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Brad Pitt Doesn't Return Melissa Etheridge's Phone Calls! She Blames Angelina Jolie!

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melissa etheridge angelina jolie brad pitt estranged

She just won't let this go, will she??!

Melissa Etheridge once AGAIN pinky promises she never meant to light a fiery feud by calling Angelina Jolie's mastectomy "fearful" even if she and Brad Pitt aren't bestiez anymore!

The soon-to-be married country crooner explained:

"I in no way meant for that statement to reach [Brad Pitt] in that way. Everyone's personal health is their own personal choice. I haven't, um, spoken to him . . . since he 'married' Angelina, but we were very close before that. I don't know . . . I have reached out. I haven't heard from her either. We all kinda got our own families and went our own way. It's funny we all were together and then it all went POOF."

First of all, we should clarify that Angie and Brad still haven't walked down the aisle, but we'd also like to point out that friends DO drift apart — even famous ones!!!

Really was this very public subtle jab at Brangelina necessary??!

It's got to be hard to keep in touch with old pals when your balancing the fight to end rape in war-torn countries, an A-list career, and a troop of kiddies.

While we love an opinionated lady, Melissa should definitely think about what she says BEFORE she speaks.

Just sayin'!

[Image via WENN.]

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18 comments to “Brad Pitt Doesn't Return Melissa Etheridge's Phone Calls! She Blames Angelina Jolie!”

  1. Marla says – reply to this


    Melissa Etheridge is a stupid idiot I would not take her call either. Wonder did Melissa ever pay her spouse any money or just totally abandon them.

  2. 2

    I wouldn't either. Etheridge has serious repairing to do.

  3. flannelbutt says – reply to this


    Jolie made it sound as though her choice is the only choice for women with the same gene causing breast cancer. Her choice was hardly brave when she can afford the best in reconstruction and surgeons. For many that is financially beyond them. Christina Applegate had the same surgeries and handled it with far more class at the time and is still supporting cancer groups. Saint Jolie, the martyr, pushed her own personal beliefs.

  4. Bridget says – reply to this


    Re: flannelbutt – you can go F*CK yourself, my mother and two aunts had the same thing done. She did not make it seem like it was the only options but its a hell of a lot better than going through cancer especially when you cut your chance to almost 2-3%. Most insurance companies now cover it since it tends to be less expensive than chemo treatments. It is brave to be proactive when many people could ignore it pretend like it won't happen to them. Any person that put down a woman who chooses to do what is best for her health and family should be punched in the face for their smug attitudes

  5. 5

    Perez, Why the F— are you so FAR up Brangelina's ass???? Seriously, WHY?? Angie is a bitch….it's a fact- deal with it!

  6. Kate says – reply to this


    True that this new woman Melissa is planning to marry was a friend of Melissa/Tammy lynn. Melissa started cheating with this friend. Melissa tried to cheat her ex and the kids out of support. In my book Melissa is scum and should shut up. I can't stand people who try to cheat kids out of support.

  7. Gayle says – reply to this


    Why don't you take your own advice Hilton? STFU

  8. DumbingUsDown says – reply to this


    Perez, you should definitely think about what you say BEFORE you speak.

  9. SO what?! says – reply to this


    Re: flannelbutt

    I totally agree with what you said! Jolie made it seem like her decision to have her perfectly good breasts (NONE of the tissue removed had any signs of disease) hacked off and reconstructed based on (yes, I agree they are very accurate) predictions was the only way to go. Honestly, even given the family history, if I were in the same predicament as she was/is, I would have kept what nature gave me and had every possible test on a regular basis. She has the money to do so (and so would I in her situation scenario).
    Jolie is one of the most attention-hungry people in the entertainment business and that is saying something! Anyone can argue that she does so much good the world over and I won't disagree or argue with that; she does good things for people and will have an impact on this plant long after she is gone. That said, she still does it for publicity. If she didn't want all of he attention for being such a wonderful person, she would do it under the radar like many, many other celebrities do - no one can say this can't be done without the press finding out because Jolie did it herself with the boob work.

