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Lindsay Lohan Can't Make Rehab Easy!

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MORE drama!!

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46 comments to “Lindsay Lohan Can't Make Rehab Easy!”

  1. 1

    Lol, u are so right Perez! She has had way too many breaks as it is.

  2. 2

    HOW OLD is Lindsay Lohan again?! OMG.

  3. 3

    …put this pic on a anti-drug billboard and a million kids will go sober….

  4. 4

    Re: Lilac2918 – No Perez is NOT right! He's nothing but a bullying douchebag who dosen't give a shit about anyone but himself.

  5. 5

    Re: ghound – How old are you?

  6. 6


  7. NOT "BULLYING" says – reply to this


    Re: Delburden – You are so misguided about what BULLYING is. PH may be a bully, but there is NO bullying going on in this video. There is nothing in this video that is FALSE information. In fact, PH could have gotten really shitty & pointed out that Lindsays rehab hopping STARTED with a rehab in NY, then she freaked out @Morninside and went on the lam. He could have pointed out how UNSTABLE Lindsay is with all this rehab hopping and he could have gotten really shitty and pointed out that L being around her family more is a really STUPID idea considering her family isn't helpful to her. When people tell truths that do not flatter others, that is not the definition of BULLYING. BULLYING is when someone says things about others for NO OTHER REASON than to someone else FEEL LIKE SHIT. Bullies are out to HURT OTHER PEOPLE by being HATEFUL, DEGRADING, and MALICIOUS, picking on someone for flaws that person is embarrassed by. Bullying is in regards to THE SPIRIT, THE ATTITUDE, the "bully" has in sharing information with others. Perez shows NO MALICE in this video. Bullies are people who try to HURT the SOUL, the "feelings" of other people, for no other reason that it makes the bully feel POWERFUL to HURT OTHERS. You are like many people these days that are somehow under the impression that anyone who refuses to kiss ass is a bully.

  8. Beth says – reply to this


    Perez, you couldn't say it better. You crack me up! :-)

  9. You are the BULLY says – reply to this


    Re: vexer6 – How can you say Perez isn't right when there is nothing in this video that is FALSE INFORMATION? Speaking the truth is NOT BULLYING. Writing in public that someone is a 'bullying douchbag who doesn't give a shit about anyone but himself', that IS a bullying thing to say. Your complaint says NOTHING about what your real complaint is about. You say Perez isn't right, but you DO NOT ADDRESS what Perez is wrong about; there are NO lies, No MALICE/VICOUSNESS, NO factual errors in his statements. WHAT *YOU* ARE TRYING TO DO is YOU ARE TRYING TO BULLY PEREZ by attacking his CHARACTER. You name call Douchbag, and "take his inventory" about what his character is about. Your only contribution to this story is to "slap" & BULLY Perez, NOT address any genuine ISSUES involved. When your only contribution to something is to HATE and using BULLYING TECHNIQUES against TRUTHS you don't like, IT IS YOU THAT IS A CHICKEN SHIT BULLY. Try addressing your disappointment as an ADULT would.

  10. Correction: says – reply to this


    Re: vexer6 – U have 2 post. The other contribution was to SLAP & BULLY another poster; -who ONLY wrote,'HOW OLD is LL again?! OMG'. Well, look at this picture. LL is only 26 & she looks closer to 50. It's a fair response to this pic. The poster never said anything UNFLATTERING/mean about Lindsay; poster ASKED A QUESTION, that when U answered the question in ur head, UR ANSWER DID NOT FLATTER LL. Ur response to a ? was "how old are you?" That's a very childish response to a question. Obviously YOU think Lindsay looks really old in this picture… OR U WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN OFFENDED BY THE QUESTION. U go after a POSTER for asking a ? - w/ur own STUPID, insincere question. It's nothing more than a bullying technique to slap back at a poster with an insult that is nothing more than an emotional, childish retort THAT MEANS NOTHING -EXCEPT U ARE VERY IMMATURE in your abilities to communicate as an adult. If u don't like something ADDRESS THE ISSUE, don't ATTACK the posters. Learn to communicate using ur brain; NOT have EVERY response of urs be an emotionally out-of-control vicious attack on strangers who say/write things U DON'T LIKE. U look like an IDIOT when YOU BULLY someone/accuse THEM of being a bully, when it is YOU that is the emotional child -name calling & accusing STRANGERS of vicious acts/motives that DO NOT EVEN appear on these stories.

