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Chris Tucker Resurrects Michael Jackson At The 2013 BET Awards!

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OMG! Michael Jackson performed at the BET Awards?!

Sorta! Chris Tucker did his best MJ impression, telling a few stories and even performing a song in tribute to the true King Of Pop!

Ch-ch-check out the video (above) to see the host channel the ghost of Michael just for one very special performance of Human Nature!

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10 comments to “Chris Tucker Resurrects Michael Jackson At The 2013 BET Awards!”

  1. Denise says – reply to this


    A.W.E.S.O.M.E. This gave me a huuuuuuuuuge smile. To know that he starred in his music video rock my world, and is here live paying tribute to him is just soo deeep and meaningfull.

  2. Joe L says – reply to this


    Honestly, Michael Jackson is one name that will NEVER die or be forgotten. Chris Tucker has actually danced on stage with Michael (2001 Anniversary Concert) and was good friends with him as well as starring in You Rock My World… Great little tribute to show the humility of Michael and his humble nature!

  3. Lady Helen Highwaters says – reply to this


    Sorry to say, but I think in the long run Michael will be more remembered as a child molester/ pedophile than as a great entertainer
    Headlines news in British papers, about all the files just released that the FBI had been sitting on
    This will open up a lot of new cases
    People had warned greedy Katherine Jackson, not to go after AIG for 40 billion $$$, but the senile greedy old lady just did not listen

  4. 4

    Re: Lady Helen Highwaters – This is old "news" with new and false packaging by media.These claims against him WERE made back in the day,but they were actually sold to different media outlets by MJ's disgruntled former employees fired by him for dishonest means,who later under oath agreed that they had lied.FBI DID investigate these claims and concluded that these were not credible.In 2009,journalist Charles Thomson,requested release of MJ's FBI files under Freedom of Information Act.He writes ”The files reveal that it was not only LA Police force which pursued MJ for more than a decade and failed to produce one iota of information to connect him to any crime,it was FBI too.That MJ's life was dissected and his behavior investigated for more than 10yrs by 2 major law enforcement agencies and not one piece of evidence was ever produced to indicate his guilt speaks volumes.” Two grand juries also heard these "evidence" in 1994 but still refused to indict MJ.Check your facts before trying to kill a dead man again.
    Besides,what guarantee is there that when you pay off,the victim will remain silent?People do not use any logic when it comes to MJ bashing.They could've made millions apart from the pay-offs by suing him,giving interviews,writing books,making documentaries,anything!

  5. 5

    Re: Lady Helen Highwaters – 1) The 'FBI files' - ARE NOT - FBI files. They are transcripts of interviews compiled by a tabloid journalist
    who paid his sources - including one who turned out not to exist.They
    were acquired by a PI who worked for Jackson's defence team. A decade
    later, he was prosecuted for tapping phones. The FBI seized all of his
    files, of which these tabloid interviews formed a miniscule part.

    2) The allegations of Jackson being caught by multiple employees
    do not, as the People infers, come from a host of different documents.
    They all come from one document - a transcript of an interview with a
    couple called the LeMarques, who worked at Neverland in the late 80s and
    early 90s. The People intentionally does not state that all of these
    uncorroborated accusations come from just one of the documents, instead
    purposely misleading readers and suggesting that they're taken from a
    cache of evidence.

  6. 6

    Re: Lady Helen Highwaters – The LeMarques never contacted police about the abuse they claimed to
    have witnessed, instead opting to negotiate deals with tabloid
    newspapers - including the Mirror. Their claims were investigated by
    cops probing Jackson, who found the couple had agreed
    to add increasingly graphic details to their interviews for more and
    more money. Investigators concluded in the 90s that the pair had no
    credibility and possessed no evidence of any genuine abuse. They were
    called on out of desperation to testify in Jackson's 2005 trial after
    prosecutors watched their case begin to disintegrate, but were destroyed under cross-examination. Jurors rejected their testimony and acquitted Jackson, unanimously.

    3) The supposed 'settlement'
    in 1992 was detailed to a tabloid reporter, for money, by a female
    source who claimed to work for Jordan Chandler's legal firm. She never
    showed the reporter a document - she simply 'read it out' over the
    phone. A police investigation into the claim found that the boy named in
    the settlement did not exist, there was no record of any settlement
    ever being paid, and the female source had never worked for the legal
    firm and in fact did not exist. She was never heard of again.

  7. 7

    Re: Lady Helen Highwaters – This leaves one element of the People's story standing; that Jackson
    'allegedly' - what a convenient little word that is - paid $35million to
    two-dozen young accusers. The newspaper presents no evidence to
    corroborate this claim. Just a note in the tabloid reporter's documents,
    which the People intentionally misrepresents as an 'FBI file'.

    Contrary to the People's claim, investigators knew about
    and investigated these tapes as part of their probe into Jackson in
    2003/4, in which they were assisted by the FBI. Despite all of their
    resources, neither the Californian police nor the FBI was ever able to
    locate any evidence that any child besides Jordan Chandler or Jason
    Francia ever received a settlement.

  8. 8

    Re: Lady Helen Highwaters

    Anthony Pellican is in jail since 2002. About two years ago a tabloid supposedly contacted
    him in jail (was it the Daily Mail?) and they were the ones who quoted him saying that "MJ did worse to those kids than molest them". No context was given and I actually have some doubts it
    was even said at all or that putting in context it would sound that bad as it seems to sound this way. My doubts stem from the fact that on the same day the same website published another article about
    Pellicano in which it was stated that Pellicano has incriminating evidence about MJ's accusers!

    Pellicano was very much against the settlement. He was convinced of Michael's innocence
    and wanted the whole thing to go to court and beat the Chandlers there. He seemed to despise the Chandlers with passion. So I wonder if this sentence, if he said it at all, was said in some context where he expressed his disagreement about the settlement and said (with a bit of exaggeration) that it's the worst MJ could do to those kids - ie. letting their parents get away with extortion. Really I always find it suspicious when there is no context given to something. Pellicano sure did not say that just out of the blue. And we all know how manipulative the media is.

  9. 9

    Re: Lady Helen Highwaters – It seems when it comes to devouring a tabloid story about MJ,people simple refuse to use their brain ….you actually think FBI can sit silently with loads of evidence against a man and allow him to keep going on with his crimes?
    Don't you know that even possession of child pornography is illegal and had any been found during the raid of MJ's property,he would've been arrested immediately and registered as a sex offender,which never happened to MJ.FBI gave a detailed account of the "leagal,adult material" found at his property,and it was also discussed in its entirety in the molestation trial..did not have a trace of child porno.
    And what good were the pay-offs?How did they guarantee that victims would not speak up after receiving the amount?Or were these secret deals enforceable by some special court of law in America?

  10. M K says – reply to this


    Re: Lady Helen Highwaters – you shut up…mjtheultimate gave you the best answer!MICHAEL JACKSON WILL BE REMEMBERED AS THE GOD OF MUSIC AND THE BEST MAN EVER!!!