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Simon Cowell Won't Let His One Direction Boys Make The Same Mistakes As Justin Bieber! The X Factor Judge Says Biebs Needs 'A Year Off'!

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They can't all be Beliebers!

Simon Cowell CERTAINLY can't count himself as one of Justin Bieber's many fans. When it comes to Justin's off-stage antics, Simon is not amused! The X Factor judge had some sound advice for Justin this week: take a break, dude!

It might not be a bad idea! Trouble has become Bieber's middle name lately! He had his monkey trouble, his skydiving trouble, his car trouble, his SPITTING IN SOMEONE'S FACE trouble!

The list just does not end!

And if the squeaky clean chaps in One Direction were to EVER go down a path like Biebs, Simon would step in and set them straight! He said:

"If I ever thought one of our artists was being overworked or over-promoted you would just have to say to them, 'You've made enough money - take a year off'. You have to be sensible about it."

Words to live by, Biebs!

Never let the little fans down, 1D!

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39 comments to “Simon Cowell Won't Let His One Direction Boys Make The Same Mistakes As Justin Bieber! The X Factor Judge Says Biebs Needs 'A Year Off'!”

  1. david says – reply to this


    perez he never said anything bad what he said is true bieber needs a break he is over working himself..and even one direction they are working them to hard they just have each other to put them in the right direction this kids are been worked like grown ass men they need to chill go somewhere and just have fun and relax

  2. Simon says – reply to this


    He just needs to go away. Take that year off and become a raging alcoholic like Lindsay and have an Amanda Bynes-style public breakdown so the public can finally reject your comeback efforts! talentless douchebag spoiled brat

  3. liam says – reply to this


    he is right bieber has been over working since he was 15 now he is acting out cause the pressure has become to much he needs to take a break before he enters rehab like demi

  4. halley says – reply to this


    you can't call this kid talent less cause that would be lying he just needs a break as a mother i can see he is overworking which is not good he will break down he needs time off..with no computer and phone access..and fyi perez one direction needs time out too they are working too much

  5. 5

    I'm sure all the people that make money off the Beiber are pushing him as hard as they can. They know that the career of a teen idol has a short shelf life, so they are getting as much as they can out of him now while he is still hot. No way they will risk a year out of the lime light - his fans will have moved on.

  6. Xander66 says – reply to this


    Re: rosebud99 – That's so delusional to say, Teen idols are sure for 2,3 years Bieber is getting more successful year by year and he is in industry for 5 years now, worth 120 milion and pretty much ownes sales with his tour. My friend Bieber is not the type that just fades away not even with couple of mistakes he done lately that were too overreacted by his haters. I disliked him as a kid but can't say he doesn't have talent, my daughter forced me to listen to his acoustic album now I'm impressed, he just needs to dump yes people and focus on his job, trust me Bieber isn't going anywhere.

  7. victorious says – reply to this


    Justin Bieber has worked his ass off non stop since he was 14, he never took a real break. He needs time off, kid is touring tireless no wonder he is acting out, he is just a normal person not a machine. He is too much over working lately, I heard he will have 3 albums and a movie this year ? That's crazy and great for him hope they'll go successful as the ones before did very well, but he needs not maybe a year but at least some months off, he added more tour dates even though he is touring since August 2012, kid needs a break for his own sake !

  8. fergalicious says – reply to this


    Re: Simon – Stay mad and pressed while Biber will move on shitting milions and selling as well, stay mad and pressed that's so funny to see people like you on here tho I always come to see those like you I laugh so hard LMAO :D

  9. 9

    Re: victorious – Where did you hear that?
    '3 albums this year' part.

  10. 10

    He does need a break though. A couple of months. AND he also needs time to grow up without the media up his over every little thing he does, Honestly Justin brushes his teeth and it's Headlines!

    Haters are just highlarious tho, Nobody is forcing you to listen to his music (execpt for Xander) if you don't like him don't pay attention.

  11. 11

    He does need a break though. A couple of months. AND he also needs time to grow up without the media up his over every little thing he does, Honestly Justin brushes his teeth and it's Headlines!

    Haters are just highlarious tho, Nobody is forcing you to listen to his music (execpt for Xander) if you don't like him don't pay attention.Re: Simon

  12. 12

    Simon: He's in the Top 10 of Forbes most Powerful Celebs. And he's just 19.
    Seeing as that your a loser, dumb fuck retard with no acomplishments in Life, broke and TRULY talentless….etc! I can see why his success bothers You. At the End you can't take away his success.
    #LaughinAllTheWay to the Bank that's what Bieber is doing.

