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Okay, Robert Pattinson, you really don't have to prove you're more Jay Gatsby than Leonardo DiCaprio. You're not in competition! Sure, it's one thing … Read more…

31 comments to “Robert Pattinson Is Going Overboard With His Great Gatsby Love & Becoming A Loner Just Like Jay?!”

  1. Sam says – reply to this


    Seriously, what are you ranting about?

  2. sister says – reply to this


    He wanted a short break; he got a breakup from his ex Kristen. He said he didn't want to breakup with Kristen. Robert can fix this. He knows what he has to do.

  3. marcia says – reply to this


    Robert is living as he wishes. away from Kristen, accepted the demands of families (mother, sisters) and friends who want him away from Kristen. Robert is with bitches with whom he usually stays, and see Kristen cruscificada, hated by his families and his friends, and some fans. Only he is mediocre, as an actor, singer and weak as a man. Always fu fans of it, but now after some analysis evidence, the case Sabders, Kristen and Robert. Robert is the one to blame the woman for the man reflects just what the man goes to her. And that Robert had been going to Kristen, contempt, envy, lack of affection, lack comprehension, protection, honor. and mor. He just used it as a disposable object, and threw it away. You are despicable robert.

  4. ann says – reply to this


    He just had a ton of friends over for a party. You are taking things out of context as usual. Leave Rob alone. And he broke up with Kristen, for the zillionth time. Stop it Perez.

  5. Bellaluvsme says – reply to this


    Phuck U. Get a life Perez. All u do is talk shit about everybody's life. Look at yours. Asshole

  6. TKH says – reply to this


    Stop withthe overboard crap. It was a party and it's his money $$$ and he can do what he wants. Other celebs have thorwn parties and NO BIG DEAL. Good for Rob. It could have been a farewell party to Kristen Stewart and her drama.

  7. 7

    Perez, you are not invited ?

  8. ellie jay says – reply to this


    awww poor rob hope he's ok :( it must be hard for rob and kristen as they have split for good i hope they are both ok i feel sorry for rob as he finding it hard to make some friends :( if i could i would be your BBF right now , i know it is easier said than done but you will get over the split i promise . he must feel teribley having no one by the side of him like k-stew and all his good buddies are in London including his family ,dad (richard) mum (claire) and sisters (lizzy and victoria) aww poor rob if i could do anything i would :) xxx i will surpport you no matter what !

  9. ellie jay says – reply to this


    sounds like a amazing party rob wish i was there ! xx i will always surpport you

  10. dee dee says – reply to this


    Re: ellie jay – are you serious feel sorry for him what a joke he is he had us all fooled with his perfect gentleman they both loved each other you could see and feel it but rob never in the 5 to 6 yrs claimed her as his girlfriend he always said he was single while in 2 interviews she said she had an English boyfriend she loved yet he threw under the bus last july and never came to her defense as a loving boyfriend would which goes to show that he had something to hide. there are pics of him at katy perrys premier for part of me red carpet and afterparty rob went to instead of his girlfriends red carpet and afterparty for swath that is proof right there. also he was with tali lennox in nyc during cosmopolis room and katy perry in Bahamas there are pics on istagram form bobby long and his girlfriend as well as tweets from them there so don't go feeling sorry for this lying cheat who has no time for his fans anymore

  11. Allysa mentor says – reply to this


    Perez, you are still a sarcastic bully. I feel that Rob was just as miserable with Kristen, as he was without her. She is an immature crude brat that needs to grow up, as Rob is a sweet, sensitive man. I wish them both the best.

  12. pams says – reply to this


    Re: dee dee – You are just another blind Rob hater. Acting like a scorned woman just because he dumped your queen.
    You can twist it all you want but in the end your Kstew still is a cheater and liar. She destroyed her relationship because she had an affair with a married man. The end.

  13. Andrew says – reply to this


    Re: ann – what a sad life u have

  14. Andrew says – reply to this


    Re: Allysa mentor – u sound like u are friend or family of rob or kristin, get a life !

