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Paula Deen Releases Statement After Food Network Tosses Her Out With The Leftovers!

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paula deen statement about food network firing

Yup, another statement from Paula Deen. Let's see how this one goes…

Although we wouldn't be surprised if she ripped the Food Network a new one considering how unpredictable this whole thing has been, Paula is being as much of a Southern lady as she can right now.

After getting the boot when she got caught up in a PR mess, Paula addressed the sitch with as much vigor as she would a deep fryer.

She said:

"I have had the pleasure of being allowed into so many homes across the country and meeting people who have shared with me the most touching and personal stories. This would not have been possible without the Food Network. Thank you again. Love and best dishes to all of ya’ll."

Probably best that she didn't record this statement considering how poorly that idea went before.

And who knows, maybe another network will scoop her up like coffee toffee ice cream!

We just hope she doesn't drown her sorrows in butter in the meantime!

[Image via Mr Blue/WENN.]

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47 comments to “Paula Deen Releases Statement After Food Network Tosses Her Out With The Leftovers!”

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  4. PHARO says – reply to this



  5. jackwad says – reply to this


    Disturbing story but who DIDN'T KNOW? Just look at her and all that friend and buttery stuff she made! Her HUGE fur coat is LOATHSOME! Think about the HUNDREDS of precious little chinchillas electrocuted or skinned alive for that ghastly horrifying HUGE (because she's fat, so add extra death) cloak of death!

  6. Jay says – reply to this


    I think this whole thing is crap. I mean, black people use the n-word all the time and back when my Dad was a kid the n-word was what everyone called black people. He's the same age of Paula Deen. Nowdays, with all the equal rights for gays and everyone else who claims people are unfair to them I think people should be able to say jokes and the words without being discriminated against. Heck, as a kid RETARD and GAY meant DUMB/Stupid/Silly. Rather she is racist or not. Saying the n-word is not a legal crime and I have Gay friends who hate being called GAY that to them is hurtful. I'm like get over yourself. I'm white, straight, and married with children and I live in an area where I am the minority cause of being married, straight, having kids, and being white!! Yet the blacks and Gays always CLAIM they are the victims and yet there are more of them then of us. I don't think people understand that minority means:The smaller number or part, esp. a number that is less than half the whole number. I love Paula! Food Network can keep their GAYS and Blacks and rotate!!

  7. 7

    i like her. She's honest and fun. It's too bad people are stupid and ignorant (much more than she is)

  8. mark says – reply to this


    Food network also booted Robert Irvine in the past and the rebellion from Fans made them re hire him. He now has 2 successful shows on their network. If they asked all of their food net work stars who has said the N word Ill bet NOT ONE could say they hadn't. HYPOCRITES.

  9. 9

    It looks like one of the "slaves" that Paula hired at that wedding put out a video and ACCEPTED Paula's apology! TAKE A LOOK!

  10. thebigboot says – reply to this


    Yet they rehired Robert Irvine, a man who lied about his military service, and his work for the Royal Family. WHat kind of message does that send? Besides Perez, you defended your usage of calling someone a "f*g" what's the difference between you and her?

  11. dee says – reply to this


    I WILL NOT be watching foodnetwork again!!!!

  12. 12

    don't worry she'll be o.k. she can always cater tea party conventions. or better yet maybe she can be rick perry's personal chef at his ranch. what was it called again. n***erhead ranch?

  13. E.T. says – reply to this


    First they came for the Homosexuals, and I did not speak out–
    Because I was not a Homosexual.
    Then they came for the African Americans, and I did not speak out–
    Because I was not African American.
    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out–
    Because I was not a Jew.
    Then they came for me–and there was no one left to speak for me.

  14. 14

    She finally said just the right thing.

  15. 15

    In a bizarre moment, the former Food Network star talks about a black employee of hers named Hollis Johnson. She says that he's become very dear to her in the 18 years she's known him. She points to the black backdrop behind her and says he's 'black as this board.' Mr Johnson is called on stage and asks him to come up on stage. 'We can't see you in front of that dark board!' The audience roars with laughter. Ms. Severson, slightly taken aback says, 'Welcome to New York.' ( dailymail)

  16. 16

    the Food Network lost 5 viewers in our family.

