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Johnny Depp Joined By Amber Heard During Moscow's Lone Ranger Promotion!

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johnny depp amber heard lone ranger premiere russia

And to think, a year ago the skeptics said this was never gonna happen!

We knew as soon as we saw Amber Heard board Johnny Depp's private jet that we'd see 'em holding hands eventually.

And sure enough, we did!

Finally settling into the idea of letting their romance go public, they waltzed through the crowd of a Rolling Stones concert hand-in-hand while onlookers dropped their jaws in intrigue!

Soon after, they decided to invite Rolling Stone member Keith Richards along for a three-way date! Kinky!

Now that their relationship has been confirmed by Rolling Stone magazine (he surrounds himself with a lot of those rocks, huh?), Amber flew to Russia to stand by her man at the Moscow premiere of The Lone Ranger.

After Johnny took care of all that autograph-signing business (see above), he and Amber went to dinner where photogs saw them holding hands and gazing deeply into the eyes of luuurrrrve, LOLz!!

Sexiest couple ever? Definitely one of 'em!!

[Image via AP Images & Lia Toby/WENN.]

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287 comments to “Johnny Depp Joined By Amber Heard During Moscow's Lone Ranger Promotion!”

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  1. Finish girl says – reply to this


    Apple. You did not tell anything new, what everyone probably already to know (foreshadowing). I think I. I do not know. May have Johnny did not have honest from the beginning Vanessa?

  2. Apple says – reply to this


    Hi finish girl, yes Johnny wasn't faithful since the beginning. That's why Vanessa told that if something is wrong since the beginning it will never be right. He didn't cheat on Vanessa only with Amber of course. The main problem between him and Vanessa was that they often spent much time apart and you know, a man can't stay away too long from a woman. We need to have them with us as much as possible, it's our nature and actually Vanessa since she started to work more she was often far from him. But Vanessa forgave him until he just had flings with women but since Amber wasn't a fling but truly something more than that she got ballistic because he was quite crazy about Amber. Vanessa simply got tired of fighting for him even though it's also truth that they tried to save their relationship, he stopped his affair with Amber for a while and tried to save things with Paradis for their children but it didn't work long because he did wrong it again with Amber after a while that Vanessa forgave him for the last time.

  3. Finish girl says – reply to this


    Thanks Apple now, I got some information about why Johnny and Vanessa should have been resign a long time ago and not stay in a relationship because the child, because it will never work for the long run, as in the was happening to them? Sorry my english.

  4. Finish girl says – reply to this


    Johnny and Vanessa are not perfect neither of the. This had happened if they had been honest from the beginning if something is not working and to be force of about 14 years together.

  5. Pie says – reply to this


    Re: Apple – So you say he is smitten with her or really in love? If he cheated on Vanessa more than once, is he faithful to Amber now or has he already met with other women last year, as someone told us here? Engaged or rebound?

  6. Susana says – reply to this


    the Johnny's film The lone Ranger has not fared very well…..all because amber ..urgh…..

  7. Finish girl says – reply to this


    Johnny and Vanessa are not in perfect neither of. They should have split long time ago. not to try to force it, even if common child (children). to fool fans. A complete supposedly a family. I will try to say that if Vanessa and Johnny would not have had forcibly ratio. No one is blaming anyone. Ok I know nobody allowed to touch Johnnyyn: D Shit on happens when you live wrong. In this case. Vanessa, Amber, Johnny have made ​​all the wrong choices. All the are to blame and are not in guilty :) Life is. (like this) Oohh..my english

  8. Finish girl says – reply to this


    Yep. Too bad the movie is not get enough (yet) big audience. I do not believe that Amber's fault. No Amber has so big effect on be? Then people went crazy with :)

  9. Apple says – reply to this


    Hi pie, I don't really know if he's in love but I've been told that he was crazy about Amber since the first moment they met. He was smitten by her beauty and she always dreamed about meeting him so their affair started in 2009 despite of they were both engaged with other partners. Nothing was enough to stop them to sleep together when he was in Usa. Amber always wanted him to split with Paradis. I don't know if now he's faithful to Amber but I know that when they started their affair, since they were both with other people they decided to have an open thing. They weren't exclusive. Their affair wasn't serious at all at the beginning even though they both liked each other in a crazy way. Only them now know if they are in love but after 4 years of clandestine relationship I think that things could be matured between them, so yes it's possible they are in love and both faithful to each other but I can't tell it for sure.

  10. ohlala says – reply to this


    Re: Apple – Thanks Apple for your info. Sounds pretty much like what Conan the Barbarian has told us before. Things seem to narrow in a bit.

  11. Finish girl says – reply to this


    Apple. Brings you say is exactly what I am trying to say that. Johnny and Vanessa would have had to resign in public already long ago. So perhaps they will would to avoid this crap. Now everyone messed up on this matter, that Vanessa and Johnny resigned. and now Johnnilla new young girlfriend. sorry my english. And johnny false. Perhaps it issuch was the relation to 14 years did not work, and Vanessa, too.

  12. Andy says – reply to this


    nobody know who is Johnny in the real life because he hidden his true feelings for years.Now nobody understand nothing, ¿ if Amber is with him or is lesbian still.?
    ¿ why so mistery ?

  13. Amber Fan says – reply to this


    Re: Nice – LOL I don't see any real love there, Amber doesn't look at him like the way she looked at Tasya when they were together.Amber and Taysa AKA Tamber that was real love.

  14. Finish girl says – reply to this


    Andy. I agree with you. Nobody likes that Johnny and Amber is now a couple. In this is no mystery about. The people should accept their relationship. But it seems to be a hard time for people. (not for everyone.