  11. @v@ says – reply to this


    This rehab = jail lite. She's in no position to be making demands as if she wants to change cabins on a cruise ship. Any more demands and a judge just might put her in the orange suit scrubbing toilets and peeling potatoes for another sixty.

  12. 12


  13. teeter totter says – reply to this


    If you live in LA and vote, do what I do, keep a notebook with the names of judges who let her and other celebs off easy. Then when they are up for re-election, vote against them.

  14. Ktigglet says – reply to this


    Re: Delburden – exactly how I feel.Thisvisca man who stated he would never use his site for negative or bullying purposes after all the sucides for bullying.Now he is back doing it. I too have try to appeal to his ethic and moral side. Unfortunatly, I do not think Perez will change until his son is old enough either to confront him on his hypocracy or his son is a victim of bullying.Either way his relationship with his son will be o far damaged by this it will be beyond repar.or his son could grow up like him which righ now is an unethical non moral human being.

  15. Well done says – reply to this


    Re: Ktigglet – I admire your ability to express your concerns over Perez's choices without reverting to name calling and off topic accusations. Many could learn from your example of how to address disturbing issues by ADDRESSING the actual issues instead of popping off with rage. Kudos to you for your maturity.

  16. 16

    Re: You are the BULLY – You are a fucking idiot. if you knew the shit Perez said in the past, you sure as hell wouldn't be defending his pathetic ass right now. You have no fucking clue what you're talking about.

  17. 17

    Re: Correction: – Yeah, you're using terrible grammar and sentence structure and i'm the one who's immature? Right yeah OK. I felt my brain-celles dying just from reading your terribly written posts, seriously just STFU.

  18. Aaron Saltzer says – reply to this


    I don't think she's taking this seriously @ all.

  19. Here's one 4 U says – reply to this


    Re: vexer6 – The post was in regards to the VIDEO. Dina, you are THE BULLY, YOU ARE. If you have difficulty reading my long paragraphs that are MATURE, try skipping any post that is more than 2 sentences long that includes grammar/punctuation that u have NEVER been educated about. Lame. Here is a clue for u: When u respond to others with BULLYING TECHNIQUES; when u write strangers on blogs, 'fuck you' kinda post, all it does is show that YOU are emotionally out of control. LOHAN, A person has to be VERY INVESTED in a certain PUBLIC RESULT to be triggered into being so HOSTILE against THE TRUTH. When you flip out towards strangers because they say/write things you don't like -it is YOUR MENTAL ILLNESS that you are smearing around in public. YOU ARE A BULLY. You feel a NEED to be SHITTY to strangers. Just like "Taylor", you accuse posters here of writing things that were NEVER WRITTEN. You need to find ANOTHER way to get some money, DIna. Lindsay's BUSY. Posters on blogs aren't your enemy DINA; EXPECTATIONS & YOUR FINACIAL DEPENDANCY ON CHILDREN IS YOUR THE SOURCE OF YOUR RAGE. How embarrassing for you to make your money off of exploiting children, ripping off children's charities. What a hopeless situation for your EGO to ever survive.

  20. Its not PERSONAL says – reply to this


    Re: vexer6 – You have the same problem that Taylor shows here. You personalize everything. I was NOT defending Perez. I was pointing out your ERRORS. It could have been about ANYONE. You seem to have this belief that human beings are suppose to LOVE someone unconditionally or HATE someone unconditionally. It is clear that you run your life by interpreting everything that happens in life as a PERSONAL ASSAULT OR APPROVAL OF YOU. The post I wrote that YOU PERCIEVED to defend Perez - wasn't about defending PEREZ at all, it was about POINTING OUT YOUR INTELLIGENCE IS BEING RUN BY YOUR EMOTIONS AND DISAPOINTMENTS. My post does NOT defend Perez. That's only YOUR interpretation, because when you read my post, it DID defend Perez –because my post POINTED OUT how FOOLISH, CHILDISH, ILLOGIAL & EMOTIONALLY out of control you are. I never DEFENDED PEREZ; I promoted LOGICAL THINKING over EMOTIONAL THRASHING IN PUBLIC. The fact that my post DID defend Perez against YOUR BULLYING PEREZ —that was simply a coincidence.

