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Johnny Depp Joined By Amber Heard During Moscow's Lone Ranger Promotion!

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johnny depp amber heard lone ranger premiere russia

And to think, a year ago the skeptics said this was never gonna happen!

We knew as soon as we saw Amber Heard board Johnny Depp's private jet that we'd see 'em holding hands eventually.

And sure enough, we did!

Finally settling into the idea of letting their romance go public, they waltzed through the crowd of a Rolling Stones concert hand-in-hand while onlookers dropped their jaws in intrigue!

Soon after, they decided to invite Rolling Stone member Keith Richards along for a three-way date! Kinky!

Now that their relationship has been confirmed by Rolling Stone magazine (he surrounds himself with a lot of those rocks, huh?), Amber flew to Russia to stand by her man at the Moscow premiere of The Lone Ranger.

After Johnny took care of all that autograph-signing business (see above), he and Amber went to dinner where photogs saw them holding hands and gazing deeply into the eyes of luuurrrrve, LOLz!!

Sexiest couple ever? Definitely one of 'em!!

[Image via AP Images & Lia Toby/WENN.]

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287 comments to “Johnny Depp Joined By Amber Heard During Moscow's Lone Ranger Promotion!”

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  1. Nice says – reply to this


    OOOOH I saw the picture with Amber and Johnny looking into their eyes and I melted
    But I think is Johnny looking to his eyes but Amber's eyes are directed to Johnny's mouth.
    And OOH Depp with his hand on her hip and Amber with her arm around his neck. They look gorgeous, happy and in love.
    The picture would be very HOT if it didn't were by the women by their sides preventing them to fly to their room ;)

  2. Lisa says – reply to this


    Sorry ,this couple dont like me but i do not insult to them never again BYE

  3. Elena says – reply to this


    Here are the pictures of them in Moscow

  4. tega says – reply to this


    Re: AmberWHO? – Oh, please. Johnny is an actor, not a politician. He has the right to be with whoever he wants to be with. Whatever he says or does and whoever he is with isn't going to affect people's decision to see the movie.

  5. linnie says – reply to this


    Re: Paty – I just have seen photos of Johnny extremely uncomfortable with Amber, so could you tell where you saw this picture, please?

  6. marc says – reply to this


    Re: AmberWHO? – I totally agree

  7. bob says – reply to this


    Re: Patsy – Currently Amber can be popular, but although she is beautiful indeed she doesn't have a different physical type that catches people's attention, she is a common type. Including in many countries, nobody knows her

  8. Paty says – reply to this


    j o h n n y s a l l y . j u g e m . j p .I hope you find it.

  9. bob says – reply to this


    Re: Nice – Johnny looks directly into the everyone's eyes, including into the fans' eyes. Then it doesn't mean much

  10. bob says – reply to this


    Re: tega – But Amber never could say that she is obsessive by Ayn Rand, knowing the respect that Johnny has for the Native Americans

  11. bob says – reply to this


    When I saw the first pics of Johnny in Moscow, with the press, I knew that Amber was also there because his smile was not quiet, it was like if he had a cloud over his face. So sad :(

  12. nicole says – reply to this


    I also saw the pictures of Amber and Johnny together at the party in Moscow, oh, Jesus, how Amber is so classless. Winona, Kate, Vanessa had so much class and Amber is so vulgaris

  13. Nicole says – reply to this


    This news about Amber and Tasya can not be true, but Tasya has posted several things that seem to have subliminal information saying that she and Amber are still together and they are more than friends

  14. Anne says – reply to this


    I don't trust in Amber, not because she is bisexual. I'm very sensitive and I know what I'm saying

  15. linnie says – reply to this


    Re: Paty – Thank you. The pic is the one where Johnny is looking to Amber and they are together with 2 Amber's friends? Because if it is, Johnny is with his eyes closed!!!! So??????? Sorry, but where is the love?

  16. Nicole says – reply to this


    I care too much about Johnny and unfortunately I have not seen until now no photo or video that shows that he really loves Amber.

  17. Patsy says – reply to this


    Re: Nicole – What subliminal messages are you talking about? Be specific, because I don't see any subliminal message on her profile that indicates they're still together or that they are more than friends.

  18. cinthia says – reply to this


    The best thing that Amber could do to Johnny is don't go with him to the next TLR's promotions. Leave all this history come down and then, in September, maybe she could give a declaration explaining about Ayn Rand

  19. cinthia says – reply to this


    for me, Johnny should be deeply upset by these photos have gone public. He doesn't like that his personal pics become public and there was a party among friends, Amber had to asked her friends to don't publish them

  20. cinthia says – reply to this


    For me, Conan has reason, Johnny likes Amber, but he doesn't love her

  21. CHRIS says – reply to this


    i think no one knows if they are in love but should be accept the fact that they will be together for a long time or perhaps for ever.

