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Miley Cyrus Will Smoke You Out!

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And what else???

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36 comments to “Miley Cyrus Will Smoke You Out!”

  1. truthtellingbish says – reply to this


    Perez, first off, that shirt is hideous. Like, is this a joke? It's ironic that you have a site dedicated solely to fashion, yet you dress much worse than any of the real celebs you bash on said site. As to your comments about Miley, why are they even necessary? No one cares for your hypocritical commentary. On 4/20 this year, you uploaded multiple posts that seemed to celebrate "Weed Day," including a photo gallery of famous celebs who smoke marijuana and fav marijuana movie scenes. Umm hello! You're glamorizing it just as much as Miley. Whether or not you personally smoke marijuana, you don't need to make snide comments about people who do so legally. Also, saying that Miley will gain weight from smoking pot is uncalled for. Considering her resent physical transformation, including weight loss, that's ridiculous. Is Miley's pot smoking harmful to her health? Possibly, but not likely. Until she shows sign of its negative impacts, it would be wise to stop the bashing.

  2. mag says – reply to this


    first off she said nothing wrong by saying alcohol is more dangerous than marijuana, i have never heard of someone oding from marijuana but many people get alcohol poisoning. Secondly you don't think people get fat from drinking that's all empty calories your consuming, with marijuana you do have the option to say no to overeating. Do you think someone takes a hit and eats the whole fridge….wtf! putting propaganda up like this is the reason why marijuana legalization is taking such a long time to come into effect instead of listening to stupid stereotypes that the government has been trying to put out forever do some research on the matter.thirdly i think its kinda stupid that you put pictures of celebrities up smoking and don't make a big deal but when someone voices there opinion in hopes of making a change than its bad? Way to go miley for standing up for your beliefs

  3. Amy says – reply to this


    WTF? The fatter you probably are? Every person I know who smokes weed is not fat. Snoop smokes EVERY DAY probably and he seems to be doing just damn fine. I usually never say anything about your vids, but that was just stupid and I don't smoke anything. I have smoked weed, but it just wasn't for me. I know fashion can be weird and what not and still sell, but that shirt/jacket is ugly.

  4. michelle says – reply to this


    lol perez you are a joke

  5. marie says – reply to this


    You're acting like the "alcohol is more debilitating than pot" argument is this new, outrageous concept. The DARE program recently stopped emphasizing marijuana in its curriculum and it wasn't for no reason. It's nearly impossible to die of a weed overdose. I'm sure copious use could be potentially detrimental, but not even close to the damage that alcohol abuse causes. Quit being such a pretentious prick and do some research bwfofe you start spewing insults.

  6. tammynadel says – reply to this


    wow what the hell happened to u perez?
    when u were chunky u had more style and pizazz
    that hair and that dreadful outfit needs to be put in trash immeadiately

  7. reallyperez says – reply to this


    Man that's super judgemental. That's like saying all gays dress poorly because you do. Or is it only the gay stereotypes that you like people to avoid. You know, you did an alright job there for a while of not going on your blog and bullying celebrities but it looks like you're back at it. Get with it and how about you start being a better example for those that come to this site and for your child. Stop spreading hate and negativity because it's really contagious.

  8. lou says – reply to this


    You totes have the right to express your opinion just like the comments below keep speaking YOU'RE truth :) x

  9. sarina says – reply to this


    you blow things out of proportions more than anyone i have ever met, ever. shut up. throw your shirt away.

  10. GeorgeX says – reply to this


    They just had a study. People who smoke weed are thinner than those who don't!

  11. Sara Niufar says – reply to this


    What happened to you seriously like perez you were much better looking when you were fat woww… and you should stop talking shit about these poor celebrities who are trying to live their lives.. as swipe

  12. Keith says – reply to this


    You're retarded. Alcohol is way worse then marijuana. Marijuana doesn't ruin peoples lives, alcohol ruins millions of peoples lives.

  13. you're a fucking tool says – reply to this


    You have no right on judging someone that smokes weed, you smoke dick not that I have a problem with gay people, but I have a problem with gay people who think they're entitled to some immunity and believe they're better than others because they are gay. You're a hypocrite and were "celebrating" 4/20 on your website posting pictures and shit, get a fucking life yeah miley may be young but she definitely has more money than you and does whatever the fuck she wants so more power to her. I'm just gaining respect for her honestly, shes showing that she doesnt care what other people think about her.

  14. catsmiou says – reply to this


    Quite a few of the folks I know who smoke weed are now on the "heavy" side (to be kind), but the good thing, I suppose, that since they smoke all the time, they don't care! Frankly, I've seen and heard so much of Miley Cyrus that I could go the rest of my life without seeing or hearing her talentless prattle and be wonderfully happy.

  15. leeza says – reply to this


    why are you hating? haha. Relax, let miley smoke what she wants. you clearly have never tried marijuana in your life, so don't judge. Its people like you with their stereotypes that kill any chance for legalization. You cant OD from weed, yet, people die from alcohol poisoning all the time.

  16. 16

    Perez Hilton, you have so many resources at your disposal - how come you can't educate yourself about cannabis? Your comments are straight up ignorant.

  17. Whitney says – reply to this


    I'm a straight A student at the University of Washington, where I'll be receiving my bachelors in 6 months. I'm also a full time nanny of 2 children, my apartment is clean and beautiful, I run 10 miles a week, and I'm also an avid cannabis smoker. Generalizations are week, man. Very weak.

  18. SeanH says – reply to this


    ITS WEED. STOP PEREZ. no one likes how you dress.

