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Justin Bieber Placed On A No Fly List For Bad Behavior!

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justin bieber skydiving twitter watermark

Looks like the Biebs is STILL misbehaving!

This time, Justin Bieber has gotten himself BANNED from Las Vegas Indoor Skydiving! He's been placed on the facility's no fly list FOR LIFE!

We hear Biebs and his crew rolled up to do some inside soaring just MINUTES before the skydive center closed. They agreed to let Justin in and showed him a good time.

When it came time to pay, they gave Bieber the option to settle up his $1,600 tab OR put a pic up of himself flying on Instagram. Justin agreed to Insta it up, but the picture NEVER came!

One witness even says Justin FAKED taking a picture! Is it so hard to post a pic, JB? We've seen you do it PLENTY of times before!

The photo above came off the indoor skydiving center's own Twitter feed, so at least they got to take some shots with the pop star before he split! They have since DELETED the pic. Maybe because they're so mad???

Do the right thing Justin! Pay up or post up!

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[Image via Twitter.]

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48 comments to “Justin Bieber Placed On A No Fly List For Bad Behavior!”

  1. sm87 says – reply to this


    Someone slap this kid - seriously can't stand looking at him

  2. TruthSpeaker says – reply to this


    I hope someone shut the fans off while he was still mid-flight! That would explain that "fall down the stairs" he supposedly had over the weekend. fuckin douche bag really needs a fall down a few fists and his face should be what breaks the falls!!!!

  3. RKW85 says – reply to this


    I swear, this kid has an ego the size of Texas. Someone should slap him back to reality and make him realize he puts his pants on the same way everyone else does. Fame has made him a complete jackass! Terrible role model for young kids, where the hell were his parents!!!

  4. Wayne says – reply to this


    And let them bieber sheep haters start their retarded idiotic comments in 3….2….1

  5. 5

    why rich people think they deserve freebies is beyond me. pay your bills, you're lucky enough to have the resources to do so!

  6. Wayne says – reply to this


    Re: sm87 – Maybe stop going on articles about him and stop looking at them yourself you moron ? Those comments are the dumbest shit I've seen. He is a celebrity of course it will stories about him and nobody is forcing you to read them and comment, you're so full of shit my friend. Get over yourself and gtfo

  7. Ryan says – reply to this


    Don't believe everything you read children, he was at this place a week ago, why didn't they report their lame ass story then but waited for a week or more to trash him ? HIS people made the mess not him can you read ? And I'm sure he payed , only on PerezHIlton those scumbags believe EVERYTHING they read, grow up please. Being brainwashed by the media is bad, you'll sound pathetic and miserable if you try to prove your point to me. Stick your opinion to yourself and have a good day.

  8. david says – reply to this


    the people are so stupid so they wanted him to post a picture with them so in exchange he doesn't have to pay..smh…and i wonder why celebrity act big it is cause of this because

  9. TruthSpeaker says – reply to this


    Re: Wayne – he's not your friend douchetwat! don't call him your friend if you can't support the opinion he's entitled to! maybe you're just another kid the that thinks he's an artist and not some pop-gimmicky twat with too much time & money on his hands like your hero ms bieber. that little douche still looks like a dyke, with or without his bangs! you mad? cry to your momma about it!

  10. TruthSpeaker says – reply to this


    Re: RKW85 – in canada pretending he's a responsible adult who's not in need of parental supervision.. a polar bear should have eaten him before his career took off.

  11. Derick says – reply to this


    Re: Sportyraven – smh shut the hell up he didnt refuse to pay it the said he did not have to pay it if he should post the picture first of all why would they say that we normal people paying are what they caused it justin didn't do anything bad you know this kid has a million things going on in his life he probably just forgot

  12. Wayne says – reply to this


    Re: TruthSpeaker – You are 12 my child, grow some brain cells and go back to your mother's basement and play video games. At least Bieber has a real job and does something in his life and is damn good at it, grow up kid. You're embarrassing yourself honestly, your comment made me question many things about you. Your logic is just like every Bieber hater logic, retarded and ignorant. Save your and mine time and get lost.

  13. 13

    Re: Wayne – do you work for Bieberina? I don't know why you think it's ok for him (or ANYONE) to dodge paying. He arrived minutes before closing, and then DIDN'T pay or post an instagram photo as promised. If you don't think that's a dick move, then either you're a mental case, or you work for this fool.

  14. 14

    Re: TruthSpeaker – I like you truthspeaker. Thank you for replying to Wayne. I don't get how bieberina brainwashes these morons.

  15. Wayne says – reply to this


    Re: ninjagirlXX – It's your own stupidity you're 100% sure and believe the story saying he did not pay, what if he did but it's a false report ? Just like 80% of time all those Bieber reports. I don't want to repeat myself, obviously a logic of you all is just dumb as fuck and you're the one who need some help. Of course I with 31 years old will think differently then someone who is 13 like you. Get over yourself kid.