  15. Mandy says – reply to this


    Re: Amber Fan – Stop with the thing that Amber doesn't love Johnny. You don't live with them and you can't tell how things are. We saw pictures of him and her with her russian friends and they looked relaxed, happy and in love. Even their friends told they seem to be very in love. You wanna know better than somebody who saw them for an entire night if they look happy and in love? You saw nothing so you know nothing. Your opinion as an Amber lesbian fan is worthless compared to her friends opinion, so shut up! If they weren't in love they wouldn't have lasted so much and I'm starting to believe that it's true they had an affair since 2009 and not because of what somebody here told but because there are many signs that let understand that by now. I think that their real fans should stop to judge them and they should support them because most of times, fans are selfish and get disappointed if their idols do something they don't like, but listen it's their lifr and it's their happiness that really matters not the disappontiment of some stupid fans of them.

  16. Engel says – reply to this


    For those who thought Tasya was sending subliminal messages in her face.book. See her latest post called "Birds of a feather". Her name is Tasya Van Ree Artist

  17. SilentNight700 says – reply to this


    Re: Engel


  18. Amber Fan says – reply to this


    Re: Mandy – You don't live them either so you also have no idea what happens when they aren't in public maybe they live seperate lives. Amber also looked more relaxed with the female translator she was pictured with then him.

  19. Sunny says – reply to this


    Lets face it, This is not love, it's pure infatuation on both sides. Clearly more on her part. She new they were having problems, and she took complete advantage of the situation knowing the outcome. Actions speak louder than words, and she's had ample amount of time to explain herself through the cluster of magazine issues she's done. From her love of Rand to the media games with john and quoting herself "the island, is my private life". Her PR "the adults in her life" as she calls it know to say "no personal questions" b4 the interview. However, I'll give them a pass. These adults clearly have too much work on there hands with the up rising rebel and let it slip on by I get it. It is a shame though with all the interviews you think she would show some support to her man with the native american issue and put it to rest. I guess in the end wearing ones indian jewlery should tell us enough. Shame on us for even thinking this young, wise rebel would do that!

  20. engel says – reply to this


    Re: Sunny – I totally agree

  21. 221

    Re: Susana – Good Lord it is not Amber's fault that TLR isn't doing well, it's that Armie Hammer should not have been cast as the Lone Ranger but if you want her for him being cast go ahead it's your prerogative to blame her for getting him the role.

  22. Mandy says – reply to this


    Re: Amber Fan – I'm not saying I know the truth indeed, I'm just saying that her russian friends who saw them that night know more than you because they told Johnny and Amber look like they're very in love. You know what? She introduced him to them as his boyfriend and they are friends of her since years, so it's clear that they are an official couple to their intimate friends. Do you think that if Amber was living a separate life from him, she would be following him in Russia, in NYC and everywhere? Come on, you sound so ridiculous and desperate ’cause you wanna hope that Amber is not his real girlfriend….. he wouldn't have any reason to pretend that he's dating her also because he got only a bad reputation since he's dating her and he could find 1000 other different girls if he wanted some good publicity, but guess what? He's still dating her because they probably are fine together and you're just jealous!

  23. Mandy says – reply to this


    Re: Amber Fan – Another important thing is that you sound really stupid and pathetic saying that they could be living separate lives! You have no proof saying that, so why you’re assuming that they are? Just because that’s what you desperately hope??? You’re in denial because until now there’s been big evidence that Amber goes everywhere he goes. Then if they were living separate lives, she would be paparazzed often in LA, but she's rarely seen somewhere because she's with him most of time and they're not seen anywhere ’cause he can pay lots of money to his security team to guarantee them a good privacy. Amber never had enough money to protect herself from being papparazzed, so if she was living separate from him, she would be seen often, but there's evidence that until now she has been everywhere he's been too. People also saw her with him travelling together when he was leaving for New Mexico last month. They spent time in his ranch while he was shooting his movie and then he came back in LA, also her was seen there and there's evidence that then she followed in NYC and in Russia. Everytime he's somewhere else than LA, even her appeared there, so get a reason. They're spending most of time together and they’re having a relationship even though this makes your lesbian heart unhappy.

  24. I Love Football says – reply to this


    Re: Mandy – There is no need to call someone stupid and pathetic for saying their opnion, Amber fan isn't the only person who doesn't see any love between them, alot of people on this site think the same way Amber fan does.

  25. Mandy says – reply to this


    Re: I Love Football – Yes, but the point is that their fans can't judge them just seeing a few of pictures if them once in a month. It's stupid to judge people you don't know and you don't live with because nobody of us can tell or decide if they love each other. We should live with them to tell if they are in love and actually nobody of us ever saw them in their private moments, so how can you think that our opinion can be right?? I mean, her russian friends met them and spent one night with them and they truly saw more than all of us, can you deny it maybe? They met them and they observed them for an entire night so their opinion is surely more reliable than some fans who are upset that Amber is with a man now and that Johnny is with a very young girl. Actually her russian friends wrote on their private accounts that they were happy to meet Johnny and Amber and that they looked very in love and I think that what they think is more believable than all our opinions because we never saw Johnny and Amber together in their private moments while they did and they claimed that they looked in love.

  26. Mandy says – reply to this


    Re: I Love Football
    In their pictures we also could see that they're smiling and look relaxed and happy, you can't deny this if you watched the pictures. They looked very differently from the way they look when they have to escape from paparazzi since they are annoyed by them and nobody can't deny this, so the point is that we can't tell they don't love each other just because we saw public pictures of them while being annoyed by paparazzi. You have to see them in their private moments to tell if they look happy and from their private pictures we could see they were smiling. Don't be in denial. People who saw them together there in Russia told they looked so in love, so who do you think you are to tell that your opinion is more relevant than their friends one? You wanna know better than people who saw them together in a private situation while you never had this chance, if they are in love???