  17. 17

    Re: E.T. – love your take on the Martin Niemöller poem.

  18. boston61 says – reply to this


    White people are not allowed to say anything. We are the oppressed in this country now. We are the ones who made this country great and pay the bills for all the other overly-sensitive useless freeloaders. This is a meritocracy. If you have nothing to contribute and are only a taker you will get nothing. I'm a Proud Democrat too.

  19. 19

    Re: Jay – Um….if you're white…straight…and married….you're the majority of America. Stop acting like you're rights are infringed on or something. Fuck, you make me ashamed to be white…

  20. amazing howstupid says – reply to this


    I am shocked everyday at how stupid people are…..In 2007 this was out. I don't have feelings either way for Paula Deen but not only were the allegations out she clearly admitted to it way back then on 2 national tv shows and said she would never use the word again. I am not interested in Paula Deen, but I know this. There must have been something more interesting going on and people attention decided not to pay attention at that time….Maybe news is slow now so people care… It truly amazes me how stupid people are… Why does it matter today and not 4million cookbooks ago, because the NEWS is slow and your being told to be outraged because they have nothing else to report on, Where was this outrage before sheeple?[re=6450970]Re:
    povurizetede05[/re] My sister's, boyfriends therapist's, dog walker's, proctologist's, babysitter's, foster niece makes $275 a week bumping uglies w/ guys on the internet.

  21. 21

    She'll be fine she has millions and can probably go to another network or create her own whatever..lesson learned to keep your mouth shut esp when you are in the public eye for work. I hope that is a fake chinchilla coat..I'm not PETA but really? Poor chinchillas..

  22. teeter totter says – reply to this


    Mods, please ban or delete spammer

  23. jackwad says – reply to this


    Beejeeezus, what kind of inbred, red-state, white trash, neo-nazi folk is this site attracting these days? Strange they're all coming to a gay man's blog site.

  24. queenie says – reply to this


    Re: Jay – paulas fur coat, it wasn't real you idiot, get a life. queenie

  25. Backward says – reply to this


    Re: Jay

    Your comment makes little sense. Since when were there more "Gays" and "Blacks?" You may want to redo your statistics. And FYI, do not categorize all "gays" and "blacks" in the same group. Everyone is an individual and many people were probably offended by what Paula Deen said so the network canned her. She's been on TV for a long time and should know better. She has the right to believe and say what she wants, and the network has the right to do what they see fit. It's their network.

  26. teeter totter says – reply to this


    Don't get the Food Network, but have seen her a few times on interviews and she seems like a nice lady. I love Southern cooking (my late husband was from Virginia) and hope to eat at her restaurant one day, God willing.

  27. ann says – reply to this


    White ppl cant say the n Word thats it … Only black ppl can say it to each other because they made the n Word have a different meaning they took the offensiveness and they empowered it and some White ppl dont get it .. i dont say it cause i dont have the swag plus im not black

  28. The Matrix says – reply to this


    She was fired for telling the truth in a deposition (under oath); about something that happened over 20 years ago. There's a good possibility the Food Network will end up paying dearly for their political correctness. I would not be surprised if she is able to turn this thing around. I predict the idiot that canned her will have a very abbreviated career with Food Network. Whoever fired her should start planning their departure.

  29. 29

    TAKE UR fur coat out to pasture … maybe u can go on a shopping channel or something

  30. 30

    It's spin control y'all!

  31. Miamibikinis says – reply to this


    Okay so first she lies about her diabetes and now this? Not surprised though she is a white woman from Georgia whos over the age of 50 so… I mean people like that are still very racist

  32. WillowWynde says – reply to this


    Re: mselliemae – If you’re going to quote Paula’s conversation with reporter Kim Severson on Times Talks, please use a source that uses the whole conversation. I find it disgusting (and a poor attempt at politicizing) that the majority of news organizations do not include the following part of the conversation. This is what was said after mselliemae’s premature ending. “Welcome to the South. But you know, I tell people this is my son by another father. I mean, I love this young man. I would travel to Hell with him and I know I can trust him with my life. And color ain’t got nothin’ to do with it. It’s all about what’s in here (she pats her heart).” Then she kisses him on the cheek and they hug before he exits off the stage.

