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The Wanted Boys Comforted Lindsay Lohan With Drinks Pre-Rehab!!

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Lindsay Lohan and The Wanted

The Wanted may not fully understand what it means to be supportive friends, but at least they tried??

Siva, Jay, Max, Nathan and Tom from The Wanted apparently ran into Lindsay Lohan’s ex at a bar a little before her court case, during which she was tried for drinking and driving and lying to cops.

The boys revealed:

"We actually bumped into her ex-boyfriend who said she was in need of a bit of support. She was a bit down about her court case so we invited her over to the house for a drink, which probably wasn’t the best idea."

Last we heard, inviting a girl who is a notorious DUIer and AA attendee is far beyond not the "best idea". In fact, it might be up there amongst the worst ideas!! EVER!!!

But we will give them a teensy bit of credit for attempting to be there for the troubled starlet. After all, it’s the thought that counts!

This particular thought just happened to be terribly misguided.

[Image via WENN.]

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26 comments to “The Wanted Boys Comforted Lindsay Lohan With Drinks Pre-Rehab!!”

  1. @v@ says – reply to this


    I guess next time the first question should be 'Do you have a driver tonight?' and then extend the invite. Live and learn. Drinking and driving is not on them; it's on her.
    I wonder if she realizes that people will be afraid to invite her places in case the same thing happens…she's not displayed responsibility, and she's 27 years old.

  2. Ax says – reply to this



  3. Andy says – reply to this


    Not doesn't drink anymore. For those who who know about the po no it's not allowed.

  4. TaylorTFair says – reply to this


    Lindsay likes music and dancing . People with drinking problems still go to clubs .
    Hmmm Should Lindsay stay home knitting . Lindsay will be back in society and it is up to Lindsay what she will do . " I am " Rooting for LL . Oh and Yes LL is a media target . LL is Human not Perfect

  5. Get This Straight: says – reply to this


    Re: TaylorTFair – You write, "Lindsay will be back in society and it is up to Lindsay what she will do." You need be to aware, SHE DOES NOT HAVE THE LEGAL RIGHT TO DO ANYTHING SHE WANTS. She CAN decide what she will do when she gets back in society, but SOCIETY WILL LOCK HER UP AGAIN — IF SHE DECIDES TO DO SOMETHING THAT BREAKS THE LAW. She has a TWO YEAR PROBATION WHERE SHE IS NOT FREE TO CHOICE TO DO CERTAIN THINGS WITHOUT GOING TO JAIL FOR IT.

  6. Get This Straight: says – reply to this



  7. To Taylor, says – reply to this


    Re: TaylorTFair – ',Says YOU: "Lindsay likes music and dancing. People with drinking problems still go to clubs." — you are failing to comprehend that: 1) What Lindsay WANTS is often NOT in her best interest. 2) That what Lindsay WANTS gets her in trouble with the law. &… 3) WHAT LINDSAY WANTS doesn't really matter that much anymore because her ass belongs to the State of California -Corrections Dept. for the next couple of years, plus some. You seem believe that what Lindsays WANTS …SOMEHOW — 1) Sets the pace for the world 2) Establishes "fairness standards" in the world. and you really seem to BELIEVE THAT WHAT LINDSAY WANTS IS MORE RELEVANT, MEANINGFUL & ….done right …DOABLE — than what her LEGAL reality is. Please ask someone you know who knows a lawyer, to recommend a BASIC LAW BOOK to you. Read it. Read it again. LL has been ADOPTED by the State of California. Lindsay DOES NOT HAVE A LOT OF CHOICES. Her PROBATION WILL PROHBIT HER FROM HANGING OUT IN CLUBS; SOBER OR NOT. Learn WHAT LAWS ARE. And WHAT THEY MEAN. Lindsay is a PRISION OF THE STATE OF CA. THEY OWN HER ASS - & LIMIT HER CHOICES –& WILL THROW HER IN JAIL FOR THE INCORRECT CHOICES. Taylor, WISE UP. You are just dumb as shit about REALITY.

