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Harry Styles Ignites Dating Rumors After Outing With British Model — Wearing His Clothes!

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harry styles kara marshall dating rumors

It's so hard to keep up with the dating life of Harry Styles!

He might not have been caught holding hands with any lucky ladies, but he does seem to be wrapping one up in his clothes.

Our little One Direction cupcake might be getting a little canoodly with…you guessed it…a model!

Harry was first spotted hanging out with British model Kara Marshall while he was shopping for a new iPhone in NYC alongside his good friend, Lou Teasdale.

Sure, that seems plenty innocent enough, but that's not where their connection stops, loyal Directioners!

The next day, Kara was spotted in one of his shirts! He had worn The Who t-shirt a couple weeks ago in Miami while she was just seen rocking it in NYC.

We know our little Hazza is happy to share his clothes, but c'mon, is this merely a coincidence?

Especially since they are staying at the same hotel right now?! And she was possibly working on 1D's music video for Best Song Ever?! Yes, Perezcious readers, she recently tweeted about filming a video and we allll know the boys were just filming in Miami!

Our minds are going crazy with the possibilities! And yes, we realize one possibility is that they're just friends, but based on some recent Twitter messages, they are definitely getting in some quality time as one friend posted:

Okay, let's get it out of the way: who dares to misspell Harry's name?!

Now, back to the dating mystery. If some sort of kinky patty cake game is going on here, it might not be too serious because she's apparently not be the only model in his life!

He's also been caught hanging out with model Paige Reifler, and based on the pics (below) they sure do seem to have a good time together.

We just wonder HOW good of a time since they've also been caught out clubbing together. Wink wink!

Ohh, two models in NYC? Our little Hazza might be becoming quite the modelizer!

But hey, if you can get away with it who are we to judge!

[Image via Splash News.]

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20 comments to “Harry Styles Ignites Dating Rumors After Outing With British Model — Wearing His Clothes!”

  1. pi says – reply to this



  2. ana says – reply to this


    wow. Another girl? I think it's funny how media always critize taylor for her dates and they dont critize harry. shame

  3. jamayle says – reply to this



  4. fuck u says – reply to this


    this is ridiculous the boy is gay as fuck just leave him alone

  5. 5

    This Kara Marshall is totally hot, If there are indeed dating they will make a cute couple, check more info about Kara and pics here

  6. dkj says – reply to this


    Re: jamayle – You idiot.

    The boy is gay and this manwhore image is what he needs to go through in order to keep the fangirls who want to marry harry at bay. Christ.

    Taylor Swift bearded for Harry Styles and you all don't give him a moment's peace. The media don't criticize Harry for his dates because he isn't actually /DATING/ the fucking girls! "5 girls in 5 days" - way to go dirty media.

    Just wish the fucking truth could come out and the dirtying of their names could stop. Harry Styles and his bandmate/long-time boyfriend Louis Tomlinson deserve to be happy without all this unnecessary shit.

  7. Pattie says – reply to this


    It could just be Lou's shirt, they're best friends and they share clothes all the time, even if he has a girlfriend it doesn't make him a manwhore you idiots

  8. gabby says – reply to this


    you all need to shut up he is not a manwhore or a womanizer, did either of them confirm anything? Exactly. And the taylor swift comment, shut up, the guys taylor are with are ACTUALLY dating her and the woman that are written about with harry, he is never dating, he has only dated 2 woman since the fame, so shut up and get a life! xoxo

  9. LIV says – reply to this


    I'll choose to believe this is another beard for Hazza.

    Keep calm and ship Larry, peasants! :) x

  10. 10

    hell no

  11. Pankcat says – reply to this


    Sometimes I personally think Harry is gay, and he goes after woman, and bunch of other girls to show to himself that he's not.

  12. Keely says – reply to this


    Re: jamayleRe: jamayle – It's funny how everyone always criticises Harry when they don't even really know an ounce of the story. The press have a way of constantly twisting stories and making things into something there not. Even if it is true the large majority of the women he is allegedly sleeping with are not true. It is also funny how the press only pay attention to the women Harry is "Hooking up with". Most people do not know however all the good things Harry has done. One of the many things he has done is buy $20 000 worth of pizza in New York City and give it out to homeless people. I think that is pretty amazing. And the story even better because he did not notify any sort of press or paparazzi about what he was doing so he was honestly doing out of the goodness of his heart. The only way anyone knows about this is because his good friend Ed Sheeran told a radio about this when asked about Harry being a "manwhore". I find it really pathetic how everyone just wants to put the focus on making him look like a bad guy. Seriously get a life and stop making everything into a dramatic soap opera.

  13. broohaha says – reply to this


    Re: ana – well no he does get criticised. there is a difference between cheating and having no strings realtionships. he won't commit himself until he is ready and rightly so.
    taylor can date how ever many guys she wants (although 6 boyfriends over 6 years and before the age of 23, is quite a number imo). the sense of entitlement she exhibts now is horrendous. she is used to people making excuses for her, not rolling their eyes at her which is what she gets now whenever she talks about relationships.

    lying isn't cute, airing dirty laundry in public isn't cute, using your fame and talent to humiliate others (on a global scale) isn't cute and they sure as hell won't attract a dude worth spending time with.

    she can date as many blokes as she wants. what she gets criticised for is they way she reacts and the bullshit stories she tells after they break up. after harry, she went cuckoo by resorting to straight out lying and embellishing the facts, perpetuating his reputation in the media as a womaniser. real constructive. she wonders why her relationships never last.

  14. toshia says – reply to this


    This is ridiculous Harry Styles is gay and has been in a relationship with Louis Tomlinson for the past three years. This constant media image of him being a manwhore is shameful and it will be a great day when he and Louis can be themselves and the lying can stop

  15. tworley says – reply to this


    How exactly does wearing the same shirt as someone amount to dating???? Maybe you should look at all the times that he and Louis Tomlinson have shared clothes and see what that tells you since that's the real relationship here.

  16. em says – reply to this


    Oh come on. for all the ones commenting he's a manwhore: there is TWO girls she has actually been dating, I believe (well at least not as many as people are saying). there has The media makes it seem like Harry's having something with EVERY girl he just hangs out with. Can't they be just friends, never heard of that?

    And if you're saying that he's dating her because of that t-shirt… then he's also been dating all his bandmates and a lot of his other friends? This is so funny I'm not sure if I should cry or laugh. LET HIM BE, seriously. I really pity him, he's probably never gonna find someone when media fucking follows his every move. Poor boy.

  17. fuckoff says – reply to this



  18. julie says – reply to this


    Harry Styles… I don't really care who u date. Just stay out of his love life people! Its none of our business! So just let him date whoever he wants to.

  19. Asha Arie says – reply to this


    cant they just be friends without any one thinking thet r a thing. to me in my opinion perez u are a pain in the a** the ir is no point of spreading roumurs about them cant they just be friends

  20. Houda says – reply to this


    Management again