  22. Oliver says – reply to this


    Maybe Chris is right, maybe we'll see Amber and Johnny together for long time and maybe even forever, but to be honest I think that they could get on well together and they can be Soulmates not because they are in love but because they are similar since they wanna be free. Nor her not him are monogamous people, so I bet they have an open relationship. They fuck around, they're not faithful to each others like the Brangelina, they surely have a personal agreement of fucking around when they need it and yesterday Amber spent the whole day with her ex girlfriend Tasya Van Ree. They're only friends? Don't buy it. Amber likes women, so it's clear that she will always need to bed them. For me Amber and Johnny are not a serious couple and it's quite evident since he's a philanderer and she's still seeing her ex girlfriend who is still involved in her life even after they split in 2011….

  23. cinthia says – reply to this


    Unfortunately, I'm one of the people who think this relationship between Johnny and Amber will not last long

  24. sol says – reply to this


    its true there are pics of Amber and Tasya in Melrose yesterday.¿how can they still be friends? is strange.

  25. claudita says – reply to this


    Re: sol – I think if you do not have a good relationship with your ex, problem is seu.Amber shows that it has, I do not see evil in leaving one time or another with an ex became friends do not see more love. She is in depp is already pretty obvious

  26. AmberWHO? says – reply to this


    Re: tega – The problem is he HAS been making political statements in support of the Native Americans and now we see it is just another role he is playing. He appears to care, but he needs to be called to question and cornered to explain the duplicity.

  27. AmberWHO? says – reply to this


    Politics aside, Amber is making a fool of Johnny!!! From just the Moscow pics alone with her openly flirting with the dark haired woman and now she's off to visit with Tasya. I get that they are still friends but she seems to go to Tasya every time she and Johnny are spotted together. I'm still trying to figure that out. The pictures that we have of their meeting give the impression to me, of a secret rendezvous. As do all of the pictures I have seen since their split. If Tasya is still her confidant, the one person she can open up to and be herself with, then where does that leave Johnny? Evidently, she can't be this way with him.

  28. claludita says – reply to this


    Re: AmberWHO? – secret meeting only in your head, the place they were a fair and famous in LA, where thousands of people, it was a walk of two people who have now become friends. And you think johnny did not know this before you even walk in? Of course she gave details of where and with whom they would be … stop dreaming that amber and a traitor.

  29. tega says – reply to this


    You and others here need to get over this. You are all just trying to create another reason for people to hate Amber b/c you are jealous of her. To someone else who commented here. He WAS looking directly at her,had his arm around her waist and he DID have a very nice smile on his face. Love? I don't know but definately infactuaton and happiness. If reports are correct then they have been together two years now, maybe more. Just accept the fact they are a couple and get on with your life.

  30. tega says – reply to this


    Who cares if Amber was put with Taysna????? She is allowed to have friends, including her ex partner, who is probably just using Amber for publicity. I mean, nobody even know who she was either before Amber started dating Johnny.

  31. SilentNight700 says – reply to this


    First it's amber was using Johnny for publicity and now it's since amber is well connected now, tasya using amber for publicity? That doesn't make any sense. This is either one of these two things. Either everyone is all good friends or something shady is going on. When amber and Johnny were said to be going together last year, amber and tasya were spotted out holding hands together, so I'm going to take a wild guess and say that this has never stopped. I don't know if they're up to something, like amber is with Johnny for her career; whilst Johnny is happy having her for his stability, and tasya is like her director on how to go about it. It's like she goes with Johnny, but at the end of the day, tasya is where she's home. Then there are people talking about some "step one" octopus painting tasya posted on the day amber and Johnny were first seen out together, talking about a phone call that tasya and amber had and now someone mentioned a subliminal message that tasya posted about her and amber still being together.-

  32. SilentNight700 says – reply to this


    -The thing about girls that have girlfriends, they have a deeper connection than they would have with a man; they have no desire for men unless it's to get something done. A man is not a threat to someone with a girlfriend because they know no matter what they have to do with a man(such as play in movie scenes with them or getting pregnant) their heart lies with their girlfriend. The man was just a task to get done for whatever reason. That's how the lesbian mind frame goes. Tasya's the lesbian, that wouldn't touch a man, and amber is bi or "breadwinner" basically, for their status is Hollywood. So it would not surprise me that all this time tasya and amber are still together and amber is milking Johnny's need of companionship. And what really confirms that is how Johnny had to buy her back, whether the extremity of how he did were embellished or not. That to me sounds like amber wasn't interested in him romantically, but when she(tasya) saw how desperate he was, tasya told her to go ahead with him and that it would be good for her career and for them. I know that sounds terrible but sadly I know how the mind of a lesbian works. I'm sure Johnny knows this, he had to. Anyone knows that a relationship built on buying-over someone is faulty from the beginning. But Johnny doesn't care. he just wanted his balance in life. Amber doesn't care. She's getting what she wants and sees how Johnny doesn't care, so it's a guilt free task.-

  33. SilentNight700 says – reply to this


    -In other words, all what is coming from this relationship is personal gain, for both sides, but it is Johnny that is getting played which makes it a loss for him. The fact that he doesn't care does not take away the fact that is dignity is gone. The public sees the mimic of an actual relationship, but below the surface this is what lurks.

