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Lindsay Lohan's Required Rehab Forcing Ali To Spend More Time With Dina?! See The Pic HERE!

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We guess it really isn't a party until LiLo shows up!

Cameras caught Dina Lohan and her lovely daughter Ali braving the mean streets of New York yesterday, but something was amiss!!!

Ali Lohan is apparently looking for a new place to hang her hat, so she and mommy dearest spent the entire afternoon apartment hunting in SoHo.

While Dina looked cuter than a bag of carrots in her lovely orange pants and flower power top, Ali didn't seem comfortable at all!

Maybe she's at that age where hanging out with her parents in public is a double-drag!!

Or maybe she just misses her big sister, Lindsay!!!

We know we certainly do! Hopefully rehab is treating her well!!

[Image via Splash News.]

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16 comments to “Lindsay Lohan's Required Rehab Forcing Ali To Spend More Time With Dina?! See The Pic HERE!”

  1. Nate says – reply to this


    Ally looking good. Dina looks like she's finally off the coke.

  2. 2

    Perez, this story is stupid. Ali spent time with her mother Dina because she enjoys her company. Anyone familiar with Ali's social networking knows she loves the beach and Dina's house where she lives is a close drive to the beach. Where do you get from this picture Ali is looking for an apartment in Manhattan? She's just walking on a street with her mother, that's it.

  3. 3

    Without Lindsey, would Ali have really landed her modeling gig? Really???

  4. Arrora says – reply to this


    Ugghh Alli looks horrible and so old. This guant look and haircut is just not working, not a good look at all. She is NOT a model

  5. 5

    OMG Ally looks TERRIBLE. What happened to her??

  6. Dear Ali, says – reply to this


    It is possible to do some modeling AND go to school too. Suggest you start with 9 units at a community college. English, Psychology & Intro To Business. If you want to be a model, you have to learn how to MANAGE your CAREER. Not just show up for pictures and then turn your paychecks and your tax issues over to a manager, or God Forbid, let your mother be your manager. Ali, if you want to be a successful in selling your PHOTOGRAPHIC IMAGE AS BEAUTY IN MEDIA …in our culture, trashy lives, trashy reputations are VERY HARMFUL to FASHION MODELS. The Big SuperModels, could NOT have been Uber Assholes in the beginning of their careers, or they would not have made it. Your mother ripped of a CHILDRENS CHARITY. People don't expect you to HATE HER, but for YOUR OWN PUBLIC REPUATION AND TO NOT TAINT YOUR IMAGE AS BEAUTY GIRL. DO NOT BE PHOTOGRAPHED WITH YOUR MOTHER! If you want to be a MODEL, don't MODEL SMUT in your free time. IT MATTERS TO YOUR PROFESSIONAL IMAGE! Get some schooling so you know how to MANAGE your OWN MONEY. You have to LEARN.

  7. Consider Ur CHOICES... says – reply to this


    Re: Bobodo – Ali lives with her mom? Ali, about that community college plan: Include cutting the cord w/residential living w/your mom. This is ESSENTIAL If you are going to be capable of having long-term success in commercial products. Your mother is really ….ICKY. A lot of doors were slammed in Ls face in Hollywood because Dina sent L to places that had made it clear to Ls Manager that LL was NOT welcome there. But L showed up anyway. Your mother's MISmanagment of LL, both as a mother & as L's manager/PR person. . . Well, she fucked a lot of things up. CAN NOT HELP YOU. Your mom earns money in unethical ways that make the pubic want to puke when they see her. You HAVE TO GET AWAY from her MIND if you have any chance of saving your own. You, Lindsay and Dina –ALL have to learn how to FIND A WAY to manage YOUR OWN ADULT LIVES. Time for YOU to MOVE INTO YOUR ADULT LIFE STAGE. If you stick around & listen to your mother …in an industry where YOUR PERSONAL BEAUTY APPEAL is what you are selling… If you want to sell BEAUTY, you have to BE BEAUTY, or at least be able to FAKE it. Dragging your mom along as part of your package WILL END WITH SAME RESULTS AS HER "WORK" FOR LINDSAY. And you'll end up in a mess, like Lindsay is now.