  21. Nothing 2 say NOW says – reply to this


    I like to watch the battle of Ego vs real life on these boards. Seems Vexer6 never has anything to say when she is confronted. Come on Vexer6, these boards are dead, spice it up. Who can you hate and blame NOW?

  22. 22

    Re: You are the BULLY

    I just think this Girl should be left alone. I think it's fair to criticize someone's work but when they're struggling so much with there personal life and everyone keeps pointing the finger it can't help. My comment wasn't really about the video indeed but more about the topic itself and how it just seems too much on this girl or Amanda Bynes just like it was too much on Britney at some point or MJ before etc…How can they overcome such a public stigma when they're already struggling personally. I feel it's like shooting at an ambulance. Perez is also doing great things obviously or I wouldn't be here. X

  23. WHERE ALONE BEGINS says – reply to this


    Re: Delburden – Agree. However, Perez is doing his job. Maybe it's a real low life job, but it's his job. These stories about what Lindsay was saying & doing @ BFC were NOT coming from Perez sitting outside the rehab with a Captain Crunch Periscope & a voice recorder maliciously SEEKING OUT Ls business. Almost EVERYDAY media stories were SUBMITTED to Perez from "source close to Lindsay"… then 2 rounds of (blurry) pics of her on the balcony at her new "rehab" . AMATUER PHOTOS - since professionals have lenses these days that could photograph a salami sandwich on the moon. It is ridiculous for Lindsays PARENTS, or "SOURCES CLOSE TO LINDSAY" to proliferate sending stories & photos into gossip web sits, (which exist for such crap), & then EXPECT THE PUBLIC TO LEAVE HER ALONE. If "sources" WANTED L to be left alone, LINDSAY WOULD BE LEFT ALONE. These pics of LL, never sold outside of gossip media. The stories are CREATED to get L PRESS. It is NOT the little guy in Iowa that reads these stories, then comments with some smart-ass remark that is the REASON Lindsay is getting back-lash. It is her PARENTS who won't stop EXPLOITING HER. I find it revealing that Gossip Harvey over at T@Z, has BEEN SILENT, is NOT buying pics, for QUITE SOME TIME. MOST PEOPLE RESPECT THE SANTUARY IDEA OF REHAB. It isn't "everybody" that needs to leave LL alone, IT'S HER FUCKING PARENTS THAT NEED TO STOP SELLING HER OUT.

  24. ATTENTION SEEKERS says – reply to this


    Re: Delburden – The difference between MJ or other stars that have issues that should be respected with privacy — and Amanda & Lindsay is that Amanda & Lindsay MAKE GREAT EFFORTS TO PUSH THEIR TOXIC SHIT INTO THE MEDIA FOR ATTENTION. Somehow Amanda & Lindsay 'lost touch' - failed to notice that BAD PRESS wasn't the SAME as good press. They both seem to NEED to be in public, media, pictures on the internet as some sort of validation that they are relevant. It is hard to pity someone who complains about migraine headaches when you WATCH THEM SPEND THEIR DAYS HITTING THEMSELVE IN THE HEAD WITH A HAMMER, and then blaming Sears for selling hammers. The world WILL leave Amanda & Lindsay alone, the second they QUIT SEEKING OUT MEDIA OUTLETS FOR ATTENTION.

  25. mat says – reply to this


    What an ass. And btw the picture he put at the beginning of the video is not real. There is a whole website where this guy photoshops famous people and makes them look ugly and shit.

