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Justin Bieber Vs. Keyshawn Johnson & Suburban Neighborhood: Who Will Win??

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Justin Bieber and his neighbors REALLY don’t get along.

And with rumors of Justin’s wild parties, face spitting, fast driving, and reckless friends, we can understand why!

But apparently the Biebs has gone too far of late, and the Home Owner’s Association in his Calabasas neighborhood is finally getting involved! Their moves have occured discreetly, of course, because they wouldn’t want a herd of young Beliebers toilet papering their front lawns and whatnot.

So, in order to keep from get their own hands dirty, they sent out a vague neighborhood letter targeting the international heartthrob:

"The storyline concerns one of our celebrity residents confronting another celebrity resident over alleged dangerous driving."

If there were a less discrete version, it would probably read as follows:

“Remember that time Justin Bieber pissed off our boi, Keyshawn Johnson? Well that’s what this letter is about.”

In case you were unaware, Keyshawn was upset because someone in Justin’s white Ferrari was driving too fast near his children. Anyone else would probably have been equally peeved!! Keeping kids safe is a no-brainer!

The rest of the letter basically tells Bieber’s neighbors to call the cops on him and his bestiez if they keep speeding, and also reminds citizens that they are subject to fines for violating HOA rulez.

Who do U think will win this battle, Justin or his neighbors??

[Image via Instagram.]

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21 comments to “Justin Bieber Vs. Keyshawn Johnson & Suburban Neighborhood: Who Will Win??”

  1. 1

    the only so called confrontation was initiated by a female. She was recording his friends for no reason outside the community gates. I bet the female who was recording was Keyshawn's wife who is a white female. People in calabasas seem to have a stick up there asses.

  2. david says – reply to this


    justin please just move out you can buy a place for only you cause the people in that community are so messed up

  3. 3

    Justin just leave them! Move Out. Go live somewhere else

  4. Ryan says – reply to this


    With all the money he has man, he is worth $120 milion man, it like 3 years wtf ? Kid needs to move out and buy himself a nice house with better neighbors probably his age because all his age won't bragg around because of speeding or party's because they all do it as well. :)

  5. TruthSpeaker says – reply to this


    kick that douche bag out ASAP! Send him back to his mommy & daddy in Canada! They can worry about killing polar bears and moose with those fast ass expensive cars he obviously thinks are just toys!!!

  6. TruthSpeaker says – reply to this


    Re: david – yup; grown adults with kids running around are messed up for looking after the safety of those kids. guess what david, who's looking after justin? that douche bag fuck IS STILL A KID and his parents are a country away! he deserve's a lindsay lo/britney spe/amanda byne-esque mental breakdown….

  7. ivan says – reply to this


    The neighbors, in spite of the evidence favoring Justin, want to go ahead with a lynching based on the mistaken testimony or thez['respectable in a suit'] Mr. Johnson. The Sheriff, a coward intimidated by the neighbors, wants to go ahead.

  8. ivan says – reply to this


    Re: TruthSpeaker – Are you beyond stupid? The evidence shows he did not drive that car; Johnson and the neighbors are wrong. Plus, he has hardly been in his house since he has been on a concert tour around the world. Most problems have been caused by his friends who look after his house. The answer is for him to sell the house and move far away from that hell hole of a neighborhood with their most probably racist attitude.

  9. MichJB says – reply to this


    Maybe he can find himself a nice place in South Central so he can live among his homies.

  10. lololol says – reply to this


    Re: TruthSpeaker – You're a retard and your comments prove it every time, grow some brain cells idiot.

  11. BLUEJAYS says – reply to this


    The tape of Justin bieber had raised the reasonible doubt in that case. Now the spitting case is now he said he said they both have witiness saying the oppsit. That was outside their gated comunity and not in which means The lady was taping them for no reason. Some one in that neighborhood tip some one off that they would outside the gated comunity. That could be another volation of the law when you say it was in you gate comunity and it wasn't unless they have muliptle gates. It looks like they are busted by the tape that the neighbors are out to get them.

  12. Bondurantguyson says – reply to this


    I think he is moving out in a couple of years. Him and selena was working on a house but Selena back out of it after the split for the first time in nov. He been trying to find someone that will share the cost of constution. So he has no luck right now. I said Just wait in a couple of year he will find someone or they could help him build the house he wants away from them have any of the neighbors thought of that both get their way it that simple. None of the neighbor every thought at that be he does have a powerful allily the mayor of calabrasas. He may have sign a deal with the mayor that he has to be in their a number of year before he can move out and if he gets kick out. He can sue for his HOA dues he paid for the months.

  13. Bondurantguyson says – reply to this


    Or the mayor will make a new gate comunity and move Justin in their for the first one and he will be in charge of the HOA. Lil twist and lil zi need to chill out a little to. That dangerous to be on the other side of the road like That what if some one was coming towards them.I show Justin that tape and from what his manger say he ain't happy with them and told them no more Driving his vechile he getting a little stricter is he growing up now.

  14. ivan says – reply to this


    As I said, this has become a persecution of Justin by people similar to the villagers in the movie Frankenstein, a mob with torches ready to burn down his house with him in it. The haters here remind me of the screaming old hag urging them on.

  15. Jake says – reply to this


    Re: ivan – Are you stupid? listen here fuckface if there are children around NO ONE should be speeding down the neighborhood.

  16. ok_then says – reply to this


    I give it 6 rounds with Justin for the T.K.O. The big battle will be won when the D.A. decides to drop the so called "spitting" incident concocted by his vengeful neighbors. The so called "speeding" incident is going to be dropped soon due to weak evidence. Then we will have a case of residents bullying a young single resident who they resent. Don't kid yourself most of these older couples in Calabasas resent a teenager living in a $10 million house in their neighborhood. He amassed so much wealth in such little time as opposed to many of these people that have taken decades to earn theirs.

  17. ok_then says – reply to this


    Re: BLUEJAYS – That tape of that lady telling Justin's room mates they didn't belong in the community because they were not "residents" in her own judgement was embarrassing for the entire community of Calabasas. Those who live in Justin's home are residents of his house and thus residents of the community by default. More like they don't want a wealthy teenager who can afford to buy a $10 million dollar house in their neighborhood. This is bordering on harassment by his neighbors and the HOA knows it must do something before it escalates.

  18. ok_then says – reply to this


    Re: TruthSpeaker – The only one here that deserves a mental breakdown here is you TruthSpeaker for your obviously insane ridden rants against Justin Bieber. Check with the good Dr. and take your meds. Or better yet, take a nice long vacation in that padded room with your straight jacket.

  19. @v@ says – reply to this


    Who'll win? Everybody, if hot foot and friends simple cool their jets.

  20. You'reWrong says – reply to this


    Re: BLUEJAYS – Gated communities we're developed for seclusion from people like Justin. And you can't 'grow brain cells.' Unfortunately for people like you, you're stuck with what you've got.

  21. me says – reply to this


    my uncle and aunt are his neighbors and my uncle confronted his friends and they were sacred of my uncle. LOL. they are reckless.