    Now that I see this clearly, I hope with all my heart that he really finds his true love. He's such a unique person, she has to be out there somewhere. He really deserves someone that truly loves him. He needs to stop this awful lifestyle of not caring about the extremes he goes to and the degradation he takes just to have companionship. He's dead to himself and it makes me sad. Until someone gives him a reason to care, which would be true love, this is how he will live his life up until his last day. ¦'(

  34. SilentNight700 says – reply to this


    Interesting site I found on the subject of Johnny and amber.

  35. tega says – reply to this


    Re: SilentNight700 – Ok, but you seem to ignore the fact that Amber is a BISEXUAL. She has been in relationships with men before. All I is know is that they filmed 4 years ago and he met her even before that in auditions and they have been together long enough to consider this a relationship. If you look at interviews with her you would see she was ecstatic to film with Johnny. The pictures from Moscow show she is proud of their relationship. The pictures with the other one show they are friends. Period.

  36. bolerorock says – reply to this


    Re: SilentNight700 – what is the site??

  37. SilentNight700 says – reply to this


    Re: bolerorock

    I did not ignore that she is bi. I mentioned that pacifically.
    And you can't go by interviews. I'm sure she was excited to work with Johnny, as anyone else has said when they are about to work with him. Not saying that was fake, but it is common courtesy to speak nicely during interviews about someone.
    You can't just stop at what a picture shows, that's being very naïve. You have to look at the whole picture as in real life/behind closed doors. All we're getting is specks and particles and that is enough to say something is going on. Those events I said is not something to turn away from just for the fact of what the public or pr say "they're going together" and us seeing them out together. There's life beyond pictures. And what is silent and is speaking loud enough for any of us to question is these tasya encounters and connections. For us to say they're just friends, after being in a relationship, is inane. Yes Amber had relationships with men, pre tasya. But don't forget, tasya was the one amber came out with; the one that turn her out to be bi. She must have had a pretty big impression on her for her to do that; that's a big deal. And you see she was her last relationship before Johnny. And you see that chick has not gone away. Commonsense? Something's not right here.

  38. SilentNight700 says – reply to this


    Re: bolerorock

    It's not letting me post the site. Just go to a search engine and type "Jamber news" and "amber and Johnny" and it should take you there.

  39. SilentNight700 says – reply to this


    Re: tega

    Whoops, that reply to Bolerorack was supposed to be you.

  40. SilentNight700 says – reply to this


    In fact on jambernews' homepage they're talking about them.

  41. SilentNight700 says – reply to this


    "Pacifically" is the new "Specifically". XT

  42. claludita says – reply to this


    Re: SilentNight700 – Jamber site, and a plaque lesbian Obsessed, I bet you are owner of it. Voces not accept that she is dating depp, she is with him and see a lot of them together, because they are in love, you want to or not. Amber made ​​a friendly ride with tasya because yes are friends now and nothing, accept the fact.

  43. SilentNight700 says – reply to this


    Re: claludita

    I just found the site when I looked up this tasya and amber sighting on google. And I do not cuss for your information.
    And every time someone points out something that's negative, they're labeled with being "a lesbian obsessed fan". Why isn't it just seem as a reasonable observance? This keeps being said by different people and they're not all "lesbian obsessed fans". And for an unbiased opinion, a person that doesn't know either of them could point out this stuff. The vibe is there and cannot be ignored.
    I didn't even know chick until she started going with Johnny. I am a Johnny fan however. And I know what kind of person he is because we're a lot alike. You and others that call people out as "obsessed" need to take of the "perfect relationship" shades and seriously take a look what has been pointed out. If you rather not and just stick with "they're together and that's it"? Then you're entitled to do that, but not everyone is stopping at the surface. They're looking past that, what's emitting from below the surface.
    I could just accept the picture-perfect picture. It's not that I want this relationship to be bad, it's just there are the signs in our faces that tell us something is the matter. That's not obsession. It's just there to point out. The sky is blue. The grass is green. There's something not right about this situation.-

  44. SilentNight700 says – reply to this


    -Yes they're in some kind of relationship, that cannot be denied, therefore it has already been accepted. Pointing out the obvious is not saying I haven't accepted it. That was irrelevant to say. It's called using commonsense. A lot of fans of Johnny do not like this relationship because something just seems off about it. We want more than anything for him to be happy in this relationship. We're not sensing it in this because of these strange things happening. Why else would we care so much? Johnny is well connected with his fans, so anything he does effects those that feel close to him. Why does Johnny have that effect on his fans? I don't know. That's why I say he's very special and deserves someone special in return.

  45. tega says – reply to this


    Re: SilentNight700 – You say that you are a lot like Johnny yet you don't even know him. Most of us here love Johnny and just want what is best for him. Yesterday is gone, tomorrow is uncertain, that's why we call it "the present" and at the "present" time Johnny looks happy (except for when the paparazzi are in his face). That smile he gives to Amber when his arm is around his waist I haven't seen in years so let's just wish him the best no matter who he is with.