    I am by no means a fan of Melissa Etheridge, she is a deplorable excuse for a human being, but she does have a point in this case.

  10. mydoona says – reply to this


    isn't Brad Pitt the father of Melissa's children?

  11. 11

    I wouldn't take her calls either. Brad loves Angie. They have children. Worry about your skanky friend Anniston. Stop HATING!!!!

  12. heartclear says – reply to this


    SO what?! You are so biased and obviously is opinionated. You are putting your personal biased opinion and words on Angelina Jolie. She was talking about her personal decision and it's a choice that many woman would have made or not, she never claim anywhere that's is the only option. Apparently from your comments, you have something against that woman for long.

    You are not in her situation with a strong family history and 6 kids and you made a lot of assumptions, you will leave it hanging and not facing it wait for it to come,should kept what nature gave and had every possible test on a regular basis?? You claimed she has the money to do so?? Who are you to judge anyone away from reality and a personal decision of others? Money is the only concern for you?? You are not her, you don't juggle your life and time being a celebrity and humanitarian and don't know the big family life that she does, you don't have her responsibility and what she has on her plate.

    Most medical expert have supported and agree with her personal decision. There are many woman who undergone double mastectomy, AJ is not the one and only.

  13. 13

    SO what?! You claimed "do it under the radar like many, many other celebrities do - no one can say this can't be done without the press finding out because Jolie did it herself with the boob work??? " You or anyone can really claimed that it's not a matter of time that the press founds it out, assumed that they will never know?? lol She is someone whom the paparazzi tabloids the press targets endlessly and she is an actress, her body is a acting tool.

    You claimed Jolie is one of the most attention-hungry people in the entertainment business???? That's already said something about your opinions on this woman and you are not the only one who tries hard to paint this woman in a negative picture to bring her down. LOL

    Me too by no means is any fan of Ms Angelina Jolie or any celebrities. Your biased opinions tell a lot about you. You may carry on, I have a lot to deal with in my life , my time is precious and I shall ignore you completely not reading a word…BYE BYE

  14. val says – reply to this


    Re: cindycindylouwho
    YOU are a moron to mention Aniston when she is beautiful, nice and takes better care of her dogs than Angie takes care of her kids. Brad and Angie are both drugged out drunks and cheating on Brad is easy when Jolie loves 'em girls or guys. Remember one think since you are no brain surgeon, with all the kids they have no matter how long they've been together, BRAD MARRIED JENNIFER AND NEVER MARRIED ANGELINA .. g MEANS HE LOVED AND TRUSTED JENNIFER ANISTON MORE THAN HE EVER HAS JOLIE, EVEN THOUGH THEY HAVE TONS OF MONEY AND LOT OF KIDS .. SO ALL IS NOT WELL THERE AND ONLY NOW THEY WILL MARRY TO SOOTHE THOSE KIDS AND THEY'LL STILL CHEAT ON EACH OTHER, THE NANNIES WILL TAKE CARE OF THE KIDS, AND THEY'LL LIVE THEIR LIVES SEPERATELY AND TOGETHER .. BUT HE MARRIED ANISTON… NOT JOLIE

  15. 15

    What a tacky thing to say. Totally unnecessary. Also a bridge burner. Don't expect a call now toots!

  16. Micha says – reply to this


    No, she is not blaming Angie. No where does she mention that Angie is the reason she doesn't talk to Brad anymore. She said that she hasn't talked to Brad since he married Angelina yet she also said she hadn't talked to Jen either. She was a good friend of Brad's they just drifted apart, each has their own lives. She also clarified her statement and said she meant her previous statement as no disrespect to Brad or Angie and has attempted to contact them.

  17. flannelbutt says – reply to this


    Re: Bridget – You should do a google search on the BRCA Patent lawsuit. Perhaps you would then see why I have little respect for how Angelina Jolie dealt with her choice.
    BTW, foully worded and violent comments hardly make a good rebuttal.

  18. 18

    * you're