  26. I Am Confused says – reply to this


    Re: Delburden – You are responding to a post "You are the bully" with an explanation, but that post you are responding to was addressed to Vexer6. I see a light reference to Perez bullying in your original post, but you do NOT attack like Vexer & YOU do NOT come across as a bully at all. In any event, your statement that the girl needs to be left alone is rather vague. The whole world isn't picking on Lindsay. In fact, real media isn't interested, & posters on these gossip site stories are limited to less than 20 people. The people that aren't leaving Lindsay alone is her folk who are tying to sell daily stories in media so Lindsay will not be FORGOTTEN. Apparently they have delusions that these stories will lead to new jobs when she gets out. I commend your ability to communicate here without hysterics & nastiness towards Perez or other posters, but PLEASE LOOK AT WHAT IS REALLY HAPPENING -WHY LINDSAY STORIES & PICTURES ARE STILL IN MEDIA. The people responsible for LL stories are HER PARENTS. Perez is a little short on humanitarian ethics on this one, but it takes an enlightened person to put personal ethics over easy opportunities to be a commercial success. Choosing to be ethical, instead of taking $$, comes with age & maturity, & a comprehension of what LONG TERM WEALTH REALLY IS — & how one AQUIRES IT.

  27. TaylorTFair says – reply to this


    WHOAH JJF do not drag me into your convo with Vexer6 . You are the preacher of posters have the right to freedom of speech . Then YOU can't realize it is YOU who can't handle what others post have to rant on about it insulting all the way . I said Nothing do not refer to me in your argument with other Posters . Anytime anyone says something Positive about Lindsay Your emotions rage . Leave me out of this one I am surprised at you Sista?

  28. Boo-Hoo, Taylor Lohan says – reply to this


    Re: TaylorTFair – You are very misguided if you think you have ANY rights or authority to tell me what I can and can NOT write -or WHO I can write about or refer to in these forums. I HAVE THE ABILITY & THE RIGHT TO COMPARE YOU TO TOM BROKAW & I AM FREE TO COMPARED YOU TO AMANDA B. - I can write about comparing you to Tom Selleck and sea turtles; If I want too. I can also point out in post that I don't think it's a accident /coincidence that Taylor is L's SISTERS MIDDLE NAME. You & your family need to get it through your heads that YOU HAVE NO RIGHTS TO DEMAND HOW OTHER PEOPLE THINK, HOW OTHER PEOPLE FEEL. WHAT OTHER PEOPLE WRITE. YOU HAVE NO POWER OVER ME. You can DEMAND that you will NOT ALLOW ME to write about you ….and get this A. Taylor L …I HAVE THE LEGAL RIGHT IN AMERICA to feel, think and WRITE & PUBLISH what ever the hell I want to. ..if I don't BREAK LAWS! You don't get to make me DO what YOU want me to DO, sista! NOT AT ALL! –*jjf–*

  29. So, VEXER is positive? says – reply to this


    How confused you have to be Taylor, to write that it is ME that gets into some kind of emotional rage of negativity. More psycho accusations against me on this story where you SOMEHOW consider VEXER6 post a POSITIVE THING TO SAY ABOUT LINDSAY. PLEASE POINT OUT TO ME THE POSITIVE THINGS THAT POSTER VEXER HAS CONTRIBUTED HERE. PLEASE POINT OUT TO ME A SENTENCE OR CONCEPT THAT I HAVE CONTRIBUTED HERE that has any chance in hell at all of being considered either NEGATIVITY or some sort of EMOTIONAL OUTBURST. At times, I can only image that you would pick up a dictionary to look up a new word -read the word, and then start SHRIEKING AGAINST THE BOOK, ' "YOU ARE SO NEGATIVE, you're a Backstabber, …Liar, Webster! You're just jealous of Lindsz. You are a WITCH-HUNTER, WEBSTER! ..Then you tear the dictionary to shreds, screaming, "I'm a good person, I'm a good person!" Ever have days like that,TaylorTfair?

