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iCarly’s Miranda Cosgrove Suing Her Bus Driver For Leaving Her “Disfigured And Disabled”!

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miranda cosgrove

Disfigured and disabled?? Really???

Well, here's the back story. Wayyy back in 2011, Miranda Cosgrove’s tour bus got into an accident. She did suffer a broken ankle, but her foot has obviously healed quite nicely since the incident.

Now, in 2013, she and her mother are filing lawsuits against everyone involved, which includes: the bus driver, the truck driver, and the transportation companies.

According to the lawsuit, both Miranda and her mom were left "disfigured and disabled" due to the accident, and "have lost their normal lives" as a result.

This takes us by surprise, because we’ve seen some of the latest pics of Miranda Cosgrove. And quite frankly, gurl is as far from "disfigured" as anyone could be!

She also can walk around in six inch heels, which is difficult for even a normal person to do, so we have a hard time comprehending the "disabled" thing as well!

But we did hear that Miranda's mom's injuries may have been more serious, so even though they are both making the same "disfigured and disabled" claims, the lawsuit may stem mostly from her mom?

We don’t really know what to make of it!

[Image via Ramey Pix.]

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10 comments to “iCarly’s Miranda Cosgrove Suing Her Bus Driver For Leaving Her “Disfigured And Disabled”!”

  1. fancypants66 says – reply to this


    Considering Miranda's mother, this is not a surprise. She is not a nice person. Miranda has been through countless managers in the past six years. Miranda's mom is ruthless. Also, Miranda's bus driver lost one of his arms in the crash. He was not at fault. The bus hit a stalled truck off the side of the shoulder. Miranda was in the back of the bus - not in the bunks where she was supposed to be. Nonetheless, Miranda's mom is a major bitch who is a money-seeking momager. Miranda is fine - her ankle healed nicely. But the mom just cannot help herself - she is a money-seeking bitch. Too sad.

  2. Greedy ass hoes says – reply to this


    Miranda is her mom's cash cow. The bitch is loaded with money. The accident was not intentional, nor was her driver on any substances. So, why is she suing? Because her mom resembles mr.krab from Spongebob and sees dollar signs, why else would Miranda be a child actress? Mama wants the cake, dur. PS. Your awkward ass smile ain't fooling us anymore! I never been in a car accident and can't stand to walk in 6 inch heels. Disfigured, puh lease. Greedy hoes

  3. greedy says – reply to this


    Disgusting how greedy people are. You are worth millions, stop robbing the universe for money when you have plenty. You got lucky and you have a great career, you are healed and well. It grosses me out how people take advantage of situations like this. The bus driver was seriously injured, how dare they do that.

  4. Lhobz says – reply to this


    what bellends, surely got enough money. Ridiculous trying to claim to be disabled and disfigured. It's like no, you were temporarily injured.

  5. stella_aaisha says – reply to this


    i love icarly. i love mirinada cosgrove……. she looks amazing, awesome and wondreful. hopre you'll enjoy the show.

  6. John says – reply to this


    This is bull, as Perez has stated, she looks fine. Furthermore, why wait to sue now? I used to like Miranda before this, but not anymore. After hearing about this, her and her Mom are just money hungry attention getters now that Miranda isn't doing anything, it's just a another way to get her name back in the spotlight. I hope this debacle bites them both later in their lives where it hurts. Suck eggs Cosgrove!

  7. Tosser says – reply to this


    We may not want to jump to conclusions just yet. Legal matters can be complicated, and there could be other considerations going on here that we don't know about. Before trashing Miranda and her mom, let's just wait a bit until we know more.

  8. 8

    It's obviously not Miranda making these decisions. As has been stated, she's loaded and she's neither disfigured nor disabled. How dare they say that about her for a broken ankle when the poor bus driver lost his arm. He's the one actually deformed and disabled. And now they want to sue him when it wasn't even his fault. Infuriating! It's greedy and disgusting, considering this guy makes a fraction of what she makes. What to they want from him? I hope it goes to court because any half ass lawyer would rip this case to shreds on the stand. Plus, Miranda would have to testify and I don't think she wants to do that.

  9. shrimp punch says – reply to this


    Considering that she made an official statement that her bus driver saved her life… must be hungry lawyers forcing her to sue. Sharks.

  10. Ashmmac says – reply to this


    You know what! You don't know what's going on in her life!!
    You disgusting tabloid readers said that Paula Abdul was a drug addict! It was because she had developed RSD from an accident! HOW DO YOU KNOW SHE HASN'T ALSO DEVELOPED RSD?!
    Until you know the facts, quit pinning her as a liar just looking for money!