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25 comments to “Miley Cyrus Tweet-Threats Father Billy Ray: 'An Hour To Tell The Truth Or I'll Tell It For You!'”

  1. boston61 says – reply to this


    Okay. The truth is you would be working at McDonald's if Billy were not your father. A-hole.

  2. 2

    I hope he hunts her down and punches her in her ugly face.

  3. 3

    Stupid fugly little slut needs daddy to knock her the fuck out.

  4. bigdawg says – reply to this


    What a rotten little bitch of a daughter.. stay out of your parents issues. If this is true.. I'm not saying it's right.. mind your own mess of a life Miley.

  5. Calvin says – reply to this


    It was probably meant to be a private message you idiot. Perez, this site has become so shit. Half the posts aren't even proper stories, theyre just dramas you try to create in order to make them seem newsworthy.

  6. B0red says – reply to this


    so he probably cheated, who cares, its HOLLYWOOD BABY!!

  7. 7

    she is a stupid lil twit, for one thing its not HER business, its her father and mothers business, kids dont need to stick their nose into that, besides dont you have a woman to pull off your own man miley????

  8. Uncle Si says – reply to this


    Well Perez do some "investigative journalism" and get to the bottom of it and tell us who she is!

  9. Sarah says – reply to this


    That's Dylis Croman she starred in Chicago with Billy Ray.

  10. Ana says – reply to this


    when r u going to realise PEREZ that this is all (probably) for publicity. Miley needs it for her new single and album - last time this happened it was when she needed publicity too - and then they magically 'reconciled'. Probably gonna happen too.. again. Miley probably cant generate enough publicity anymore because she has already done so much (e.g. new hair - party girl thing)- so anything s

  11. 11

    Wow, tough crowd.

  12. lol says – reply to this


    fuckin immature skank stay out of your fathers business lil ugly girl

  13. kiki says – reply to this



  14. texasannie says – reply to this


    she is a spoiled little brat dealing with this like this. between the embarrassingly immature video and this, she is just an idiot. trying so hard to be grown up, cool and sexy. she's become such a joke. you look at those photos from last year with her and liam and she was a really pretty girl. now she's hideous.

  15. 15

    ok wtf is going on with his HAIR! at first i couldn't even believe it was him! can i just say… AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! what a fuckin hasbeen.

  16. tacogirl says – reply to this


    Can someone Please just Boot her out of the country. SHe IS such a bitch. To air dirty laundry about her Family!…Not even her own trampy ass, but her dad's. I hope he cuts her out of any will and kicks her to he curb. What an Awful daughter. And how can Anyone be engaged to someone who would do that?…She's awful

  17. TheTruth says – reply to this


    Dear Miley Virus,
    Thank you for proving me right almost a decade ago. I always predicted that you would grow up to be a little smut and your video is proof. You're not sexy, you're trash.

    Future prediction?? Heroin…Jail…Playboy cover…Pregnant by a rapper

    You're trash

  18. @v@ says – reply to this


    I'd recommend respecting and butting out of her parent's business. MYOB. Stay impartial and let the parental units work it out. Her job is to love them both, and further, they shouldn't allow her involvement and take it out of her and the rest of the kid's hands.
    The mom should not cry on her kid's shoulders and find an adult friend or counsellor instead.
    It hurts the kids. Work out your own shiz.

  19. jamie sommers says – reply to this


    look she was a good girl when she was filming Hanna Montana what the heck happened
    18 years old she thinks she has freedom well she does not shes in the real world not simley
    miley world then she hurts her father not cool he did not have to let her play on a show
    now she threatens him she just crossed the line. i used to love her and her show now i cant even listen to her new songs cause there so inappropriate. just so u know miley that Mohawkof yours makes me want to gag

  20. jamie sommers says – reply to this


    its not billy ray you should be talking about its that bratty trash you should be talking about if anyones hair is horrible its miley's duh

  21. jamie sommers says – reply to this


    really cheating is still wrong were ever you are it is just the fact that snobby brat is doing more damage and her dad can handle it not her

  22. katie says – reply to this


    1. Leave Miley alone she is a hella of alot better and Taylor swift ok at least she isn't a dollar whore lol 2. Just mind ya own business no one gives a fuck. 3. I love her new look at least she has balls to do it. 4. You all are just jealous and Cray Cray cause you wish you were here, but ya not so STFU. Lol

  23. katie says – reply to this


    Her* typo

  24. 24

    will you all stfu seriously your all a bunch of idiotic, stupid, babys

  25. MILEY says – reply to this


    Miley is nothing but a wanna be Lady GaGa the only thing she has left is taking off her cloths in front of kids who's dying to be a slut. WE ALL KNOW SHE IS A CLOSET LESBIAN when will she come out who knows she talks a bull dyke looks like a boy and for god sakes through that women a cheese burger. Molly's are not cool grow the fuck up you slutty fucking ugly skank