  8. TaylorTFair says – reply to this


    Re: To Taylor, – If Iam such a "dumb sh$t of reality then why do you bother replying to me ? Now that kinda sounds dumb to me . Lindsay can still do what she wants it's her life LL is aware of what can happen but it is still her CHOICE , just as it is for everyone .
    Lindsay is not a bad person . LL messed up and the Media made it worse . Should LL walk around in chains ? Lindsay is not the only person to break the law Geezzzz

  9. TO TAYLOR, says – reply to this


    I respond to you because you are SINCERE. You have also shown me before that you have the ability to process "higher education" concepts. I don't think you are STUPID. Stupid is when people KNOW BETTER but they choose to do things the wrong way because they are lazy & they don't care about the results of what they are trying to achieve. Stupid people are people who are in a life boat w/oars & throw the oars over because they EXPECT the Coast Guard will come save them; & they think - and are comforted by the fact -that if the Coast Guard doesn't do what they expect, they can always sue the Coast Guard. I HAVE NEVER SAID LINDSAY IS A BAD PERSON!!! NEVER! I write that she is messed up in her thinking & full of so much anxiety that she is like a robot & doing all the things she did when she was a Mean Girls Star; to try to get those days back …& IT ISN'T WORKING. It isn't just her CHOICE to change, Taylor. She HAS TO LEARN WHAT TO DO to make HEALTHY choices for a HAPPY FUTURE. (Right now) L is NOT stupid, she IS SICK. She doesn't know the way she thinks is a dysfunctional way to run her life. You too - are unaware of your acts that are mean & libelous AGAINST OTHER PEOPLE. - Try: Quit freakin out everytime I use a word you don't like & TRY: WONDER WHY I use that word. Dumb means NAIVE. It's ok: If you find out you're dumb & you work to fix it. If you find out you're dumb & you DON'T fix it…. THEN YOU GRADUATE TO STUPID.

  10. CHAINS ARE CHOICES says – reply to this


    YOU WRITE: "SHOULD LL WALK AROUND IN CHAINS?" Taylor, that is NOT for me to decide. Currently I know of no laws that require people to walk around in chains ..when they are NOT in custody. However, when one breaks the laws and won't STOP breaking the law, -OUR SOCIETY & OUR JUDICAL SYSTEM- CAN & WILL, take Lindsay OUT OF SOCIETY -when they transfer her sometimes, she will be shackled & thatS like handcuffs on your ankles. They DO that, -and it isn't because they are being mean to L, but because people who work in LAW ENFORCEMENT HAVE TO FOLLOW THE LAWS. & in some cases, prisoners transferring places WILL BE SHACKLED. SO, DO I think she should walk around in chains? It depends it she kills someone w/another DUI. If she kills or maims or harms someone else again, Then YES, I believe she BELONGS walking around in chains. Because we as a SOCIETY can NOT allow her to KILL OUR CHILDREN, loved ones, friends, community leaders. …all because Lindsay Lohan thinks it's OK to get loaded & drive herself around town in a big powerful Porsche. Its the DRUNK DRIVING ISSUE Taylor. I am trying to set Lindsay FREE FROM RUINING A LOT OF PEOPLES LIVES over a stupid CHOICE, she has already made, and fucked-up with, many, many times.

  11. TaylorTFair says – reply to this


    Re: CHAINS ARE CHOICES – Yes I believe Lindsay should have someone or an assistant to drive her around till LL can get it together . So what do you do with all the other DUI going on around us . Being on the road you can bet there are drunk drivers out there .
    So why is Lindsay the poster child ? You work with statistics you know people can improve with help and want . With Lindsay being in the media it is hard for her to do anything without the media taking the ball and running with it . Come on LL's assistant was driving and a Pap still tried to say LL hit him . Do you see what I mean

  12. Mornin' Taylor, says – reply to this


    Re: TaylorTFair – I DO see what you mean Taylor. But just because a photographer HAS taken advantage of Lindsay before, that doesn't MEAN that all people in the world are out to use Lindsay by setting her up for things that she had no part in. The USA does have a lot of drunk drivers, and what happens is when they come to the attention of law enforcement & family/friends that are CONCERNED that their drunk driving is going to kill or maim someone, then family or the law INTERVENES in the life of the drunk driver. Taylor, most people who have DUIs, with car jacking involved, GO TO PRISON. It is NOT all Lindsay fault that she thinks she can get away with drunk driving, because the courts let her off with a slap on the wrist, many times, so WHY would she think it's a serious offense, when she has never had to FACE it, as a serious offense? Fair enough there. Why is Lindsay the poster child? Well, she isn't; gossip media blogs are a very small part of the world, T. AND, WHY, child, WHY, do you keep acting like you don't know that Lindsay PARENTS are responsible for about 82% of the media out there on L? MOST LL stories are SENT INTO MEDIA, by Team Lohan as PR.

