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7 comments to “X Factor Reveals Two-Night Premiere Dates This Fall!”

  1. mark. says – reply to this


    You can see how uncomfortable Demi looks sitting there, because Paulina and Kelly are clearly smaller than her and it brings out her insecurity. Maybe she'll figure out by next season that she literally doesn't fit in there and she shouldn't be there in the first place, since everyone else on the panel has years of experience, and accolades against her- and finally realize that she's only there for Simon's need to have attention from young audience. Not because she's a good judge.

  2. clive says – reply to this


    @mark. i am not demi's biggest fan but that is a ridiculous assumption to jump to from one lousy picture. why must you assume her weight has anything to do with her being "uncomfortable", if indeed she actually is? she sat beside britney spears last season, surely she would have been more intimidating than these two women (not hating!). aside from that laughable assumption, demi may not be in the industry for as long as kelly or paulina but for a young woman her age she too has achieved alot, including global recognition for both her acting and music careers. she is a perfect example of what 'the x factor' is, perhaps that is why she was invited to return for a second season? perhaps it is because she has undeniable talent? perhaps it is to comfort the younger contestants and be proof that they too have a chance? think before you jump to such irrational conclusions. this is a young woman who has has come through alot, including rash judgements as a result of her weight. i say bravo demi! may her success continue…

  3. dddff says – reply to this


    Re: mark. – 'Paulina and Kelly are clearly smaller than her'!? What does it mean that they are smaller then her? Is that suppose to be an insult? I am not a fan of Demi but you seem to be seeing things that are not there. She looks very comfortable and was actually a really good judge last year and came off very likeable. That is why he kept her. She also has been in show business for over 10 years. That is a lot of experience, not that it really matters. You just seem like you hate her so you put her down.

  4. Christy says – reply to this


    Re: mark.
    Absolutely right. I think it's a complete joke to have Demi on this panel. The weight difference is quite awkward (though I'm not making fun of her weight). Demi has used her "issues" to sell albums rather than charisma or talent. The X Factor saved her "career", but it's quite shocking to see that she has the balls to sit up there on a panel and tell other people what to do with their careers when she hasn't got a great one herself. This is clearly Simon's lack of judgment.

  5. 5

    Demi is FRUMPY & HUGE; she's bigger than Simon, Kelly, and Paulina PUT TOGETHER!

  6. Bb says – reply to this


    Demi is a young role model and it's exactly what we all need… She's not afraid to dress however she wants to and make her issues public because she hopes to inspire and give confidence to girls of any age… And demi clearly 'looks' better than the other two in my opinion. Demi looks healthy and she isn't dosed up on spray tans like Paulina…. Demi tends to keep it on the natural side and I'm glad she does because there aren't many other young women in the media like her, she glows inside and out and that's why she is where she is now and for anyone bashing her or making assumptions all I have to ask you is how do you look and what have you done with your life and career that's so much more great? People need to stop being so catty, she's a nice young women who's still growing up.

  7. Bb says – reply to this


    Re: Bb – and how big are you? You make her out to seem like she's obese for crying out loud… She's normal weight and height for a woman her age. Not every feme figure in Hollywood needs to be "125 pounds" and if someone is over that they all be damned they are automatically "big" . Pathetic.