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As if this was just going to fade into the background! You know it only gets worse before it gets better, and Paula Deen's sitch is getting way worse! … Read more…

28 comments to “Paula Deen Is Boiling In A Big Pot Of Racism As More Accusers Come Out!”

  1. tempe says – reply to this


    It's fine to report news like this but can you stop the "glee" in it ?

  2. 2

    Racism is alive and well in America. Despite how much we deny it, it is wide spread, and becoming worse. She probably feels persecuted because she is no different than most of the people around her.

  3. 3

    I never liked, though up until yesterday I was on her side. I thought it was something she said in the privacy of her home after being robbed. I thought the worker was lying until Paula herself said everything was true in her deposition. The sad thing is, I really don't think she meant to hurt anyone. I think this is all just normal to her. She says and does (having her black workers dressed as slaves) these hateful, things with ease because she has this, "This is just how things are in the South" mentality. I'm glad this happened to her. It's never too late to learn and grow. It's time for her to step out of her ignorance.

  4. Mr Pete says – reply to this


    Also while they are at it
    why not go after Paula because there is a higher % of blacks incarcerated than whites
    or that whites are more likely to graduate high school than blacks, or that black men father more children out of wedlock than white men
    And as for referring to someone as my little monkey, I remember when a CNN reporter referred to George Bush as a monkey, it was considered a term of enderment

  5. 5

    I'll lament someone like Deen using the N-word when the darkies all stop calling each other "neeggas" and stop whining that when a white person does it, it brings back memories of slavery that no darkie alive can possibly have seeing as how slavery ended 148 years ago and how those who whine most (Sharpton, Jackson) are the ones who most profit from it (I won't go into the stupidly rich darkies like the idiot rappers). All of you liberal twats who accept the double standard are helping to perpetuate the problem and yes, I'm talking to you two dumb shits, Re: rosebud99 – and Re: trinigirl123 – ; using a word doesn't make you a racist or ignorant. It means you use a word. If the darkies don't like being labeled as "neeggas" by white people, perhaps they should stop acting like shiftless leeches? The truly ignorant are the ones, like you two, who label people you don't fucking know.

  6. 6

    Re: Pansy Hunter – Despite all the hate you continually spew, I will agree with you on one thing - if it is so offensive to use the 'n' word, then blacks should stop using it too. All is does is widen the divide. I totally agree with Bill Cosby when he gave his fellow African Americans a blast for talking ghetto and making themselves sound so stupid.

  7. 7

    Everybody's just jumping on the bandwagon now. The blacks just want to get PAID.

  8. amy says – reply to this


    Re: Pansy HunterRe: Pansy Hunter – I have no idea who you are but I love you lol. saaid it perfectly!

  9. Kelly says – reply to this


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  10. 10

    LIke anyone did not see this coming???? Once somethig like this starts, people jump on the bandwagon. I'm not saying she is innocent - I have no clue. BUT I am saying once a lawsuit like this goes public, more people come out of the woodwork. Just like the Tiger Woods spectacle. Where someone would not go to the trouble to find and hire an atty, they will jump on when there is already one working the case. Hopefully whatever the truth is - it wins out. I am not a Paula fan after her fiasco with the diabetes announcement after getting a sponsorship for meds.

  11. sallyone says – reply to this


    Only 8 racists bastards comments…come on yall racist redneck skinheads yall can do better than that…ante up!!!

  12. Sallyone says – reply to this


    Next up…. that fat fuck Zimmerman

  13. Sallyone says – reply to this


    Re: Pansy Hunter
    Ok while ur at it, why not tell the Jews to get over the Holocaust…ignorance breed ingnorance…I guess that's why ur defending Mrs. Deen

  14. 14

    She messed up but the fact more people are coming forward now is pathetic

  15. 15

    The is a diffrence when a Black person says the word and when a White person says it!
    If you aint black don't say the word. Just because Black people use the word doesn't mean it's okay for everyone else to use it.
    It was a word given to Black people!! So they can use it.

  16. 16

    Re: Pansy Hunter – if you use it to hurt someone, it most certainly does. I don't use it. I hate the word. Not every black person uses it you ignorant little c◇◆t. ANYONE who uses it is an ignorant little F¤¤K. You don't know her ass either B▲ITCH, and look @ you standing up for her. And incase you didn't know, you yammering ass, there's a little thing called History. Yeah, stuff was actually documented that happened years ago. WHAT? ! I know right. So we know what went down. And racism still exists today. And why don't we ALL stand up for what is right. Why do you have to wait on the 'darkies' to do the right thing? You are truly disgusting and lost. Sadly, because of people like you, the world will never change. The woman who filed the lawsuit isn't even black. SHE IS A WHITE PERSON AND EVEN HER ASS WAS OFFENDED! Stop the hate.