  27. Finish girl says – reply to this


    Ok. Here, a lot fans in Johnny. But (too much is too much). They will are just actors and actresses. None of gods. And I would understand if it were a about the band where the sound will change if singer is changed. Hearing the fucking gives a couple now and be likes to, how the likes / loves. fucking. I will say STOP. And some people needs a medication for! Acquire a life if can not speak about this pair of positive real, because they are together now, and have for some time. Bye

  28. Annette says – reply to this


    The pics of Russia show a big evidence that Amber was trying to be positive and show happiness while Johnny was just trying to be kind, not even in the pic in which the two are looking at each other, I see love in Johnny's eyes.
    And the friends who said the two were in love are friends of Amber, then the declarations aren't trustworthy and even those pictures of Amber and Johnny along with her ​​friends were removed from almost all fansites.
    Johnny is visibly upset, he avoided his fans on Kimmel. Someone told me that day he went on vacation for a just few days, because he is still filming, with his kids and Amber was pushing him to go with them, because she wanted to be with his family, but he didn't want to that, maybe that's the reason for Johnny don't be feeling well and even to have avoided his fans on Kimmel.

  29. Annette says – reply to this


    Re: Sunny – I also agree, but I disagree with the part where Johnny and Amber are infatuated. For me Johnny was so needy and began an affair with no intention of turning into a relationship, but Amber had already intent of being a home wrecker and become Mrs. Depp

  30. Mandy says – reply to this


    Oh my God, Annette now even you got in contact with some insiders??? Wow, here we're full of insiders who are well informed! Annette you said that someone told you that he went in vacation with his kids without Amber, so you're telling you know someone well informed who gives you information? This thing that everybody claim to know things by sure source is becoming unbearable! People should just stop of making up stories. It's just your opinion that Amber tried to look happy in the pictures with her friends as it's only your opinion that he tried his best to look happy because he's kind. You're negative about them just because you surely don't like Amber. But listen, stop with the story that he feels forced by Amber to keep dating her. He's powerful and rich and he could split with her at any moment if he didn't like to stay with get. All you said it doesn't make sense because you're trying to make him looking like the poor guy who can't get rid of Amber and date get just because he's kind. My God, that's so ridiculous and sound like a fiction. Nobody forces him to keep a relationship with her as nobody forced him to walk with her hand in hand when they went to a Russian restaurant.

  31. Mandy says – reply to this


    If he hated so much to date Amber the hell in the world he took her with him everywhere??? In New Mexico, in New York, in Russia and why the hell he made another public appearance with her in Moscow just during the promotional period of his movie??? He did it because she pointed a gun on his head??? Or maybe he did it because she was threatening him of killing herself if he wouldn't agree to make that public appearance? Please this sound like a pure fiction. Don't describe him like the poor and unable man who keeps dating Amber just because he can't get rid of her. I don't buy it. There's too much negativity from some fans if him about his new relationship and now I got why he didn't wanted to come out and feels annoyed by paparazzi and public attention, because he knows how many lies and stupid judgements would have been spread once he came out with Amber. I don't really blame if he doesn't feel okay about talking with his fans anymore since many of them are only judging things they don't even know.

  32. Annette says – reply to this


    Re: Mandy – Because Amber invites herself to go with him. Do you remember the Petty Fest? Amber went alone there and she created a controversy with the paparazzi because she got in the car long after Johnny, she did all this only because she was jealous of Kesha, Amber is very jealous. As she stole Johnny from Vanessa she thinks another woman can do the same with her.

  33. Nicole says – reply to this


    Re: Mandy – Do you remember the day that Johnny, Jerry and her sister were photographed leaving a clinic? Here, in France a rumor run that Amber was very nervous and she had mixed calming and feeling ill, so she was the one at the clinic and the next day the two went together to the show of the Rolling Stones

  34. 234

    I have made it clear I don't like this couple and don't think they will last, But people need to stop calling Amber a home wrecker. I really don't know why people accuse her of being a home wrecker when there is no proof that she is.

  35. MM says – reply to this


    Isn't Johnny worried about Amber falling in love with another woman in the future?

  36. Mandy says – reply to this


    Re: Annette – You're basing your theories only on some stupid gossip but unless you have proof of what you're telling you should stop to spread false rumours. I neither never read anywhere the things you're talking about, so unless you truly know an insider who told you such things, you're inventing false news. What you told isn't neither a rumour. We can't read it anywhere unless you can indicate us the link where you read those stupid news. I doubt that Amber forced Johnny to take with him in the car after the Petty festival. She probably told him before that shw would have gone to see him playing there, so he knew she would have come. Yours are just insinuations and not news.

  37. Mandy says – reply to this


    Re: Nicole – You believe in every gossip you read? Then good luck! I don't believe that she tooks any pill. Johnny was seen at the clinc with a very sad face and also his sister was seen there with a serious and worried face and I don't really think that also his sister would have been there for Amber. It's probable that it was the mother of Johnny there and that Amber just went to visit her. Many of you read too much gossip and are oriented in believing only negative things and news that sometimes neither exist.

  38. Amy says – reply to this


    johnny and amber will be together for ever.its the true.forget about them.

  39. MM says – reply to this


    Re: Amy – LOL NO! I think Amber will return to women in the future and besides she has been seen with her true love Tasya lately.

  40. Marie says – reply to this


    Re: MM – How many true loves has Amber? Johnny, Tasya, Marie de Villepin… I don't even believe she's lesbian for real. She had a relationship with Depp since 4 years and if Tasya was really broken heart by the fact that Amber dumped her for Johnny she wouldn't have served as a decoy last year. Just think about: how come that instead of being broken heart Tasya last year helped Amber to hide the fact that she was dating Johnny? Tasya knew she was a decoy and when she was seen with Amber in LA she knew that Amber called paparazzi because she wanted to be seen with her. Tasya saw paparazzi unless she's blind and she smiled in front of them while pictured with Amber last year. It seemed such a prepared thing to me and even when Amber was hanging out with Marie paparazzi were called because Amber wanted to be seen with her to confuse media from what she was really doing. I truly think that Amber wanna be the next Angelina Jolie (she even told in an interview) because she's doing similar things. I have my doubts about the fact she's lesbian because something doesn't fit about Tasya who agree to serve as a decoy last year.

