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Everyone always blames editing! We know some magic can go down in the editing room, but not everything you do and say can be created out of thin air. … Read more…

24 comments to “RHONJ's Teresa Giudice Playing The Poor Editing Card To Explain Questionable Parenting?!”

  1. 1

    That nasty, disgusting, slimy, fugly ass husband of hers needs a kick in the balls and a slap in the face for bad talking the kids aunt and uncle and having them repeat it. What an awful example they're providing for these kids. Teresa isn't any better because she encourages it.

  2. 2

    Oh please. I've watched this show since it premiered. That woman is THE worst parent on that show. Her children are obnoxious, ill behaved brats who mouth off at adults, beat the shit out of each other and have no clue how to behave anywhere - at home, in private, in public or otherwise. Those girls, especially Milania, need boundaries and some sort of discipline. There's no doubt in my mind that one day Milania is either going to be running the world or a serial killer, one or the other…

  3. Stephanie says – reply to this


    I didn't read the story, mainly because I don't care about any of the desperate house wives but this lady is not very attractive.

  4. Connor says – reply to this


    Well, if she doesn't want to make herself look like a bad mother she should stop filming with them so damn much and trying to make them stars. It's despicable. But Teresa will never admit she's wrong about anything, it won't be until her daughters hate her that she might begin to question her choices.

  5. Stephanie says – reply to this


    Re: Stephanie – I meant to say Real Housewives, oops.

  6. 6

    Her younger children are extremely ill-behaved, but they don't know any better. T makes a big mistake when she talks to other adults as if her children can't hear what she's saying. And her behavior with her oldest (shopping, at her birthday) is embarrassing and inappropriate. Not cute. And not good parenting.

  7. AMC says – reply to this


    You cannot blame editing on you giving your phone to your 12 year old daughter to write a sort of condescending message to her aunt. You have her thinking her aunt is the worst person alive. Gia should have never been involved in that conversation. So what if she can text fast, you need to learn to resolve your issues like an adult. No wonder she talks to her children about family drama because she is a child herself. She will never admit fault in anything!

  8. 8

    She is so UGLY, she looks like an ape woman, ugggg

  9. Office Drone says – reply to this


    There is no way she was born a woman. No way.

  10. 10


  11. 11

    they can make you look as bad or as good as they WANT to. what do you think EDIT means, you leave in or take out to tell the story you want.

  12. 12

    she shouldn't worry and keep it moving. It seems that RHONJ are bias against Teresa. all her so called friends, and family members on the show are fake! they can all kick rocks. Especially her brother he is just so foul.

  13. 13

    she is a horrible mother who has dragged her kids into this bs. DFS needs to pay her a visit.

  14. NjLosers says – reply to this


    Anyone that thinks this woman is a good parent or person, is as delusional as Teresa herself. Her kids are spoiled and overindulged. They know too much and see too much. Their father is a moron and their mother is a fame whore. I think the entire NJ cast needs to get fired.

  15. 15

    Those photos were from last nights book signing at The Museum of Art in Fort Lauderdale where Teresa began with a meet and greet and answered our questions. She was so pleasant and funny. I was nice to see Joe there as well. I come from a large Italian NJ family and I think from what I see on the show and what I heard from Teresa herself last night. She's a GREAT mother. I can see that she puts those kids as her TOP priority. She missed them so bad.
    She's a great MOM. Her kids are lucky to have her. Thanks for last night Teresa and Joe. Fort Lauderdale loves you guys.

  16. 16

    She appears to be an involved, loving Mom to her kids. Are they spoiled…yes.

  17. "Cira says – reply to this


    Her kids are the most disrepectful little bitches. I would not be surprised if that Milania winds up on Teen Mom. Gia is a spoiled little bitch walking around with a Louis V bag on her arm bossing her mom around thinking she is hot shit. Theresa is the most dumbest woman I have seen on tv and is so jealous the green monster is reeking from her body. She is a guinea that came from the hills of Italy with nothing and made it big in America. Those are trhe worst kind.

  18. gessiewtf says – reply to this


    We all know Andy Cohen has a hard on for Teresa. There can be no intellectual discullsion otherwise. It is self-evident.

  19. pRgiRl says – reply to this


    Besides being ugly inside and out, her kids are out of control. Her and that stupid husband of hers everything is "who cares", that's all he knows how to say. They are the WORST parents on earht.

  20. TruthBeTold says – reply to this


    Okay to be fair, is it just me or every time Melissa and Joe are in the kitchen talking, their daughter is slithering around them and they act like they don't notice it and all they do is bad mouth Tre so she's hearing it? But when Tre's kids are around (which they always are), it's a bad thing. I call BS. Tre's daughters are just tougher than Melissa's daughter and are more outspoken. Doesn't make Melissa's daughter better than Tre's. As a matter of fact, Melissa's daughter may need help from Tre's daughters if she gets in trouble.

  21. Lall says – reply to this


    People, Teresa is a great mom and Juicy is a super father, the kids are beautiful, smart and talented. Who is the franchise here ? It's Teresa and Juicy Joe, they make the show therefore they say what goes and have the final word on right and wrong. We all know the others are just jelious of T's business's and her fame.
    In a few days Joes trial begins, lets all hope he's acquitted of these trumpt up charges, write your congressman and demand joes release…

  22. 22

    Next time T Talks on TV… mute the sound and look at her expressions… She's an insecure, verbally abused woman, trying to make the BEST out of a BAD situation. She's SCARED to death and doesn't feel secure with her own shadow… only in her husband, Joe's. When an Italian ceases "talking" with their hands, there is no meaning to which they say… It's a better indicator than a lie detector test.

  23. midwest girl says – reply to this


    Re: Lall – Get a dictionary. Lall, Jelious, trumpt? Really? Guess I'm not a Teresa fan. Not much of a Jersey fan anymore. Getting really sick of the BS. Talking to a 12 year old girl about her hairy pubic area on National TV? Joe and Teresa should be ASHAMED of themselves and so should BRAVO for airing that!!!! Her school mates are going to have a field day with that. Teresa's Gia and Milania (Teresa mini me) and Joe Gorga's oldest son, Joey?, are NOT nice. Joe Gorga needs to quit flip flopping on his relationship with Teresa. If Teresa "loves" her brother so much, she needs to do everything she can to help his marriage to Melissa. Geez, what is he supposed to do with their 3 kids? Dump them too, just to make Teresa happy? Jacqueline protests too much. She hates Teresa, Teresa hates her. Let it go already. Teresa hangs out with skanky Kim D. (one nasty B—-). So Teresa is just asking for trouble. Caroline, take your own advice and stay out of the s—. And Kathy, get over your fixation with Teresa. She hates your guts, her husband hates Richie's guts. Family or not, get a clue and move on already. Geez!!!!

  24. deenie61 says – reply to this


    Joe Guidice is always making cracks about Joe Gorga's tan. Has he looked at his wife lately ?
    Leathery brown might be good though, the way she's raising her kids she'll be a grandma before she should be but maybe she can at least look older. Her kids have no respect for anyone, the comments they make and the eye rolling is a few years early, at this rate the oldest girl should be knocked up by 14. Teresa's just a bad example all around, she doesn't take responsibility for her actions(or her mouth). "I just love, love, love…. or is it I just lie, lie lie…". When I see her with her brats in tow I can't help but think of the wicked witch and her flying monkeys LOL.