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Lindsay Lohan Going Into Hiding After Rehab!

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lindsay lohan sobriety

Thought you'd see Lindsay Lohan back on the party circuit after rehab??!

Think again!

LiLo is SO terrified of relapsing following her court mandated rehab stint that she plans to go underground after her August release.

Are we going to see a WHOLE new Lindsay??!

Sources say the FORMER adderall enthusiast plans to steer clear of fast, drug-filled cities like New York and El Lay to prevent caving into cravings. Instead, Linds is searching HIGH and low for a US city with little temptation and absolutely NO papz.

That's right! Lindsay is A-okay with stepping down from troubled throne and passing that crown to Amanda Bynes.

Linds' 12-step program is working SO well that she hopes to set up house somewhere she can maintain sobriety and stay connected with her happier, healthier self.

Sounds like gurl has finally jumped off her steep downward spiral and it only took 6 times in rehab to get it!

Unfortunately, we're pretty positive wherever Lindsay goes, the papz will go, but that'll just give her the opportunity to show off the new and improved Lindsay!

Here's to the (hopefully) new, sober LiLo!

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27 comments to “Lindsay Lohan Going Into Hiding After Rehab!”

  1. Lake North says – reply to this


    This pic is te worse

  2. MichJB says – reply to this


    Taking money right now - she won't last a month before her first legal or drug/alcohol event.

  3. dsgxcbery says – reply to this


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  4. 4

    This story is complete BS. She's said similar things after other rehab attempts and never does it. Furthermore, on the same day this story came out, other sites are saying that after she gets out, she's going to her movie premier and/or throwing a party, both of which contradict this story. Then, yesterday, the thing about her being ok about not being able to take Adderall came out. I think it's obvious that either she or someone in her family is in need of money right now, so they're selling a bunch of BS stories to various gossip sites. As soon as she's out, she'll be right back to her regular ways, everyone knows this. If she were really serious about wanting/needing help, she' wouldn't be so combative and hard to deal with while she's at rehab. According to my source, she is still putting the staffers as well as the other patients through hell.

  5. 5

    Re: ickynicky – Tabloids and webloids INVENT these stories.

  6. TaylorTFair says – reply to this


    Well if this story is true it's Great news . I think Lindsay has a hard road ahead of her to avoid temptation . Lindsay can do this if LL wants to . Would like to see LL put this behind her and move to more positive things in her life . Others have done this so can Lindsay !

  7. To Taylor, says – reply to this


    Re: TaylorTFair – Hi T. Part of recovery isn't just avoiding temptations, but learning how to MANAGE them. Who knows if this story is true, but it is a good idea for Lindsay to get away from the very situation that has been a big part of why she gets into trouble. The 'putting this behind her' thing…. well, some things you never can put completely behind you, you have to drag them along with you for the rest of your life. But, there are ways, skills, methods …things she can do, to make the drag a little lighter and less obvious to those around her. Currently, there is no cure for addiction. So, she can't put it all behind her, but SHE CAN keep from doing the same thing over and over again. But only if she really WANTS TO, and she is WILLING TO DO THE HARD WORK involved. Lindsay has an illness that is a long-term fight. Many, many people live with the same problems of drugs/booze. …and they FIND a way to live in a world that is threatening to their sobriety. It takes time. Which is why we are now hearing that Lindsay isn't going to be around when she gets out. Personally, I think this is a cover story for the fact that Lindsay broke probation at BFC and she has to do more time. It's ok. She's not ready for the big world yet.