  41. Marie says – reply to this


    Something is strange and doesn’t fit in Amber and Tasya relationship. I mean, when your girlfriend cheats on you that bad, you wouldn’t feel okay about keeping being her friend, right? And Tasya last year was all smiling while getting photographed in Los Angeles with Amber. They seemed even more friends than before! How come? When you are betrayed by someone you love you can’t be friend of her\him as nothing happened, right? But Tasya had no problems to keep seeing Amber even when she knew Amber was dating the man whom she cheated on her!!! Please, seriously, that doesn’t make sense, there’s something suspicious about all this and about Amber’s relationship with Tasya.

  42. Amber Fan says – reply to this


    Re: Marie – Yes Amber and Tasya had a relationship there is no doubt that,Amber had been rumored to be a lesbian since before she was on Hidden Palms.As for Tasya still being friends with Amber that proves she didn't cheated on Tasya.Like you said if she had cheated they wouldn't still be friends.

  43. 243

    Re: Marie – It's obvious that Amber didn't love Marie, to tell the truth no one knows what their relationship really was.I also think Tasya is Amber's true love because she always looked happy when they were seen together and just by the way they looked at each other.

  44. mai says – reply to this


    Am sorry but who doesn't look happy when they are around their female friends? 3 years and a break-up does not equal true love hun!!

  45. Marie says – reply to this


    Maybe Amber and Tasya agreed to pretend of having a relationship because it was convenient for both of them and they really got a lot of publicity indeed. Tasya realized lots of videos with Amber as her muse and put them on the web for years. In these videos there was also Amber’s sister Whitney…. mmhh… maybe Amber was just her muse and since they were seen spending much time together rumours started they were dating and maybe they agreed to take advantage of them to get fame and that’s what happened. Amber is even more popular of Angelina Jolie these days and Tasya got fame too as a photographer.

  46. Marie says – reply to this


    Amber even played a fake lesbian in her movie “Syrup” and this says it all! She played 6, a woman who pretends of being lesbian because she knows that it’s quite appealing and turn on men. The director of the movie also explained that Amber was the only one who could play well 6 because she was 6! These were his words. He explained that Amber is very much similar to 6….. mmhh….. are we sure that Amber is bisexual for real? I mean, before coming out nobody knew her and sometimes people pretend to be something in show business just to get more fame and actually Amber stated that she would anything for her career and just think about one thing: if she was bisexual, why she felt the necessity of coming out at such a public event like Glad??? She just could tell she was bi and dating a woman in an interview like other celebrities did. Some examples? Madonna, Angelina Jolie, Lindsay Lohan and Ricky Martin… there was no need to do such a coming out, especially when you’re not famous because nobody would care about a coming out of a poorly known actress, so I guess she came out just to get attention and starting to gain fame.

  47. Marie says – reply to this


    Tasya has also a tattoo with a broken heart and this would say it all about a possible cheating. Then veritas and manie here confirmed the story that Tasya has been cheated by Amber…. okay well, how can it be possible that if Tasya loved Amber and was broken heart by her, she would have been okay last year to serve as a decoy? Do you ever think about this? If your girlfriend cheated on you, you would help her to be a decoy to hide the fact that she’s dating the person which she dumped you for? I don’t buy it at all, it doesn't make sense. Then do you really think that Johnny would let Amber making a fool of him or making the double crossing? I really doubt it. Moreover such a thing would also give him the excuse to leave her since many people are saying that he doesn't want her, but look, he doesn't use this thing to leave her…. how come? No way, he must be aware that Amber and Tasya were always friends and that's it. This is the reason why he’s always been ok about them hanging out together since last year.

  48. typical Hollywood says – reply to this


    I real hope it's real because time is ticking but maybe not? Most actors and actresses. Have a hard time finding true love since they work so much. Who knows amber separated. Once from Johnny who know if she wont separate again. To me Johnny probably lust amber and amber just wants more fame but to me its typical Hollywood. Then been together for two years and it still not serious ha typical. Hollywood

  49. Marie says – reply to this


    People are in denial. Johnny and Amber had a relationship since four years and women in Amber's life were the perfect cover and decoy in helping them to keep it as a secret. Tasya, Marie and even Francesca Gregorini helped her to confuse media about what her and Mr Depp were really doing. Why Amber always called paparazzi while hanging out with all of these women? Was her a playgirl? No, she simply wanted to be seen for her purpose and that's evident. Everytime she was with them somewhere paparazzi knew it and photographed them, how come?? Amber really wanted to be seen with them and think about one thing: she was hiding for the longest time with Mr Depp and only when you hide there's reality and not fakeness in what you're doing because you don't like or need attention, but when you like to show up a lot and you like to get attention, there's always something fake. Amber liked to show up a lot with women and did a coming out in an important public event (when she could have come out in an interview if she was genuine and didn't want attention) when she was a nobody.

  50. Marie says – reply to this


    Tasya even published a paper recently on her account where she wrote: "I don't know how do you move on from something that never happened" and this is also suspicious. It could be mentioning Amber and the fact that she moved from a relationship never happened or what? Because the words don’t say “to something that never happened” but “from something that never happened” so it's evident that is refferred to her relationship with her and not the one Amber is living now. So all these clues prove that something doesn't fit about Amber's relationship with Tasya. I mean, her coming out seeking attention, her necessity of showing up a lot with women (mostly last year), insisting rumours that claim that Amber was having something with Depp since years but truly hiding it, the fact that Amber played a fake lesbian 2 times in her movies (also in All the boys love Mandy Lane, she pretends to be interested in a woman that then kills escaping finally with her boufriend) and even the fact that Johnny wouldn't let Amber making a fool of him especially because that's would be the perfect excuse for him to leave her since he's rumoured of not wanting this relationship.