  46. SilentNight700 says – reply to this


    Re: tega

    I don't have to know him personally to know that we're alike. I never connected with anyone in my life except for Johnny. I'm a very solitary person, I don't have any friends and I don't like being around people. I don't even like Hollywood people. I used think "Johnny Depp" was just like the rest of the dwellers until one day I paid him attention 5 years ago. I connected with him instantly. That has never happened to me before. Something is indeed special about this man.
    I guess there are two types of Johnny fans. The ones that are happy with whatever he does, going by what is presented as happy, the regular fans. And then there are the ones that are, I call them heart fans, very connected with him on a deeper level to a point when they can tell when something seems off. That's where I'm at.
    I'm glad you're happy for Johnny. But I'm looking at this in a whole other way. I can't help it. That's how I am.

  47. SilentNight700 says – reply to this


    How about this, Tega. You be the fan that stays happy for Johnny no matter what, because he does deserve that, and I'll be the fan that pays attention to the "what could be below", caring about his welfare. It both works. :)

  48. Veritas says – reply to this


    Tasya and Amber are seeing each other, occasionally. Tasya is Amber's confidant, friend, and occasionally more than friend. Tasya went to fetch Amber before the LA premiere. Amber wanted to go that premiere.

  49. Veritas says – reply to this


    It seems that Amber has made the wrong bet, she thinks that the fact she is sexy would be enough to keep Johnny with her, but it seems that Johnny doesn't seek only this in a woman

  50. tega says – reply to this


    Re: SilentNight700 – Sounds good to me. P.S. I've been on a few websites and the pictures from Moscow seem to have disappeared….. On a side note, I would not be surprised if The Thin Man ever gets around to filming that Amber will be the leading lady. She has the eyes and beauty of Myrna Loy who plays Nora Charles and I think Johnny might have noticed that. But that's a whole other debate I guess. I know Rob Marshall had other projects and Johnny had a lot going on also but I also have to think maybe he is waiting for the right time to this. Just my opinion.

  51. Eliza says – reply to this


    Re: tega – But she can't act!!! That's an iconic role, that a lot of people don't even want Depp to touch. He more than likely wont get around to it anyway. He only does huge payday movies now, by time they get around to it he'll be too old (if he isn't already). His recent stretch of bombs is taking away his ability to make too many demands, and TLR is about to add to that, because of its ridiculous budget. He only has so many strings left to pull. And if he won't even walk a red carpet with the girl, why would he make a movie with her, where he'll have to stand next to her in public and open up that discussion in the public forum?

  52. tega says – reply to this


    Re: Eliza – Johnny can help her in her acting. Anyway, it was just a thought and probably a long way off of ever happening.

  53. Puk says – reply to this


    So Amber is still dating Tasya? Interesting! She went with her at the gay pride, wow. I don't think that Amber is only friend with Tasya also because they shared a deep relationship and I don't think that when they are together Amber doesn't feel anymore the desire of being with her. It's easy to have sex when there's sexual attraction and I bet that Amber still feels attracted by women, no matter what. Amber is a lesbian and of course she can't stay away for long from a woman. You can't be only friends with someone who attract you sexually come on. I don't really buy that Amber is only Tasya friends. They're fucking, they're still into each other's life and now after some rumours we have evidence that Amber is still with Tasya. I bet they're still having a relationship and that they never broke up for real. I also bet that Amber's relationship with Depp is all a sham. They don't look like a couple and it's evident that Amber is still into women, we have proof now that we saw her still hanging out with Tasya. Amber is dating Depp for his money and power but she keeps dating also Tasya, nobody can't deny this now that we have pictures as proof. Tasya posted lots of subliminal messages on her profiles to make people understand that she was still much into Amber's life. Amber is a fake person and also Depp is fake because he's just pretending of dating a woman who is lesbian and that's it.

  54. Mermaid says – reply to this


    Amber is bi for pay. She's lesbian but she fucks men when it's convenient to her. She is just looking out for herself, a lot of people do that in show business. Most actresses has to suck someone’s dick to get fame, money and success and after all Depp is better than some fat and ugly executive producers. So it's all a sham yeah. Amber is not into Depp, she's still into Tasya and yes, it's true we have proof now that Amber is still having a relationship with Tasya. Amber is still much into Tasya's life, we're not stupid and we can see it by the fact that they have been often seen and photographed together in these latest 2 years. Amber needs Depp for the career and that's it, but she's still lesbian. You'll see that after she got what she needs for improve her career, she will come back with Tasya or with another woman. Amber "straight" phase is already doomed. It's all a sham, she only likes women and her thing with Depp won't last also because they aren't even good to pretend they're dating since they can't even pretend to be happy together. They got photographed just once in a month (coincidence? I don't think so) and the rest of the time Amber is seen alone by herself in LA or somewhere else hanging out with her gay friends… come on, it's an evident sham. She doesn't live with Depp, they don't share almost anything and we have evidence of this.

  55. Mermaid says – reply to this


    Why instead Depp has interest in pretending of having a serious and monogamous relationship with her? Because he's a free spirit too. Come on the guy kissed three time on the mouth and passionately Jimmy Kimmel at his show last night. I bet that Depp is bisexual and that's why he's fine with Amber because he knows she lets him be what he wants to be. Don't think Depp was joking with Kimmel. Nobody would kiss a man like he did unless he's gay or bi. Moreover Depp jokes about being gay since long and I see that this way he's just trying to come out and let people understand he likes men too and not only women. So that's why he and Amber are involved into this fake relationship, get a reason and open your eyes: gay and bi people always have fake relationship with other gay or bi people. The Brangelina are rumoured since long of doing the same thing because they're both bi. That's how Hollywood works. Fake relationship to make public happy and that's it.