  8. Points For Taylor, says – reply to this


    Re: TaylorTFair – By the way Taylor, I am impressed with how nice this post of your is. It is a lot less demanding of Lindsay to do what you want her to do, and it shows that you are sharing YOUR FEELINGS and your hopes for Lindsay, instead of some of the post that sound like you are kinda screaming at her to do things that she doesn't know how to do, or telling her to do things she isn't ready for. People heal in their own time. The best docs in the world can NOT make people HEAL FASTER. Healing is a HOLY thing. Lindsay has the most control in her healing than anyone else on earth. But, she has to WANT it, because she has a lot of work to do that just isn't FUN. Therapy is painful if you do it right. These things take time. But, this story, whether or not it is true, it makes me feel better because it looks like Lindsay is putting her own REAL life before her being the Movie Star Glam Queen. All along, all I ever really have wanted for Lindsay, is for Lindsay to WANT to get REALLY get better. Cherrio for now. jjf

  9. Correction: says – reply to this


    That should have read: All I have ever really wanted for Lindsay all along was for Lindsay to want to really get better. If you don't WANT it, with everything you have, you don't get really better. It is a rebirth she needs.

  10. 10

    I really really hope this is true. I've thought all along that the best thing for her would be to disappear for it…go somewhere quiet and rebuild life before even considering getting back into Hollywood. The paps will clearly follow her at first but if she moves to a small sleepy town and keeps on the straight and narrow, they'll get bored and move on. That being said…I have a feeling this won't happen at all..or it will happen for about a month till she's back partying…

  11. Replacement Parts? says – reply to this


    Re: pdrocksmysocks – ANY big change in life ANY big chaange of life is UNCOMFOTABLE because it is DIFFERENT. You could be thrilled to death to get to move to Paris, but its still going to be odd & different than what you know. Lindsay has previously shown she doesnt like to TOLERATE being UNCOMFORTABLE. Dropping out of the spotlight is a GREAT idea, but what will she REPLACE that part of her life WITH. Lindsay THRIVES on getting attention from the press. She must learn away to be uncomfortable at times without reaching for a drink to 'relax' her. Its a battle for years. Then, one can become comfortable in sobriety.

  12. 12

    Re: pdrocksmysocks – This story is not true. Her Canyons co-star said she is going to the premiere Aug 2 and that's in New York. August 28th she'll be in Venice, Italy to promote the Canyons.

  13. Lindsays plans says – reply to this


    Re: Bobodo – Please keep in mind that Lindsay has 2yrs of probation after she is released. She is not allowed to leave the state before she works out her probation requirements/details. Considering her situation - undoubetdly her leaving the US will need court approval. Dont hold your breath that shes going to venice.

  14. 14

    Re: Lindsays plans – She must have it. The Canyons production company has already said she's going to Venice, Italy. Dina tweeted she was going there with her. I don't think there is a restriction on her traveling out of the country to work, only that it is court approved.

  15. Reality vs LLs PLANS: says – reply to this


    Re: Bobodo – With all due respect: What Lindsay says she is PLANNING to do and what Lindsay usually ends up doing —have about ZERO actual events in common.

  16. People vs Drugs says – reply to this


    Re: Bobodo – No WAY would any reputable psychiatrist, psychologist or a rehab counselor EVER agree to such an INSANE idea as a Lindsay going off to Venice for the film festival WITH HER MOTHER. That's totally an insane idea. Lindsay going anywhere with Dina only makes Lindsay look WORSE. If the best that Lindsay can do for an escort is HER MOTHER — WHO RIPS OFF CHILDRENS CHARITIES and pimps her own kids out. Uh, Lindsay would be better off staying AWAY and leaving peoples minds wide open as to the possibilities of who she could be with. Dina is a match to Lindsays jet fueled destruction. I don't think Lindsay is going to NY either. If L is serious about recovery, she will do the THINGS that are REQUIRED to stay sober. Going to Italy with her maggot mother who is a LUSH, is NOT anything ANYONE with brains would PERMIT. If Lindsay want to GET WELL she will transfer into supervised residential treatment when she has completed her IN CUSTODY sentence. If she doesn't, she'll be in trouble again within 3 wks. She has to DRUG TEST, on demand this time. One bad test. Pop. Freedom, OVER. Next time, NO REHAB. Go to jail.

  17. 17

    Re: People vs Drugs – I don't know who approved the idea, but it sounds like a done deal. The Canyons production team, Paul Schrader I think and the producer Pope said LIndsay will be in Venice, Dina too. So, it isn't only coming from Lindsay. I don't want to see Dina mixed up in Lindsay's business, but she still is unfortunately.