  51. Finish girl says – reply to this


    Brings you told makes sense. I (think), they have been just friends. Includes pictures of them go hand in hand in public places. But not anything Kiss In pictures of though three years together. I can not find anything those very images. But really this just my idea. In fact, I many times drunk of women kissing on the mouth buddies. And pictures of :) FB). And I'm ses Preference straight and married. But not on this pair, and the ratio had they have 3 years. It is strange to me :) Sorry my english

  52. Marie says – reply to this


    Re: Finish girl – I agree finish girl, you mentioned another clue. Amber was never seen kissing her girlfriend. The only time Amber was seen kissing a woman it was with Francesca Gregorini and sorry but it was the most unconvincing kiss in the lesbian kissing history. Look at the picture: Amber didn't even look like she was pleased of that kiss, her body language explained she wasn't into it at all. But even then she didn't lose her occasion of calling paparazzi to be seen with a woman while kissing her. Why everytime she was with a woman she called paparazzi, while when dating a man she was hiding? I mean people usually hide when dating people of same sex and not when dating people of opposite sex…. look at some male celebrities that are rumoured of being gay (John Travolta, George Clooney etc) they often show up with their women and they often call paparazzi to be seen to give them "evidence" of their heterosexuality, well Johnny and Amber rarely show up. They never showed up for 1 year and a half. Till now they showed up only 3 times and 2 of them they even walked separately when paparazzi were there taking pictures. In Russia has been first time they walked like a regular couple so if their thing was a fake, they would act in a very different way. They would show up a lot like most fake couples do, but they don't feel the necessity of doing it.

  53. Marie says – reply to this


    Then if Johnny needed to date a woman for publicity, he would date any other straight woman not so young and he would be getting a better publicity than the bad he's getting now. Why he would agree to get a bad publicity while he could get a good publicity with any other woman? It doesn't make sense. He could date a not very famous actress who is not bisexual and not so young and people would like her better and the publicity would be really better too, but no, he keeps dating this 'bisexual' girl and keep getting bad publicity taking the risk of losing his fans because he doesn't give a shit of what people think since he truly must like Amber, that's the truth that make sense and not the one that he's dating her for publicity and that he doesn't want this relationship. If he didn't want it he could get out of it at any moment especially because he would have the excuse that Amber is not monogamous and still seeing her ex girlfriend to send her away. I don't really buy that he's this poor guy that can't get rid of Amber and who is forcing himself to date her. This a ridiculous and nonsense theory more similar to a fiction who is in their jelaous fans mind that still can't get a reason they are a couple since more time than they can believe.

  54. Marie says – reply to this


    Then just search and read on the web somethign called "how to land Johnny Depp" and you'll start to understand that there are many clues that let think that Amber did her best to meet him, to make him think they have so much in common and to please him. She got in contact with people he knew, she always stated of liking things that he likes, while talking about his character in The rum diary she didn't call him Paul, but she mentioned Johnny like she was talking about her and him in real life and moreover Amber is a fan of a racist and homophobic writer…. how come? There are really many clues that prove there are some relevant contratictions about Amber lesbianism. She also stated that she Angelina Jolie knew how to get success and that she wanted to follow her steps, yeah right, starting from her bisexuality (true or false it can be). Amber could be not a genuine and true person but somehow, someway she got Johnny's attention since almost 2 year or even more.

  55. SilentNight700 says – reply to this


    [re=6464145]Re: Marie[/re

    The reason why Johnny would keep a relationship with someone he doesn't love is because of, as I said countless times, stability, not for love. Johnny would have remained alone if only he listened and followed who he really was. Since he did not, he put himself in a spot of thinking he needs a relationship, but in his truth it's for balancing purposes. Johnny always had his way of keeping a distance from his relationships. Back when he was younger, he would throw tantrums a lot, causing his break ups(that was/is his subconscious reacting to how he did not have connection with his girlfriends). In fact I read that was the reason why Heard broke up with him in the beginning of the year, because of his moods. He wanted that stability, so he won her back through gifts(not a legit base of a relationship) and now has his balance. He's trying to act better, but he still has his ways of keeping his distance, like taking this long to be seen with her in public because of her insisting. In other words, relationships are just like tires to him. Once one blows out, he finds a spare and keeps it until it ends up blowing out again. It has nothing to do with love.-

  56. SilentNight700 says – reply to this


    -If he didn't have kids with that paradis, he would have been broke up with her. She even made a statement that if a relationship doesn't work out from the beginning, don't try to make it work. That was saying something. He said that his kids are what gave him a purpose(specifically mentioning them, not mentioning the relationship, which showed how he felt about relationships; them doing nothing for him up until when he had kids), which was what their relationship was based on and nothing more. Johnny doesn't realize that the reason he keeps his distance from relationships is because he's not being who he truly is. If Johnny ever really does fall in love one day, with that equally unique woman, you'd to see a whole different person. He wouldn't hide her and take all day to be seen with her. And it wouldn't be an issue to people on whether he's really happy or not. It would be seen plain as day and not argued by anyone, whether they were for or against the relationship, because it would be that obvious.
    I agree on that Heard does use people to get to the top. But as for Johnny's excuse of why would he be in a relationship that he doesn't want is because of all what I said.

  57. Marie says – reply to this


    Re: SilentNight700 – Sorry but I disagree. You're basing your theories on facts that are untrue and made up by you. The fact that he's not able to keep relationship and wants to be distant from them is not true. Even his friend Martin Landau told that when Johnny was with a woman he completely dedicate himself to her and that's a contradiction with all you think. Do you wanna know better than people who knew him how he was devoted or not to women? You don't know him a all and you're basing your theories on elements non-existing. He loved Winona Ryder for example. He always made statements about his love for her and he was never hiding with her or with any other women he dated, Amber aside of course. I personally could see that the problem of Johnny with women is that he always dated people who were working too much as him and that at some point couldn't spend much time together. All these women were ambitious as much he is, so when you choose someone who puts her career for first, it's normal that the relationship isn't meant to last.

  58. Marie says – reply to this


    Re: SilentNight700 – He needs a woman who can dedicate time to him, following him everywhere and sacrificing her career a little bit but ’till now it seems that nobody of his women were so in love to do that. Winona worked even more than him and spend long time away, with Kate Moss he was the one who moved to UK to spend time with her and also with Vanessa Paradis he was the one who moved in France to stay with her as much as possible and at the time she was telling in every interview that she was so happy with him and that she didn't know if she deserved such a happiness. Their trouble if you think, started just when he started to work so much for Disney because that made him spend entire months away and Vanessa knew that there's something wrong since from the start when a little star who is loved only in her country begins to date a big star loved in all the world. She knew that there was the risk that their work could make then growing apart and that when you love your country more than the possibility of living forever with your love, but elsewhere, you're not going to last with him.