  56. claludita says – reply to this


    Re: Mermaid – amber and puppy johnny depp, new amber tasya used as decoys, the application of PR johnny. Do not fool yourselves, not going back to amber tasya, amber this four by johnny

  57. Finish girl says – reply to this


    My head all messed up about this stuff. If Amber lesbian, bisexual, that's ok! If Johnny gay, bisexual, that's ok! I look Stil johnny movies. Not these bi gay stories of interest to read. I wonder what's next?

  58. tega says – reply to this


    Re: Mermaid – Don't be ridiiculous. Johnny was just goofing around. There is a joke on the Jimmy Kimmel show about kissing. It was either that, or he is making light of all the bi-sexual Amber bashing.

  59. Kiwi says – reply to this


    Re: tega – Really tega? And what is this joke on the Jimmy Kimmel show about kissing? Can you explain it to me better? Please? It's just because I'm not american, so I don't know and watch american tv shows…. so can you explain me what is that joke about? Thank you!

  60. Finish girl says – reply to this


    If it is true that Amber and Tasya on good terms divorced. So I do not see anything wrong with it if they ever hang out together. Tasyalla's been probably a big place Amber's life. He will fight tooth and nail to keep up, their friendship. Why should not? True friends are never too many.

  61. tega says – reply to this


    Re: Kiwi – It is an ongoing joke on the show being kissed by guests. After J ohnny left the stage the next guest kissed him. Charlie Sheen did it once on the sho and Marlon Brando also kissed a talk show host (I thiink it was Larry King) . They were al l just kidding around.

  62. Meg says – reply to this


    Yesterday, I watched the JKL and I'm worried and sad. Johnny is no longer the sweetheart guy he was before. He didn't talk to his fans who were waiting for him on the outside. Johnny is always kind and talks to everyone. What's going on? :(
    Is Johnny using drugs with Amber???????

  63. Sunny says – reply to this


    his PR had the power to remove the pics from Moscow. They don't want it interfering with TLR.
    It was also said on one of the Russian sites ambers father and her are friends with people from dailymail and that is why you see it stating positives things on her. Hints to why they would not post her and tasya yesterday and refere it to her and depp when they could of just addressed as just her on the site.

  64. Kiwi says – reply to this


    Re: tega – Okay, now I got it, thanks very much for the info Tega!

  65. Sunny says – reply to this


    And honestly I could care less at this point if she is bi, he's bi, pistol's bi, or if they swing from a tree. They are curbing the appetite in different ways until reality sets in and they want to move out of Hollywood without the PR's and go their separate ways.

  66. Gina says – reply to this


    Johnny is not gay but it seems he is enjoying the issue..jaja ,that kisses looks very naturals for him.

  67. Meg says – reply to this


    I didn't like the JKL interview. Not because of the kiss, but for the way Johnny answered the questions. I don't recognize Johnny. It is like if that special man had gone or never existed. I'm deeply saddened

  68. Annette says – reply to this


    Re: Sunny – Sorry, I'm French and I didn't understand what you said. Do you think Johnny is tired of Amber?

  69. Sunny says – reply to this


    Re: Annette – sorry I should of said it differently. I had previously went to a site one of the people stated on here called jambernews one of the post title is Amber, Interview and DRUGS there is an interview she did couple years back that points a lot out. She previously new him, so I basically think this whole thing is in act with both of them. He may like her, but I highly doubt he is in love with her. She quotes herself being obsessed with older men. Everything she quotes herself as is a female version of depp. Pathetic.

  70. Annette says – reply to this


    Re: Sunny – oh yeah, I also read this interview with Amber. I had the impression that all she spoke was false. For me she already had intended to impress Johnny

  71. Rachel says – reply to this


    I don't know why people dislike so much Johnny and Amber together. They're so cute and I see him very happy since he's dating her and that's the most important thing. They are quite private because they don't show up so often, so I don't see that it's for publicity like the Brangelina always did for example, showing up many times in a month. Then I don't think they are false. Johnny admitted in his last magazines interview that his relationship with Vanessa was in trouble for 2 years, since 2010, he admitted that the fact he was often away and far from his family affected the relationship, so he has been sincere. If he didn't want to give more explanations about the fact that he cheated on Vanessa (as I think it happened) he is free of keeping it for himself. He doesn't have to give us such private info, but I don't see he's false.

  72. Rachel says – reply to this


    He never denied he cheated on Vanessa for example, so he's not a liar and if he cheated we can't judge him. Maybe he felt alone. Vanessa spent entire months in France working at her movies and music while he was working somewhere in the world. She just loves France and was annoyed about spending much time with him. Even when he shot "The tourist" in Italy, Vanessa visited him just once and for a few od days, then he had to fly in France every weekend to see his family. Same thing when he was shooting The rum diary. Vanessa visited him just once and for few days. She was too busy with her mediocre career than to take care of him and then she also got surprised that he cheated on her, but please. She for first wasn't a good mate for him….

