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Demi Lovato's Biological Father Has Passed Away!

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demi lovato biological dad dead

Such sad, sad news!

We hate to report it, but it seems Demi Lovato's biological father, Patrick Lovato, has passed away.

We have very minimal details about the death, but her sister, Dallas Lovato, broke the news over Twitter.

She posted:

We know Demi wasn't super close to her biological dad, but we can't imagine how hard this is on her.

We hope the whole family has strength during this difficult time.

Our thoughts are with all of them!

[Image via WENN.]

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130 comments to “Demi Lovato's Biological Father Has Passed Away!”

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  1. r says – reply to this


    oh and if they're scripted why would they ask her in some interviews who she's dating when she never ever wants to answer them, or where she gets waxed on her body if they're scripted. You guys are eternally dumb. Another thing is, somebody died. Have a heart. If you don't like her, why are you even here. Why are you reading this. The only way you know she talks about these stuff is if you watch her interviews and stuff. Why watch an interview about someone you hate so much. Like, if you don't like her, you are free to gtfo. You don't like her music, gtfo. You don't like the way she looks, gtfo. You don't want to know anything about her, you don't have a gun to your head, therefore, gtfo.

  2. r says – reply to this


    what confuses me is, if you don't like her, or her music, or anything that has to do with her, why do you watch her interviews enough to know that she "talks about her issues too much". You don't actually have to watch her interviews, her music videos, her pictures if you don't like her. It's really simple, just gtfo. it baffles me that people have enough time in their lives to stop and talk shit about someone they don't even like. how simple of an individual are you that although you hate someone, you watch all their interviews, and comment on all the articles about them. pick up a hobby or something. Re: SadForHerToLoseAParentRe: CarlaHRe: babyrachRe: anti d-listRe: UGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHGHHHHRe: dumbRe: lola

  3. Eleanor says – reply to this


    You guys do not know how hard it is to lose a father, you guys are fucking disgusting go to hel

  4. demi lovato lover says – reply to this


    Re: assholes – omg stop being horrible

  5. lauren says – reply to this


    Re: T-Swift – no, her mom and dad aren't together anymore, her mom has a new partner x

  6. Noe says – reply to this


    I´m so sad for Demi and Dallas #StayStrongDemiAndDallas love u so much girls :(
    Rest in peace Patrick Lovato.

  7. elena says – reply to this


    Re: babyrachRe: babyrach – You are such an insensitive,naive person.So let me get this straight,Because demi is open about her past problems thats all she talks about and thats all you know about her.Thats all you know about her because you don't care to know more.She's helped so many girls with depression and eating disorders.And you have some nerve joking about that serious issue.Im not capable of changing your opinion but at least respect for others,if you don't like her and don't feel for her that get off this page.

  8. onlyinamerica says – reply to this


    Kanye West's mother whom he was very close to dies, "omg blood sacrifice, illuminati, he's such a terrible person, etc…"
    Demi Lovato's dad whom she was 'estranged' "oh this is so sad, rip, I pray for her"

    ONLY IN AMERICA. Y'all somthin else smh

  9. mireya says – reply to this


    Re: CarlaH – I'm 23 years old and I love to listen to her music because she's an amazing singer!!

  10. mireya says – reply to this


    Re: babyrach – You fucking idiot!

  11. MIREYA says – reply to this


    Re: - – Oh my God help us with this people1

  12. JoeChief says – reply to this


    Re: CarlaH – Well yeah of course she's going to tell people how sad she is. Losing a FATHER tends to do that people. Estranged or not, it doesn't change the fact that he is her father and she shares a biological connection with him. I know a few people who weren't close to their sibblings. They were still sad when they lost them. It's called a familial bond you moron. And not to make you look dumber than you actually are, but what does her rehab stint have to do with the death of her biological dad? Absolutely nothing.

    If you're going to hate on her, at least be more witty about it. Cause you just sound like your just grasping at straws.

    PS: The only idiot here is you since you must have missed her whole treatment center stint. I think the fact that she was ADMITTED into an actual rehab center kinda says that we didn't imagine the whole thing. You're retarded dude.

    PPS: You know how many artists uses their "personal experience" to sell music? Rihanna still uses her Chris Brown bit for the sympathy card. You must be new to the concept of celebrity gossip.

  13. JoeChief says – reply to this


    Re: babyrach

    I would like to correct you on a few things. And on a few things I basically mean everything in your post. 1. The whole point of the interview is to answer questions. So yes. She does have to answer them. 2. You know who elses uses their problems to get celebrity recognition? Every public figure out there. Justin Bieber, Chris Brown, Angelina Jolie, Brad pitt, name me ONE singer out there that didn't use their "issues" or something personal about them? No you can't.

    Ok. Anything else you want to add to your idiocy ridden statements sweetie? Come back when you're ready to converse with the adults.

  14. JoeChief says – reply to this


    Re: - – Well you're actually confusing SCRIPTED with planning my dear. It's a known fact that there are certain subjects that aren't to be touched in an interview. That doesn't mean it's scripted. It means it's planned out before an interview is carried out. Second, Demi would play a big part in her rehab stint. She was in rehab after all and she's talking about. I call that a pretty big part to play. And of course no one would think she's forced to talk about it. She agreed to the interview so yeah. No one thinks that. Are you impaired in some ways babe?

  15. JoeChief says – reply to this


    Re: anti d-list

    You're right. I mean it's not like she lost a PARENT or anything like that right? I mean whoever thought that losing a FATHER, regardless of who it is would be a traumatic event for anyone? Hate to break it to you dumb ass but losing a parent tends to be a lofty burden on anyone. Despite the relationship they had. So yeah I would expect her to be a little sad. It's her father after all. If you feel sorry for her or not thats up to you. But if you're going to hate on someone, at least sound a little more intelligent.