  15. debby says – reply to this


    Rob, know you had your heart broken, and theres no trust. Better to have truly found out now, then to have found out after you married her. And I also hope she gave your grandmothers ring back, Im so glad I live in Oklahoma, I couldn't even imagine living in LA. I think you should be closer to family, there's two types of friends, friends and then true friends. You always look so sad, you are to young to be looking so sad. You will find that special someone, who truly loves you for who you are. And who you can trust, and love in return. Smile honey life is not over, just seems like it..best wishes always…

  16. teeter totter says – reply to this


    Re: dee dee – Punctuation is your friend, also periods and paragraphs.

  17. eliz2012em says – reply to this


    What a stupid article. The man had a party. That's it. It means one thing - he had a party.
    You Kristen and Rob haters have got some serious problems. How can you be so emotionally invested in people you don't know? What do you really know about their lives? Get some of your own.

  18. dale says – reply to this


    Re: sister – rob said he didnt want to break up with k?when did he say that?

  19. KA-CEE says – reply to this


    Re: marciaRe: marcia – @ Marcia Do you read what you write? You sound like you are drunk or high. No wonder you are Kristen lover. She is a pathetic skank. She held Rob back and now that he dumped her, he can move forward. Get over it. They are done and Kris will never ever be with a man again because she is into girls.

  20. KA-CEE says – reply to this


    Re: ellie jay – Good for you and your support in the right direction Ellie Jay

  21. Fred says – reply to this


    Re: dee dee – @ DEE DEE Who was fooling Who? Rob supported Kris and tried to help her hide the fact that she is a converted lesbian even after all the sh!t she pulled on him. At least Rob isn't running around trying to be a woman like Kris is definately wanting to be a man. A She-Man

  22. Fred says – reply to this


    Re: eliz2012em – OMG if you are not interested then what in the hell are you doing here? Just writing to dog on people? You need to go back to the Disney page where everything is all rosey

  23. rayon says – reply to this


    Because he is one douche dior guy who treated his GF awfully! He deserved to be treated like a trashed HW manwhore!

  24. Fred says – reply to this


    Re: rayon – And what about Kristen? Nobody seems to care what she did to Rob. In your world She can Whore around and that's alright. You are a one-sided hypocryte just like all the rest of the Kristen lovers. Oh ! wait a minute. Are you one of her "girls " that"s she"s been "doing" lately?

  25. MaC says – reply to this


    Leo & Patty - Still a better love story that Twilight!

  26. 26

    apparently you don't listen because every time he opens his mouth to talk he mentions how he likes to stay at home. I'm not a fan and even i've read that before. Some people just like to hide out…that's not a bad thing..oh and as for the ones screaming that he had a party so has friends…you've never been to someone's party where everyone knew them but they didn't know anyone? It happens lol

  27. ewwwww says – reply to this


    hoping that rob wont get the role as christian grey….. rob is too low of a man for it

  28. twilight08 says – reply to this


    I am more sadden that Todd Michael Schultz stated he is having the conversation making the statement of the lost of community in Los Angeles, and the only comment Robert can offer is "Yeah" after the full statement was made by Todd. Todd, his one word comment to yours doesn't make him cool but dull. No wonder there's no community togetherness or action. Robert were you too tired from throwing the great party that dialogue wasn't available that night? ,Love you Robert, get some rest. P.S. Maybe its time to leave L.A. and find the real world communities out there as other celebs have done . Commute to plastic town for business only not to live. ?? Maybe you will find real love too! Instead of the fake, thrown together Hollywood love stories that doesn't last because each party is thinking about themselves " what about me".issues.

  29. Wassup? says – reply to this


    Been awhile since I came here. What's up with Perez even dissing Rob a bit? I'm totally supportive of Rob moving on and doing what he wants. No more compromising with a girlfriend who doesn't think twice before making out with her director, who just happened to also be her costars's husband. Who does that?!? When we're told that we really don't know these celebrities, they are right, we don't, and I thank God I don't know Kristen. Don't need my good karma polluted by her lack of values and respect of self and others.

  30. goofy1 says – reply to this


    Rob, just move to the OC. Live by the sea by me! People are much nicer here! just visit LA..

  31. STRONG says – reply to this


    People are saying Rob left kristen but maybe that's kristen who called it quit because of all this overwhelming drama, maybe she is just tired of everything and now she seems more free more happy and her carrier is on top.It's kind of sexist to always think that's the guy who leeft the girl.Wish them both well.