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EXCLUSIVE! LeAnn Rimes Brings Out The Waterworks For Who We Really Are! Watch HERE!

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Sing it, lady!!!

We have another EXCLUSIVE performance by the lovely LeAnn Rimes just for you, Perezcious readers!!

The country-crooner stopped by PerezHilton.com recently and sang Who We Really Are, off her new album Spitfire!

While her performance only drove home for us just how talented this star really is, the moving ballad brought us — including LeAnn herself — to tears!

Ch-ch-check out the emotional clip (above)!

If you haven't already, be sure to check out our other EXCLUSIVE footage of the star, including her performance of I Do Now and her juicy interview!

We're hooked!

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21 comments to “EXCLUSIVE! LeAnn Rimes Brings Out The Waterworks For Who We Really Are! Watch HERE!”

  1. 1

    She is so desperate for your approval she keeps coming back. It was normal and expected the first time she interviewed with you but the second time? Kinda pathetic. I guess she thinks if she keeps you close you will stand up for her and not publush the TRUE negative stories. BTW why didn't you ask her about harassing and suing that poor school teacher that is mother to six children? Shes a selfish washed up child start and her album tanking shows what the public thinks about her.

  2. 2

    This girl can sing, sadly she is choosing/writing bad songs. She needs to get with some good songwriters and they she will have the sales she use to. Regarding her personal life, she fucked up, time to get over that, it's not like shes continuing to fuck up.

  3. 3

    hated it!

  4. 4

    Eddie's BANGING all the Beverly Hill Housewives while Home-Wrecking & Adulteress LeAnn is stomping down Santa Monica Blvd. for any media outlet to let her sing…

    I'm sure Perez TV's three viewers enjoyed LeAnn's song…

  5. 5

    Nostrils has reached a new apex of desperation.

    She has recruited Perez Hilton, while real celebs and country music stars wouldnt admit to having heard of him…if they have.

    The album has been released twice, last year, bomb. Then this month…exclusively at Walmart (discounted). Bombed again.

    Career over ten years ago.

    Tabloid career stalling.

    Marriage a sham.

    Personality Disorder remains untreated.

  6. Kranky Pants says – reply to this


    She needs to move on. This album is not selling and neither is her woe is me stance.
    She has not yet learned humility, until she does, no album of hers will sell
    She has talent but talent alone is not enough Humility works

  7. 7

    LeAnn's fan base has been reduced to ZERO; I'm surprised LeAnn hasn't tried to SLITHER her way into those miserable & trashy Kartrashian sister's lives & pathetic reality shows…where no morals are allowed.

  8. Countryfan81 says – reply to this


    I have lost respect for all media, bloggers and interviewers that actively try and manipulate the public into believing this album is what we should rush out and buy knowing full well that is not the majority opinion and it actually has horrible reviews from real people who bought into the fake media and stories surrounding this album. Be truthful or it's just a fraud attempt to sell a pretty bad album. It's corruption what they are doing and no longer will I personally support those who are trying to mislead the public to gain money. If you are going to lie than you are not reliable at anytime.

  9. 9

    What will she do when her money runs out? What will Eddie do? LOL

  10. Lilly says – reply to this


    Just don't get all the negative comments all the time. Why don't you quit using her as your poster child for all that is wrong, because who knows what goes on behind closed doors in any marriage? Have you ever seen brandi ever conduct herself like a normal human being in an argument? I'm sure she was a real joy to be married to. Instead of acting so high and mighty for someone you don't really know (I'm sure your very high pedestals have a few termites busily working away at the base), why not celebrate that this girl can sing and deserves to move on with her life, and that Brandi is now successful and can move on with her life as well. It's the kids that only suffer in the end, and none of help the matter any by bashing and taking sides in an argument that doesn't even involve you.

  11. excuses says – reply to this


    That's interesting because right after this interview didn't this site write an article about how her album stunk up the charts? Now she's "talented"? This just goes to show that Leann pays people to write nice things about her. It's funny how Leann is on vacation and tweeting. Where is her husband? With another woman? She is still tweeting about allowing Brandi's kids to listen and sing these songs, yet she can't understand why she gets so much dislike.

  12. May says – reply to this


    venomous snake…. That is what she is!!

  13. excuses says – reply to this


    Re: Lilly – Go take a look at what Leann is tweeting about Brandi's kids. First she says the youngest child is singing a song from her album, which is about the sex she and Eddie had during their affair. Now she is saying that she has plans to write a blog about step parenting Brandi's kids. Leann is disgusting. She can't expect anything good to come her way, when she keeps playing the kid's lives like this. What type of person uses a child as a weapon against his own mother? Only Leann.

  14. Michelle says – reply to this


    I thought that was just beautiful. :)

  15. Le mer says – reply to this


    Hey, I not don't know what all the shit talking is about, but man I think he can sing! At least she has talent and is a successful singer with over 37 mill in albums sales!! Her idiot cheating husband could be a set man off the cash this girl has! Unlike those washed up Hags on housewives of Beverly hill billies!! Lol.. At least she not famous for talking about how large her vagina liba is!! WTF did that house wife hag brandy talk up that shit.. So Ridiculous!!

  16. excuses says – reply to this


    Re: Le mer – Hi Ginger! did Leann send you here again? Leann does talk about her sex life with Eddie, just check out the tweets that she makes to the girl who got Leann's name tattooed on her arm. Leann was even telling this woman how she gives Eddie beej. Leann is just upset because her staged photo-op isn't getting good feedback. Why does Leann whine about her life being in the tabloids, but then set up staged photo-ops?

  17. 17


  18. STFU u haters says – reply to this


    Leanne Rimes looks great and sounds amazing! Her voice is beautiful and seeing this reminds me of that and I miss her voice.

    People make mistakes… this world is hard, cruel, and vicious towards those who have what others don't have. Stop hating and learn to be positive in this world of survival.

    Enjoy every minute and everyday of your life!

  19. BruceLag says – reply to this


    I cannot believe people really care so much about LeAnn's private life and continue with the hate. Love her music, love her in concert, and love seeing her and Eddie together. They are nothing short of adorable together. Thanks for the post Perez…..

  20. 20

    Any Z-list 90s country singer that seeks out publicity on a site like this has already hit rock bottom.


  21. 21

    I hope Brandi blocks Eddie from using their children on LeAnne's show just as Eddie did to her on RHOBH! Pathetic!