  13. STAT on STATISTICS says – reply to this


    T, Your post keeps hitting me with the word STATISTICS so I know I either better comment on it now or my muses will nag me to death until I do. STATISTIC are information that have been GATHERED by people, scientist, doctors, politicians, who COMMISION THE STATISTICS OUT OF THEIR OWN PERSONAL BIAS. People GO LOOKING FOR STATISTICS. There is always human error in any human endeavor that last more than, say, 8 minutes in length. STATISICS help us understand what is happening or has happened. Stats are SURVERYS & they REPRESENT WHAT HAS HAPPENED IN THE PAST. While stats can help us all get some kind of idea of if what we want to do, can be done –stats only tell us WHAT OTHER PEOPLE HAVE DONE. It IS comforting to know that the cancer you have has a 82% statistic of a cure, but, everyone is different, & if your ass is in the 18% that does not survive it's battle with cancer. …those statistics didn't help you at all, & only resulting in …you becoming a statistic. What others have done is basically IRRELEVANT to what L is CAPABLE of doing. Most interesting people have a way of blowing people away because they DON'T FIT INTO STATISTICS. Indeed, The Truly Amazing in Life, do what has NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE.

  14. TaylorTFair says – reply to this


    Re: STAT on STATISTICS – Very interesting on Stats JJF . I think Lindsay's parents have a lot to do with many things . I respect Lindsay loves them but in fairness I really do not know much of their history to know why they act like this . Wow you would think LL's PR team would sell better stories instead of making LL look bad . This is all very sad to me Lindsay with the right guidance could be in such a better place in her life . Lindsay you have to know you are better than this get up Girl .

  15. BLAME GAME OVER? says – reply to this


    Re: TaylorTFair – Yo* Taylor. Bottom Line is that Lindsay cant wait for her parents to fix their own lives so they can help her fix hers. Blaming someone when a situation is critical & particular when in a crisis situation -is a: ButtAss Stupid Life Management Skill. I've written you before that ASSIGNING BLAME can useful TO LOCATE THE ORGIN OF THE PROBLEM. But, time to move on. It doesn't matter WHICH shark bit your leg off -when a shark bites your leg off. To hell with whose to blame. Lindsay holds the secret on that. & that could be a really good subject in an autobiography she might be able to write in twenty years. It does 'matter' WHO & What is to blame. BUT RIGHT NOW, when Linds is TOO CLOSE to spending a LOOOONG TIME IN PRISION….. we have to deal with her missing leg problem -FIRST. Blame is USEFUL in THERAPY SESSIONS DEALING WITH RETROSPECT/Learning. Assigning blame in a crisis? — BLAME PHYSICALLY MOVES NOTHING.

  16. To Taylor, says – reply to this


    One reason L's parents act like they do is because of their own childhood and early adult/adult TRAININGS in how to get along in the world and achieve their goals in the world. Her parents must have learned from someone around them that being dishonest, & being focused on EASILY GETTING the money, instead of finding a way to HONORABLY EARN the money …well, basically T, it's a LAZINESS problem and it's a problem with values & morality issues that L's parents NEVER learned about SELF RESPECT & HONOR. They don't care that they are sleazeballs. That's not just sad, it's dangerous. They are sick in their thinking too. However, they are friggin over a half-a-century OLD & they have been screwing people over, including their own kids for …like…uh, DECADES. You know, like …get to a fucking doctor and fix that shit. It's CONTAGIOUS. Linds parents saw an EASIER WAY to make money & achieve SOCIAL STATUS than going to Medical School or working themselves up to being a Senator. It boils down to DISCIPLINE. Including SELF DISCIPLINE –& RESPECT. Both RESPECT for others & SELF RESPECT. Her parents (and Linds herself). DON'T HAVE THESE ESSENTIALS FOR PEACE. You have to get the BASICS down, if your life-walk here on earth isn't going to be TOXIC & PARASITIC experience for everyone you encounter. Its not bad enough it's her parents, their TRAININGS LIVE ON. — NOTHING BREEDS STRONGER AND LONGER THAN PATHOLOGY.

  17. Check This Out, Sista, says – reply to this


    Here is an example that will hopefully show you why I get frustrated. Please READ POST #8, (you) which OPENS WITH, "If I am such a dumb sh$t of reality then why.. " Taylor. I never called YOU a dumbshit OF reality - Please see how you jump to conclusions of what I was saying & you turn my sincere OBSERVATIONS of YOUR WRITINGS into this WHOLE BIG INSULT that was never even there. Goodness, girlfriend. You are responding to Post #7 (me), the final words are, "You are just dumb as shit ABOUT reality." (It IS rude.) BUT, what you thought I wrote & what I actually WROTE -ARE NOT THE SAME. & they DO NOT MEAN THE SAME THING! T, I am dumb as shit about how to fly a 747. -I said the words "ABOUT REALITY" –Not, "IN REALITY". And this was in regards to your post thinking it's no big deal if Lindsay returns to clubbing when she gets out. Pom Poms on that idea; BAD BAD IDEA. Clubbing soon ? Uh, T, THAT IS *dumbass*. -(It's too temping & there are a lot of druggies there.) So, Please notice how you twisted what I wrote into some kind of HORRIBLE INSULT that I never wrote, & I CERTAINLY NEVER THOUGHT! It's just, ur LOGIC was dumb. ABOUT the REALITY of L being READY to go out clubbing. Point is: you READ SOMETHING THAT I NEVER WROTE & I NEVER MEANT and you really BELIEVE IT IS SOME HORRIBLE INSULT.