  17. 17

    Re: amy – And you, yeah you FAT AMY, shut the f■ck up. You little minion you. You've seen this fools work and you SCUUUURRD. Stand up for what's right and stop kissing a€€.

  18. MsTess says – reply to this


    I can understand the whole slavery abomination of a human being and how the word was started I watched all of Roots arent .we suppose to be better then that now.. BUT the Colored/Black /African Americans have to do their part also?. We as white people dont go around calling each other Cracker/Whitey/ Honkie/ But when YOU call your own People.. N how is that not offensive to You when its consider One of THE Worst name you can be called?
    BUT we are accused of Racial bigotry? when its used by whites> Just a honest question wanting a Honest answer .

  19. Mike says – reply to this


    Ok So Blacks can call us Whitey. Cracker or what ever slang they use thats Ok ?? Isnt just saying the N
    …when referring to it saying it anyway?…..YES Paula said it.. she said she was sorry , yet when the N word is said by them its Ok . Paula you will have to stand in a Long line of racist singer 's who use the N word constantly ,No one is condemning them, they feel entitled to use it . Sorry that Food network fired you You will do fine without them… Their will also be a long line of unemployed people if they admitted to their racial slurs..has Chris Rock ever apologized for what he says about white people or any entertainer who always make fun of White people? …..
    I watched a Bio of Richard Pryor…OMIT the LOGIC.. who really said it First in his Stand up shows to sold out venues.He used it constantly in his show . until he went to Africa and after that he said he would never say it again and He didn't all the Comedians looked up to him said he was brilliant BUT they didnt follow in his foot steps they made the N word the most important part of their routine/act.. Saying it like its NO BIG DEAL as long as a White person doesnt say it..its wrong to say no matter who says it

  20. 20

    You know, the best thing that can come out of this, is that this whole Paula Deen thing has brought to light something that is prevalent in the food service industry…There's discrimination to some extent in the work place anywhere at any given time. Wether it's sexism, racism…It's unfair. For example, do mexicans ALWAYS have to work in the kitchen? Can't they be front of the house too? And why do females always have to work front of the house? Can't pretty girls also be great chefs and hardworking cooks?? This world is so fucked.

  21. mimi says – reply to this


    Racism is definitely alive and well.. u can tell by some of these dumbass comments. To the person who referred to us as "darkies" you are as ignorant as they come.

  22. 22

    Re: Mr Pete – Have you ever even thought that perhaps those black men were racially profiled? That they came from a broken home and couldn't make it to school because something came up? Of course a white kids who grew up in a stable home with a ride to school (or their own car) everyday and mothers that care about them and fathers who are ther to help the mom would have a better chance at graduating than a black person. But that's what makes it so special when you get that rare urban black male who graduates and goes to college despite all the obstacles in his way. Obviously, you have never looked from another perspective.

  23. Tonya says – reply to this


    News Flash!! It wasn't the blacks who told on her it was her white coworkers!! smh

  24. Lady Ocean says – reply to this


    I love all the finger pointing etc, it's only news when someone white is racist about someone who is black. Never do we hear this uproar when its the other way around. I had to take my kids out of a prodmintly black school when they were targets of racism for being white. SO everyone needs to quit whining and grow some thicker skin and get over it all ready. There are better things in this world to worry about. All this mess is just more highlights of what is wrong with America

  25. John Waters says – reply to this


    Idiot white people and their blind, backwards victimhood. Maybe instead of skipping right over Jim Crow and the 100 years following 'slavery' you should make piece with putting laws and an institution in place that benefits you and you only. The biggest advantage you get from being white is no disadvantage. White people will support each other no matter how wrong-headed they are, and that most definently includes racism, which they will deny unless you are burning a cross on a lawn. Nowadays white people hide behind the 'PC' card while streaming a steady supply of racism, then 800 other white people on the Internet are like 'yea, that's not racist'! You're the same as you've always been, from the 1700's to the 1960's, it's been about 40 years since you could legally take away rights, now you just try to do it socially. **** you.

  26. Toya Simon says – reply to this


    Re: Mr Pete – you sound extremely ignorant.

  27. Miss Pam says – reply to this


    Could not have said it better! And if we are monkeys, u are pigs and I must admit, pigs and monkeys are smart-ass animals. I'm just saying!

  28. Joe says – reply to this


    Re: rosebud99 – I highly doubt you will find many people who deny it. It absolutely exists whether any particular individual believes it does or not. The truth is, it exists, without question.

    However, it is getting better not worse. A lot of it comes from older white folks who lived during a very different time. When they were kids it wasn't legal for people to marry someone of a different race! Can you even imagine a law like that today! And this was not that long ago!

    Once their generation dies out, which has already started since they are already advanced in age, racism will become less and less of a problem. Two or three generations from now I bet it will be mostly something we just read about in history books.