  73. Bob says – reply to this


    Re: Rachel – But the rotten part is Amber

  74. Rachel says – reply to this


    I mean if you care for your man and love him, you don't leave him alome all the time just because you only love France. Vanessa hates America and she clearly told it more than once, she wasn't ok about living there and Johnny move on there in order to make her happy, but at the end, since he spent little time there because he worked a lot in other countries, he refused of paying french tax and that was something that made Vanessa upset. She's okay about living only there and she's the false one because in her first interview she told she was not going to tell what caused her split with Johnny, then she made several allusions that let understand more than anyone can think about her relationship with him, so if you don't wanna talk for real about that you don't make any allusion, but she did it, so false… then she told in another interview that the songs of her new cd contain info about her love-life. She explained that it was a biographic album with the genesis of her private life, then when you listen to some songs, you see that it's clear that she's talking about Johnny and the fact that he cheated on her but later when asked she denied that the song talked about him, oh please, she thinks we're stupid! She's so false. She tells she doesn't want to tell the truth about him but she did it in several indirect ways and at this point I prefer him that at least talked about the split in a very direct way, without making any allusion.

  75. Sunny says – reply to this


    Re: Annette – no, all is true, the original article is with the link at the bottom. I think what they were doing were showing key highlights of the article and linking the complete article at end of page.
    I dunno, something smells fishy to me. Someone needs to wash and confess.
    But than, I'm just an observer. I know nothing. Who knows, he could go with her to her premier and she could show her engadgment ring all while shes holding his hand as he's walking 4 steps behind her.
    I've changed my mind, Maybe it is love.

  76. Rachel says – reply to this


    Re: Bob – Why is she rotten? Just because she's not famous like him? It's not her fault if she isn't a superstar and many people is so malignat to think she's using him. This judgement has no proof. Amber is his fan since long, everybody knows this and she fell for him like many women could do. If she didn't love him, she wouldn't have stand to hide her relationship with him for a year and a half or maybe more. If she wasn't in love with him she wouldn't follow him everywhere as much as she can like neither Vanessa did, so please stop with this jelaosy. Everybody is so jelaous of Amber just because she got him. Yes, she wasn't a famous actress before dating him, so what? Neither Vanessa was so popular. She became popular outside France and people start to know who she was only after she started to date him, so what? Vanessa isn't really better than her as artist because she can't sing, her music sucks and as actress isn't that good neither. Only french people really like her.

  77. Bob says – reply to this


    Re: Rachel – Sorry, but Amber is really rotten and when the truth comes out and contradicts what you think the only answer that you have is "jealous"?

  78. Sunny says – reply to this


    Re: Rachel – sweetheart, jealousy of this rand follower that doesn't support the native americans and won't speak up about this so let's have a big producer as Oliver stone speak for me in that I support snowden so we can get off the Indians topic is not the issue here.
    She has to remember, when a man marries his mistress, it creates a vacancy.

  79. Annette says – reply to this


    Re: Sunny – oh, I agree

  80. Eliza says – reply to this


    Re: Rachel
    So it's Vanessa's fault he cheated on her because she wasnt there for him all the time to wipe his ass! Forget the fact that she is the primary care, giver for their children, as well as trying to have her own career. Maybe he should have stopped being so greedy and taken time off to spend with his family. Heaven forbid he do that! You bring up Brangelina, well at least they don't work at the same time, so they can focus their family. Depp is purely image, he says one thing and does another, and people are finally beginning to see through it. The family man image isn't gonna work anymore when you're family is fractured and your girlfriend is young enough to be your daughter!
    And if Vanessa is mediocre, what is Depp? He's been playing a pirate for15 years, and his act is growing tired as well…

  81. Rachel says – reply to this


    Then I don't even think that Amber is false as some malignant people say. Amber never denied of dating Johnny and she never denied of being the cause of his split from Vanessa. She remained silent about questions and in many cases silence is an admission of guiltyness. Then, just because she's still friend with her ex girlfriend doesn't mean she's doing something wrong. Why people are so surprised that she saw Tasya last sunday? Do you already forget that Amber and Tasya were hanging out occasionally even last year? They kept seeing each other after they broke up, so what? They hang out just sometimes during the year, they don't spend every week together, they remained friends and kept in contact since they split as many other ex-couples do, there's nothing wrong. If she was doing something wrong with her she wouldn't see her in public places where everybody can see then and take pictures. She would hide with her and she would avoid to be photographed with her in order to not feeding any suspect. Secret lovers hide and they don't let people see them together anywhere and that's just what Amber did for almost two years… but with Johnny, not with Tasya at all.