  30. IDEA FOR TAYLOR: says – reply to this


    I am really concerned about how scrambled your mind is … and how you are so wrong about what many words really mean in our English language. You don't seem to work with the same VOCABULARY as most of American culture. You have bizarre definitions for words that are so off-the-mark, you might as well be typing your complaints in Italian. You don't make LOGICAL SENSE Taylor. You come across as a SPAM offering, that is OBLIVIOUS to the ENVIORNMENT & SUBJECT MATTER that is "in-the-room". You accuse others of ACTS YOU COMMIT. It's all in computer records; you can NOT change what you did, or wrote, by trying to convince me I'm a bully & just jealous of Lindsay because I am not an Amazing Actress. So anyway, here's my idea. -Start working CROSSWORD PUZZLES, start w/easy ones, so that you CAN LEARN what BASIC words SOCIETY uses to describe what is happening around them. You have your OWN VOCABULARY, which is fine, but when you wish to COMMUNICATE with SOCIETY, you must WORK WITH the language SOCIETY SPEAKS. Work crossword puzzles. U spelling is poor too.

  31. TaylorTFair says – reply to this


    Re: IDEA FOR TAYLOR: – TALK ABOUT NEGATIVE ! All I said was keep me out of your argument with Verxer6 . I don't bring your name up in my post to others why you feel the need to mention me is your business . I don't care what you think of me What I care about is that Lindsay gets the help she needs to get her life back . Ahhhhh such a Twister !

  32. TaylorTFair says – reply to this


    Re: IDEA FOR TAYLOR: – Idea for you . Learn compassion for others , Try not to judge "law breakers" for 7 out of 10 people you know have broken the law . Try to realize Lindsay is human with feelings and family . Lindsay has made mistakes so have others . Try to help her get up . Try to remember no one is perfect

  33. U B Sooo CraZ, Gurrlll says – reply to this


    U write of me: 7 out of10 people I know have broken the law. NOT TRUE. Honey, I'm High End, & you don't get to be a SuperStar & Hang Out with SuperStars if 7 out of 10 people you know are LAW BREAKERS. Lindz is never going to teach at Harvard or get chosen to work on a Space Shuttle mission. That's ok, but the friends & people I know are EXCEPTIONAL PEOPLE; & the way they got to be EXCEPTIONAL PEOPLE was because THEY DIDN'T SCREW UP THEIR EARLY ADULTHOOD W/DRUG ABUSE THAT RESULTED IN CRIMINAL RECORDS THAT RUIN A PROFESSIONALS FUTURE. You keep thinking I am JUDGING L -that she's a piece of shit person. I have NEVER said that. She is IN TROUBLE - & at your age you can NOT even IMAGINE how much legal trouble she is in, & how confused & anxiety ridden her mind is, which makes it REALLY HARD FOR HER TO FIGURE OUT WHAT THE RIGHT CHOICE TO MAKE IS! You write, SHE KNOWS what the right thing to do is. No she DOESN"T, same ILLEGAL shit, over&over again for SIX YEARS? Her MIND IS IMPAIRED. What others do/if other people break the law -THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO W/LINDSAY. Comparing OTHERS to Lindsay is MEANINGLESS. L NEEDS help, & your naïve cheers ARE NOT ENOUGH. Root Away! I am just pointing out, Poms Poms ARE NOT ENOUGH. SHE NEEDS TO DISCOVER A NEW WAY. SHE HAS TO REBUILD A ***NEW LIFE***. She has to START OVER, from a deep hole she has never been in before. She doesn't KNOW HOW to get out. Treatment & practice, & a frenemy-nerd on the internet, it's SOMETHING to work with.

  34. Reality Check says – reply to this


    1) I did not ARGUE w/vexer. I make points. 2) I REFERENCED YOU; I did NOT enter you INTO 'the argument'. You are the only one on these boards that consistently shows VERY SIMILAIR communications style as vexer. You would do well to SEARCH OUT the DIFFERENCE between someone REFERENCING YOU, & someone who is trying to drag you into an argument. - Also, I WILL write whatever I want to, refer to you whenever /however I want to. I try to be polite to you T, but you are out of your god damn mind if you think I have some kind of OBLIGATION to ignore/'cover for' what you do, or pretend what you do is OK with me. Bullshit; I have warned you for mnths I am writing a book about sick kids. You have this BELIEF that life/reality is created by manipulating MEDIA & bullying other people off the internet w/vicious accusations & 'HATE' at them. I don't owe you some kind of BOND OF SECRECY -where I just put every post you write behind me, & act like, 'T's Cool'. You come on here & write SHIT, then run away. When confronted on your blatant lies, you ATTACK & BLAME POSTERS FOR YOUR BEHAVIORS; flip out & name call; make really inappropriate accusations against strangers. JUST like LL. Big mystery there. Get use to me writing about you. I can NOT eliminate YOUR ELEMENT from our scientific work. Ridiculous Expectation that YOU ARE EXCUSED FROM WHAT YOU HAVE DONE. Sorry kid. Reality? ….check, please.

