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Chris Brown Needs To Go To Jail!

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Lock him up!

This is unacceptable!!!

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83 comments to “Chris Brown Needs To Go To Jail!”

  1. Greanly says – reply to this


    No sound :(

  2. @v@ says – reply to this


    Hold yer horses, pink page. Once you calm down, you need to understand that penalties for driving without a valid license range anywhere from a ticket and fine to incarceration in a county jail and probation upon release. Also, from what I can gather, the hit and run thing is a non starter. The probation thing will be settled by the court.

  3. yeah says – reply to this


    That idiot wont go to jail. Look at lohan and all the other stars who get away with everything. Must be nice…

  4. gossip girl says – reply to this


    You're so bias perez. When he's with rihanna no negative comments. Now that's he's with karrueche he needs to go to jail. Ppl F*ck up. Get over it.

  5. hateperez says – reply to this


    I'm fucking tired of you Perez Hilton!!! so fucking tired! I know as a person who has no regard for you I do visit your page a lot but o well. Its like you have a personal vendetta out for Chris Brown not everyone is gonna like gays. We still battle with racism years after slavery ended, that doesnt mean IU;m gonna kill every white. if you still battle with homophobic people after DOMA it still doesnt give you the right to blatantly hate. You claimed you were not gonna bully people any more but honestly what you do to CB is unacceptable. Do you have ANY proff he was driving without a valid license…..NO because its an accusation. You oraise Rihanna all the time and no one has a more blatant drug use that her YET you call out Chris…..where they do that @? You're nothing but a bully… When you FORCE a dick up another man's ass isn't that abuse and assault? You should know how that feels huh. over 4 yrs later and you're still on old news

  6. 6

    yes he does…for assault on a woman…
    he's a thug…a violent thug and deserves to spend the rest of his life in jail…

  7. jake says – reply to this


    stfu perez before i kick your skinny ass leave chris alone

  8. chris brown says – reply to this


    fuck u perez jealous i wont sleep with you go dick ride rihanna like u do and leave me the fuck alone u lonely fucking loser look after your baby and be the best father you can be not talking shit about me get a real job and i did not do anything get you fact straight u freak and leave my name out of your mouth l o s e r

  9. justin says – reply to this


    perez need to go to jail please someone sent him there

  10. samata says – reply to this


    fuck u Esin Emko

  11. TeamBreezy96 says – reply to this


    This is utter BS! Team Breezy for life!

  12. 12

    and the same 2 u fucktard samata….

  13. i hate perez hater says – reply to this


    why don't you make him go you hater always hateing on my boy get a life u lowlife bitch leave him alone pick on someone your own size like justin b oh wait he might beat your skinny ass more like selena she might beat u too oh well go for the cow u look like one

  14. samata says – reply to this


    Esin Emko go suck a dick u look like u need one u bitch

  15. K.love says – reply to this


    perez needs to get facts straight. People like perez wants Chris to go to jail, all these allegations are based on hatred they have with chris . they dont want him to live or make mistakes like every young person that goes through hardships. i know hes a celeb but damn leave him alone. Perez shut the FUCK UP!!! Chris said his license is valid and has proof, people lying on him including that girl who said he broke her leg at the club which was proven a lie, so is that Russian girl who said he gave her false info and claim he verbally attacked her. If that was true the papps would have caught that with their cameras. He seemed pretty calm to me, You people need to stop bothering him and live yall own lives! Again perez get your facts straight before talking nonesense. smh sry i wrote a paragraph but i had to. lol

  16. V.V says – reply to this


    One minute you're riding his dick praising him and the next you're on the band wagon hating him. make up your mind Perez. Also you don't get locked up for not having a valid licence. the most you get is a fine

  17. Drew Teaque says – reply to this



  18. lissa says – reply to this


    uuuh shut ur mouth u jelous prick, just cuz u can't be in his level dont mean u get to hate! go fix ur issues!!!!!

  19. 19


  20. 20

    Re: hateperez – Regardless of the fact (gay, straight, black, white, etc) he's still a major douche. Let's be honest, his actions don't make him the most stand-up guy. BUT in fairness to Christ Brown, I'd probably do the same thing (with driving - not woman beating or temper tantrums…accusations my ass - we all saw the pictures & apologies) because celebrities are pretty much "untouchable". Just to touch on something else, if everyone hates Perez so much, why even come on to his site? Why all the hate? I'm not the biggest Chris Brown fan (hot damn his beats are catchy though) but I would never wish anything bad on him. Yes, I think people should be responsible for their actions, but no person in their right mind should be so hateful (I'm looking at you passionate CB fans). His fans being so hateful doesn't give him a better image - it makes him look worse! People hiding behind computers with only hateful comments make me hate the internet. More importantly, I hate myself for even getting involved, but I've already typed too much to delete :P

  21. laura says – reply to this


    When is Charlie Sheen going to jail. He f-ing shot a women and still messed up on drugs. Douche bag Sheen is still mistreating women.