  16. elceibeno08 says – reply to this


    LOL the minute that spoiled little twerp left that joint he forgot that he promised to post that pic on instragram. What a pretentious little turd. He thinks he is God's gift to us mortals.

  17. llcooljfan says – reply to this


    sometimes I read those bieber's haters comments man, I swear I laugh my ass off LMAO. How ignorant and stupid are those, so naive and will always be the first ones to comment on a bad article about Bieber but ignore the good ones, how sad is that man. At the end of the day he is Justin Bieber and you're a pathetic internet addict trolling on articles about someone you claim to 'hate' lmao

  18. d says – reply to this


    what normal business owner is going to wipe away a $1600 tab for a pic being posted on instagram? Really? All his followers knew he was there…now they know he's on their no fly list….guess where they won't be going.

  19. TruthSpeaker says – reply to this


    Re: Wayne – how about you go build a time machine and meet you mom in the distant past- then ask her to save you & her time and just abort you. as for your bieber hate logic- you must be super UBER gay if you have well thought out logic for that rejected pop star with no talent. he doesn't have a job- he has a pop career and too much money. soon enough, he'll drink his made-up pain (fame) away… hopefully no more innocent animals are adopted by him during that fall from fame.

  20. Wayne's Mommy says – reply to this


    Re: Wayne – I tried getting rid of him but it was already too late. he had spread through my loins like a pesticide-immune weed. god save us all from my son, wayne- born with bieber fever and a weird rash in his lower parts that he doesn't like to comment on….

  21. TruthSpeaker says – reply to this


    Re: ninjagirlXX – i like you too NinjaGirl.. Ninja power boo!

  22. TruthSpeaker says – reply to this


    Re: Wayne – don't talk about NinjaGirl- she's with me. fuck with mines and you fuck with me you bieber blowing 31 year old pedophile that should have been aborted!

  23. Wayne says – reply to this


    Re: TruthSpeaker – Like I've said before, your comments prove your stupidity and many things about you. There's no point of actually arguing with a idiot like you or the other retard that responded to me, when you grow up you'll feel sad and realize hating on a pop star doesn't change anything in your miserable life. I feel stupid by even responding to you, so I will stop because it makes no sense, you'll stay dumb as fuck and there's nothing that will fix that. My last advice, grow some brain cells PLEASE.

  24. TruthSpeaker says – reply to this


    Re: llcooljfan – the real entertainment is in the comments section sir- enjoy the laughs. :)

    ps: bieber is still a spoiiled douche wad

  25. notagain says – reply to this


    Re: TruthSpeaker – I feel sorry for you honestly. Just the way you comment man, are you like 13 fo real ? I might sometimes agree on bieber hate but you make us all look stupid man wtf ? You talk like his 12 old fans man gtfo at least represent us haters as smart people, oh dear

  26. cdainpetrs says – reply to this


    Re: TruthSpeaker – You sound even dumber than his fans I would make fun of you but no I will leave you with your stupidity :P

  27. llcooljfan says – reply to this


    Re: TruthSpeaker – and you're still a dumbass my dear truth speaker, you must be fun in person I can only imagine you, you probably look like Perez himself and are dumb as he is lmao

  28. elceibeno08 says – reply to this


    Re: d – Can you mention an instance of any "good" post about Justin Bieber lately? ………..none of course. Justin has been consistently piling up bad publicity for himself.

  29. John says – reply to this


    Re: TruthSpeaker – What I never will understand with you or people like you is if you really dislike Justin Bieber so much why the fuck is you on every single post about him and comment dumb shit ? Like why ? Is something so wrong with you ? Just ignore it dude, lay off and don't pay attention. I hate Chris Brown I don't read about him neither comment on stuff about him I don't give a single fuck, maybe do the same ? You just sound so pathetic and it kinda makes me sad bro. Seriously a friend advice ;)

  30. cdainpetrs says – reply to this


    bieber haters so damn pressed and mad i love their lame comments hahah they're so pissed lmao

  31. elceibeno08 says – reply to this


    Re: d – Can you give us an example of any good deed or any good publicity Justin Bieber has done or gotten lately?

  32. Ryan says – reply to this


    Re: elceibeno08 – Oh trust me he did many good stuff but Perez didn't post it, GossipCop posts many of those good stuff Bieber did or achieved this year. You're just on a wrong site my dear, media ignores the good and get's the bad out of anyone. It's sad tho, they will ignore the good and sell lies and bad stuff about him because it sells better, his haters don't want to read good about him they wan't bad so there you go, profit. Please don't be brainwashed :D

  33. ivan says – reply to this


    How many false and misleading stories must there be on Justin and other celebrities before people think for themselves. Even when a story is debunked, such as the Scooter wants Justin in a rehab, people still believe it. You are in the same boat as those who believe in UFOs, Nessie, Big foot, ghosts, Elves, Goblins, and Perez Hilton. You haters are incapable of considering possibilities or evidence without insulting those defending someone constantly trashed by you unthinking morons-think, think, think.

