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Hell Hath No Fury Like A Kat Von D Scorned!

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15 comments to “Hell Hath No Fury Like A Kat Von D Scorned!”

  1. 1

    no i dont beleive her for a second shes shown herself to act demented in relationships u could tell this stupid guy was into her and shes the one causing the trouble so no i dont beleive her i think she was just dramatising the OUT DOOR if they were broken up she doesnt have a leg to stand on- ITS NOT CHEATING and if there were other woman texting him why didnt she say so' then' then now she wants it the excuse to break up and cruicify the guy but she went out with jesse and left on GOOD TERMS "" give me a goddam break shes a drama queen and just shit on a decent (yet extremely gross looking ) guy who actually fucking liked her !! IDIOT..

  2. MrsLambert says – reply to this


    Didn't see publicly take Jesse James side in the divorce?
    She has bad karma.

  3. boston61 says – reply to this


    She is going to look like a circus freak the day her skin starts to age. No man will ever love her.
    She will be a a wealthy lonely old women with a few gold diggers hanging around telling her she is cool.

  4. @v@ says – reply to this


    Kat is gorgeous. That's life if this one didn't fly. She will rise from the ashes; especially if she re-evaluates the type of guy she says yes to dating. You can't get hockey from a gymnast, and you can't get a sweet marriage from a certain type of guy.

  5. maryjanexxxo says – reply to this


    Re: perez posse SUPERFAN 777 – she did not break up with jesse james on good terms you don't know what you're talking about. She put JJ on blast in an open letter too I feel bad for her some men are such dogs.
    perez you are hilarious and i love you!

  6. 6

    Perez you are HILARIOUS! Kat has such bad luck picking these "bad boy punk rock" guys…She should shoot for someone not famous. And DeadMau5 is so dumb - WOMEN will seek revenge!

  7. 7


  8. 8

    What do I think of these people? White trash - that`s what!

  9. 9

    I think that's the wrong saying, Perez. It's "the couple who tatts together stays together". No? Not so much?

  10. whoa says – reply to this


    Re: MrsPittRe: @v@ – You do know this gutter rat has LIED and CHEATED right? Perez even reported on it til he got a letter from Katty VD that he was a Bully and didn't know her side. She treats people really badly. Swifty may write songs about her ex loves. Gutter Katty VD goes straight for the gossip sites to trash people for the same thing she has done.

  11. 11

    Ah, you mean the skanky, cheating whore is mad. waaahhhhhhhh.

  12. Abby says – reply to this


    Deadmouse, whatever the hell his lame name is, take off that Slayer shirt and strangle yourself with it. Poser ass bitch!

  13. 13

    shes been known for dating cheaters.. what does she expect.. or did everyone forget about jesse James..?

  14. 14

    Deadmau5 always kinda seemed like a jerk to me, but Kat, I must say has a very awful taste in men. She just falls head over heels too quickly, I don't blame her. It's nice to fall in love, but get to know the person 1st. I'm on Kat's side with this. I can believe he would cheat.

  15. deadgirl82 says – reply to this


    What I don't believe is that anyone actually gives a flying fuck lol!
    Kat Von D is a hose-beast who has definitely over-stayed her "fame" welcome-Is she ever planning on going away & taking her over-priced, sub-standard products with her??!!!
    I HONESTLY believe that the ONLY person to blame in all of these relationship fuck-up's is her-She is mental, self-important, and can turn even the nicest of guys (Nikki Sixx, Orby etc) into men who could qualify as Olympic runners due to the speed they pick up on their way AWAY from her crazy ass!!!
    I don't know if she's shit in bed, and that's why men keep cheating on her, or it's her complete lack of class that does it-I mean WHO THE HELL ADVERTISES the inner-workings of their relationships on public forums??!!! And then takes the whole "Holier than thou" approach by painting the web with "poor me" text!
    Is she ever to blame for anything???!!! Maybe Miss Von D should avoid men & work on herself & her complete lack of self-awareness, because EVERYONE is getting sick of hearing her fucking moan 24/7!