  22. 22

    When will someone sue Perez off the face of the Earth ?

  23. Jez says – reply to this


    You just hate him because he won't fuck you

  24. not ur business says – reply to this


    u sound jealous af so just keep ur anger to ur self or maybe u feel lonely.. STOP MF HATING #TIRED #OF #THESE #STUPID #LAME #FOREVER #ALONE #HATERS #THEY #OBVIOUSLY #HAVE #NOTHING #BETTER #TO #DO

  25. mary says – reply to this



  26. dat girll says – reply to this


    STFU niqqa u stupid af!! keep ur mf hating to ur lonely self!!! Nd don't u eva fuqin talk shit bout Chris Brown!! niqqa obviously are gay lonely fuqin niqqa!!! shut ur fuqin mouth!!!! BITCH PLEASE STFU!!! BOY BYEE!!! ohh wait ur gay af!!! soo.. GIRL BYE!!! smh
    @perez hilton

  27. Cali says – reply to this


    Perez your down fall will be sweet to watch… How I love it when ppl put u down in their comments. Love it when a bully gets bullied…gives me life

  28. rachy says – reply to this


    This is one thing I totally agree on. I have never been so upset about a celebrity not getting jail time then when he beat the crap out of Rhianna. He might even ACTUALLY change if he gets jail time…who knows, miracles do happen!

  29. william says – reply to this


    Chris Brown beat a woman and should go to jail . You engage in sodomy which breaks every law in the bible and you are still walking free

  30. digusting says – reply to this


    The fact that you wish such terrible thing on a person is unbelievable. Your attitude towards this guy is gross, yes we all know he beat rihanna but he should not have to pay for it daily especially when he is constantly trying to move on. Charile Sheen should be locked up then if thats the case, don't mean to play the race card but this is exactly what its turning into. Notbsure why this blog is still up or even why you get paid to publish such bullshit.

  31. william says – reply to this


    Chris brown beats a women in a fight you want him to go to jail. you engage in sodomy that breaks every law in the bible and you are still walking free

  32. Amaretto says – reply to this


    My goodness, seems all the commenters seem to have gone to the same school. You guys should sue.

    I'm sorry kiddies Chris Brown is an insufferable ass. He's not that talented and the chip on his shoulder and entitlement issues alone make him unbearable to even try to like.

    It's a pity that you allow someone so wretched to consumer your energy is just sad.

  33. william says – reply to this


    The people who hate Chris Brown use Rihanna as cover for there RACISM. Linsey LOHAN broke every law in Cali AND NY at lease TWICE. Justin speed down the street and hit someone and got chased down the street. Rihanna knows what happened and what led up to the incident, and all she said is, it's nobodies business Why are we still discussing it. Because our hate for Chris Brown have nothing to do with Rihanna. We hate black people and look for any excuse to put them in jail

  34. william says – reply to this


    Chris Brown is driving around in a convertible. Do you really believe he does not have a license. He has been driving all over Cali since the incident what does that tell you. I think everybody knows he has a Virginia licenses by know. IS THIS A QUESTION OF BIAS OR RACISM. When you know the truth and pretend you don't know what is that

  35. william says – reply to this


    Chris Brown is driving around in a convertible. Do you really believe he does not have a license. He has been driving all over Cali since the incident what does that tell you. I think everybody knows he has a Virginia licenses by now. IS THIS A QUESTION OF BIAS OR RACISM. When you know the truth and pretend you don't know what is that

  36. You're garbage says – reply to this


    You've been on a vendetta against him forever, maybe practice some of that forgiveness people showed you when you threw homophobic slurs at Will.I.Am.

    You are trash, can't read or support anything of yours anymore

  37. Chelsea says – reply to this


    Re: hateperez – And you still read Perez after 4 years even if you do hate him? That makes a lot of sense.