  13. victorious says – reply to this


    Re: Zoey_Graham – His manager tweeted it and said like the world isn't ready for what we have and like answered to a fan that maybe even 3 albums coming, wow that's a lot, come on but I would like it actually, so he can shut them morons and prove them wrong just like he did with the last album, many gained respect after it and it's obvious.

  14. Ellie says – reply to this


    Getting a tad hypocritical, Simon? One Direction look pretty damn overworked to me! I saw them in concert a few nights ago. No energy, half-assed performance, I think they nearly fell asleep on stage. Give them a break, Simon! Their touring schedule is so grueling that they can barely put on a good show. If anything, they're overworked themselves, and I think their time bomb is ticking. I won't be surprised if it all falls apart in the next few months.

  15. lololol says – reply to this


    Re: Ellie – Awkward moment when 1D doesn't really dance and put effort in shows like Bieber at all, have you seen what he does at his concerts ? He is way better performer, also 1D all got caught smoking pot but media IGNORED IT ,they all also drink and party as well nobody is calling them bad role models or their career's are going down,nobody is saying all those shitty stuff to them. I just don't understand this Bieber hate at all , so double standards all the time

  16. ivan says – reply to this


    Re: lololol – I agree with you, justin makes most pop performers today look like statues on stage including One Direction. I grew up watching M.J. and this kid is the only one since M.J. died that can compare in stage presence[with Usher and Chris Brown]. Simon Cal has praised Justin; he said quote: 'Do Not understimate him'. This was last year. He blew me away in a perfermance last year and I became a fan.

  17. Liz says – reply to this


    At least 1D smile in their meet and greets. Most of Justin's meet and greets he doesn't smile. He only smiles on a day where he has a good mood. 1D's meet and greets they don't just stand there they kiss the girls and do piggybacks. Their meet and greets are fun! Justin always had a clean cut image that's why it's a big deal if he partied or drinker. While 1D act like normal boys since Day 1. I bet Justin's management is scared if Justin takes a break 1D will be the most famous artists. Also 1D has their new movie coming out, an album to be released, and a 2014 studium tour!

  18. 18

    We all know he's being worked ragged and churning albums out fats coz he has limited shelf life and all the greedy adults round him are wanting to milk every penny before he becomes a sad has been of a joke. His 20s are gonna be rough for him coz all this is gonna slowly slip away and no longer will he be the pretty teen idol.

  19. louis says – reply to this


    Re: Lasqueesha – next joke, those like Bieber don‘t easily fade away at all, you said the same shit 3 years ago Biebers fame and success is only growing bigger. Get over yourself dear. Bieber is here sure longer than 1D, he is just better and can‘t be compared in anything with them.

  20. ivan says – reply to this


    Re: louis – The media is trying to destroy his reputation. For example The Examiner site had an article on King Kivi claiming he was Justin's close friend and that he was in charge of parties at his home where drugs were used. That was about 2 weeks ago. They still have not pointed out the guy lied. The Media still has not corrected the story that Scooter wanted him in rehab-another lie. They are biased and not honest. In spite of that nobody is replacing him, in fact this week at least 4 older teens did not like him became fans after watching him in his Believe concert

  21. daniel says – reply to this


    i bet you simmon wants bieber to take a break so he will see if one direction will beat him

  22. ivan says – reply to this


    [re=6456242]Re: daniel[/ Frankly, I don't know why they are compared. It's like comparing Elvis with the Beatles. None of the One Direction boys ,on their own ,would offer him competition. Perhaps only Harry.

  23. barb says – reply to this


    Simon's right. I think Justin has been on a continuous tour rotation since he started. He definitely needs a long break. I doubt those who are "living off him" will agree but I'm sure if someone doesn't give him a chance to relax and just be himself for a while, he is going to implode.

  24. Kelly says – reply to this


    Re: ivan
    Justin is far from a supreme performer or vocalist. I've found all his live vocals to be very weak although he does have a ton of charisma. He needs a lot more training. However, I have to disagree with you saying that Harry can give him a run for his money. Liam Payne does not garner as much press attention, but he can outsing all of the One Direction boys put together in addition to Justin Bieber. He's a very talented singer who must break from the boyband to show off his real vocals. He's got the potential, trust me. I've heard him sing.

  25. ivan says – reply to this


    Re: Kelly – His singing live acoustically is fine. Don't forget he has had to adapt to a rapid change in his voice which makes it hard for him to reach the top octave easily. He sings best in a small intimate setting without all that screaming and noise. He is a total package=a great performer in the style of an M.J. M.J. was not the greatest singer either. You may be right about Liam but a lot of fans want more excitement in the style of Madonna, Lady Gaga, Justin who sing and dance. I also like One Direction good talented kids.