  19. SeanH says – reply to this


    you are becoming more more unlikable. look at what everyone is posting….OVER 50 percent of Americans believe marijuana should be legal/ you might not be a fat ass anymore more but your head sure is if you can't get it through your fat skull that marijuana is not a bad drug. Also, who do you think you are judging peoples fashion. Just because you aren't fat and disgusting anymore doesn't mean you can pull off your stupid/ridiculous outfits. haven't you noticed how much your popularity has gone down lately you judgmental prick?

  20. bob says – reply to this


    Your an idiot. Your site is trash and your just annoying to watch an lisen to

  21. Claire says – reply to this


    Your website sucks. You look sickly and weird. Your style here is disgusting. I want to know how you get to talk about fashion and dogg on celebs when you look like you need sleep and a shower. Your website freezes and I can barely write this because it keeps freezing. Worry about your damn self and take care of your kid. These people shit on you. Stop being so arrogant, you are the furthest thing from classy.

    Fix your website

  22. 22

    Um I have no idea what you're talking about and why are you saying weed is legal in California?? It's definitely not because I have friends who have gotten arrested for having a joint. And for your information smoking weed has zero harmful effects and it does NOT make you less ambitious, it makes you calm and relaxed and helps you think more creatively and Miley is right, alcohol is much more dangerous because at a certain point you really can't control your actions when you're drunk and you can even get alcohol poisoning. Honestly, it's incredibly stupid of you to say things like that against marijuana in such a condescending manner. I don't even smoke weed and I just think you sound like a brain washed moron when you say things like that, no offense.

  23. M4ry_J4n3 says – reply to this


    there are just so many stupid errors in your video. did you even research marijuana before you posted this video? because it's truly obvious you have no idea about the plant itself. i am an authorized patient and i work 3 jobs one of them is my business start up (lacking in motivation is the biggest line of bullshit i've every heard) marijuana itself have over 250 textile properties, and marijuana as an ointment has been known to cure skin cancer, and help keep cancer patients in remission. I smoke weed everyday, i exercise every day, and i still retain great and amazing relationships with weed smoking and non weed smoking friends. you are someone who has the ability to raise awareness about certain topics and in this instance you failed to do your research and have helped tarnished the marijuana community. Take the time to read about the plant and maybe also research hemp vs cotton and find out how the ban on marijuana actually started. another great way to expand your sources is on youtube. every sunday Coral Reefer hosts a question answer video about marijuana called stoney sunday and she also runs a killer site

  24. Bella says – reply to this


    Perez that was pathetic. Miley is right, how many deaths do you hear about caused by smoking marijuana? Zero. Unless its just raving bullshit like your video just was. I have epilepsy and multiple medications never helped but marijuana is a huge help to control my seizures. And you gain weight? Where did that come from? i weigh 102 pounds and i smoke almost daily. Know your shit before you expect people to listen to you and show you a little respect, you don't deserve any for the what you preach. And good lord do something with that hair, ugh.

  25. Kate says – reply to this


    Hahahahaha. Potheads… you mad?

  26. Giada says – reply to this


    Smoking will lower your ambition? I think anything that is done is moderation will lower your ambition if you let it consume you. Oh and what about alcohol? I'm pretty sure it has done plenty more damage than "making you fat" and "lowering your ambitions" such as hmm I don't know killing people? Smoking marijuana can't even be compared to incompetent and ignorance that happens when people drink.

  27. mitchiefourtwenty says – reply to this


    they are very self absorbed ..too bad because giving back is really what its about I guess she don't foillow snoop's philosophy on that tho

  28. alize says – reply to this


    i love watching train wrecks

  29. tammi says – reply to this


    stop hating on weed perez, it is very possible to smoke weed and maintain your ambition and career, better than lindsy lohan all hopped up on booze and god knows what else!

  30. 30

    But is that why you used to be fat? Was it because of the marijuanas? Is that why you have such a bipolar relationship with the weeds? And yeah, Snoop DOES smoke weed everyday and that man is fucking FAHINE! Normally, I would not be speeding my second night of sleep deprivation on commenting on your mediocre celebrity bash site, but I do not appreciate your recent tone when talking about my home girl, Miley. You know what that tone is? That is the tone of a VERY confused human being in absol-fruitin'-lutely every aspect of his life, including how to feel about Miles. All I hear coming out of your mouth when you speak of Miley is 'Oh no, we love to hate her, we hate to love her, blah blah blah. She's so rad, but no one can handle it because we used to watch her down on her knees, sucking Walt Disney's frozen, decaying dick since she was barely 13 so I'm going to act as though I love her, but I hate everything everyone else hates about her and try to turn it into a flamboyant, light-hearted joke.' I don't know though, it may just be me that sees this, seeing that I am high.

  31. gaylord says – reply to this


    perez u look like a fucking gaylord

  32. 32

    Re: Whitney – That's scary. So, do the children's parents know that you smoke marijuana? Or do you make sure that you don't smell of marijuana when you take care of the children?

  33. Bevi says – reply to this


    I hate to say it but the shirt makes you look like a Ukranian baton twirler, and you still haven't fixed your hair. I like you anyway……………………………..

  34. 34

    She needs to grow up and keep her business out of the street.

  35. nigboy says – reply to this


    U are Gay

  36. 36

    i don give a dime,i think miley is a disgrace this days,she makes me puke with her stupid tongue always out like a snake and her phonographic dances,she is either loosing it or she has already lost it,she needs help