  59. Marie says – reply to this


    Now think that Vanessa was a little bit selfish and also contradictory saying just lately that she was unhappy from the beginning when during their first years with him she always told of being really happy with him because he was the one who sacrificed himself moving in France… the truth is that until he wasn't spending so much time away from France Vanessa felt they were happy and they went to all public events together and were seen quite often together everywhere. They looked happy for real but as soon he started to work for Disney, it has been evident to everyone that something changed. He spent much time in Usa while Vanessa was seen in France on her own while working on some french projects. She started to not accompanying him anymore at his public events and so they started to grow apart. It's evident as someone already told that she hates being in Usa, but if Johnny wasn't a disney big star and if he was spending most of his time in France I bet they would be still lasting and that's all.

  60. Marie says – reply to this


    The story that he likes to go alone to his movie premieres is false. He always attended them with Winona in past, and also with Kate Moss, there are lots of pictures of them together at such events, just search them on the web and you'll find them. Then, also Vanessa, during their first years together always attended all the public events with him. It's just since the franchise of pirates started that she began to make him attend his movie premieres alone and didn't accompany him anymore. This is not a supposition, this is a fact that everybody can see. Something changed since then in their relationship. So I think that the truth is that he needs a different woman who loves him more than she loves her career and country.

  61. Marie says – reply to this


    I don't know if Amber is the one, but I don't think she is because she also seems quite ambitious, so the real problem of Johnny is that he can't find a woman who would put him for first in anything. He always chooses ambitious women who love even too much their careers and who expect it's him the one who has to sacrifice himself for spending as much time as possible with them. They just love themselves more than they can love him and only when he'll find a woman who loves more him than herself he'll be happy. Then, the reason why he was hiding with Amber and didn't attend with her the premieres is because he's not ready yet to formalize his relationship with her. I think he will do after the lone ranger promotional period will be over as someone already told. He was hiding for more than a year with Amber because he probably cheated on Vanessa with her and didn't feel ok to come out quite soon after his separation and it's not difficult to understand such a thing. He cheated on Vanessa because he probably was tired of spending so much time alone in Usa while Vanessa had to work in France.

  62. nooo not sexy says – reply to this


    I'm sorry but they are not the sexiest. Couple out there Johnny is a good actor but amber look more like a fling then a couple she Jinks Johnny on his movie lone ranger talking trash.about native Americans. Brad Pitt. And Angelina. That's. A power couple or Jay z and Beyonce a power couple.Amber with Johnny for fame she ain't. as rich or famous as johnny Johnny needs a real match.

  63. SilentNight700 says – reply to this


    I am not making this up. I am basing my truths on the pattern I see, putting info together which makes me use commonsense, which "does" exist; adding two and two together in other words. I also have studied the mind enough to know what's going on here. Winona Ryder has said, when she was shooting the movie black swan, when she had to do violent/yelling scenes, she always apologized because it made her feel bad. She said it reminded her of her first boyfriend, which was Johnny, in how he would throw tantrums and it scared her. Yes he would show up with them a events, following what a relationship does; holding hands, speaking how he was so in love; said by his friends, all of that, but I'm telling you that Johnny had a split personality when it came to his girlfriends because of the kind of person he is. He was "so in love" and dedicated, as people saw, yet they found him throwing tantrums and straying away. People would question him why would he that way when everything was going so well for him. That's why I said that was his subconscious reacting to the fact that he never connected to his girlfriends or having a relationship in general. I know he never understood why he was behaving that way. He never went to a psychiatrist to tell him this, and I don't think they would have pointed this out anyway. I just happen to be the same kind of person, so understand where he's coming from, along with making this diagnosis.-

  64. SilentNight700 says – reply to this


    -Him being dedicated and loving shows that he would make a wonderful companion for someone(someone spectacular), but because the women were not up to his speed, that's what brought out that other side, his subconscious like I said. That subconscious was also showing that he was never "in love", just the idea of being in love. Winona was probably the closest woman that he actually loved, but she still wasn't enough to satisfy his spirit.
    As for being seen with amber in public compared to his past girlfriends. He just came out of a long relationship and had two kids which has changed him greatly, putting more of a halt on whom he used to be. So it's not as simple anymore for him to just show up with another relationship at events in which he takes his 'distance' advantage.
    I know paradis spoke the truth when she said it wasn't right rom the beginning. Truth always comes out when everything is over. You can't go by what was said back then. The children are what kept them together. He was in love with his children and that's most likely why she was trying to make it work. The POTC era. When POTC got very big, paradis showed lack of support because of her career, which was said once their breakup became known. She took her anger out on him. The relationship was sour ever since. They were not connected, but he needed that stability, especially since they had a family.-

  65. SilentNight700 says – reply to this


    -He put up with her unhappiness for years, his unhappiness, just so he could be stable. Then it finally came when she finally left. He tried to get her back but it didn't work, but to his fortune, there was Heard.
    He has that same solitary way that I have seen in people before. I'm also that way. I just can't have a relationship because I'm much too deep. If I were to just get in a relationship just because everyone else was doing it, I would have been very unhappy, probably throwing tantrums too, not understanding why. But thank goodness I knew myself enough to never follow what the crowd was doing. No this is not normal, but it was/is me being me and I listened. I had to figure that out just like he could have, but it was too late.
    For him to remain loving and dedicated, with no tantrums and no straying, he would have to be in love with the woman, truly. You said that he always dated women that were always too busy. That was/is another way that he kept his distance. He could very well find someone that wasn't busy, but he did not. You could say because it's too much of a risk, being so rich in all, but the main reason is because of that distance he likes to keep. There are movies stars with very busy lives and there are relationships between movie stars and regular people. Their relationships work out just fine, because love is there. Johnny will be not be in either one, because there is no love.-

  66. SilentNight700 says – reply to this


    -Johnny would have remained alone "until" he found a woman worthy enough for him to share his life with.
    And going by someone that is one in the same, if I were to ever start a relationship, this guy would have to be beyond my dreams, a very unique fellow, or else it ain't happening. That's just how solitary people are. If solitary people don't listen to themselves, relationships will always be unhappy for them. The best advice is to wait until total connection. And whether if they find it or not, a solitary person cannot lose. They are happy either way. It's a win-win.