  35. TaylorTFair says – reply to this


    Re: U B Sooo CraZ, Gurrlll – JJF if you are saying that ALL your friends including yourself NEVER had a speeding ticket ,parking ticket, never had a drink at a party or event then drove Well then good for you ,but very doubtful . Lindsay's mistakes are media broadcasted .

  36. Confused says – reply to this


    T, you are trying to compare apples & dump trucks. I am sure many of my friends have had parking tickets. And I am guilty of driving home loaded out of my mind from a party about 22 years ago, where I SHOULD have been busted, where I EASILY COULD HAVE harmed/killed myself or others. I woke up the next day and was scared to death at how easily I tricked myself into believing I was ok to drive when I was NOT. You are comparing PARKING TICKETS to someone, who @ age 26, has several DUIS, & the car crash she's currently doing rehab for -she WAS drinking & driving. Just because she wasn't CHARGED w/ DUI, …she WAS drinking. At this point, what is so scary is that L DOESN'T COMPREHEND why DUI is such a terrible choice to make. L didn't get pulled over for swerving on a country road, she got busted for being wasted & CAR JACKING STRANGERS & driving like an insane person –that's not Same-Same parking ticket. OF COURSE my friends & I all screw up & do stupid things …the difference is WE DONT BREAK LAWS IN BIG WAYS. And this harping 'Lindsay is a media victim' — Yep, she sure is OVER EXPOSED. But complaining about media DOES NOTHING to take away the crimes she has already committed. What already happened, already happened. I want her to get SMART. People WILL FORGIVE you when YOU LEARN FROM YOUR MISTAKES & DON'T REPEAT THEM ANYMORE.

  37. To Taylor, says – reply to this


    It isn't her MISTAKES that people are upset about. It is her CRIMES. The reason people are mad is because SHE KEEPS REPEATING HER CRIMES. Laws are serious, are NECESSARY because if everyone did whatever the hell they wanted - perverts would be doing nasty things to little kids in public. I do not HATE her. I have NEVER said, thought or done most of the things you accuse me of. I talk about Ls CRIMES because she can't UNDERSTAND why following laws IS ESSENTIAL for a functional society. I just want to her WISE UP. She hasn't figured out what HER PROBLEM IS. I am in Ls life because she PERSUED ME. Now, I see she is very confused &she doesn't have any idea of HOW to change her life –beside wishing & lying about what she has done. I don't think she should be executed for her mistakes; I think she NEEDS to be EDUCATED about why her mistakes are DANGEROUS. She needs to LEARN a new way. Wise elders tend to SHARE their WISDOM with the youngin's, so they won't RUIN their lives by making the SAME foolish choices over&over. Her recovery is a tough & long road -(when someone is as confused & in as much trouble w/the law as L is). Her past is NOT behind her, until she deals w/it. Her future will REPEAT her past –if she doesn't LEARN from it. She doesn't KNOW HOW or WHAT to learn from her mistakes. That's WHY I write about them –EDUCATION. No one is BORN a GENIUS, you know.