  38. Bee says – reply to this


    I am soo sick and tired of everyone targeting Chris Brown!! Yes he has made a lot of mistakes but he's YOUNG and HUMAN!! Im pretty sure you guys have done things that you werent proud of! Yes he hit Rihanna she FORGAVE him so get tf over it! Its not a problem with her anymore! As for you perez, smh, go out there and do something with your life instead of trying to ruin others! Plenty of people drive without a license, & although its not right, jail is a little harsh, a ticket, yes but jail? Come on now! What do you have against Chris Brown? There are plenty of other celebrities that do things that they shouldnt,, but no one acknowledges them but when its Chris Brown everyone wants to jump!! I saw this article while searching for some of his music because he's damn sure a good artist!! & im gonna leave it at that! I dont really need anyone commenting talking about this & that, &disagreeimg with my comment cause frankly I dont give AF!! *kisses* & have a great day

  39. justsaying says – reply to this


    Hahaha, "Team Breezy" has shown me that a man can beat the absolute shit out of a woman and other women will still want him. Awesome. & also, if he wasn't a famous rapper, everyone would agree that he needs to go to jail. It's pathetic.

  40. chillax62 says – reply to this


    Re: justsaying – Kudos! Now that's one wise comment. Refreshing to see there are still people like you commenting.

  41. Patrick Don says – reply to this


    F Re: hateperez – look up the N word its not just for black people this guy is the definition

  42. royalty says – reply to this


    CB always plays a victim and blames everyone but himself. If he ever talk sbit to me, I would make sure he knows I don't talk. lol
    His music sucks and so does his wack ass art work. If art is the extension of the soul, then CB is one wicked soul. He is no MJ or grafitti artist. He does not love any of his fans. He would run you over if you dare criticize him in any way. He should go to jail and get violent in there.

  43. mile says – reply to this


    fuck u perez u lowlife bitch

  44. samata says – reply to this


    royalty go fuck yourself too u ugly bitch

  45. 45

    Jealous P-Rez? You didn't go hard like this on Lindsey and she's been in way worse situations than him.

  46. Ronesha says – reply to this


    I agree with you, Perez. I think that Chris Brown should go to jail, and I also think that he should lose his record deal, too. He whipped a woman, and got a slap on the wrist for it. He taunted Drake and his friends at a bar. He acts like a stupid thug. He gives black people a bad reputation, and that makes me sick !!!!! HE IS A LOSER !!!!!

  47. Hatersgonhate says – reply to this


    Stfu about breezy needs to jail to go, how many ppl in the world drive without driving license and they don't go to jail or beat they girl and shit happens just cos he is a baller these pigs try put it on him they all waste mans.

  48. Pickles says – reply to this


    Preze your a grown ass man with a kid, get a real job and stop budding in other people's lives

  49. ciera says – reply to this


    okay i don't think a man should hit a or women but i think he needs a second chance. you now what if you go on you tube and type in jay z hits a girl you can see him hit a women shouldnt everyone hate him because he hit a women or is it because it wasnt a famous women no one cares fuck that. i hate jay z and i hate perez because here hating on chris and calling him a bad person and hating on him when he calls adam sandlers little girl ugly and not just once but a load of times fuck that perez is a pig

  50. ivan says – reply to this


    Re: V.V – That's what I have said on Bieber. These guys are not allowed to make mistakes and learn from them. Standards for them are much higher than the haters set for themselves.

  51. lizzyb says – reply to this


    Linsey lohan.. and for all saying he a thug hate if u ran across a REAL THU.G

  52. Mark says – reply to this


    Charlie Sheen shot a women and attack his wife on Christmas day while she was holding the twins and he still didn't go to jail. Oh wait I forgot….a white man can beat and shoot a white women because they are worthless.

  53. karen says – reply to this


    Re: hateperez – According to the police, he gave the hit & run lady a VA drivers license. He lives in CA. After you move from an old address to a new one in state or out of state, you have to get a new license within 10 days. As to the rest of your rant, as a straight white woman, I think a woman beating, drug using, law breaking homophobe like Chris Brown needs to do some jail time. He's already proven that he won't learn a lesson so we need to make an example of him to others. But don't worry, you'll still be able to listen to all his awful music because it will never happen. We don't punish celebrities.

  54. 54

    Yes, he should be in jail. A regular guy doing all Chris has Brown would already be in jail, because the guy has violated probation several times, not to mention lied about his community service. However, this is Hollywood and people like Chris Brown and Lindsay Lohan will always get away with criminal activity. The only thing I don't understand is how people can defend people like Brown and Lohan, when they very obviously flaunt their drug use and criminal activities!

  55. bevsb.. says – reply to this


    why the hell cant u leave chris alone. u are such a piece of shit its his life let him live it if he goes to jail SO what get a fucking life go suck balls and die so u can leave celebs alone

  56. Rg says – reply to this


    Perez, you need to go to hell. I think you will.