  67. Marie says – reply to this


    Re: SilentNight700 – Sorry, but do you have proof about the fact that he was throwing tantrums to Winona and other women? Then you have to indicate me the link where you read the thing about Winona you mentioned because I've never read it anywhere that she said such a thing about Johnny. Actually Winona always say nice things about him, but anyway, you don't know him and you can't say that he's just like you. These are only your suppositions. As it's just your speculation claiming that he was always choosing women who were so busy with her career just because he wanted to keep a certain distance bit I don't buy it. If he wanted to keep distant he wouldn't have moved in France for so many years with Vanessa and he wouldn't have moved also in UK at the time he was dating Kate Moss. Then it's happened to him to date women that didn't want to take works not at the same time with him. Sometimes we can't help but choosing wrong people for us.

  68. Marie says – reply to this


    Vanessa wasn't supportive with him at the pirates era because she didn't attend with him neither the first premiere of those movies…. she remained in France and also when he started to shoot all the sequels she stayed in France working on her career and just sometimes visited him. Supportive for me means another thing that I didn't see doing by Vanessa who started of not accompanying him anymore anywhere. Supportive is Angelina Jolie who tries to work only when Brad hasn't to work, while Vanessa always expected that Johnny stayed with her in France that's the truth and since he became a superstar their trouble started. At the end he also refused of paying french tax and this must have offended Paradis because she understood that he no longer wanted to stay there.

  69. SilentNight700 says – reply to this


    You need to take your own advice this "supposed" stuff, because I'm reading a lot from your own idea than what I could actually look up for myself.
    This was not supposed to be an argument. I was just giving more light on the situation with what's going on with Johnny, giving more light to what kind of person he is from what I've came to know over these past five years. I said what I had to say. If you choose to ignore it then that's on you. You go your route. But anyone that's rational wouldn't just cut someone else off and say they are totally wrong and made everything up, unless they have something to prove to themselves in wanting to be right, which was not at all what this conversation was about. Did I once say that you were wrong? No. That's because I was being a part of the discussion, not realizing it was a debating match. If that's the case then you're on your own. I gave my say.
    And you can look up anything that I said and you should be able to find it just fine. Those were not "suppositions". Why in the world would I make up such a thing? He had a tantrum problem with the women in his life. And you don't have to know someone personally to be able to relate to them. If you never met someone and heard they like the same food as you, could you not relate to them from that little bit of info? Yes. Take note of that, it can be done. I relate to Johnny a lot, as I've seen from these past five years of being a fan.

  70. Marie says – reply to this


    Re: SilentNight700 – I think you are more problems than Johnny Dep and anyway I wouldn't care if you thought that my "suppositions" are wrong because nobody of us know him in real life and can know what tabloids write is true so we can only speculate and our suppositions can be often wrong, but you speak like you personally know him and have proof of what you said even though you're not even able to indicate the link where you read the fact that he would throw tantrums to his women.

  71. Klara says – reply to this


    Funny how the people here were making a big deal because Amber was seen shopping with Tasya while according to US Weekly, Johnny has Vanessa Paradis living in his house again…ahahahahaha!!…that's a big deal! not Amber walking in a very public place with Tasya.
    Anyway, at least it's stated that Johnny went to spend his cozy nights to Amber's house and hole up there, with her.
    Modern families! they are civilized people who remain in good terms with their exes, that's the best explanation
    And by the way, I think it's really cute that Amber crafted with her own hands, an artistic birthday gift for Johnny…so much dedication for him! OOOHH THE LOVE!

  72. SilentNight700 says – reply to this


    Marie, you can't post links on here. They disappear. Just go to google and type in johnny depp's tantrums and it will lead you to the many articles that say so. It's not that hard to do.
    I don't know why you're acting like this is some competition. And no I'm not acting like I know him personally just because of the statements I made. You need to quit your accusations and having an attitude for no reason. This was just a discussion. "We can only speculate because we don't know him personally" …no kidding. Were the words "I'm right" ever posted? That is you saying that. I was just putting two and two together, that's all. It's the same as sensing smoke from a house. According to you I can't say there's a fire unless I know the house personally. That doesn't make any sense. Assumption is assumption. But if there's enough info out there to put together, such as seeing a lot of smoke? Then it's safe to say there's a fire. And if the smoke is coming out the second story window then it's also safe to say the fire started upstairs. Go look up the word "commonsense" while you're at it. It doesn't mean you know something/someone personally. Commonsense speaks for itself. And I could care less what you think about what I say either, so why don't you end it here. Turning this into a "right and wrong" argument was inane and a waste of time.

  73. Amande says – reply to this


    there are a coverage in a magazine that say johnny and amber stay in home all nights talking long hours and watching tv.if its true is very boring his relation……

  74. Marie says – reply to this


    Re: SilentNight700 – I'm not saying that you can't tell your opinions, I'm just saying that I disagree and don't believe. You are a liar. I searched the info you said and I found nothing but just this thing that I copy: "gossip columns were suddenly full of reports of Depp's on-set tantrums, misbehavior and egotism. If one were to believe the reports, Depp was not a well-liked man in Vancouver. In March he was arrested and charged with assault and mischief in conjunction with a noisy party he attended; the charges were dropped.
    According to Depp, one ought not to believe the reports. "I have a couple of ideas where they came from. I think that there are a couple of people"—he leans forward and speaks directly into the tape recorder—"and you know who you are, who don't like the fact that I am outspoken about certain things. But, as far as temper tantrums and throwing punches at my producers, it's such bulls that it's hilarious."
    So he denied he was throeing tantrums to anybody and stated that they were only gossipo and indeed on the web there aren't sites who talk about this gossip netiher, so do you believe in gossip unproven saying thye are true? Ok, that's only your choice, not mine. I don't believe them, good-bye.