  33. luvinlyrics says – reply to this


    Re: Jay – If you are an employer it IS against the law to be discriminatory. And she didn't just use the N word, she and her brother made them enter through the back entrance and use different bathrooms from the white employees. She also said she wished it was the good old days when refferring to them as N-s. Slavery was the good old days for her? Read the full disposition before u say this isn't racist. The N word was not the only issue.

  34. luvinlyrics says – reply to this


    Re: The Matrix – No they won't…she wasn't fired. They simply chose not to renew her contract. That is their right.

  35. anabelle says – reply to this


    Someone could deep fry this bitch, please!?

  36. Rhonda says – reply to this


    I love her. I'm black. Some people need to quit being such whiny, sensitive pansies who can't take a joke, and leave her alone.

  37. 37

    Re: ann – I love your comment.


  38. okiesilly says – reply to this


    God Bless Paula, your the best an we are with you all the way. Shame of Food network for such a silly comment that happened 49+ yrs ago.
    good Luck Paula

  39. Bilinga says – reply to this


    Re: Jay – That fur coat is hellish nightmare

  40. Bilinga says – reply to this


    Paula Deen, racist fur slag. I don't know which makes me sicker, the racism or the wearing of dead animal fur. Go ride off into the sunset please.

  41. cindycindylouwho says – reply to this


    Paula Deen has always come across as a sweet, Southern lady. I am shocked and saddened that she is such a racist. You know, the use of the "n" word is awful, but the vision of her dressing Black men up like dolls is sick and makes me so sad. Now, the about-face is forwarded but sounded and still sounds disingenuous. I hate that she also wears real fur and thinks that she is the bomb. I have never seen her with an persons of colour except Oprah, need I say more!

  42. cindycindylouwho says – reply to this


    I need to say this. My guess is that Paula will do a "I am so sorry and misunderstood" special interview with Oprah, the demon child. Then Oprah will ask America to forgive and support her by offering her a show on the OWN Network. Anything for a buck, right Oprah? Anyone want to bet a million bucks that that is what is going to happen? Skank #1 rushes to the rescue of Skank #2.

  43. Lizza says – reply to this


    I don't condone the use of any derogatory terms, but I find it incredibly ridiculous that this woman is being persecuted for having used the word in her past (i.e. not 'using' currently, present tense) when you can't listen to a rap song without hearing the N-word, I mean - has anyone ever heard Samuel L Jackson speak? He uses it every other sentence! There shouldn't be a double standard

  44. 44

    Some perfect people out there are ready to condemn Paula for being caught saying things for which she has apologized. When the hateful Tracey Morgan ranted during his "act" saying that if he had a gay son that talked in a gay manner, he would stab him with a knife. He apologized. Seems like I've been seeing his sorry ass more since that hit the news, being rewarded with product endorsements and even hosting t.v. shows. Understandabley, many may find what she said distasteful and racist. However, I do not think she feels strongly anti-black. What she said was not violent, as T.M. did, yet he was quickly forgiven. What he said could influence and encourage attacks on gays. Nobody should be attacked, harassed, or criticized for what they are. Seems like her punishment is worse than the crime.

  45. I forgive her says – reply to this


    Does anyone else remember that show that she had a few years ago called Paula's Party? Was that the show that she used to cook with a black married couple on? Just curious. Anyway, I hope that she truly is sorry for making mean comments about black people. I don't want her to lose her job though. I forgive her. We all make mistakes, but some people aren't honest enough to admit it. Paula was honest, and she admitted that she made mistakes. I give her credit for that. It may not seem like it right now, but honesty is still the best policy. Her honesty will benefit her career eventually.

  46. 46

    I don't think she's racist necessarily, I just think she's ignorant.

  47. tybeeIslander says – reply to this


    Oopps!!! I put my diabetic foot in my mouth again, I am sorry y'all…… I live in the area of SAV, and can tell you the locals think her food is bad, her accent is bad (she didn't have the accent before TV), and she is a rude, chain smoking, foul mouthed, slot machine playing fake. Good riddance, there is better talent and food that can be added to the Food Channel to make up for the loss!