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Lindsay Lohan's New Rehab Might Want To Keep Her Longer Than The Court Ordered!

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lindsay lohan rehab longer stay malibu

Well good luck with that!

Considering she's been hopping around from rehab to rehab, we have a hard time believing anyone will get Lindsay Lohan to stay put let alone for longer than her court-ordered 90 days.

But from what we hear, it sounds like Cliffside Malibu wants LiLo to put in some extra time in order to truly recover.

The CEO of Cliffside, Richard Taite, recently gave an interview - not about Lindsay - where he spoke about celebrities and rehab, and what he said was very inneresting when you think about our troubled redheaded rehab repeater.

He commented:

"The celebrities that so many people ask about, the ones who go to rehab after rehab without getting better, often have ["treatment resistant"] addiction … Celebrities who have been classified as ‘treatment resistant’ have come to believe that they are in every way special, and as such, the rules of life and recovery do not apply to them."

Hmmm, sound like someone we know??

And in the case of LiLo, getting her to stay might be harder than usual considering another little tidbit he revealed about this type of patient:

"To recover from addiction, the addict must open up to caring professionals. These people often need longer stints in treatment than the average — something their dependents and entourages are not keen on, because the stay in rehab means no money coming in for those who live off another’s fame."

Uh, yes, this is all feeling very familiar.

At the very least, we know LiLo will have to stay put at this location for the duration of her sentence. But from the sound of it, she doesn't want to stay any longer than necessary!

Let's just hope the rehab finally gets through to her!

[Image via FayesVision/WENN.]

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23 comments to “Lindsay Lohan's New Rehab Might Want To Keep Her Longer Than The Court Ordered!”

  1. Oh, I get it.... says – reply to this


    I think I see the angle. Push into media that OTHERS think Lindsay needs more treatment so when her release date comes up, and she is still locked up for violating probation at BFC and wigging out and being moved to another "Facility" .. Lohans will spin this into something about how Lindsay has considered this CEOs statements and decided she DOES want to get better so she is VOLUNTARILY going to stay, because she is taking her recovery seriously this time. Yep. Taking bets.

  2. OLD QUOTES says – reply to this


    Another road of old quotes spun into something to make a LL story about. When was the interview. It would be totally inappropriate for this CEO to say anything of the sort at this time. Not a chance in hell this story is genuinely in regards to anything LL. More PR spin for todays cigarette and McDonalds money. And Taylor gets mad at POSTERS?

  3. MichJB says – reply to this


    She isn't in there for treatment. She's in there to avoid serving time in jail. She's biding her time until the day she gets to leave. I'm sure she will be washing down Adderalls with vodka just as soon as her limo goes out the gate.

  4. Reality Check? says – reply to this


    Re: MichJB – In two months, she'll be lucky to have enough change for a bus ride. And, she is HOMELESS, so she's going home to Mother when this treatment is done?

  5. 5

    More often then not a habitual drug offender cannot be ordered to do rehab or face jail time.They have to want it , Lindsey has been stubborn about this issue every single time. The cops need to leave her alone. If she wasn't famous, they would even bother. The stupid judicial system is run by a bunch of old men who haven't an inkling on what's going on in this particular defendants head, theyre all fame whores. It's all a bunch of judicial BS . Huge waste of tax dollars.No wonder California is broke. Good luck Lindsey. Get help when youre ready. Not when being ordered to. It's like a type 2 diabetic being ordered to lose weight or go to jail. Drug and alcohol addiction is a inherited disease. Like any other disease it should medically be treated as such.

  6. kaliki says – reply to this


    Wow, Lindsay Lohan is getting older looking…clean up your act Lindsay.

  7. Society is READY NOW. says – reply to this


    Re: HurkaDurka – (New name here?) Your position that Lindsay should (be permitted to) wait to get help when she is ready is REALLY STUPID. She has been involved in numerous DUIs, clipping pedestrianS, ran into PARKED cars, Carjacked a vehicle with strangers in it, drove like an insane maniac on the freeway at ungodly speeds, she's been arrested for assaulting a stranger in a nightclub, stealing from a jewelry store -while on probation, tested dirty for cocaine -while on probation, failed at community service until she was sent to work around dead people who couldn't complain about her, she acts like vulgar idiot when people give her a change at redemption, she owes hundreds of thousands of dollars to the IRS &small business owners, assistants, victims who won judgments against her in civil suits. WHAT do you think it is going to take for her to "be ready" ? Perhaps YET ANOTHER DUI where she crashes her car into a group of 1st graders on a field trip and puts a few in a wheelchair, and many others into a grave. What makes you believe that when Lindsay is a VICTIMIZER of society that society should WAIT for her to "be ready"? Please explain.