  82. Rachel says – reply to this


    Re: Eliza – Eliza, it was Vanessa that didn't like to live in Usa or anywhere else. Johnny moved on France for 12 years for her, so it's him who sacrificed for much time to make her happy and he also worked little when they had children because he wanted to spend time with them. Then they grew up and Johnny start the franchise of pirates of carribean that caused him to work more than usual, he became a bigger star than he ever was and Vanessa resented it maybe because he had to spend so much time out of France and she didn't like it to join him and spend months outside her country, that's the truth. Now indeed their children are in Usa studying in LA and Vanessa is in France. Can't you see that she can't stand to spend so much time outside it? If Johnny was spending much of his time in France, they would be still together. I think that anyone would cheat on and get tired of such a snob and racist woman who feels okay only living in her country. She loves France more than she ever loved Johnny I bet.

  83. Rachel says – reply to this


    The truth is that Vanessa feels safe in France because only there she can have a career since in other countries almost nobody really gives a shit about her music and her movies. She knows for example that in Usa she wouldn't work at all. She likes France because only there she's considered a big star. I bet she was jealous of Johnny's success, that's why she began working even more than him in these last years, because she needed to feel as much important and busy as he is and I'm sorry, but you can't compare his talent to her. Maybe Johnny is exaggerating with the disney franchise, ok, but he showed in past how good he is as actor and how much talented he is, he still could play well any role, he's versatile and charismatic, while Vanessa acting has never been that good and her music and voice are horrible. Even Johnny can sing far better than her and we saw it in Sweeney Todd.

  84. Eliza says – reply to this


    Re: Rachel – Well we just disagree and that's fine. But Vanessa still lives in L.A because she didn't wanna move her children. For all his fans who now think she's a horrible person, if she wanted to she could have taken those kids and moved to France permanently. Yet she goes back and forth for her career and family. Depp told Larry King 2 years ago that he works too much, and needs to take more time to be with his family, but instead he continues to add to his work load. He's disingenuous! And I don't get how you call someone racist for appreciating their homeland and culture, while never saying anything bad about their visiting residence. Meanwhile Depp has called Americans stupid puppies, and unintelligent for not liking his movies! And he's American. But he'll take their money… And then complain about paying taxes in a country he lived in for 12 years and where his children are citizens…?

  85. Rachel says – reply to this


    Re: Eliza – First of all I read somewhere that Vanessa is in France working for her next project and no, she can't take permanently her children with her in France because if you don't know it, they like being in LA and they have friends there by now since several years, so they for first would ask their mother of not taking them there, that's why she let them stay there. She knows she can't force them to live in France. They just spend the summer there and that's it. Then, just know that I didn't call her racist for appreciating her homeland and culture, but because following her and Johnny for many years I noticed that she was never able to spend so much time in countries different from France. When Johnny had to work somewhere else, he was alone most of time. Vanessa didn't even want to spend time with him in Hawaii or in Europe. She just wanted to stay in France and by the way, you're not well informed, it's not true she never said anything bad about her visiting residence, because she always critized Usa in many ways. Just search better the info and read her interviews. Even lately she told nasty things about LA. Please, like many french people who think they are the best, she thinks that France is the best place in the world. Unfortunately it's their culture that makes them becoming so arrogant and presumptuous.

  86. tega says – reply to this


    Re: Eliza
    Eliza -First, Johnny would never have allowed Vanessa to take the kids anyway. He has the power and the money to fight that and win if the kids wanted to be in LA and Vanessa knew that. Second, he did say on Larry King he works too much but he also said his brain must be stimulated at all times (and it doesn't necessarily mean movies) or else he goes "sideways." Third, he said on Oprah show that what he meant about calling America a "dumb puppy" was that the country is very young compared to Europe and other countries and has a lot to learn and like a puppy has sharp teeth one must be careful in the decisions that are made. If you don't believe this seek out the interview. Vanessa did say in an interview that she believed a relationship can survive by giving each other space to do what they want to do and "you don't eat the same food every day", which I never really understood, but I think her logic didn't work for this relationship.

  87. tega says – reply to this


    Re: Rachel – I agree with what you say but Vanessa but certainly couldn't come out and say that Johnny cheated because she was "protecting her children." So she did it through her songs as an artist but then again said they were written by someone else and weren't about him, bla bla bla. She was waiting for Johnny to be the one to talk about it which really was the right thing for him to do since he wouldn't make any statement about it and I didn't expect him to until this premiere, a year later after the announcement and a time when it would be ok to ask him.

  88. Eliza says – reply to this


    Re: tega – I didn't say she should take the kids! The point I was trying to make was that if she was such a horrible person, as some try to make her out to be now, if she really wanted to be horrible and vindictive, she could have tried and moved her kids back to France. If she really " hated" America as much as this person was trying to claim, why would she even bother to make the compromise of living there part time. I've seen the court system manipulated when it comes to children, that's all I was trying to say! And whether you want to admit it or not, it is a compromise on her part to keep her kids in the U.S. It's not as if they don't have family and friends in France. And yes I know what he was saying about his comments about Americans, but again I was trying to make a point. Someone called Vanessa a racist and anti-American, yet JD is the one who has made questionable remarks about Americans and its culture. I know it's pointless to try and argue with some of his die hard fans, but some things you guys say are just blatantly unfair and exaggerated…

  89. tega says – reply to this


    Re: Eliza – I am sorry if the facts upset you but that's exactly what I have said. You can have your opinion but if you are going to argue about it you will get nowhere without them.