  75. SilentNight700 says – reply to this


    Re: Marie

    ???A liar is a person that makes things up, which I did not. I obviously got my info from somewhere. If saying something that you heard from sources makes you a liar, then that means you're a liar too since your stating information you got from sources as well. Everybody on here is a liar if that's the case. Repeating things that you heard is not being a liar. Gossip it is, truth it might be, but calling it "lying" is irrelevant and pointless to say.
    You probably only skimmed through one or two articles and then summed it up with a quote from Johnny, which was very naïve. He may have been being his sarcastic self when he said that. He's known for his sarcasm and remaining private. More than one person has spoken about his tantrums. His infamous tantrum was when he trashed a hotel room which david letterman always talked about. Holly Robinson Peete, his 21 jump street co-star talked about his tantrums. And I already said winona spoke about her first boyfriend's tantrums during an interview. 'They' said this, not me. Was I there to witness it? No. But everyone saying this same thing cannot be summed up as just "gossip". And me repeating it does not make me a liar. I'm sure they all were not making it all up. That's ridiculous to say. Gossip isn't always fake. There is truth to it sometimes, especially when you hear it repeatedly from different people. Learn the difference between buying hearsay garbage and using commonsense.

  76. Marie says – reply to this


    Re: SilentNight700 – Then you gotta tell me where I can finds Winona Ryder interview because I never read such a thing. Anyway, I never said that I tell the truth. I just expressed my opinion about several things. I could be right or I could be wrong, I don't know bur I don't believe in everything I read on tabloids and about people who told he used to throw tantrums I read anything and I found anything about… I search Johnny Depp's tantrum and I only found what I've copied. There's nothing else, so where are these people that said those things? You gott tell me in which sites at least I can read it for sure please, because I found nothing.

  77. SilentNight700 says – reply to this


    I actually found an article on here/ph that said it. Type in "Winona sent Natalie Portman an apology after filming Black Swan" in the ph search engine and it should take you right to it. Her quote is in gray.
    You can find david letterman talking about him trashing a hotel in just about every interview he gave him which can be found on youtube or you can just type in the google search engine "The Room of kate and Johnny", kate being the girlfriend at the time in whom he threw his tantrum about. The site tells the story of what happened.
    And you can go to google and type in "Johnny Depp 'I trashed my trailer to get fired'" and that should take you to his tantrums on 21 jump street. I hope you find everything.

  78. Klara says – reply to this


    Re: Amande – ahahaha!! surely, they only talk for hours. that's why they have to be secluded in her house alone, to talk!
    They have to talk and watch TV between their sheets after a romp. I think that's why the mag called it "their cozy nights"! no need to be literal we all understand, and that's why they aren't bored after a year or more with the same rutine…
    they are very sexual people

  79. Amber Fan says – reply to this


    Re: Skins Fan – ITA with you

  80. Marie says – reply to this


    Re: SilentNight700 – Ok, thanks for the info. I appreciate you. So you're right, he can't be calm sometimes, he's not patient maybe and he has bad mood but I still think that it happens sometimes and not everyday of his life. We don't know, maybe he's very kind most of time and look, I knew lot of people who throw tantrum sometimes or that live moments of pure rage. It can happen to everybody, but I don't think he's abusive and anyway, that doesn't mean he can't have a girlfriend because of this because I know a lot of people who is even worse than him who have girlfriends since long time. It doesn't mean anything. I still think that the reason why he can't last with a woman is because he can't find one who wants to dedicate to him completely without thinking of their careers for first and when he'll find a woman who isn't interested in working so much as he does or in working at the same tine he does, he'll find a woman who really loves him.

  81. SilentNight700 says – reply to this


    You're welcome.

    He's misunderstood a lot of the time and I guess he took out his frustration on whom he could. There's a down side to being different, but there's the up side and that's being unique and away from the crowd. That's why I relate to him so much. I'm a very different individual too.

    Hopefully so. That would be nice for him to find a woman one day who really loves him : )

  82. LOLA says – reply to this


    Johnny has given her many things (according to Usa Weekley) it confirms its a lasting relationship.He even gave amber a department.Then she thanks him much………and so she stays with him ja ja ja

  83. LOLA says – reply to this


    what does it mean "Amber is dark and edgy " ? (us weekly)

  84. Mandy says – reply to this


    Re: LOLA – I totally agree with you. Despite of jealous people can think, they keep dating and spending much time together. Maybe it's true that it's not a deep love yet what they have but it's not a fling neither because if it wasn't serious at all, it will be already over between them. I don't see they're dating for publicity and things like that since they've rarely seen together. If they wanted all this publicity they would come out at any occasion and really often but they waited for a year and a half to come out and they aren't so showy since they've really seen very little around together. They don't wanna so much attention otherwise they would be showing up as much as possible like many other couples who want publicity do (Brangelina, Clooney with his girlfriends, Robert Pattinson with Kristen Stewart etc.), while they're hiding from paparazzi as much as possible instead and Us weekly also told they're spending cozy nights together….. mmhhh…..

  85. I Love Football says – reply to this


    Sure everything is going okay okay not but what happens if Amber gets feeling for women again, those feeling don't go away and since she is supposedly hanging out with Tasya again who's to say they won't want to get together again? I think this"relationship" will be over sometime next year.

  86. Marie says – reply to this


    Re: I Love Football – Keep dreaming, keep dreaming and good night!

  87. mai says – reply to this


    @ I love football - At the end of the day, it's just a strapped on dick you people use loool right?, so she might be enjoying the real thing so far. After all she only dated 1 woman and the others were and are men.

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