for some reason terrified at exposing your children to same sex couples because you are not used to it and it is something that is different to what you were raised around. Well guess what- it was the same case back when multiracial couples were seen as "disgusting". WELCOME TO 2013. I assure you that 50 years from now, people will look back at this situation and think, "Wow, people were so disgusting to not accept gay people for who they were and let them love who they want to love."

  32. StephT says – reply to this


    cont.. Third- just because a child is so called "exposed" to same sex couples, it will not automatically MAKE THEM GAY. My dad is gay. I grew up with a mom and a dad and they ultimately divorced when I was twelve years old. My dad afterwards came out as being gay. I now live with him and his partner of almost 10 years, and I have been living with them on and off from the time I was a teenager, and permanently for 4-5 years now. I'm not gay. I know 100% that I'm not. Our entire family including the young cousins have been around my dad and his partner from the time some were 3 years old. They all just saw it as just another normal couple. And guess what- they all are mature enough to understand that just because their uncles are gay, it doesn't make them gay. But if they also feel like they may be gay, that is also alright. Because once again, trust me when I say this, truly gay people will know from a very young age even if they are not "exposed to the lgbt community". When they are exposed to same sex couples at a young age, it is VERY POSITIVE because it actually teaches them to not judge people based on their skin color, gender, or sexual orientation and to treat others the way you would want to be treated.

  33. StephT says – reply to this


    cont… I suggest you watch this video:

    It is beautiful and will turn the tables and make you look at the situation in a way that you have most likely never looked at it before.

    And for those of you who say "you are all for equality and gay rights, blah blah blah," but are not ok with disney introducing a gay married couple on a tv show that your kids watch because you don't want them "exposed" to this, SHAME ON YOU. And no, that means that you are not all for equality and gay rights. My kids will from the day they are born be around a gay couple (their grandads). If you treat the situation like some different scary thing, you just make the situation worse. When you don't even question it, it is seen as just another normal couple.

    I don't understand why you want to shelter your children from so many of life's realities. I would much rather be honest and open with my children from a young age about life and death, sexual orientation, sex, drugs and alcohol, etc. because the reality is, especially now these days, kids are drinking, having sex, and using drugs at such a young age now. Why not make sure that they know all about it at a young age, so that they don't get into situations that could potentially change their lives forever? You are doing your children a disservice by sheltering them from very important facts just so that they can stay your "little innocent princesses or princes". Please. That is all just for you and it is selfish.

  34. StephT says – reply to this


    I guess you are not allowed to post links on here… If you truly want to watch the video, just search: imagine a world where gay was straight and straight was gay. It isn't inappropriate. It has kids in it as actors.

  35. Cali says – reply to this


    Okay so does this mean Disney will start bringing in other real-life issues like religion, racism, smoking, drinking etc again? If Disney is going to support gay marriage in a show then I believe they should talk about other serious topics too. I know Disney is just bringing in gay topics to show they aren't anti-gay, but I don't trust Disney Channel anymore. They probably did it for money and promotions instead of for the viewers. That's what Anne Sweeney (President of Disney/ABC) is all about.

    The new Disney Channel still sucks either way. When they bring back the original Mickey Mouse and Sister, Sister then we'll talk.

  36. cali says – reply to this


    Re: Niki – Agree, I understand what you mean. I believe in equal rights just as much as the next person, but everyone knows Disney is just doing it for more views and money.

  37. cali says – reply to this


    Re: John – Of course!

  38. Jamie says – reply to this


    Re: Nicole
    And why not? Children see straight couples all the time! Why shouldn't they be able to see a same sex couple?