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Justin Bieber Gets Shade From Zach Braff In Video With Special Monkey Appearance! Watch It HERE!

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justin bieber zach braff vine baby monkey shade

We take it Zach Braff isn't a Belieber??

We're not sure why he'd want to tease the teenager Canadian pop star, but Justin Bieber was served up some serious shade on Zach's latest Vine video!

Maybe he's not a fan of the Biebs' musical skillz or maybe he has a problem with his pet treatment, but whatever the reason, Zach is putting the Biebs on blast…

…well, in a kind of "interpret it how you want" way.

You've gotta see the inneresting video that speaks volumes!

Ch-ch-check it out …AFTER THE JUMP!!!

[Image via FayesVision/WENN.]

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48 comments to “Justin Bieber Gets Shade From Zach Braff In Video With Special Monkey Appearance! Watch It HERE!”

  1. andrew says – reply to this


    the fact he knows the song self smh..grow up old man if you don't like someone you dont have to diss them why don't people know that

  2. andrew says – reply to this


    thank you Zach, for this hilarious vid! justin's a douche bag animal abuser and PETA needs to jump on his ass ASAP! where's wayne, llcoolj and the rest of the commenting police at so that i can tell them to go fuck themselves? btw, my name is andrew and i want justin to belieb on my face and in my mouth cuz he's my baby daddy

  3. 3

    Re: andrew – How sad! Smh.

  4. dev says – reply to this


    Believers are just as much diuche bags as their a hole idol. No sense of humor, but it is okay for them to mock and hate. If your role model is a self absorbed entitled couch then that's what they become.

  5. Samuel says – reply to this


    Re: andrew – Grow up kid. Please, at least we make some sense and not say dumb shit all the time, you have to face it you're people don't share your opinion and stop trolling on Bieber's posts you dumb retarded piece of shit, take someone's else opinion and fuck off yourself stop changing your name and saying dumb shit all the time because you look stupid,pathetic, miserable and your pointless trolling proves it you are. Have a good day fella

  6. llcooljfan says – reply to this


    I find it so funny how those grown ass men and has -beens try to get some publicly from mocking those young singers on top.

  7. LillyAnn says – reply to this


    That was funny lol, but those also need to get off Bieber's dick and let the kid alone. Of course those who hate him will like everyone who trashes him it's obvious. It's a joke people shouldn't take it too serious, but also those grown ups should be more mature then troll on younger singers and actors, haven't they got something better to do ?

  8. John says – reply to this


    Re: andrew – Animal abuser ? Bieber might be a douche from time to time but he never ABUSED an animal man, his snake was sold for CHARITIY. The hamster was taken good care of and he gave it to some girl and she also took good care of it, the monkey was abonded because he missed the paperwork, probably didn't know about it since the monkey was a gift from his friend, do you check fact ever or you just are ignorant much ? Animal Abuser, way too much for Bieber I get it you hate him but don't cross the line now friend

  9. Wayne says – reply to this


    Re: andrew – Oh hey there shithead, so yeah reply to me and tel me to fuck off, do it now have some fun kid you're so cool and smart ! Well behaved and really wise I am jealous of your intelligence. Please talk to me I am a fan of you now :D

  10. andrew says – reply to this


    Re: John – don't cross what line or else what will happen john? ooooh i'm shacking in my manolos because john found my truth insulting to his poor little boyfriend bieber. how about you get off of your animal abusers dick and bring yourself back to reality, shall we? that hamster-dead, monkey-in a strange country away from his very natural habit because he was treated as a pet by some spoiled talentless pop star that should have been traveling with the fuckin primate to begin with. gift from a friend? i like to see it more like a death wish from an accomplice. get my facts straight? i did. fucking animal abusing period stain should be packed into a space ship and shot directly into a sun spot on the surface of our sun. don't like what i have to say? cry about it to your mommy, she's the one who decided to not abort your ass after i told her i didn't wanna be your daddy. punk ass belieber sucker.

  11. Wayne says – reply to this


    Re: Wayne – will justin please belieb on my chin? pretty please!!!