  8. DISEASED says – reply to this


    Re: HurkaDurka – If a Type 2 diabetics ACTED OUT like she did/does - they would be in jail. Some forms are blindness are genetic. And type 2 diabetics can go blind if they REFUSE to manage their illness. Just because people go blind over "genetic disease" we still don't let blind men masterbate in public parks just because they can't see other people. Lindsay is not in custody because she has a disease. She is in custody because she is a DISEASE. She DOESNT CARE how her disease SICKENS and HARMS people she mindlessly INFLICTS her disease on. She is a chronic drunk driver, she is violent, she steals, she destroys, she lies to cops, to media, to HERSELF. Freedom does NOT include the FREEDOM to punch stranger in the face, DUI, or do coke when one is on probation.

  9. 9

    Re: HurkaDurka – This is all the fault of the police??? The cops should leave Lindsay alone??? LINDSAY LOHAN IS A THIEF. Maybe it's only when she's sky high she decides to steal but who cares? SHE STEALS STUFF. Lindsay drives like a MANIAC. Now maybe it's only when she's sky high she drives like runaway train, but who cares??? LINDSAY LOHAN WILL KILL SOMEBODY WITH A CAR WHILE SHE'S SKY HIGH AND OR DRUNK. so the cops should leave Lindsay Lohan alone. She should be in jail, not rehab. Rehab is pointless.

  10. ALL R BITTER WANABES says – reply to this


    Re: jeanmichelbasketcase – I think the part about the old men who are fame whores is an even better IDIOT statement. Leave someone ALONE, who is a chronic DUI, socially out of control, socially violent, liar, thief, trouble maker, fame ho, tax evader …seriously. The TWEET to the grieving widow… that must have gone over well to find out Lindsay Lohan is tweeting about her special relationship with your recently deceased HUSBAND, when wife had NO IDEA James even was such good friends with Lindsay. TWEETING PUBLIC CONDOLENCES (and claims of being a good friend) TO THE GRIEVING FAMILY of a popular actor, in order for trash media to make a story out of it? Lets us ponder how COMFORTED Mrs Gandolfini and her children must have been to know that Lindsay Lohan was taking time away from her 6th rehab attempt to console them on their loss. Did you ever see the shit she tweeted in regards to Heath Ledger? Said something like,you will be forever in the hearts of me & Mattie (his daughter with Michelle Williams). Hows that for fucking TOUCHING?

  11. helen says – reply to this


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  12. 12

    Well she is IS special in every way! Duh!

  13. Special says – reply to this


    Re: MrJose – SPECIAL IS SUBJECTIVE. Enjoy.

    — — Looks like Linds made some friend in rehab who are allowed cellphones. Dear New Poster saying ridiculous things: Please educated yourself to Lindsay Lohan's criminal history before you come onto this site to defend her with nonsense like old men of the courts are fame whores and Lindsay should be left alone Left alone, and free to DUI, steal, lie, hit people with her car, hit strangers in the face in public because she is pissed off that her movie bombed, screwed many small business owners out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Should she be left alone so she can, ONCE AGAIN, car jack a vehicle of strangers when she's drunk and on cocaine, DUI again, drive drunk, crash a Porsche on the freeway, lie about it and slander and blame her crimes on completely innocent people standing near her. These CRIMES have been significantly reported in media. Defend her all you want, but learn some important facts as to why it would be INSANE and MORALLY irresponsible for the cops/the courts to just "leave her alone".

  14. teeter totter says – reply to this


    Not sure if she is in rehab for drugs or alcohol (yes I know it is to avoid jail). But quitting alcohol is easy, I did it two years ago cold turkey for more than six months (the trip to Mexico and margaritas did me in) and I plan to quit again for 9 months this coming weekend. Cannot comment on drugs as I never did drugs unless you count smoking MJ a few times in college many years ago.

  15. Apples & EggYolks says – reply to this


    Re: teeter totter – If you got through college then your drinking and light drug use did not create an addiction that was more powerful than your judgment. Know the trip to Mexico scenario, people who are not addicted because they feel they NEED the booze/street drugs/Rx pills to get through life on a daily/regular basis are struggling with very strong impulses that they decide to indulge, instead of seeking treatment/psych help for the REASONS they feel A NEED to get wasted out of their minds all the time. When you are 26 yrs old and have been to rehab 6 times ,court ordered rehab for car jacking and driving drunk & on coke, …REPEAT DUIs? Well, your binge in Mexico is what vacationers do. Continuing to DUI and do drugs, time and time again, WHEN YOU ARE ON PROBATION,… I think her issues & struggles are different than yours. You wrote you went to college, Lindsay Lohan doesn't have the smarts and self-discipline to manage her court responsibilities by attending a very limited set of alcohol education classes. Stopping drinking is a lot easier than QUITTING substances for good.