  8. 8

    Re: Dear Ali, – Ali is being managed by Wilhelmina and NEXT, 2 top agencies. They book all of her work. She's not an independent model and not managed by her mother. She said in an interview she may take college courses online, I think something about oceanography.

  9. NEEDS VS WANTS says – reply to this


    Ali, Please DO NOT go & get yourself into some lease that is $8000 a month when you are just starting out in modeling & no one gives a damn where you live. For a 19yr to move away from home & move to the big city & get into the HIGH END lifestyle when one hasn't EARNED the money TO MAINTAIN a high-end life style is FOOLISHNESS. You only look STUPID when you spend money you don't really have, in order to LOOK LIKE you really have money. Moving into a shared apartment w/a bunch of other models will drive you insane & will not allow you the privacy you need to get to DISCOVER who you really are & what you REALLY LIKE. My 1st apart. in college was a studio apart. near the U. I LOVED IT! It might be a more stable & peaceful environment for your schooling/privacy for your 1st apartment to be in a more rural area; prices are lower, drugs aren't as prevalent & you can have both your "me time" in your life & still have access to the big city to work or play on wkends. Sweetie, if you go down THE SAME ROAD L did, how could you EXPECT to end up anywhere DIFFERENT than where she ENDED UP? She is locked-up. And, it IS the choices she made YRS AGO that are the reason she has SO FEW pleasant choices to choose from today. When you make choices TODAY –keep your FUTURE PREFERENCES in MIND. Long-Term Glory is only ever EARNED …and PLANNED FOR!

  10. What U Serve Matters says – reply to this


    Re: Bobodo – That's nice to hear. But heres the thing, if Ali's image becomes really proliferated in media w/DUIna standing next to her, people are going to associate Ali w/Dina and that will NOT help Alis image. Nice Ali is working w/a reputable modeling agency but the agency BOOKS her work; it is not largely responsible for FINDING HER WORK. Modeling agencies make models AVAILABLE TO clients, mags, ad campaigns. The models at Wilheminas, they don't take turns. They have photos that get put out & clients PICK the model they want. In modeling the client seeks to find a "face", a "look" they feel represents their product or their company in ways that are PLEASANT for their desired market to be INTRIQUED BY. The "length" of Alis modeling career will be dependent on her PUBLIC APPEAL. Fat Jack at The Agency might PICK her for his 1st campaign, but if the PUBLIC doesn't like her, HE WILL NOT USE HER AGAIN. This was a MAJOR MISTAKE LINDSAY MADE. She thought the "little people" didn't matter, because the DIRECTORS were the ones that made the decisions. But she failed to take into consideration that what the DIRECTOR decides …IS BASED ON WHAT THE PUBLIC WANTS …and what the PUBLIC is willing to SPEND THEIR $$ ON. Personal IMAGE MATTERS when you are selling your product to the general public. Dina is the dead mouse on the cheesecake in the Lohan sisters bakery.

  11. Start with BASICS, says – reply to this


    If Ali is planning on being a model in Ny, studying oceanography on the INTERNET might be something she gives more thought to. At this point, it is very clear that Lindsays home schooling resulted in Lindsay having the formal education of an 8th grader. I don't know Ali's academic background, but it clear from seeing Dad & Mom Lohan that Mom & Dad did not VALUE a formal education. This world will not tolerate ignorant, dumb & uneducated/ naïve people in competitive work fields. Too much completion & too much on the line to hire a dummy just cause she's pretty. Ali needs to go to school for the SOCIAL aspect also. On line classes will NOT give her the INTERACTION that she needs, and will not TEACH HER HOW TO LEARN EFFICENTLY. Part of college is teaching you HOW to think for yourself, and how to think LOGICALLY. Ali, was NOT educated properly —and the PUBLIC HATES MORONS.

  12. 12

    Re: What U Serve Matters – The agency finds her work too. They match clients to each model and if they think Ali is possible for a client, she gets sent to their casting.