  12. Samuel says – reply to this


    justin bieber just beliebed in my mouth. i feel honored

  13. Amanda Bynes says – reply to this


    Re: LillyAnn – your parents really named you LillyAnn? tough break when you're already so ugly.

  14. John says – reply to this


    Re: andrew – Typical Bieber sheep hater. You sound stupid little kid. You obviously don't know what it really means abusing animals don't you ? It's so funny how you know so much about talentless punk lol, how obsessed with your Bieber are you actually ? Come out of the closet my little kid, you must be 12 you're comments prove it. Wow you're so mad behind that keyboard, did you break it while typing ? Huh, I am scared to shit. Come on kid let's be real, you're dumb and get over yourself.

  15. sean says – reply to this


    Re: andrew – way too pressed brah chill the fuck out, half of what you've said ain't true. as much as I hate Bieber he never abused any animal, he did some lame shit lately but you need some education, it's obvious by your comments who you are. but hey at least you ain't changing your name again or you'll start doing that again so you're going to be so cool and tough and troll us lmao ? hey, change your name into mine and troll me now haha :D

  16. gogo says – reply to this


    I came here so this dude will change his name into mine and make a fool of himself LMAO, hey kid do it please I wanna see what will you write for me :D

  17. John says – reply to this


    sorry andrew, you were right and i was wrong. justin is a spoiled and talentless little fuck that should have a super public breakdown like britney & lindsay lohan. i'll give you head for your forgiveness.

  18. LillyAnn says – reply to this


    Re: Amanda Bynes – Little piece of shit :D Nah I don't give a shit anymore, keep trolling and looking dumb as fuck like always, people like you make me laugh though , you know how miserable you look like ? I would like to meet you honestly, just to make fun of you :D Those weirdos tho, at least they're funny lol

  19. llcooljfan says – reply to this


    Hey man I want my name changed too by this idiot, please change my name too don't ignore me please :( and please use hashtags in my comments please !

  20. Samuel says – reply to this


    Re: Samuel – Perez is that you ? huh, don't worry Bieber won't fuck you :(

  21. llcooljfan says – reply to this


    Re: llcooljfan – how stupid do i look asking for this kind of attention

  22. John says – reply to this


    Re: John – Hahahaha is this kid serious ? I'll show your comments to my children and tell them if they ever act that way I'll smack the shit out of them :) No sorry dickhead, I'll rather support Bieber no matter how bad he is than agree with retard like you, bye bye child have a great life it must be fun to be so… I can't find words to describe you lol :D

  23. bieberfeber says – reply to this


    funny video about justin's monkey abandoning. comments on here are so funny too

  24. John says – reply to this


    Re: John – wtf!

  25. JustinBieber says – reply to this


    Re: John – No andrew, I won't have a breakdown sorry, I'll keep shitting milions and making hits, keep making those little girls wet by pressing follow bottom , keep fucking some models and smoking pot and buying any animal that I wan't, because ? Because well. I can. Lmao. I have more talent in my dick than you could ever dream of, while I'm everything you wish to be you're still one little crap who's mother wishes they aborted them. I know you're in love with me Andrew, do you wan't to be my one less lonely girl ? I'll give you flowers :)

  26. llcooljfan says – reply to this


    Re: llcooljfan – Oh thank you so much , but why didn't you use hashatgs man ? I wanna be cool like you andrew, please come and suck my dick as well, you must be good at it gay boy

  27. John says – reply to this


    my kids are proud to have a daddy that uses the word retard and picks fights with people in bieber comment sections. very proud little bastards they are. where is their slut mother? i need her to come help me belieb. she looks just like justin only more masculine

  28. ivan says – reply to this


    Re: andrew – Where you learned English? From a school dropout in the ghetto? Anyway I don' want to confuse you with the facts: He never abused any animal. the Hamster died after being well cared for at Hamster age 1-2 years-was it supposed to live forever? the monkey was given to him and was likewise well taken cared for before it was taken from him because he could not get the papers in time and in view of his traveling felt it was best to have it put in a zoo. He did what haters like you originally believed he should have done. If your comments are supposed to be humorous, I missed the memo. Now you could crawl back into the wall.

  29. Lindsay Lohan says – reply to this


    Re: JustinBieber – yes you will Justin. mark my words doll. see you at Betty Ford!