  90. Eliza says – reply to this


    Re: tega – I'm sorry exactly what facts have you given? Initially I was replying to someone else, and you intervened in our convo! Unless of course you were attempting to come to your own defense.
    I know I'm wasting my time trying to even cordially interact with one of his diehards, but I do look forward to the day that this storyline repeats itself!
    Today Amber is his savior, and later when the wheels fall off this relationship, she'll be the blame!

  91. Rachel says – reply to this


    Tega, I know that Vanessa couldn't come out telling the truth because she has children to protect, but she's incoherent anyway because if she really didn't want to tell anything just to protect her children, she shouldn't even have made any allusion about her "unhappy" relationship with him, but read all the interviews she did after the split and you'll realize that in all of them she said "I don't want to talk about him, I don't sell my private life" but then she did lots of allusions that makes people understand her point of view. Then explaining that her last cd talked about her private life she made her incoherence even stronger because someone who really doesn't want to sell her private life, don't make any allusion and don't let public understand the truth on a indirect way. She should have just shut her mouth without making any allusion if she really didn't want to talk about him. She's so false! Actually Johnny has been coherent at least. He never said he didn't want to talk about her or about what happened and he opened a little but telling the truth: that he and Vanessa were having problems since 2010 and that the main reason was the fact they spent too much time apart. So he was honest at least.

  92. Rachel says – reply to this


    Eliza I disagree. We don't know if Vanessa didn't try to take her children with her, but I guess she tried because in an interview she told that at the beginning she wanted to move with them in France because she thought that it easy the best solution (just for her of course) but then she changed her mind because their children wanted to keep going to school in LA. They have friends now there so I bet that they prayed their mother of letting be there, so she had to give up at that point. She didn't fight them because they live them I think so it has nothing to do to be kind with Johnny. And actually she is unhappy that they wanna live in LA because she still would like to live on France and she also told it. She feels forced to stay there now that's the truth. She couldn't do anything in any case to take them with her if they don't want to, so please that doesn't mean she's not racist because she still is. She's just trying to support her children will but she spends mist of the time in France, trust me. She works a lot there for entire months. That's why we see her children alone with friends and nannies for most of the time, because either her and Johnny work so much that they don't have all this time to spend with their children. To be honest I don't think they are those wonderful parents. Just look at Lily Rose dressing style… She is often half-naked even though she's only 14 years old.

  93. Rachel says – reply to this


    Then I think that Vanessa is incoherent because for many years she talked about how

    Then I think she is incoherent also because for many years during interviews she told how happy she was with Johnny and their wonderful life together, once she even told she didn't know if she deserved all that happiness and just after the split she explained that she was unhappy in her relationship with him since the beginning. Please, she's the queen of incoherence and of contradictions!

  94. Amber Fan says – reply to this


    Re: Veritas – So you are saying that Amber and Taysa AKA Tamber may not be finshed after all?

  95. Finish girl says – reply to this


    I've never understood difference in a couple Vanessa's thoughts and how he spoke of John, when you were together.

  96. Annette says – reply to this


    Re: Sunny – I read again the article and clearly I understood that Amber in 2008, at which time she did the tests for TRD, she made ​​statements just to try impress Johnny, saying that she reads books, she no longer uses drugs. Amber had intent to steal Johnny from Vanessa.
    In 2008, she couldn't, because Johnny and Vanessa were still well, she only could do it, now in 2011 because Johnny and Vanessa were in trouble.
    Each day passes, less I like Amber.

  97. 197

    Re: Annette
    She wasn't trying to steal Johnny back then she was happy with Tasya.

  98. Sunny says – reply to this


    Re: Annette – I hear ya. It was too much of a coincidence. It was like a female version of him. Good site though, has some good topics that make you think. :)

  99. Apple says – reply to this


    Re: Skins Fan – I'm sorry to inform you that it was already back in 2009 that Amber wanted to steal Johnny from Paradis. If he would have left Paradis back then, you can be sure that also Amber would have left her girlfriend since then. No kidding, no bullshit. I knew this news from a certain source. Someone very close to Johnny confirmed this to another friend I talked about that is linked to him. This person works for a big company of Johnny and he knows. Trust me, rumours that Johnny and Amber started to have something in 2009 are absolute true. Amber wanted Johnny since the beginning. Trouble between him and Vanessa started because of her no matter what magazines say about this story, they were having an affair and they were good to keep it a secret. That's why Amber never denied to be the cause of their split and she'll never will because she can't or she would lie. Trust me. Johnny and her didn't sleep together only during the rum diary promotional tour, but if you like to think so goo dluck, the truth is another and I've just known it some days ago.

  100. Finish girl says – reply to this


    I have sometimes thought about. Vanessa once said. No one loves each other same way as they love the earth. And now Vanessa said that the problems start. Vanessa said, "if things do not work from the start, so do not push it," I do not not really understand what they have've been wrong with from the beginning. I do not think that the problems arising from Amber. So Vanessa said that in problems the beginning. I think I Amber has have something to do, when they parted, but Vanessa gives of the second insight into.

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