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James Gandolfini's Death Remains Unlinked To Alcohol & Drugs, For Now

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james gandolfini death drugs alcohol

And truthfully, we'll be very shocked if news surfaces saying otherwise.

The tragic passing of James Gandolfini has hit the Hollywood community hard; losing such a talented actor and icon so young and so suddenly has not been easy on anyone who knew him or loved his work. What makes it worse is that it seems the poor man died while spending quality time with his teenage son, who ultimately found his father's body after his heart attack.

In the aftermath of his passing, a doctor who runs the ER where James was treated before he was pronounced dead has shared that, according to their test, there were no traces of "suspicious factors", such as alcohol, in the actor's system at the time he was brought in. In fact, Professor Claudio Modini, the chief ER doc, says it looks like a heart attack, adding it was "probably a natural cause of death, myocardial infarction."

Probably? Why just "probably"? Well, to be frank, it's too soon to know for sure.

First of all, it's unclear whether any toxicology tests were run on James. Second, even if they were, it would takes week to find out the results and know for certain whether he was on something at the time. And quite frankly, James had acknowledged he had been addicted to cocaine and booze, and substance abuse played a part in his 2002 divorce.

No matter the cause, this is definitely a heartbreaking loss for everyone in Tinsel Town… and everyone who watched him perfecting his beloved craft. You're truly missed, James.

[Image via Daniel Tanner/WENN.]

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9 comments to “James Gandolfini's Death Remains Unlinked To Alcohol & Drugs, For Now”

  1. Blobby says – reply to this


    You'll be shocked if the news surfaces saying otherwise - yet you throw it up there with a "For Now" in the headline like the fucking vulture you are. "Please click on me!!!" you scream. I'll distort the truth for more hits….and then provide a caveat after you do.

  2. DoraL says – reply to this


    We're in the middle of a deadly heat wave in the south of Europe so it's very likely it was natural, we're all feeling sick from the heat

  3. 3

    It doesn't change the fact of the matter that he is dead. The media should be more respectful to his family. It's not the whole world's business.

  4. 4

    Re: Prince Charming – Sorry, but he embraced celebrity; most actors crave it. You can't use it when it's convenient and then expect total privacy when you want it, because that's not how fame works anymore and celebrities know this (and can't act surprised by it when the very fame and fortune they pursue becomes inconvenient). You can't have it both ways. It's also not the norm when someone who is a mere 51 years of age dies, but then again, the guy was carrying a lot of FAT on his frame and that's never healthy. I think that Perez should be punched, HARD, in his hideous ape face for adding "for now" to his ridiculous headline, but the discussion about Gandolfini's death belongs in public which is where he chose to live his life.

  5. 5

    Re: Pansy Hunter – He may have embraced celebrity, but his family, no. They should be allowed to grieve without all the press hounding them.

  6. 6

    Perez, you are such a creep! Look at you…spinning it and creating controversy where NONE exists. Perez, you are a vulture…you are…deplorable.

  7. 7

    "For Now"… you really are the lowest of the low, Perez. Except instead of an event recorded over ten years in the past .. you continue through a self-aggrandizing anti-bullying "revelation," and even fatherhood. Nothing will shake goodness into your soul, apparently.

  8. Gary says – reply to this


    That's what they said about Elvis at first. Ironic that they both died on the john.

  9. Jok says – reply to this


    What you all fail to see is that he was overweight and liked booze, drugs and food. End of story. When you enjoy the triple threat ,you cannot expect to live beyond 50. His choice he made. end of story. To each his. He knew it was coming.