  13. Clarification: says – reply to this


    I think I have misled. Encouraging Ali to study oceanography on the internet was NOT my intention. My intention was to suggest that Ali give "MORE THOUGHT TO THE IDEA!" This is a lofty & pretty flippant goal for her future. Being an oceanographer starts with a Ph.D. A "model" who says she is going to 'study oceanography on the internet', when she has never even taken basic college classes is FOOLISH & comes across as a PR Fluffy that just shows Ali be ignert. If you are serious about a career in oceanography, you wouldn't live in NYC, have your GOALS be to WORK IN MANHATTAN. If you want to be "An Oceanographer', you have to get wet, read lots & lots of books, write tons of papers & blow peoples minds by discovering something new. Ali saying she is going to study oceanography on the internet, isn't much different than her saying she is going to study oral surgery on the internet. The Lohan Way: Dream Big, Flashy & Totally IMPRACTICAL. All college students start w/GENERAL EDUCATION CLASSES. NO 'OCEANOGRAPHY STUDENTS' are FRESHMAN. ..Study oceanography on the internet. what the hell is she PLANNING TO DO with her Internet Oceanography Knowledge in life? Going to college is meant to be AN INVESTMENT FOR YOUR FUTURE. Not a PR stunt for the now.

  14. More Than LOOKS says – reply to this


    Re: Bobodo – I actually do know how it works. The bottom line is if the public does not find her appealing, she will not be successful in COMMERICAL work. There are kinds of different things models can do that are NOT dependent on the PUBLICS approval. I am NOT suggesting - IN ANY WAY - that she can't get WORK. If she wants the career of being a Cover Girl, all over BIG FASHION/BEAUTY magazines, or TV work, or inside editorial work, she has to appeal to the EDITOR who will make their decision based on editors judgment that using Ali will be a popular decision …WITH THE PUBLIC. Editors LISTEN to the feedback of their audience. So do companies that sell products; those are called consumer focus groups. Lots of $ is spent finding out what the public wants & is willing to spend their money on. Lindz commercial career has been ruined by her reputation, work ethic & criminology. These things matter w/the public. And these things ARE SCRUTINIZED when A CEO is looking to hire someone to be a SPOKEPERSON - AN IMAGE - for his company or product. What do you think sell your soul means?

  15. Independance IS $$$$$$ says – reply to this


    Re: Bobodo – You wrote that she is not being managed by her mother. That is certainly good to hear. However, my point has been that whatever Ali wants to do in life, it is in her best interest, and abilities, to learn how to be HER OWN MANAGER of many important aspects of her life -that Lindsay refused to be responsible for in her own way. It is not wise to earn lots of money, but be dumb about it all and hand your checks over to people who are only interested in you because they CAN make money OFF of you. Lindsays most frightening problems have yet to come to a head. She is in really deep shit with the IRS. You can't get out of your IRS bill by filing for bankruptcy. The fact that she failed to pay taxes many years in a row is a real PROBLEM. Can't get away with trying to pass that off as an ERROR with the IRS. That's failure to pay taxes, repeated transgressions on this issue show the IRS one is contemptuous of the IRS. They don't like that. It is my hope that Ali learns how to manage her own life & finances, so that she won't turn out like Lindsay. It is only a fool who believes other people are going to manage his money with reservation & honor.

  16. Ali (avoid) Ooops! says – reply to this


    Dear Ali, Please go to a bookstore. Step away from the internet and put your cellphone in your purse and go to a real bookstore and get a book from SUZE ORMAN. I don't know all her work, but this chick is slick, & she EARNED & MANGES HER OWN BIG MONEY. Learn from reading about people who have achieved what you want to do, but MORE IMPORTANTLY PAY ATTENTION to what successful people have to say, ABOUT THINGS YOU HAVE TO DO IN LIFE — because they wouldn't be successful, AND STAY SUCESSFUL, if they didn't have their shit together. Modeling money will not last forever and you sure as shit don't have ANY REASON to be giving your mother a cent out of your earnings. Get out of that house and start an adult life. Pick up an etiquette book also. LEARN SOME SKILLS. Lindsay flopped because she never grew up. Learn to take care of yourself. It's a project, and it is the ULTIMATE INVESTMENT. Go, and ask the bookstore guys some questions. Get curious about all of life, not just the FAME GAME.