  18. TaylorTFair says – reply to this


    Re: Check This Out, Sista, – Ok I get what you just said . I know it's a bad idea for Lindsay to go to the clubs BUT in the business LL is in LL will have to go to events and places where temptation will be all around her . If LL can get a grip she may be ok . It's going to be very hard to avoid this . Bad idea Yes but it's the nature of the business

  19. OPTIONS ARE GOOD says – reply to this


    Re: TaylorTFair – Cool. We are making progress in our abilities to communicate with each other in ways that make sense to both of us. Taylor, don't RULE OUT that there are OTHER ways for Lindz to make a living than being in the movie star business. There are TONS of ways that ARTIST can fulfill their purpose. There are tons of jobs that are artist things to do that Do NOT include having to expose oneself to the bad sides of the industry. She could be successful being a song writer. When I was young I was just nuts for Steve Perry of Journey. I met him in the bookstore at LAX one day and was I just over the moon about it all. BUT, it was hard to be a Steve Perry 'Fan", because Mr. Perry was a quiet kinda guy & there wasn't a lot of gossip about him. So, point being, I touched Steve Perrys leather jacket. Oh, wait, that wasn't the point, (but it was a high light of my life!). Point being one CAN be an ARTIST, have fans & produce QUALITY work without being FLASHY about it. Hollywood isn't going to change their ways for L, so if the drugs & social hoopla aren't something she can, or wants to, deal with - there are LOTS of ways for her to find personal satisfaction and financial rewards without being the social fluffy thing that Pop Stars have to be part of. Steve Perry ROCKS. He could have died yrs ago..? That's how discreet he is. Ooooo, Cheri…..

  20. Think Though CHEERS says – reply to this


    HI T, Ok,- Post 14, by you. The portion that's buggin me is this: "Lindsay you have to know you are a better than this Girl". That is so well-intended, but it is a horrible thing for her TO HEAR. One thing I have learned from experiences in crisis management is that THE WORST THING YOU CAN TELL SOMEONE WHEN THEY ARE PANICKING are the WORDS, "CALM DOWN!" To tell someone, "CALM DOWN" or "GET UP!" when they are FREAKING OUT because they CAN NOT 'calm down" or "get up"… IT ONLY ANTAGONIZES THEM! If you want someone to be CAPABLE of even LISTENING TO WHAT YOU ARE SAYING, (when they are in deep trouble) YOU MUST NOT PUT MORE DEMANDS ON THEM; you have to ASK. You have to PARTICIPATE in the CALMING DOWN PROCESS. If you want to HELP someone, you have to JOIN them in their fight to escape the PANIC/ the confusion. It's why I get so frustrated with your cheers of, "get up" - "you can do it" … then, "YOU KNOW YOU ARE BETTER THAN THIS GIRL". Taylor, …she IS NOT better "THAN THIS" …what she HAS BECOME, (because of her own choices) …she is NOT "better than this" –She "IS THIS" NOW. She doesn't KNOW HOW to get up, Sometimes your well-meaning cheers …they WILL ring in HER EARS as YOU SCREAMING AT HER …DEMANDING HER to do things, she just …caint do - yet.

  21. KEY SPEAKER says – reply to this


    Re: Think Though CHEERS – Should have read THINK THROUGH CHEERS. Taylor, it is IMPORTANT that you take into consideration of how OTHER PEOPLE are going to "HEAR" your message. Part of the dysfunction in our world today is because of HUGE COMMUNCATION MISTAKES that all begin because someone SAYS what THEY THINK OR FEEL, but the dude that is HEARING the message, and PROCESSING the message DOESN'T THINK THE SAME THING when he hears the SAME WORDS. People HURT other peoples feelings and they get their feeling HURT, ruin friendships, marriages, careers. This happens when someone SAYS SOMETHING TO SOMEONE ELSE, but DOES NOT CARE how the other person "took" what they said. Or doesn't CARE what the other person THOUGHT IT ALL MEANT. Communications are ONLY functional, when they are COMPREHENDED AS INTENDED BY BOTH PARITES INVOLVED. What you MEAN to say, that doesn't matter as much compared to the power of what the person THOUGHT you meant.