    But I like how you assume that her life is automatically perfect. Last I checked money and fame does not equate to happiness. Keep living vicariously through celebrities dumb ass. You're good at that.

  16. JoeChief says – reply to this


    Re: - – You're not the same person with the SAME name yet you respond to the comment that this person was responding too? No offense but you really suck at lying lol. And maybe you're not aware of what HELP is. But HELP is doing something WITH the assistance of other people. So no. Nobody "Helps" them selves. If they did something on their own, then they did it them selves without HELP. But if someone uses something else as a means of inspiration, thats help. So no. Demi did "help" them because by definition, HELP is assistance. Go back to school for another ten years and study a dictionary you idiot.

  17. fred says – reply to this


    Demi needs to be beaten and raped to death. she is a piece of human garbage.

  18. 118

    another excuse for her to comfort eat no doubt :/

  19. Lady Gaga Fan. says – reply to this


    Re: UGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHGHHHH – how fucking stupid are you. IT'S HER FATHER. Whether she had a good relationship with him or not she's entitled to be upset over it. It's her fucking father. Have some respect. I hope when someone you were once close with dies and people treat you the same way you are treating demi.

  20. R.I.P Patrick says – reply to this


    You guys are SO fucking inconsiderate. Her Dad DIEDDD! Are you fucking robots? — heartless? No fucking EMOTION. I don't see any of your fucking points. If she takes her father's death and writes a song it, WHO GIVES A FLYING FUCK? He's not YOUR dad. The same way how people write poems, that's basically what she's doing. You don't know what he did to her and her familt. You don't know EVERY thing. You only know the few details she told the media. Like, no 'R.I.P' , just hating. NO H8. Have some respect for her and her father. Keep hating haters ’cause hate brings you to hell. No matter what, I'll still love Demi, support her and her music. I AM A LOVATIC FOR LIFE! (Since 2008) STAY STRONG Demi, Dallas & Dianna. I'm praying for yall. <3

  21. James says – reply to this


    Re: fred – Lol oh please. Death threats? That's so 2002 dude. You're out of touch.

  22. James says – reply to this


    Re: Lasqueesha – Talking about your mom again eh? How many times as she choked on fried pickle sandwich again?

  23. StayStrongDemi says – reply to this


    Re: SadForHerToLoseAParent – are you jerk??? i lost my father too so i could feel how sad her! OMG how could you talk like that!
    someday when you lost your parents then you will understand how does it feel!! SO, STOP TALKING LIKE JERK!!

  24. StayStrongDemi says – reply to this


    FYI, i have strain relationship with my father too!! and when he leaves me 4 month ago, it make me feel worse than EVER! the guilt and regret sweep over you!! dont you dare you say that bad words easily, you all jerk hater! how could you! i wish you taste it the mourning of losing, and i will comment the same as yours! you seriously heartless jerk

  25. youwhore says – reply to this


    Re: UGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHGHHHH – you bitch!! sto talking like you know everything

  26. Whereisyourheart says – reply to this


    Re: anti d-list – no offense but you dont know what it is like to have a parent leave you. I relate to demi so much because my father left my mom and me wen i was little. The situation of them coming around when you are older and such is really confusing and it makes you angry and the emotions you go through really sucks. If she feels sad its only because there was no relationship and her dad tried reaching put to her and she denied him. She can feel remorse not love for him believe me. Only someone in a relatable situation can understand. And it sickens me to see all these comments about her using it as a media outlet, its not her fault her managers or interviers bring it up or make her. Honestly SHE CAN sing. She sings the way that she does because she hasnt had it easy and i rather have my childern look up to her than the real talentless selena gomez and all those trash starletts

  27. IHatePeople says – reply to this


    You guys are so horrible. Its one thing to not like Demi but it's another thing to be a complete idiot about it. None of you even seem to feel sorry for this girl that she lost her dad whether she was close to him or not. You all are just obsessed with the idea that she might write a song about him or talk about it for the next couple of years. If you even knew about Demi you'd know that her father is hard subject for her and she probably won't talk about it. And since when was it a crime to write about your past experiences and not be called on it for being fake. Atleast she writes about real stuff and not like "dancing at the club" stupid pop stuff when shes feeling bad inside. Anyway, not all her famous songs are even that personal. I don't know why people would hate Demi so much shes actually seems really sweet and funny. I guess its fun to judge people you don't even know…

  28. hippychickie18 says – reply to this


    People got a lot to say when they don't know the person personally =/

  29. DemiSLAYSLovato says – reply to this


    Re: SadForHerToLoseAParent – LOVE U DEMIIIII… Stay Strong as u always do my princess, my Herooo!!!!……. Nd about ut idiotic comment, is ignorant ppl loke u who made it sooo easy for d rest of us to stand out on daily basis, so, thanks hater n remember.. What goes around, COMES AROUND! So, good luck w whats on ur way ;)

  30. Read Me says – reply to this


    Okay for all the fucken haters, you are idiots. Demi doesn't use her problems for fame. Her parents made her go into rehab. She actually talked to her father when she was in rehab. She loves her father dearly its just that everytime she had a huge role he would come knocking on the door asking for more money and then leave again. She doesn't use her cutting and bipolar as a way to gain popularity. She even said in an interview "its awkward to talk about it at first". Demi doesn't care so much about the money because she put her whole album on youtube so everyone could listen for free. She also said in an interview "that I don't care if people illegally download my song". You might be mean about the subject but we aren't mean about who your idol is.

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