  34. Wayne says – reply to this


    Re: ivan – I can't believe I'm not the only man here using my brain before typing. Bravo for you my friend, not so many smart people on here , only dumbass 13 year old retards who I swear if were my kids would be slapped hard .

  35. Wayne's Mommy says – reply to this


    you watch it mister, don't you speak of truthspeaker in that tone. the man is your father and deserves some respect!

  36. YsoSERIOUS says – reply to this


    Whether you love or hate the kid; why all of the anger about what gets posted about him in the comments section? Does it matter? I mean, seriously; does it? Why get so upset about how or why someone hates on the kid so much? Why question their age or intelligence? You do realize that engaging that behavior is probably exactly what people like truthspeaker want; don't you? You think people like them comment on celebs like justin because they really have an opinion about justin that they would like you to see? i applaud people like that. good job truthspeaker! you made me laugh after reading a non-news story about someone I don't really care much for. i enjoyed reading what you wrote and i think its hillarious how so many people are responding to you, out of anger about what you wrote. you are definitely winning here. not justin, not his haters or fans and not even perez. you truthspeaker, are the winner. everyone else looks sad for getting played in truth's game.

  37. Wayne says – reply to this


    Just look at your nickname you fucking retard lmao 'waynesmommy' I can't believe this you made your nickname like that, you just proved my point how you're obviously a dumbass 12 year old kid all smart behind the computer. Where is YOUR mother ? Why does she let you stupid out of the house kid ? Stay in the house, don't embarrass your parents. That shit made me laugh lmao

  38. Wayne's Mommy says – reply to this


    Re: Wayne – hunny if you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all. how many times did i tell you this while growing up? now you play nice with your father. remember to always love the truth.

  39. Ryan says – reply to this


    Re: YsoSERIOUS – Doesn't change the FACT he is one miserable, uneducated retarded idiot thinking he is cool and shit. I've used to beat up shitheads like him in High school they all badass behind them computer but in real life some gay ass bitches never would talk to you in person lmao. I've seen him trolling on Bieber posts all the time just writing dumb shit, he doesn't own shit he just sounds dumb as fuck all the time. I guess it's a common with half of those commenting over here and supporting him as well.

  40. HipChick says – reply to this


    he is a pot head…common everyone….he forgot…and someone else on his management should be taking care of that shiz….jesus

  41. HipChick says – reply to this


    Re: TruthSpeaker – uhhhhh if he did that and his mother aborted him he wouldn't be able to go back in time in order to tell her to abort him in the first place :)

  42. Me says – reply to this


    I always say my 3year old cousin is smart coz he will know better than to believe this story.Who would refuse $1600 payment 4 an instagram pic.Come on people the story is funny,stupid and absurd.Bieber loveees posting his pics therefore,that little request is not beyond him.

  43. dev says – reply to this


    No matter how big a jerk this kid is, his idiotic fans deny it. He is heading for major trouble.that even his fame cannot get him out of. It looks like it will happen sooner than later. His friends and fans will then drop him.

  44. lostyouskittles says – reply to this


    Re: Me – well you and your 3 year old cousin are stupid because it says he has to PAY $1600 or post a pic. not get payed that amount to post a picture. don`t call someone stupid to make yourself look smart and it`s equally embarrassing when you`re a dumbass to go with it.

  45. 45

    The f@cking a "goodguy's" image will not fit into any of the weed or the ghetto coolness! What kind of this is called hypocrisy! Each step is about the money and he is laughing in the background. The boy is an organized one plastic stuff, what they sell you. And a lot of people will buy- unfortunately! He may be talented, but this case is not about the music, he wants to make money - while he is constantly talking about music. This is sad and annoying at the same time.

  46. IAmJustinBieber says – reply to this


    Relax everyone, it's true. i'm talentless, an asshole, douchebag, i lack respect for any adults because i am still enjoying my childhood and refuse to hit puberty. i am actually a butch lesbian and selena is my lipstick chick, i suck at life and responsibilities, i terrorize my neighbors with my horrible adolescent driving, i hate all animals so i adopt them and torture them in new & different ways. I am a loser. Wayne, i banged your mommy and you came out. LLCOOJ Fan, i banged your mommy and charcoal came out. Ryan- your mom wishes she could get it. truthspeaker, thank you for speaking the truth about me. sorry you're not really wayne's daddy.

  47. IAmJustinBieber says – reply to this


    wigger in training

  48. 48

    Hahaha I love it! Check out JUSTIN THIEVER