  22. TaylorTFair says – reply to this


    Re: KEY SPEAKER – J what I meant is when someone is down and confused and it seems like the world is against them it is nice to know that someone seems to look beyond where Lindsay is now and say I believe in you and I know there is more to you than the right now . Sometimes it helps to hear that not all people think she is a messed up woman who gan't get up . For some reason I know Lindsay can

  23. ARE U REALLY PSYCHIC? says – reply to this


    U: "I KNOW LINDSAY CAN." No, you do NOT KNOW that. Even Lindsay doesn't know that. You are having nice thoughts & optimism, but T, I am "psychic" & I have never been able to get any information about DETAILS of things that are more than 72 hrs in the future. You can't even know if you are going to be OK in life. Nobody does. I was a hot shot, socially elite, money, education. I thought I was going onto to MORE ELITE; HIGHER PLACES "in society". Well, a violent accident that leaves you crippled, changes YOUR FUTURE, that you had planned out. We can HOPE for the future, we can PLAN for the future, Pray for the future, & FANTASTIZE about the future, but WE DONT CONTROL THE FUTURE in meaningful ways. Even if you had it all figure out & you have great power, you never know who is going to come into your life & accidently blast your whole world to shit. Lindsay IS NO LONGER who she WAS. She is living a DIFFERENT WORLD than she has ever known. She is VERY SICK & VERY CONFUSED. She is like a carwreck victim in ICU. She can not go back to WHO she was. It wasn't working for her anyway, T. And, in my experience, people LIKE friends who say nice things, but they HONOR & TRUST the people who tell them the truth; especially when their truth is ugly.

  24. To Taylor, says – reply to this


    Aloha Taylor, it's about 5pm in HI, beautiful day. I am just thinking about you and how much I want to help you come to some awareness that Lindsay has CHANGED a lot from when she was Mean Girls Star. That was almost 10 yrs ago. I had no idea of her then, I'm not into fiction movies/movie stars. However, I do know from what from what I have read that she did a good job in it. I did see about 5 minutes once where L &some guy were in a bedroom, sitting on a bed talking or something. She did look very beautiful & seemed like a good actress. Well, the point is that you have been very adamant that Lindsay IS an Actress; it would help if you could try to remember that being an Actress is a JOB. An Actress isn't a BEING, an actress isn't a different animal. Like a dentist, an actress does her acting at work - then she is a HUMAN BEING when she is off the set. I mention I think L is an ARTIST. She had TALENTS in acting yrs ago, but TALENT & GIFTS aren't the same thing. You can make lots of $$$ being a TALENTED person, but it is the GIFTED than know how to spin their TALENTS into ORIGINAL ART. Be it a song, a painting, be L a writer, a farmer, ARTIST have a NEED to CREATE. I think Linds got off track because she got bored reading & doing other peoples SCRIPTS in life. The Purpose of The Artist is to DISCOVER his/her GIFTS. She has to FIND HER STRENGTHS & feel the 'vibe' when she finds her proper genre. She is only 26. Time to BLOSSOM into who she really IS.

  25. TaylorTFair says – reply to this


    Re: To Taylor, – I feel that Lindsay had a taste of freedom when she was a teenager sent on her own to LA . LL did not have to worry about her family and let loose with the wrong crowed . LL had no idea how to behave LL was the "it" girl and most likely thought this is what they do out here . Peer pressure not having to answer to anyone , being treated special , this all can mess up an adult let alone a teenager . LL is a smart woman/child who made bad choices . Lindsay is growing up the hard way now . I think LL knows she needs to make a positive move

  26. To Taylor says – reply to this


    Re: TaylorTFair – Absolutely, that she went to LA with no one to GUIDE HER. See T, if you don't learn when you are younger about how certain things will lead you somewhere you don't want to go ….you end up "experimenting" and having to learn things the hard way. Lindsay was still a young girl when she entered into a VERY ADULT world with drugs, alcohol and lots and lots of people who are in the business because they want to be FAMOUS or RICH and their own goals lead to them USING other people to get what they want. It is very clear to me that what Lindsay LEARNED growing up wasn't enough to help her survive such a zoo as Hollywood. The reason we don't allow 15yrs old to live on their own and do whatever the hell they want, is because THEY DON'T KNOW BETTER about many things in life that are DANGEROUS situations that can RUIN your life. Nice to see ya this morning. I'm going to town now, but will check back in with you later. Lindsay isn't the only young woman who needs to LEARN MORE ABOUT LIFE, *BEFORE* she tries to take on the world. Catch ya soon …..Aloha ……jjf.