  30. John says – reply to this


    Re: JustinBieber – Hahahahaha who the fuck did this why didn't I remember to do this lmao who did this come on I will give you a medal ! HAHA

  31. ivan says – reply to this


    I never heard of this guy. I guess he wants to revitalize a non-existent career by joining the list of has beens and unknowns picking on someone more successful and popular than them.

  32. Ivan says – reply to this


    justin beliebed in me once and now i use ointment for the flare ups. the itch is unbearable

  33. John says – reply to this


    Re: ivan – no the monkey was taken away from him because he never made an attempt to get the paperwork ivan. go away troll

  34. JustinBieber says – reply to this


    Re: ivan – Thank you my dear friend, obviously your're the only smart one here. I deal with morons everyday you know it's not easy but hey I even make money from them lol. Hey Lindsay, I heard about your tax statements, poor girl let me buy you a new house with a nice pool or pay your another rehab treatment ? You need some help sweetie ? You know I do a lot of charity so I will do it for you too.

  35. Biebers Dick says – reply to this


    wayne, ivan, lillyallen and john. the 4 of you twats need to get off of me LIKE NOW! i'm a real artist and don't need my beliebers to fight my battles. sorry for that rash btw

  36. John says – reply to this


    Re: llcooljfan – when and where? i'll make you belieb too #inyoureye #itburns

  37. ivan says – reply to this


    Re: Biebers Dick – The only art you have produced was probably flushed down the toilet by your daddy.

  38. JustinBieber says – reply to this


    Re: Biebers Dick – Oh Andrew, stop attacking my fans while you're one of them as well little boy. My dick's name is Jerry if you didn't know, (fans gave the name since you're one of them please remember it) I'll send you some pictures too if you wan't I know you gay boys wanna see it right ? I'm sorry I didn't tweet you please forgive me, like I said I am busy but very soon I will I know it mans a lot to you !

  39. JustinBieber says – reply to this


    Re: John – Please Andrew don't be John's wannabe, he is too smart and wise. Why offend a man like him ? He should be your role model take some notes from that man. Are you still so mad I didn't tweet you? I will do it please don't be mad at me, I know you feel bad when I tweet all other Beliebers but please forgive me !

  40. ivan says – reply to this


    Re: JustinBieber – how do you know he did not make an attempt to get the papers but could not? Were you in Germany with him? Here's the point: he was criticized for getting and having a monkey and still criticized for doing what haters said he should have done. He can't win no matter what he does. Perhaps a course in logical thinking would help?

  41. PEREZ HILTON says – reply to this


    Re: ivan – you are right. justin should take a logical thinking course. he would know next time not to travel with wild animals to strange places without the appropriate documentation and he would know that monkeys ARE NOT PETs to being with. ivan is so upset over all of this trash talking. his feelings are truly hurt because he's really defending bieber. get off his dick you sad waste of human flesh! that fucking tween gives 3 shits about you or the fucking monkey that he abandoned (not forfeited but A FUCKING BANDONED)

  42. ivan says – reply to this


    my mom gave justin bieber head. i did too but i let her go first.

  43. ivan says – reply to this


    This site and the people that comment have deteriorated so that no decent discussion can be had on anything. you guys are not worthy to have crap thrown at your faces. Enjoy your hate festival. I have no pity for you.

  44. teeter totter says – reply to this


    Well heck, I do not like either one of them.
    If I had to pick I guess it would be Zack, only because if I lived in a nice upscale gated neighborhood in Calabasas and Justin and his friends were racing around in their cars and endangering people I would file a formal complaint with the HOA.

  45. ok_then says – reply to this


    Re: John – You actually mean there was a woman who was willing to spread her legs for you that didn't involve exchanges of money for sex? Poor kids, they must have that kind of father in you that they are ashamed to be seen in public with. Well there's always Child Protective Services to rescue the kids huh?

  46. ok_then says – reply to this


    Re: JustinBieber – DELUSIONS OF GRANDEUR….

  47. Ok_then says – reply to this


    Re: PEREZ HILTON – NUTjobs are out in full force I see….LMFAO

  48. 48

    Lol, Justin is such a spoiled and annoying douche