  57. selena says – reply to this


    I am sick of clicking a video of a star (thinking I am going to review video of the star), only to find Perez Hilton ranting about something.

    Perez has lost too much weight and his appearance to me is now disturbing. When I click on video with a caption that says something about the celebrity, I am expecting to see the caption and celebrity in the works, not Perez.

  58. Cypress says – reply to this


    True ! He goes to jail like that he will feel what a real man is !

  59. K.Love says – reply to this


    I'm not saying Chris is a saint, and what he did to rihanna was horrible and he has paid for it. Rihanna had forgive him but i'm sure never will forget that incident. people need to stop living in the pass and move on. Chris is not even has bad as Linsey lohen whos been in trouble more then we can count, Charlie sheen who still disrespect women and im sure still on drugs, Amanda who has been in trouble with the law as well and her head is not in the right place. The lists goes on, They've got a slap on the wrist many times. Chris is trying to be good but he cant cuz people are always after him with some bullshit. And they never look at the positive things he has done such as his charity work etc. perez has no right to say he needs to go to jail cuz it is not his decision to say anything. Like I said before perez needs to get his facts straight. I'm only on his page cuz i like to know wats going on but Im not a fan this blog anymore. Perez is not being accurate with his stories

  60. ggghnggn says – reply to this


    why you such a hater man

  61. 61

    Thats so mean for Perez Hilton to say Chris needs to go to jail I've been there and I wouldn't wish that on anyone…but people say such f***** up things about this young man he is soooo talented people shouldn't overlook that..I am a Chris brown fan..and I wish him and rhi rhi would make up…

  62. ctrich says – reply to this


    If you are a star you can get away with anything. If us normal people did half of what is going down in Hollywood we would be in jail for years. As for overcrowding, please send them to a different state where there is room. I am sure there are plenty and with all there money they should pay there way while doing time.. Fuck them like regular people.. Don't forget these people are actors they can come up with a hard luck story on a dime.. crying, etc.. Give them what they deserve and no discrimination here, What's good for one is good for all..

  63. ctrich says – reply to this


    Re: bevsb.. – Yes Chris should go to jail and be someone's bitch and he can suck there balls. Then Bubba can beat the shit out of him.. No more " Poor Chris , everyone picks on him, " bull shit..

  64. emily says – reply to this


    chris brown can do whateva da hell he wants. Hes ritch bitch!!

  65. Kris says – reply to this


    The only reason he isn't going to jail over these criminal offences is because all law systems are broken! Why set laws if you aren't going to follow through regardless of how rich or famous you are the law should still apply! You are no different to anyone else! But I'm sure with the way the system works if you weren't rich or famous you would be facing time in prison! But lucky chris brown you can break whatever law you like and get away with it! Enjoy that you smug bastard!!

  66. SKayng says – reply to this


    I'm not really a fan of CB but… Perez, you need to STOP with this bullsh*t. He's human just like everyone else.

  67. IfUDontLikePerezYUHere says – reply to this


    I'm so SICK of everyone saying "He's young, he made a mistake…". PLEASE. Yes, we were all young & made mistakes, but this guy, whether it was 4yrs or 40yrs ago, beat the living piss out of his girlfriend! Something tells me it wasn't the 1st time or the LAST. So every young guy gets a pass for beating the crap out his girl? Every young guy gets a pass for breaking the law in general because "They're young"? Give me a break!
    If the guy doesn't have a license & continues to drive around, yes, he's breaking the law! He didn't comply w/ probation for beating up his girlfriend, yes, he's breaking the law.
    What's so hard to understand about that? Because you like his singing, dancing, or the way he looks that should excuse him from the law? I don't care who the hell he is. If he's doing the wrong thing he should go to jail! I'd say the same thing about anyone else doing the same things. He obviously has no regard for the law, & from the pics in 2009, women for that matter! Thank goodness Rihanna had the good sense to PRESS charges!

  68. babygirl says – reply to this


    God said you have to forgive in order to be forgiven, Rihanna forgave him and LOVED him again and still do. God also forgave him . Why are y'all so dead set on sending a young black artist and his career to jail. He is a target now for anyone to lie on him and the law will believe it. You have a D.A. that look like he hate Chris, why because he have more money than him. People please pray he don't go to jail and can keep his career for once in your life pray for someone other than yourself. If there is anyone who has not made a mistake, throw the first stone and see if it will hit you.