  38. Clarification says – reply to this


    This last post you put in is annoying the hell out of me. T, I am SINCERE….. please explain to me why you think that what I do (or what anyone else does) is somehow RELATED OR RELEVANT to what Lindsay does? I have never stated that I am A BETTER PERSON than Lindsay. Some people DO write that they think she's unworthy of life & they write about wishing she's OD & some other disturbing ideas they have. But that is what their minds are -& what we think Taylor, is something we can only LEARN to PARTIALLY control. What pops into people minds as a INSTANT RESPONSE, that's just like thinking that smelling sticking is BAD, that hearing something is wrong. Experiencing UNPLEASANT stimuli …doesn't make them bad people. I don't have this mind-set that the world is full of BAD people & GOOD people … ’cause, who the HELL KNOWS why the world is full of all kinds? Maybe God sends "Bad People" into the world to see what "Good People" make of them, do with them. You know, how do we know BAD PEOPLE aren't PART of God's plan & THEY ARE LOYAL TO GOD, doing EXACTLY what God sent them here to do? That is the way I think about ALL people, INCLUDING BAD, BAD people. How do we know that JUDAS didn't "betray Jesus", because that was his JOB, that's what God ASKED HIM TO DO? We don't know WHY some people do BAD THINGS. ..But it is NOT me, girlfriend, who thinks I am somehow SUPERIOR to them. I don't JUDGE Lindsay, Taylor. I'm here to HELP.

  39. I sorta miss ya, says – reply to this


    Dear T, I have often been near shocked to get a response from you that accuses me of insulting you & calling you names, and me being NEGATIVE. & I read these post of yours & wonder, "How in the HELL could she HAVE interpreted my message that way?" I am not a hostile person. I have had times/moments of hostility before, but these always had to do with romantic relationships that broke my heart because the bastard cheated on me & lied to me. I don't hate girls. I know we tend to hear voices in our heads when we read things & that jokes & sarcasm & other nuances can be lost in the written word. I write in STRONG LANGUAGE, T, because I have found as an educator/counselor -that sometimes you have to blast people hard w'strong words that get their attention. Being VAGUE & PC in language when you are trying to manage & direct a crisis, just doesn't WORK, as far as getting DESIREABLE results. I wonder if there is anything I can do, to say or indicate to you that my message is being sent to you out of my desire to communicate WITH you. I have gotten hot at you before, but this was because I believed what you were writing was HARMFUL to Linds. I have written 'FU' - but I have never written you, 'F OFF'. I am here to DEBATE life & it's challenges w/you. -You, Taylor, TEACH ME TOO! I am grateful for it all. I am NOT hostile. ..I'm …. Passionate. xox

  40. TaylorTFair says – reply to this


    Re: I sorta miss ya, – JJF I really have to say I enjoyed your last 3 post . I like your honesty . Yes I can admit I may not take some of your post in the way you meant maybe I should re-read them or something . I know Lindsay has to learn how to fix her life . LL is getting older and maybe LL will get wiser somehow . I want to see LL get up and get it together

  41. Baaack To Ya, Taylor, says – reply to this


    Re: TaylorTFair – T, I have known that you care very deeply for Lindsay for some time because your post are so compassionate towards her problems & they are so enthusiastic & wishful for her recovery. Taylor, if I could change something about the way you interact with me, it would be for you to SLOW DOWN and actually read what I say, and think about what I say. Just THINK about what I actually WRITE BEFORE you just go jumping into all kinds of ideas about WHY I am writing what I write. I am 54yrs old Taylor, I have already accomplished more in my life than I every dreamed I could. I have gone through menopause & love being CELIBATE. I'm like a Buddist Monk in my blissfulness of being UNHOLLYWOOD. I WAS a great beauty/rich/Elite. I have had my day. My values NOW are being smart, & having SMART people WANT TO BE MY FRIENDS. I am NOT jealous of Lindsay & I do NOT want to be a movie star. I am CONTENT & HAPPY in my life (most of the time). Peace of MIND is the ULTIMATE WEALTH. Try to think of me as some kind of computer or a secretary to an Angel or something, something where YOU DON'T ASSUME I AM TRYING TO HURT YOU. Figure me out from what you READ. Try not to ASSUME I am ill-willed. I don't need her money or fame.