  26. rb says – reply to this


    Take note: Justin is the BOSS!! Make no mistake Scooter Braun also works for the Bieb's. One Direction works for Simon Cowell!! Simon wants the Bieb's to take a year off so he can get One Direction a major award to help top out their sales. Simon needs to push his payday boy band to market that’s why they are called a boy band because of "TIME"! Can't be Boy band in their twenties, they will then be called a man band, and that would not be appealing to the teens that make up the bulk of venue sales.

  27. ivan says – reply to this


    Don't forget Justin learned much of what he does on his own without going to a school for dancing, singing, or playing instruments except for the trumpet. He has been in the business for only 5 about 6 years and still maturing in his performances and music.

  28. 28

    Re: Liz – Your comment is the Stupidest shit ever. Really a meet and greet. Talk about stage perfomance girly.

    So what If Justin doesn't want to smile, when he does smile you know it's real.

    Belive 3D is coming out this year (movie), it's his second movie. Justin can still top 1D without even releasing an album. Stadium Tour, and that's not over working right

  29. 29

    People need to stop comparing Justin Bieber and One Direction. Justin has obviously achieved more and is one another level wich is way above 1D.

  30. chris234 says – reply to this


    Bieber cannot be compared with 1D boys in anything, he has way more talent and vocally and specially as a performer, his shows are way better 1D's are boring sorry. Bieber is way more successful in everything, his bad image now won't change it he'll get back to his roots soon everybody has a bad time sometimes, the boyband also smokes pot and does shit like Bieber so they're only equal in that. End of story.

  31. ivan says – reply to this


    Re: chris234 – They do sexually sugestive things like touching each other's buns and frontal area, smoke, and go from girl to girl, get endless tattoos and it's ok. Bieber does half of this and gets trashed. Another boy band practically strips to underwear on stage, that's cute. Bieber takes of his shirt-horrors, he's a deutche!
    When will this double standard end?

  32. Sally says – reply to this


    Re: ivan – One Direction have always acted like teenagers. Justin has always had a clean cut image. So it's a big surprise if Justin does something bad, but it's no big deal for One Direction. And on average One Direction have older fans. They have more teens and young adult fans than Justin. Justin has more little kid fans.

  33. ok_then says – reply to this


    I think the problem here is that Justin Bieber is being overworked to the point of exhaustion by his management team and record label. His month off between tours last month was not even time for rest, but for recording his new album. A break is badly needed for his health and wellness, but his record label is pushing him to the breaking point and thus we see him lashing out in public bursts of anger. I'm a fan and wish he could take a break for just himself. His fans would stick by him knowing he is over working himself and support that decision.

  34. ok_then says – reply to this


    Re: Simon – Comeback efforts? WTF? Even if he took a year off, the demand for anything Justin Bieber would not subside, but escalate up to his return. You are talking about the biggest mega superstar in the world here in terms of social media coverage. His fan base is loyal and they would support him taking a break because they know he is long overdue for one.

  35. ok_then says – reply to this


    Re: victorious – He probably meant that they recorded enough songs for 3 albums, they will still have to settle them down to 12-16 tracks for his upcoming album. Maybe a double album? And a new Christmas album? Or a greatest hits live album? I guess we will have to wait and see what Justin & Scooter have planned for this year.

  36. ok_then says – reply to this


    Re: Liz – His fan base is the hugest out of all performers in music today. He could afford to take a break and just release a greatest hits album with a few new tracks and it would hit #1. Justin Bieber is on the top tier with One Direction looking up. It doesn't make sense to compare the two acts. Justin has also filled stadiums around the world with high ticket prices so that argument that he can't fill stadiums does not hold. As for his meet and greet, I have seen pictures of him smiling, but I also think exhaustion is setting in and he can't be "up" all the time even when with his fans. He is only human.

  37. Kelly says – reply to this


    One Direction's album Take Me Home has sold more copies than Justin's album Believe worldwide. That's a fact. Sales prove that One Direction are more popular. Also One Direction made more money last year. They made €50 million, while Justin only made $50 million.

  38. liam says – reply to this


    Re: Kelly – lmao this report is so stupid justin made 58 million dollars last year only if you claim they made more money why the fuck is he still worth more than them

  39. Kelly says – reply to this


    Re: liam – Justin's been around longer. And both amounts were reported by Forbes. Besides €50 million is $65 million which is still more than what Bieber makes