  69. bigyin says – reply to this


    some woman deserve a good slap if there out a line guys a legend your a bender fuk of

  70. ben says – reply to this


    I usually agree with most stuff but… smoking weed?? Hit and run and then driving without a license?? He wasn't driving drunk or anything and that accident was minor so for you to say go to jail?? You're lame for this one Perez.. Complain about Lohan with her multiple visits to rehab or Charlie with his drug addicted ways… Chris is bad but not that bad for you to be pumping your fists for him to go to jail.. yep truly lame for this one..

  71. Khayla says – reply to this


    Perez Hilton u r fucking dumb as hell. Obviously ur sources r wrong for 1 thing he did his hours correctly he did it in VA where he is from.Also might I add Virginia is a common wealth state that makes their on laws n is still pretty racist . So with that being said dumb ass if he didn't do them they would of put him on blast with hard evidence which that haven't because they can't fuck boy that state will try n put a black male under the jail. 2nd don't u think he would of been arrested driving without a license btw ig pic n paps his cover is blown if he was driving illegally since he's in the public eye. N last get off his dick n let him live damn leave him the fuck alone u unhappy ugly man

  72. Adi Kelera says – reply to this


    Honestly, perez hilton . Your a fucking bully. I love it how you have nothing else to do with your pathetic life but judge others. Like shit no one likes a bigmouth . And when you post shit up about celebrities that your suppose to be bffs with it just shows that your a two faced dog. Seriously go kill yourself because your purpose in life is to be a fuckwit and trust me no-one will care because of th shit that you feel you have the need to share with the whole world. I hope you read this because if you think people like you or actually care about you . Your dead wrong. Go spread gossip about your own boring life and stop judging others you sad bitch.

  73. Angela Real says – reply to this


    Lindsey Lohan is a constant breaker of the law. Not just her many celebrities, so why are you jumping down Chris brown's throat? I think we forget that these people have ordinary problems. Media is so crazy now we love them once upon a time now we hate there guts. Please!!! Just the entertain us doesn't mean we own them.

  74. Bush says – reply to this


    Get off his nuts damn. Ppl hate because he got a lot of bitches. He got two thirsty girls on his nuts already. Think of all the charity work he does and the good he does . No one is all bad.

  75. D. says – reply to this


    Remember the old saying, "Sticks and stones may
    break my bones, but names will never hurt me." Well, Paula Dean has apologized for her stupid remark, so Target, WalMart, Home Depot, et al should reverse their stupid decisions to cancel her. And, isn't it worse when someone like Chris Brown drives without a license. Oh well, we've seen it plenty of times before this–if you're a Hollywood or music celeb. you can get away with murder.

  76. Tcm says – reply to this


    Re: hateperez – you are a total arsehole.

  77. he's an ass, end of! says – reply to this


    It has nothing to do with racism, Chris brown is an ass who beat up a women It doesn't matter that that women was Rihanna, if it had been any other women people would have still disliked him for doing it and getting that disgusting tattoo that looks eerily similar to how Rihanna looked after the assault!

  78. 78

    Re: overthere – Before or after someone gives him the beatings the homo so richly deserves?

  79. Brinae says – reply to this


    ….will it trully kill yall to just leave him alone? He's entitled to his opinion. Even though i love Perez Hilton <3

  80. provolska says – reply to this


    WHO GIVES A FUCK ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED TO RIHANNA YEARS AGO THAT WAS A WHILE AGO!!!! And its his life not yours!!!!!! He did do something bad, yeah he hit a women and all but how many other men out there do but than yet again because its rihanna theirs so much sympathy and pity. Who gives a fuck!!!! Just shut the fuck up already about that and how many other people obey the law?? Lohan doesnt and several other celebrities dont so what makes chris brown any different?? Stop hating on the guy just cause he can dance and sing and all you can do is talk. Fuck nobody cares about what happened to Rihanna years ago anymore

  81. 81

    1. Chris Brown has a valid license
    2. it's not a hit n run if stay to exchange proper info
    3. the driver said in court that she didn't want to press charges.
    4. Perez you need to stop being so damn judgemental about his marijuana use at least he's not instagramin pics of him smoking it (unlike your precious riri)
    5. he has an amazing heart and deserves a second chance (like those other bad reps in Hollywood)

  82. Loverofmany says – reply to this


    Re: gossip girl – PREACHHHHH

  83. Adam says – reply to this


    Re: hateperez – Yep, we just walk around bullying our dicks up your ass. You're worse than Chris Brown. I think Perez is just pointing out that this princess dip-shit gets to cave in a woman's face, throw violent tantrums, hit and run, repeatedly break the law…and laugh in the face of the generation of young American men locked up in prison for years for committing half his crimes. All because he can afford Geragos and has warped fans that make excuses for his deep problems.