  42. TaylorTFair says – reply to this


    Re: Baaack To Ya, Taylor, – I can try that

  43. Fly By Intelligence says – reply to this


    Hi T. What I have noticed about ur post here is that u seem to be RIGID in ur thinking. It's very important to have rigid thinking in some parts of our lives. The last thing we need is Creative & Original Air Traffic Controllers. So rigid thinking CAN be a good thing. HOWEVER, I have noticed many post of urs are "hell-bent" on the idea that LL WORKS in the Industry; she HAS TO go to Venice FF; her going to clubs is part of HER JOB. Well, something to take into consideration in your logic about LL WORKING in the Movie Star Business is: She ISN'T WORKING in The Industry NOW. It sorta makes me sad to see you so INSISTANT in ur cheers to L that you focus on 1 THING: Being a Movie Star. I think Ls "true-calling" is that she is An ARTIST. Being an Actor IS a WAY an ARTIST can EXPRESS HIS TALENTS. What I gather, from reading here, is that you are RIGID in thinking that LL IS 'An Actress', & that's ALL she can do. I think the acting thing was something she did as a child/teen, but her ATTEMPTS as an ADULT ACTRESS hasn't been FULFILLING or a SOURCE OF HAPPINESS for her, -or other people around her. It isn't her "true calling". An Artist has to DISCOVER what GIFTS come with their TALENTS. Then, IMAGINE WHAT THE ARTIST CAN CREATE -using his GIFTS, Talents & adding HIS OWN PASSION & IMAGINATION. -Open your mind, Air Traffic Controller! There ARE MANY DIFFERENT JETS IN THE SKY! xox

  44. TaylorTFair says – reply to this


    Re: Fly By Intelligence – Hi JJF the reason I say about Lindsay acting is it is what she says she loves to do . LL had said she is happiest when LL is acting . Just want Lindsay to be happy

  45. Check her actual ACTS: says – reply to this


    That is nice of you & believe it or not, I want Lindsay to be happy too. She is miserable now; people don't turn into drug addicts/alcoholic & keep breaking laws & acting goofy & foolish in public if they are happy. Taylor, it is 2013 now. Linds HAS NOT BEEN HAPPY being an actress for many, many years. When she was working on L&D, she was drinking on her way TO WORK. Happy people don't get drunk BEFORE they go to work in the middle of the daytime. Canyons, that story that came out, LL said the claims the writer made were all true. -(Except she said the writer was lying about her drinking. Um, ok. That's a little odd that Lindz agreed EVERYTHING else was true, EXCEPT the drinking.) So anyway, Canyons wasn't pleasant for Linds. She was shrieking & throwing temper tantrums; acting like a total loon & being a bitch to other people. Aint no happy there- for anyone involved. So, I think you are right that L use to have a lot of FUN, and she use to get respect from others for her work on the sets. But that IS NOT what her life as an Actress has actually BEEN LIKE since Georgia Rules. She hasn't had any fun at it in almost a decade. Taylor, she was successful and happy as a CHILD actress. Being almost 30 in the industry, isn't the same JOB. She can't go back to being a CHILD/TEEN actress, & she does NOT LIKE being an Adult Actress. So, gotta think of something that DOES make her happy, that she can EARN money and genuine SELF-RESPECT from.

  46. Task For Taylor says – reply to this


    Hi, T. I was just sitting outside working a crossword puzzle & it reminded me of my advice to you to start working easy crosswords as a way to educate yourself as to how OUR CULTURE uses/spells words. So, I've been wanting to tell you that working crosswords isn't stupid or meaningless play, it is a WORK OUT for your brain. One of the reasons L has had such incredible difficulty in managing her adult problems & responsibilities is because Lindsay has never LEARNED ABOUT DISIPLINE. L doesn't show hardly ANY 'self-disciple' SKILLS at all. Learning discipline isn't FUN. But, if you can TEACH YOURSELF how to be disciplined, have self-discipline …your LIFE & YOUR FUTURE will be more FUN –if you can LEARN to use disciple/self-disciple as a TOOL in your Life Management/Maintenance Kit. Linds seems to believe that she has ALREADY "learned it all" or was somehow born w/ Life Management Skills along with her talents & natural charm. But NOONE is born with the ability to balance a checkbook or is born w/the knowledge of how to throw a successful dinner party for 12 for your future in-laws. To be a successful ADULT, you have to TRAIN for it. The key to being a success at anything, is start by LEARNING HOW other successful people have done it. Start with UNDERSTANDING how OTHER PEOPLE use LANGUAGE –AROUND YOU. Learn what words mean to OTHER people.