  18. Done Deal? Naaaa.... says – reply to this


    Re: Bobodo – You are ridiculous if you believe that something that is planned for 6 weeks away is a "done deal". What the Canyons Production Company wants & has planned for Lindsay is IRRELEVANT to the reality that Lindsay BELONGS to the State of California for the next 2 years. It is so disturbing to me to see posters write on these boards about all kinds of things that they think are "done deals" & things that are FOR SURE gonna happen in Lindzs life –when Lindz has shown she can't stick to ANY plan for any real length of time. For cryst sake, it took 4 different rehab facilities to get her to 60 days of a 90 day sentence. You don't seem to understand that people who are not cooperative in society are NOT permitted to run free. State of Calif FINALLY HAS HER IN CUSTODY. They are NOT going to be flip about cutting her loose to run free. That girl gets another DUI and KILLS SOMEONE, the State of Calif will go BANKRUPT over it. State of Calif has AN OBLIGATION to protect SOCIETY *FROM* Lindsay. Her exit, a very hush, hush/rush, rush exit out of BFC WAS NOT A PROMOTION. It MATTERS how she BEHAVES while in custody. What Lindz "HAS TO DO", for her "job" ….does NOT MATTER TO THE COURTS. She is NOT a working actress, she does NOT have to attend the film festival or the premiere. Life WILL and DOES go ON, without Lindsay Lohan being a Movie Star.

  19. 19

    Re: Done Deal? Naaaa…. – You can read the story yourself that she is planning to go to Venice right here on Perez site if you'd like. It's from June 12 and other sites ran it too. I said she's planning to go and who said she was going there. I don't know if she'll actually go, but those are her plans and Dina's. She traveled to Cannes in 2010 while under probation. She got in trouble for missing a hearing because she was there but she went there.

  20. Justin says – reply to this


    Come to Columbus, Ohio Lindsay Lohan!

  21. Wishes are Nice.... says – reply to this


    Re: Bobodo – But, what Lindsay says she is going to do & what she does, don't usually have a lot in common. I am certainly NOT arguing about what L says/ what L WANTS to do. I'm only pointing out that Lindzs wishes don't always come true. If she goes, she goes. If I were to pick, I would say NO, stay IN TREATMENT somewhere. I am of the opinion that Ls LONG-TERM problems will require LONG TERM solutions that she has to LEARN about & PRACTICE. I think Stevie Nicks hit it on the mark when she said she thought L might be helped by a year in hospital. A big medical center may not be necessary, but a RESIDENTIAL TREATMENT program …which is like a hospital situation might do; where the patient receives TREAMENT for their issues, not just some half-way house where one is expected to do achieve most of their recovery on their own. She has been sick for a long time; her way of seeing the world, interacting with the world, lands her in trouble with the law. If she gets out and attempts to manage being sober & jumping back into the same environment that she failed in -without proper SOBRIETY SUPPORT SYSTEMS, she will fail a drug test. There will be NO MORE TALK of going to rehab. She will go directly to jail. It may be what it takes to WAKE HER UP that her wishes don't come true, just because Perez Hilton printed an article about them.

  22. But, then what? says – reply to this


    Re: Justin – What would she do when she got there?

  23. teeter totter says – reply to this


    Go to Nebraska, my cousin got six months for having pot in his car. Just take warm clothes for winter, they only give you one blanket in the jail there.

  24. TaylorTFair says – reply to this



  25. TaylorTFair says – reply to this


    Re: Points For Taylor, – Why Thank You JJF

  26. Back To Taylor, says – reply to this


    Re: TaylorTFair – Why, Thank YOU, Taylor. This new style of yours is much more pleasant to read. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LINDSAY. So, did you get your pot pie for dinner tonight T?

  27. Sam says – reply to this


    Re: ickynicky – Hi. I do not need to know who your source is but what is she doing in rehab right now? Like why is she hard to handle?