  16. 16

    she was court ordered to do 90 days and that is what should be done in one facility

  17. To Super 777, says – reply to this


    From media coverage on LLs 90 day in custody sentence, LL being approved for BFC WAS based on LL spending her FULL 90 day in-custody sentence at BFC. Part of rehab is working on goals of cooperating w/others, working towards a functionality of community living/cooperation. From the constant L stories in media about her rehab stay at BFC -it appears that L never "took" to the program & was NOT cooperative or genuinely motivated to change her life-style in significant ways. Ls case "on paper" would indicate that her distress & emergency transfer out of BFC was based on her inability to comply with the rules/regulations of her treatment program. If so, LLs transfer is technically a probation violation. IMO, Ls repeated crisis/antics surrounding her compliance w/her sentence has proven to the court that Lindsay has DEEP PROBLEMS w/cooperating w/others & comprehending her genuine NEED for rehab/restructuring her long-term lifestyle & goals. It would be unethical for her to be released back in to society, serve community service, & OPERATE A MOTOR VEHICLE when LL is so flagrantly dysfunctional. To date several emergency court orders have been necessary (early on) in her 90 day sentence. Holley/DAs office SILENCE in regards to this whole issue indicates BIGGER things are yet to be announced. A physician staffed rehab facility can NOT ethically discharge Lindsay back into society if they consider her a danger to herself or others or inadequate in Adult status capacity.

  18. @v@ says – reply to this


    So, did she mess up and now has to stay longer?
    Re: Special – I think Jose is being facetious.

  19. SIncerity? says – reply to this


    Re: @v@ – Re: Mr Jose. You may be right, but it's awfully weird Mr Jose just signed up as a member of Perez's site and this is the only post she/he ever wrote. Sounds like what Lindsay genuinely believes and what Team Lohan promotes. It had a real red flag on it to me, so I checked the profile. Brand new member, no other post. Who knows? It was the other posters idiocy about the cops need to leave Lindsay alone that was the real moron being addressed.

  20. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: SIncerity? – Look up the lyrics to the song 'Creep'.

  21. To Ava says – reply to this


    Re: @v@ – Not interested. What is your point?

  22. To Ava says – reply to this


    Googled it. Saw the words your so special… it is lost on me. I don't know the group, never heard the song, & do not comprehend the context/punchline. I don't really care about Mr Jose. I read the post & did not "hit me" as an attempt at sarcasm, it hit me as "odd" -so I hit on the name and it showed this is the only post this poster ever contributed here. I have often seen "new posters" come on & writing completely insane post. Similar to the cops need to leave Lindsay alone post. How could anyone really say such a thing, with LL history of being DUI repeat offender -the assault, theft, coke use that were are crimes she was charged w/WHILE SHE WAS ON PROBATION. When I get "red flags" on post …There is an 'odd" pattern that MANY people who write moronic things are newbies/have only ever posted on LL stories. The post above to Jose was SPECIAL IS SUBJECTIVE. I think that's an important fact that LLs FAMILY, and her, need to PROCESS. I dropped down to address the other poster, but didn't add posters name. As to your question about will Lindsay do more time. There is gossip of events that would INSIST that would be the case. However, the source&facts have not been legally verified. Her emergency transfer out of BFC was not a PROMOTION, I think that's fair to assume. What I have heard, is outrageous, but totally sounds like L.

  23. To Ava says – reply to this


    Re: @v@ – Just wanted to let you know it was not my intention to be rude when I wrote, "Not interested. what is your point". I was busy and had NO IDEA of what you were referring to. When your post stated look up the lyrics to creep, I assumed there must be many creep songs to ponder & I didn't want to take the time to try to research what you were referring to, since I had little to no idea what you were referring to. I did become curious because you are an interesting poster to read, so I googled & got lucky that there weren't dozens of references. Well, I appreciate you offering info & wanted to be clear that my curt answer to you was in my own haste & was not intended to dismiss you or be rude to you. I didn't grasp it the big picture, but gathered your post was a reference to what other poster was referring too. Thanks for the info.